Confessions of the Modern Woman

“So do i. i’m a pro athletes worse nightmare. these men are so damn stupid. i call it “insurance”.” – Ashley Del Rey
“I actually never really liked any of my boyfriends. I was only with them for money. Matter of fact, I only like men for dick and money. Don’t really care too much for their personalities. Bitches are weak.”
“I’ve cheated on every guy I’ve ever been with (usually w/ a more powerful guy), I have no remorse, and I would do it again.”
“I’m cheating on my boyfriend right now. I’ve been going out on dates with different men to see if I can upgrade. This new guy in particular is more successful so I’m seeing if I can get something more from him before I leave my current. Of course, none of the new guys know I’m taken.”
“I’ve been cheating on my husband with 20-25 year olds who live out of state. I prefer men who look that age. I had an affair with one for 5 years. He wanted to marry me, but I broke up with him. He had no idea I was married that whole time.”
“I’ve used them all for either quick cash or improvements in my social status/career opportunities… they think I actually love them until I break up with them (or go ghost) for the next dude. I don’t think I’m actually capable of love like that. :dead: I don’t even care for them like friends. I feel indifferent toward them.”
“At the party my long term side piece walked up to me and whispered in my ear to come over his house after the club. I went and we had the best sex ever. I didn’t even shower or brush my teeth after receiving boat loads of semen in my hair, mouth and on my stomach. We used condoms but snatched them off when he was ready to blow. I got up. Went home and laid in the bed next to my boyfriend and didn’t even care.”
“When I was in a relationship with my ex I became friendly and slept with his favorite musician who was well known in his genre. He knew we were talking. I’m 90% sure he knew about the hooking up but neither of us discussed that elephant in the room. I feel awful about it, especially because i rarely ever had sex with my ex because i couldn’t bear how bad it was. Way to make a guy feel inadequate.”
“This guy I’m seeing tells me he loves me, but I’m really just in it for the money. He pays my bills, takes me traveling whenever he gets a vacation, and buys me stuff.”
“I like doing fucked up things to people. I think it’s my mental illness that makes me like that. I’m sleeping with a dude in a relationship. Every time I see his girl I smile knowing that I fucked her dude and she doesn’t know. I’m going to fuck his homeboy just to piss him off.”
“I was 8 years old when my dad got married. I felt like she hated me because she didn’t say much to me and i found myself wanting her approval. She eventually warmed up to me, we became close. My dad worked nights, so it would be me and her home alone. One night she ask me if she could sleep in the bed with me because she hated sleeping alone. I told her yes and she only had on a t shirt and panties. She wrapped her legs around me to where her private area touch my butt. I was laying on my side with my back faced her. She then start humping me lightly and moaning in my ear. Men didnt give me much attention as a child but women did.”
“Well my husband (back then my bf) doesn’t know the real reason he made it through his pledge process is because I fucked his dean and 3 other frat brothers (not all at once) while he on line. Matter of fact one night while he was in a secret “location” on line in a warehouse I was outside fucking his dean lol.”
“I’m sleeping with a married man who pays my bills, and I have another man I really like who I’m seeing, but he’s broke so I just keep him on the side for good sex.”
“I cheated on my husband when we were at our happiest. We had a lot of bad times but then we were happy. I thought the man I cheated with was the one but he treats me like shit.”
“I keep a secret relationship with someone I dated in college. It isn’t physical and we never had sex mostly because I never thought he was stable and I need security from a man and to feel safe. I have a fiance and love the man I’m with but I still care about the other guy and like being friends and when he comes to town we have lunch and catch up. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this and I don’t think I’m cheating but my fiance has always been threatened by our relationship because I was dating both of them at the same time at one point unexclusively.”
“I’m secretly physically attracted to women. I plan to marry rich and cheat with women. The attention of married or taken men makes me feel good. I’ll flirt with men and lead them on just for attention. The whole time I know that it’s not going anywhere.”
