Our Mission

Our objective has always been quite simple, to wake others up and get them to think outside the box. To free their mind absolutely, finding peace in truth as well as building their hobbies through passion. The only place I had to personally be creative and free growing up was my imagination and my day dreaming saved me from the daily propaganda forced down the throats of every child in the world. To break free from this alone is one of the most difficult things in life.

I don’t consider this a religion, nor is this a church. Here we are a family. In my travels I have learned many things but one of the most important in those lessons has been faith; and that is the foundation for life and real freedom. Most think they have this website “figured out” after reading a few titles but the reality is my sarcasm negates your Reddit style title reading, in most cases making fools of those that simply read titles. In some cases the title itself is a sarcastic joke, taken as a ruthless stab in the heart to many with the inability to read or comprehend. Rather than question their delusional belief system they often attack ruthlessly letting their emotions stain every action they take.

If you would like to support our blunt approach to waking people up, with no apologies, you can do that by simply sharing articles or videos, as well as placing links to articles and videos around the internet. If you’d like to make a financial donation to help support our mission you can do that below.

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