ASMR Mimics Real Intimacy

I’ve noticed a trend within the ASMR community when it comes to taking advantage of men and their want of a feminine affectionate women. Essentially ASMR is taking advantage of the feeling you get during intimacy whether romantic or nature based. In it’s raw form the concept has solely been developed as a side effect of our broken society where people don’t show each other compassion unless they are getting paid for it.
One women turns herself into the girlfriend of thousands of men, and these men must be starving for any type of affection to resort to internet ASMR. Whether it be natural or romantic, the reality is I get the same feelings when sitting at the beach. When a cute girl is whispering in your ear or kissing your neck. These are the real tingles and emotions that ASMR pretends to intimate. The reality is though that ASMR is just another band aid on the real issue.
People in our society, especially men, are completely lacking in receiving any type of affection or empathy. Between feminism and evolution, the modern man is left as nothing more than a disposable utility for women and society; left with ASMR or sex dolls as their only option for any type of affection. These girls don’t act like that in a relationship but throw them a few dollars and they will act feminine and caring.
Now, not all ASMR people are sexual but the concept remains the same, the ASMR is mimicking natural real life good feelings. When I have the breeze tickling my ears on the beach it’s the same feeling. When the cool morning air hits my face and the sunshine beams down on my head it’s the same feeling. By engaging in ASMR you are essentially taking a prescription drug verse natural medicine or food. Instead of just going outside and enjoying life, instead of being intimate with others, people are choosing to use e-intimacy to fill the void.
Some will claim that they are simply relaxed by the ASMR but what they don’t realize is this stems from the want of affection. To want someone there to de-stress you when you get home from a bad day, a long day of work, essentially these women have turned them selves into everyone’s girlfriend. Pretending to rub your head and ears as they whisper in your ear. Pretending to care about your day and what happened. These are the things your wife and girlfriend are supposed to do but feminism has turned them into men while at the same time turning any feminine’ness into a paid commodity.
When we look at society, between MGTOW, ASMR, and all the other side movements that are quite similar in foundation, it’s easy to see how men have been turned into a disposable utility on every level and now even have to pay to simply receive some empathy or affection in anyway. It’s a clear indication that society itself is on the brink of mental collapse. Pretending that ASMR can replace real life intimacy and nature is living another lie. To pretend that some girl on twitch with her boobs out licking an ear mic is the same as having a real compassionate partner or sitting in the jungle or on the beach is just delusional. It reminds me of those self help tapes with ocean and bird sounds. People listen before bed as they try to get rid of the anxiety from the day never realizing that oceans and birds exist in real life; literally all around us and most of the plane is water. Even dumbass Darwin figured out there were a lot of different colored birds on an Island making noise.
Human beings love intimacy. We require it. Whether with another person, nature, or Jesus Christ himself we require love and intimacy. Replacing real life affection with ASMR only pulls you further down the technological new age delusion so many real people are tired of. Don’t be fooled in thinking that ASMR isn’t an intimacy illusion.

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