The Only Choice Left for Red Pill Men

Most men today have accepted their blue pill life with no debate. They go along with what they are told, how to act, what to say, all without a fuss. Modern feminism has become the hammer for which women keep men in check. Any type of rebuttal results in being called a misogynist or some other shaming tactic. So most men go along without a single complaint. When you look at these men you see nothing but depression, anxiety, and anger boiling over. Their eyes and face are hung with guilt and shame wondering how they ended up here. They look at their children and decide to push on in their name to try and provide a safe environment.
These types of relationships are clearly a one way street. The men need permission, or to ask their WIFE if they can do something. The alternative is an angry bitter women complaining about you not asking permission. Women and wives will tell their HUSBANDS that “they LET them” do something. As if these women are in full and total control of their husband like a robot. It’s just one big joke in society that women apparently run the household. The reality is they do. Most households are run by the women and that’s exactly why they fail. That is exactly why the man and women are both miserable.
Women have taken feminism as their hammer to beat down any male that expresses masculine male behavior. A man that is in charge of his household is cancer to the feminist women. A successful and masculine man will be called misogynist anytime he displays his male behavior. Anytime a man tries to act like a man he is shamed into the ground. A man that stands his ground and confronts a women for her bad behavior will be turned into a women hating satanist. Society at large will hate any man that stands his ground to a women. This is the feminist hammer.
This isn’t just happening in husband and wife relationships. This is happening all over the place. From boyfriends and girlfriends to random women on the street using men for money. The entitlement and self absorbed attitudes of women run rampant while holding the hammer of feminism over any one that questions their behavior. Women today do not look at men for men. They look at them for what they can provide. What they can do for the women. They do not accept the man for who he is, as they try and change his behavior, his jokes, his attitude, and his kindness to other people. Women want all the attention on themselves. They want to be in total control of the relationship and man. They want to be in total control and run the relationship as if they were the mother. The worst part is these feminist women will claim that MEN are looking for a mother type wife / girlfriend. They are 100% delusional. The biggest turn off for a man is to be treated like a child. The largest amount of shame that can be heaped on a man is the constant ridicule from women, movies, television, music and media that men are big stupid apes that can’t take care of themselves. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.. and personal relationships have proven that WOMEN are in fact lacking in many areas.
Today’s women seem to think that facebook and instagram are a job or skill. They believe that they can literally sit around and do nothing waiting for their prince charming to come, (with a high paying job, nice car, funny, caring, great with kids, tall, strong, 500000 descriptive words later you realize no man can meet this criteria.) Yet these women themselves are out of shape, can’t cook, clean like a child, and throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. This is the trade off men are left with.
When I say men have no choice it is a reality. A man that respects himself and others does not bow down and worship a women. A real man does not allow a women to tell him how to live or what to spend his money on. A real man does not take orders from a women. Especially his wife. A man that respects himself will not stay in a relationship with a verbally abusive women. This is where it gets real. I kid you not when I say every relationship I have been in resulted with a verbally, sometimes physically, abusive relationship. From cheating, affairs, lying, manipulating, and total sociopathy. This is where women love to place shame on the pile by saying, “oh, who hurt you”. Claiming that I must have been hurt to hold to the ideology of MGTOW. Well the reality is no, I just have respect for myself and know that I do not allow someone to treat me poorly. Especially someone that claims to care about me. This is when we begin to see that men really do have no choice in modern society. That feminism, and its big hammer, leave no room for real women or men. The entire foundation of relationships has been shattered by feminist ideology being adopted by most modern day women. Whether they claim to be feminist or not, they certainly hold to the values of it. A man that respects himself has no choice but to walk away from these types of women. The problem is, this is 95% of women, if not MORE, in most modern societies.
Between divorce courts and child custody being totally skewed in favor of women, the cost / reward is not there for men. Why on earth would a successful man enter into a contract with a women that is known to be abusive, lie about her past, and be sexually promiscuous with many men. Why would a respectful man even hang out with women like this let alone share his assets with her. You want to lose your children, your wealth, your life? Get married to one of these modern women. They will suck out your money, soul, and sperm leaving you without your children, home, or a place to eat. They have no shame in their game and go for the throat every time. These women are not capable of love or compassion let alone empathy. This is WHY men literally have no choice. We are given no option but to enter a crap relationship with a self absorbed controlling sociopath or go our own way. It has nothing to do with being hurt or a past relationship gone south. It’s the reality that EVERY relationship for a real men that has respect and courage ends up with a women like this. The only difference is how long it takes this feminist sociopath to take off her mask.
Once again, I will be labeled as a women hating misogynist because I think it’s retarded, yes retarded, that a human being would gloat and glorify the “right” to kill her own child. That I think its sick and disgusting you would allow someone to reach in and pull out a living human being, breathing, heart beating, and fingers wiggling; and dismember it and throw it in the trash. I think it’s absolutely disgusting that women today believe this is a right worth fighting for. I will be labeled a misogynist because I don’t think the modern women is capable of a real loving relationship. I will be labeled a misogynist because I stand my ground against sociopathic women that use manipulation belt fed into their M-16 of bullshit. The reality is though, I will be labeled a misogynist for simply being a man. For acting as a real man should. Not only by these feminist women, but by their beta cucks. The beta’s that want vagina so badly they will literally say and do anything to get it. They will worship on their knees to get one drop of v-juice. For one squirt of validation. Only to have their entire life destroyed in the end. These are the options for the modern man. I didn’t choose MGTOW, I was left with no other options.

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