MGTOW in 2018 and Beyond

From the outside MGTOW, Men Going Their Own Way, is a quite reasonable mentality. In modern society it makes total sense to focus on yourself and to stop giving attention to women that use men as a simple utility. The real MGTOW’s that get together to talk about real issues and society are truly looking for wisdom and growth. Most of the MGTOW community however, has turned into a high school drama play with scammers and cucks on every side. Even the monks are “above reproach” pretending they don’t sin. This is mostly because a majority of content creators for MGTOW are in it for money alone.
This is evident by going to most MGTOW channels and listening to them beg for donations. They beg you to buy their cryptocurrency, they beg you to fund them, they attack like bitches if you disagree, they beg you to join their patreon, ect. These men are not true MGTOW at all. They use the ideology of MGTOW and women bashing to suck in men that have been through a bad relationship. They convert them into a payday rather than seeing them as a human being. These MGTOW content creators literally look at their viewers as disposable utilities there to front their business. They rehash the same content over and over again simply to beg for donations.
Even is guilty of this. They ban and remove anyone looking for real conversation or growth while promoting red pill rage and atheist delusions. They do this because that’s what brings them money. A man that grows into himself and his hobbies offers little money to the MGTOW red pill rage content creator. If you are no longer angry, you no longer need to hear the women bashing red pill rage content daily. You literally live and experience the reasons as to why you should focus on yourself. These men claim you need daily red pills but this is quite convenient when they are the only ones with the “daily red pill” hidden behind a paywall of some sort.
This becomes comical when MGTOW content creators talk about their blue pill jew conspiracies or use doxing to eliminate anyone that has a different opinion. Even when facts and reality contradict their delusions they will still turn to doxing, clicking adsense ads to get you banned, or defamation. They will slander and lie to cover their deceit. They will use every tool in the female nature toolbox to attack you while claiming to be MGTOW.
Anyone that voices a different opinion is turned into an enemy, anyone that brings these concerns up, is an enemy. If you don’t want to have sex with plastic sex dolls, you aren’t MGTOW. The reality is MGTOW has been taken over by a bunch of little kids. Half of which have no real world experience or have spent their life doing exactly what they condemn women for. The hypocrisy of these cowards is real and very sad.
The truth about MGTOW though, is, I had peace prior to involving myself. I didn’t need MGTOW to go my own way and I still don’t. I don’t need MGTOW to meet other men that think the same, because the reality is 75% of the MGTOW now a days are simply angry blue pill white knights that are tired of being treated like bitches when that’s exactly what they are. Literally attacking my website more than any feminist or the government… trying to hack my login, clicking ads as they switch VPN locations, (even though google is well aware of these bitch games and just ignores it), and other cowardly moves.
Getting involved with 75% of the MGTOW crowd has turned into a relationship. A bad one. With nothing but drama, snakes, liars, and con artists.. similar to my past relationships. If you say something they don’t like, ATTACK. Do something they don’t deem MGTOW, ATTACK. Rebuke or confront them, ATTACK. There is no growth, no real conversation, nothing anymore. It’s just a bunch of angry bitter idiots trying to get rich off other men, using them for the same disposable utility as their ex.
Once again, the one that loses is the true red pill man. The man looking for real friendship, growth, and building something real. They are left in the corner of MGTOW where the light doesn’t shine even though they offer the best content and truths. The real monks of MGTOW that are trying to be a real mentor to younger men are looked at as evil, while those trying to get rich off them are looked at as angels and saviors. Some of the best MGTOW content has under 500 views whereas some of the worst smut meme lord nonsense has the highest sub count. Mean while that high sub count is looked at as an income, rather than helping those men. That high sub count was turned into a disposable utility as they scam for red pill coins and monetary deceit. While that lowly 500 view video didn’t mention a patreon, or a donation link, or some fast track testosterone internet pack.