“The fat men thread makes me ashamed that I cannot get this fat guy I used to date out of my head. I have a boyfriend!! But when I see that he’s been out with someone else, I will send him a text just to make him all excited to hear from me. Then he’ll go on to try to meet up with me for a few weeks before realizing that I am not giving him any attention. Once a few weeks have gone by without hearing from him, I’ll send him another text. It’s not that I like him, I just don’t like it when he’s no longer showing interest in me. I need him to be interesting in me always. The sad part is that he doesn’t even have a big dick. I don’t understand what’s wrong with me.”
“I’m actively pursuing a married man. I’m breaking him down and will turn him into my sponsor. I feel bad for his wife, but I’m not trying to replace her. I just want him and his money.”
“The crazy part is no one knows about this side of me. I go to church every Sunday and bible study every Tuesday. I appear to be such a sweet innocent young lady but if people only knew. And the crazy part is I’m only 22. I’m really surprised I’ve never been pregnant or gotten an STD. I really need to slow down but I can’t. Well when I’m an old saggy boobed lady I’ll have these memories to look back on.”
“Lied to this guy that had a crush on me, told him I needed money for an abortion, even though it wasn’t his baby & we had never fucked, he offered to give me the cash but he just needed time to get it together, but I was so impatient, he started getting suspicious, I think he figured out I was a lyer so he made up an excuse that he couldn’t get the whole amount but he still gave me some money.”
“I don’t really believe in putting all of your eggs into one basket unless a wedding date is set. My boyfriend is very aware that I feel the way that I do because men will waste years of your life waiting on a ring. We will be spending the 23rd-jan 2nd alone on vacation…we told our families a while back that we were going to spend the holidays with each other, and that they were free to tag along, but both sets of parents say we are grown and to not worry about them. I may just dump him if he doesn’t propose during the holiday.”
“I used to fuck 3 different guys at my uni, i used to fuck at my uni staircase/classroom, ive fucked mulptile guys in one day/hours, i once fucked a guy on my birthday in the morning then a different guy later. it was awesome. had this guy eat my pussy an hour after someone else had came in me.”
“Ex boyfriend’s house, party going on, had sex with mutual friend on boyfriend’s bed while he ran up to the store for 20 minutes… had sex and slept with boyfriend the same night.”
“Somehow ended up with a rich but stingy mofo, told the idiot i got pregnant 2 different times so he’d give me money for an abortion 1k+ each time. i have never been pregnant lol lied so many times about emergencies that needed money.”
“I am also dating other people. One is flying out to hang out with me soon. He told me to make reservations wherever I wanted to eat so he better be prepared to drop a lot of money lol.”
“I went on a date with a potential sugar daddy, we had dinner and he thought he was getting some . When he got out of the car to take a smoke. I took all the money in his wallet, club soda drink and bounced. Got off with $2,368,I left the quarters.”
“He filed for divorce yesterday and told me and two mutual friends today. We are the only ones who know and he said he’ll start letting others know as the holidays get closer. He has been trying to see me and now thinks I’ll be open to it since he’s getting his own place. Don’t know how to tell him that I will never take him seriously and am not interested in anything casual until I know if she’s going to leave him with any money or not. I don’t want to have a casual fling with no broke dude”
“Ugh I can’t wait till college really turns me into a hoe so that I can post in here too. I love thiis.”
“I have slept with my boyfriend and an ex in the same took me out for lunch and fukked, the other took me out to dinner and fukked.”
“I was sleeping with a married man a few years back and was getting bored with him.I lied and said that i was pregnant and didnt have enough coins for an abortion.He asked me how much one was and i told him that it was $1,500.00.The dummy didnt bother to even google to find out.hisself,and just forked the cash over.He asked could he go and i told him that the clinic had a strict policy about people coming that werent getting procedures done.Later that day i texted him and said ‘done’ then blocked his number.I went and got a bomb ass sew in,nails and feet done,took myself out to eat,bought some clothes and laughed the whole way home.”
