How and Why I Faked Jess Greenberg’s Cruise Ship Accident

I’m not sure where to start. Honestly I thought someone would have figured it out by now but it seems society really has lost the ability to critically think. I couldn’t believe how many people were so easily lead by some fake comments and ridiculously terribly edited videos from a fake news YouTube channel. In there defense however I did selectively censor comments and users. As well as purchase 100+ YouTube accounts for like $5 to set it all up…

One day I was goofing around on Jess’s website and just so happened to find a way to edit her homepage title from the back end. I honestly have no idea how I got there or how I found it but I did. At first I thought maybe I shouldn’t do it but it’s not like I was messing up her entire website or anything and it was easy enough to fix it. This is where my true trolling career began. Keep in mind every time I did something to troll her I always e-mailed to tell her if there was something that she was actually upset about she could just ask me to remove it, from this troll to the last troll I asked every time. So for about 2-3 months her website title on her homepage was – A Glitch in the Matrix. It wasn’t until I sent a secondary e-mail asking if she has actually seen her website recently was it changed back. After a few days I changed it back once again and waited. 2-3 months passed and I sent her another e-mail and it was fixed the next day. This is the start of what launched into the Jess Greenberg cruise ship accident. I’m not sure why it was so fun to troll Jess Greenberg but it was.

It started as just one video from a “news” YouTube channel and a blogger “news” page and then someone else took the story and ran with it creating some elaborate video with decent editing and text. This is where it all started to get a bit out of control. With each video came replies, response videos, and everything in between. Let me back up however and clarify how this idea even became a thing. For the last 8 years a corporation was hired to defame me and my website. Ever since I burned my government paperwork and started to teach others how to do the same, how to live outside the government and it’s slave like control over your life they started to attack. They used these very same tactics on me, from fake accounts, to fake comments, fake replies and videos, all from the same organization. I quickly picked up on their games and manipulation and learned how they were manipulating search results, YouTube algorithm, and much more. This came right after I had legally robbed the bank using their own fraud against them while still maintaining perfect credit the entire time. A tale for another day..

Like many other people that listen to Jess Greenberg it’s easy to see her talent aside from her beautiful boobs. She can sing and play the guitar very well and her voice is quite beautiful. To watch someone over 4-5 years turn their back on their artistic and musical life to a career in the banking system was something that was really quite disappointing. Working for the very people destroying the world, creativity, and everything art once stood for; she was now a point man for JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and even worse the infamous and evil BlackRock Bank. As she cheered on satanic tranny rock stars with free masonry Instagram photos and liking Bill Gates eugenics speeches across the globe she became the target of a truth campaign to wake people up.

Seriously Jess Greenberg, liking “I just finished Bill Gates’ new book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” It’s one of the most insightful non-technical overviews of climate change..” this kind of nonsense. The female to male tranny Bill Gates has injected more children with sterilization chemicals than any other free mason tranny worldwide. She has supported the spraying of chemicals in the sky for the last 30+ years… it’s no secret she supports chemtrails and sterilization of 3rd world countries through vaccines… she probably mentioned it in her BlackRock Bank speech tour but you weren’t paying attention.


It’s obvious Jess is smart and talented but her schooling and university has left her brainwashed as fuck, living in a world of deception and deceit. So the question you might be wondering is WHY. Why do all of this and why a cruise ship. The answer isn’t that easy to give, it started as a joke formed from truth about the reality we live in. Cruise ships alone are very dangerous, used for trafficking humans and drugs world wide. People go missing quite often with foul play yet nothing is done. There is no law on the water on these cruise ships. This was the reason for choosing the cruise ship, to raise awareness about this industry.

Many people in the comments were virtue signaling douche bags claiming how evil it was to use a women’s death on the cruise ship as fake news with Jess Greenberg falling off the cruise ship but the reality is this Samantha women left her husband at home with several kids to go on a cruise with another man. I have no respect for her or her life decisions. She made her life into a joke so I used it to spread some truth and awareness. Get mad all you want, I just don’t care.

Another big question was why, what was the point right? The entire project was a huge social experiment to see and prove how easy it is to create fake news and get people to believe it, share it, and respond to it. In the end it was funny, sad, and down right depressing how easily it was to trick hundreds of thousands of people with a few fake accounts on YouTube. Just imagine what an organization like NASA can do with 60 million a day as they fake space walks and moon landings a few times a week. Just imagine what the news media corporations can do with thousands of voice pieces telling you the same thing over and over from a position of “authority”. I was just some “news” channel on YouTube with poorly edited videos and memes and people believed it.