Where there is no discernment, there are souls ripe for harvest. To rob them blind as they pretend to fight exactly what’s robbing them. Most men are left in a state of confusion after a bad relationship with a narcissist or sociopath only to fall into the arms of another, only this time he has a beard, calling himself your friend. This is why I never put a label on myself or my ideas, it’s far to easy for atheists and cuck boys to invade and infiltrate, whether that be Keymaster, Cantu, or the government. Reality is, MGTOW is just another agenda driven cult created to divide and conquer just like feminism. It’s funny these MGTOW think being in the news validates them, like they are chasing this validation while they claim to be “MGTOW”. When the truth is MGTOW being in the media is part of their plan, they are simply pushing their divide and conquer agenda.
One look at and the amount of hate, bashing, and anger is obvious. They are so fueled by anger and rage they posted one article of mine titled “MGTOW Men are All Rejected Virgins” – The title was a joke, the content was the opposite of this statement yet all the dumbass cowards on including Keymaster ran with this as an “attack”. These men live in fantasy land just like their feminist enemies. Oh yeah, and Gargamel, I have photos of all my Audi’s right here [1][2][3][4][5][6][7], I sold them and bought an orange propane powered van and supplies to start a homestead and when the government invaded my property while I was at work for building an adobe shed with out a permit I decided to leave the USA for good. After seeing what “real men” in MGTOW are like in the USA and other European countries, a bunch of catty bitches, I hit Latin America and haven’t been happier. They don’t even have basements here… Jealousy is ugly brother but enjoy that MGTOW cult that keeps you blinded and stunted. And the purpose of me sharing content like How to Grow After Redpill Rage on was to pull some of the intelligent men out of the cult mindset to enable their own growth and individualism instead of the MGTOW cult like conformist mentality. I’m not here to get rich off MGTOW like all your super hero content creators. Hence why I was banned, is full of atheist, money chasing, cowards, hence why you felt the need to attack my credibility with the Audi rant and follow it up with some non-sense defamation, slander, and catty attacks.
(Since, I have removed most MGTOW content from my website as growth and intelligent conversation is clearly above their means. I have never been attacked by any group like the cult, from spam clicking my revenue ads to get me banned, from attempted login hacks, they are a bunch of two faced cowards that don’t have the balls to speak to me first hand, but rather sit in a secret discord server behind their VPN and hidden face as they talk shit about things they are literally clueless about. So this will be the last mention of MGTOW although the concepts MGTOW has tried to own will still be discussed. Some how a bunch of random YouTube dudes think they started the MGTOW movement when men have been speaking on these issues for over 2,000 years. Narcissistic much?)
This is the owner of, Keymaster, explaining how big of a coward he is, why he hides his real opinion, and instead uses manipulation to change the subject; followed by some super creepy doll advertising.

Update 2/2018 – Free Mason MGTOW is Freedom John begging for more money and now interviewing with the news in silly outfits. MGTOW 101 is still stealing content and using MGTOW for his own gain. MGTOW 101 was banned for buying subscribers and likes, as shown in his own email reveal. It has nothing to do with censorship you cucked out fan boys. MGTOW 101 tries to rob the community with red pill coin, snitch on those selling sex dolls just like him, and even stole content from the new MGTOW cartoon creator posting the entire thing on his channel. MGTOW 101 is a narcissistic cunt just like your ex-gf. Fake ass MGTOW simps, simping and white knighting for a dude that turned you into a disposable utility for money. These content creators are frauds and impostors turning real men into a disposable utility just like your ex. Wake up! If you truly live with the MGTOW mindset you don’t wear a label and you certainly don’t worship men like your ex-wife.
Update 8/2018 – From what I’ve noticed the majority of douche bag MGTOW’s associate with or the main stream MGTOW channels on YouTube. This is not directed at all MGTOW as a lot of the MGTOW viewers are intelligent and smart. If this doesn’t apply to you don’t get butt hurt over a label. Go your own way.

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