“If a man wont give me money or pay my bills I stop talking to them.”
“I used to on dating sites and apps and catfish guys with pictures of my friends. It’s not that I’m ugly or anything. I just did it when I was super bored and had a nothing else to do with my life. It was like a game to me.”
“I use men for money all the time and don’t feel bad about it. I wont date you if you are broke. Thats the number 1 quality i look for. I think I have cheated on every one of my bfs and lied about it.”
“I had 5 abortions between 15 and 17. I feel horrible now. At the time I felt desperate to keep my youth.”
“My boyfriend is 51 but he is also a millionaire financing my life. I usedcheat on him knowing he wouldn’t leave me. I worked as an escort twice in my life and still do the sugar daddy thing. I lied about being pregnant. I lie a lot , I don’t know why I do it but I just do. Sometimes I think I have it in me to kill someone, just sometimes I wonder if someone will ever piss me off enough for to plan the perfect murder, off them, and get on with my life. I wonder if I have enough of a conscience to feel anything if I ever did, or if ill brush it off like other dirt I’ve done in my life.”
“I had sex with two of my teachers while a senior in HS.I had sex with three professors in college. I’m planning on seducing one of my grad school professors just because he’s a challenge and I love challenges. Since I was 16, I have used my sexuality, body, and looks to get whatever I want. I escorted for 3 years during college and made so much money that my parents started to get suspicious. I currently have a sugar daddy who is a CEO of a major and well-known corporation who finances my lifestyle. The number of men I’ve slept with in 23 years is well into the 100’s.”
“Freshman year of college I was fuckin two guys. Went home on winter break, smashed another dude and got preggo. Back at school I told one of the guys it was his and I needed money for the abortion…which I didn’t get right away. I ended up meeting ANOTHER guy (I was such a hoe lol) and was fuckin him while the other guy got the abortion money together. None of them ever knew the truth.”
“He brought me favorite bottle of perfume and 2 pairs of victoria secret underwear. I’m sure he thought I was going to fuck him but fat chance and thanks for the perfume and undies which never got to smell or see me in SIMP!!”
“Hooked up with two cousins in one night i was so fucked up i thought that they were the same person.”
“Had an affair while married and got pregnant by my lover. Me & my husband are black; lover was white. The baby came out looking just like my lover.”
“I have had sex with three different men in one day. One was married. One came to eat and the other stayed the night and we got it on the next morning.”
“I’ve had a monetary relationship with my old landlord where he would pay me for sex and the sex was pretty good and he was good looking but I would nevr let him hit w/o some kind of money involved.”
“Years ago, in my mid twenties, I went to a guy friend’s house and had sex with him and a ton of his friends. So many that I lost count. I think it was at least 5 or 6 guys, probably more.”
“Back in the day my Santera told me to collect my period blood and feed it to my guy. I made five oatmeal cookies and gave them to him. He ate one and left the rest on the counter. his grandmother stopped by later that day and took the rest.”
“My ex and i were broken up at the time and he was trying to reconcile. What he didn’t know was i had started seeing someone and we were having sex. My ex convinced me to go out with him and one thing led to another and we had sex. I got pregnant and I knew it was not my ex’s baby but I led him to believe it was. He was all torn up about me getting an abortion . He paid for it and accompanied me to the clinic. I know I was wrong but i needed $$ to pay for the abortion since the new guy I was seeing was being a dick about it.”
“Had sex with 2 different guys within 2 hours of each other. One was my steady fwb and the other dude was some dude I met that was coming to visit me from out of town.”
“I’m 27 and trying to get pregnant by my guy…I want to have my first child before 30, no bc just plain ol condoms, any tip ladies plleeaseee msg me!”
“I was an escort, zZomg! Never big time, just off Backpage, Craigslist and Redbook. I fucked a man with one leg, a few millionaires, a murderer, cops, tons and tons of married men. I fucked married men in their marital homes in broad daylight. They like doing it in the living room. I don’t think I’ve fucked in a marital bed though. Just on their couch.”
