Public Service Announcement to All Men

This is a public service announcement to all men. Stop giving these thirsty women attention. They are only here for one thing and one thing only. They do not want to have sex with you. They do not want to get to know you. They want your time, money, and attention!
Whether you are the “friend” they talk to when they are bored, or the back up “buddy” when their main date ditches them you are not in a good position. You waste valuable time and resources chasing these women when they have nothing real to offer. Most are rude, bitchy, self absorbed, self obsessed, narcissistic, sociopathic, and down right delusional.

Why not give them no attention and put that focus on yourself. Build your own business, start some new hobbies, pick up a fighting style, hit up the gym, start fishing, raise some chickens, there are many things you can do besides chasing these thirsty women. If you want sex that bad hire a prostitute. It will save you a lot more time and money in the long run because at least the prostitute is honest about her intentions and leaves after a even trade of time for money.

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