Television Watching News Believer - Conspiracy Music Guru

Keep in mind however my objective was not to make a joke out Jess Greenberg or anyone’s death. Nor was it to make a fool out of everyone that believed she had fallen off a ship. One of the underlining goals was always to get Jess Greenberg to see these truths and come back to her passion and love in music. Aside from waking people up and giving them the truth about the world we live in my website is dedicated to art, passion, and creativity. To help people find their own individualism and become someone unique and passionate, someone they can be proud of. In a world of conformity, depression, anxiety, lies, and deception; there are few ways to bi pass censorship and the authoritarian internet globalist utopian society we’ve become.

Many drowned in their own conformity bias and society created opinions as they fall off their own cruise ship of individualism. As they struggle to tread water their inability to find anything real in the open ocean becomes far too real. Unable to see past a few fake news headlines they find themself in a job they hate just to pay the bills. Wearing a mouth diaper and face shield with rubber gloves they coat themselves in hand sanitizer just to fit in. Jumping on board to get their free McDonalds burger for getting the coronavirus vaccine they become more drone like in their ability to make decisions and critically think.

So how was I able to trick so many people as just one person with a few fake YouTube accounts? Confirming the pareto principle, I simply maintained a comment ratio that supported the fake news agenda. In the end those that saw how fake it was were irrelevant compared to those that believed the stories and my fake accounts backing it all up. It didn’t matter how poorly edited the videos were or how stupid it sounded, people believed it like the gospel as if I were NASA telling them about space men on the moon as they use wire harnesses and under-water gimmicks to fake it all. (NASA Fails 1NASA Fails 2)

Puppet Show - Conspiracy Music Guru

In the end I was a little disappointed by how few people were able to figure out it was fake news let alone my agenda behind it. It became a masterpiece of social engineering at the cost of me spending hours scratching my head wondering how the fuck people could believe this stuff. It made me realize how doomed society is, if on this small scale social engineering project I was able to manipulate and create fake news out of thin air and get people to believe it, post it, respond to it, and argue for it. People made themselves into monsters in the comment section battling it out accompanied by my fake accounts pouring gasoline on the fire.

In the end all of the videos published received over a million views combined and to some that may be success. As many claimed the person creating these videos were after some internet views and likes. Projection most likely but it showed how shallow the mindset was of most internet dwellers. Searching for validation and likes on the internet it was obvious how pathetic their life had become. As they tried to fight this internet agenda I simply enabled a few internet software websites to bombard my videos with likes. For ever 5 dislikes I had hundreds of fake likes. However to the end user it all looks real. In reality it’s just a website using a fake view credit system to distribute likes or views to your videos. I set up every video to receive 5-10 likes a day and over time it looked natural, undiscernible to even the biggest brained Sherlock Holmes.

I didn’t even spend that much time on the entire project and had most of it setup as an automated system that I simply checked on every few weeks. That’s how easy it was to manipulate the minds of thousands of people with something so silly. I didn’t even have to create laws and regulations forcing you to believe it. I didn’t have to pay crisis actors or spend millions on some social network propaganda campaign. I was just one dude with a 150 dollar Mexican laptop. Just imagine what these giant organizations can do as they re-write history, create fake news, and pedal pseudo science as truth. It becomes obvious how they programmed you to call me an anti vaxxer as you line up for your corporate injection of mercury, MSG, and formaldehyde. Heck even the CDC doesn’t hide the fact they are pumping you up full of chemicals I wouldn’t even inject my worst enemy with. Yet here you are clapping them on calling people anti vaxxer flath earther conspiracy theorists. Tell me again how the wing tip of an aluminum plane can penetrate steel and concrete at low speeds…. (9/11) good grief society is brain dead. The zombie apocalypse is already here.

CDC Vaccine Additives


In closing I just want to say perhaps its time you start to question the narrative, perhaps its time to start doing your own research and question what those in authority are telling you. That perhaps some of these experts aren’t even experts and most likely just some paid spokesperson pretending to be a doctor, scientist, or professional. They have no duty or requirement to tell you the truth. Why would an actor tell you the truth about vaccines or space when he’s literally being paid by an organization to pretend otherwise. Wake the fuck up you lemmings.. and never forget 99% of what you see on television and the internet is fake as fuck, including the coroanvirus covid-19. It literally doesn’t even exist but by all means boo boo, wear your protective mouth diapers, face masks, gloves, and lube yourself up in some hand sanitizer just to go outside. Don’t forget your chemical injection from Johnson and Johnson so you can fit in and travel the world.

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Excel sheet of some of my fake accounts.
Jess Greenberg Fake Accounts