“Last semster i was failing my math class, so i put on my tightest dress & went to my professor’s office. I stripped for him & he fucked me in his office on top of his desk. He also ate my ass. i got an “A”!”
“I want to fuck my homeboy’s daddy. Well, really he’s not my homeboy, I only pretend to be cool with him so I can get close to his dad.”
“Gave a man who was secretly fucking my sister herpes on purpose. He knew I had it and still wanted unprotected sex so while I was having an outbreak I fucked him raw. My outbreaks just look like an ingrown hair not like the pictures you see online so he couldn’t tell anyways.”
“Slept with 3 men over the course of a weekend at a my male friends house. He had feelings for me, wasn’t feeling him. But I let a dude fuck me in his laundry room, another one in his living room, and another one in his bed. They found out a few days after, and all three were incredibly salty.”
“I tried tricking to get money to pay my cousin’s cell phone bill…yes, yes, I know. I started crying in the middle of the sex and begged him to stop. He did.”
“I miss having a sugar daddy. I had a sugar daddy that was famous, wealthy, wrote a book and owned his own company. I broke things off but I high key regret it all especially now when I need the money. That being said, I am glad I experienced it all and got to let my freak flag fly in college.”
“I had sex with 3 guys at once when I was 23.”
“I would get dressed, go to a popular club with a knot of cash, eye out the guy who spent the most money and seduce him, we would leave together and my guys would follow, at his house they would jump out the car, surround it and rob the dude, they would also pretend to kidnap me.”
“Slept with my English professor. Fine as hell, looked like a lumberjack, first and last white man I’ve dealt with. We had a weeklong break from school due to heavy snow (I’m a GA font). He let me stay at his house, cooked for me, and we fucked all week. I shed a tear for him sometimes. I see him around occasionally, but I lost interest. There was a time where he would ask to visit him in his office, and he’d just give me head or spank me. He’s written me wonderful recommendations for when I go into grad school.”
“Now I haven’t posted on Backpage since last year but I still see my regulars (they dont know I had a baby) and my business line is still open so I get calls from time to time from repeat customers. So I guess those are regulars too.”
“I had sex with 3 guys at once but I never gave them any head. two were eating my pussy at the same time while one I was just kissing and he was sucking on my tits. Then they took turns fucking me and whenever one would cum another one would eat my pussy right afterwards.”
“I’ve had lots of trips and hotel stays paid for me, thanks to my kitty-kat. I’ve travelled to the Bahamas, Barbados and Florida numerous times and had a hell of a time, lots of sex, sightseeing and being taken care of. I miss that life so much. I toned down for this guy who isn’t into that sort of thing, and haven’t been able to afford to travel in like three years.”
“in all honesty i don’t want to work anymore. i tried getting a job but got fired because again i didn’t give a flying fuck and was being ungrateful. so now i’m just gonna lie on my resume and say i’ve been working remotely for one of his companies *shrugs* get in where you fit in. i don’t suggest doing this, it’s emotionally draining and my mom knows i’m lying out my ass about what i’ve been doing in my new city.”
“By the time I was 16, I participated in over 5 threesomes. All MMF. Had two that were MMMF.”
“So, what are some tips to meet high profile men. I’ll escort with no problem, but I ain’t fucking with any broke dudes. I want it to be well worth it.”
“I feel raped by the first guy because I was drunk, I kept going back for at least 5 months when he finally treated me like ho I was woke up but I was belligerent.”
“I was sleeping with one of the maintenance workers for my apt building and had him steal 2 $500 air conditioners for my apartment. My apartment building was selling them to the tenants. I will not fuck a man if I don’t benefit from it in some sort of way.”
“I used to fuck the owner of a salon so that I could get my hair done for free. I would go in his back office and fuck him then leave, he started talking about having babies so I had to leave him alone.”


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