Asking A Women For Permission

In the never ending line of cucks this shit never gets old. It’s one of the only things that really pisses me off anymore. These beta cuck cowards of men asking their women or wife for permission to do the most mundane basic tasks. Need to go to the store with a friend? Better ask for permission. Someone needs help with something for 5 minutes? Better ask for permission. Want to drink a beer with a friend? Better ask permission. Want to buy a new tool for a new job or task at home? Better ask permission. Want to do literally anything? Ask for permission. These men don’t have the discernment to figure it out for them self? Like really dude? You need to ask for permission so someone can use your WiFi for 5 minutes in an emergency? And really bitch? You can’t let someone use your WiFi for 5 minutes to make a phone call? Men sitting idle as their women run their mouths about stupid shit. Men taking orders from these same dumb cunts that couldn’t tie their shoes if they weren’t velcro to fit her fat television watching ass feet.
These women sit around with no skills at all other than pressing buttons on a phone or television yet they want to order around grown ass men. Men that have skills, abilities to fix shit, make shit, create stuff, while these nasty over grown flabby armed women want to open their nasty gross fat mouth and bark orders in between stuffing their face with sugar treats and coca cola on your dollar. The man gets home from working a 12 hour day only to have to cook dinner for these nasty women and their off spring from 10 other dudes. It’s even worse when these women graduate college thinking their intelligent when they’re simply narcissistic feminists without a clue, not even capable of basic socialization or empathy they pretend they are something special, a gift of god. They get a little money in their pocket and think their some television super star boss like Donald Trump. Living off the narcissistic supply on Facebook as another beta simp steps in line.
You may wonder why it makes me so angry, when real men have to deal with these cucks of another nature. Because these cucks are in government, throughout your school systems, and military. Creating more beta bitches as they coward to every female. Having to wait 6 hours to do a 5 minute task because some sackless dude needs to ask permission to open the door. Real men are doing real shit and we have to wait on these neutered opinions. An entire system created on the backs of real men while these same cowards let their women ruin their life, and those around them. Never realizing it was YOU who was giving her the power. Stop giving her your hard earned money and she’d be living in a cardboard box. Let them have their socialist degrees as they cry at night to their cat why they can’t find a job. Like sitting in an office all day some how brings merit to society or the community is the hamster in the illusion.
When you use your imagination you start to see these women as nothing but life sized bobble heads bouncing down the street. As I hear another flabby armed women screaming at her children for wanting to play and run around. Heaven forbid, a kid has some energy and can’t sit in front of a television watching your retarded show and needs some exercise. Made worse by your inability to cook healthy food buying them the same sugar treats you stuff in your own mouth. Wondering why they would have a sugar rush similar to snorting a line of cocaine. These women are clueless as fuck yet you need to ask them for permission?
As they spend your entire paycheck on purses, dresses, and television subscriptions you continue to ask for permission. As you go hungry you continue to ask for permission. Ask you beg neighbors and friends for some money because your clueless girl spent it all on powdered formula for the baby instead of some raw milk with actual nutrients. As she buys soap and bleach for the floors your stomach growls. Why buy some chickens when you can just go to the store and sugar treats right? Why eat healthy eggs for free when you can spend someone else’s hard earned money on no effort no nutrient food. As the children grow they have bigger bellies than the town drunk, filled with fake food and sugar with nothing else. These are the women you are asking permission from?
These same women that when out on their own living on feminism are the most in debt class of people in society? Paying most of their paycheck into a mortgage and car payment they have nothing left at the end of the day. Paying off their college degree they pretend their a princess to society. By 40 their life choices have made them so depressed and delusional they are left with nothing but cats and the occasional 40 year old virgin simp that takes them out on a date. The reality is any semi-successful man doesn’t want a feminist working wife. They bring nothing to the table. They don’t need your money, they don’t want your attitude, they can live without your terrible cooking, and you do nothing but pull them down spiritually and mentally. Why would a real man want this type of women anywhere near them?
But this is the delusion they tell them self, that men are intimidated by a “successful” women. When they fail to realize their success is based on societies view, woohoo another slave, their eggs dry up and they hit the wall. Even their appearance can no longer save them. They become treated like disposable feeders, similar to how men have been treated their entire life. The difference however is most of these women can’t handle that reality, and continue down their path of destruction. Creating a social hierarchy inside their family to destroy the lives of everyone around them. Manipulating and causing drama throughout, is the only sense of happiness these women can pull out. They have no skills, overweight, ugly, and most of all rude as fuck.
And you want to ask this type of person for permission to do something in your own life? Do you not see the cage you’ve put yourself in? And for what? Sex? I’d rather fuck an apple pie in peace for the rest of my life than listen to another minute of some delusional cunt screaming about some retarded non-sense, allowing her to use sex as a tool of manipulation and control turning me into some sort of starving lap dog. An apple pie is far cheaper and if you’re kinky enough you’ve got free desert soon after. Seriously, anything is better than some flabby armed elephant bouncing around in the bedroom like Horton Hears a Who. Grow some fucking balls.

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