Millennials Aren’t Narcissists But Their Parents Are

Often times I hear the older generations complaining and making fun of millennials while ignoring their own faults. I see them pointing fingers at the younger generations making claims they themselves take no accountability for. They ignore facts like inflation, fake debt, mortgage fraud, fixing of international housing markets, and all the countries they invaded to create this debt. Millennials are forced to pick up the slack were the narcissistic baby boomers left off.
The older narcissistic baby boomers make claims like millennials are whiny, attention seeking, and entitled but the reality is these characteristics stem from something. You wouldn’t have such a large group of the younger generation checking out of society through drugs or video games if they actually had some hope for society or the future. Most students see their student debt as unpayable as they graduated with a good degree but jobs have simply moved over seas. Often times they are left with no choice but to continue working in the service industry or something similar as they try and pay off their debt looking for a better job.
The system that was created by the narcissistic baby boomers and their parents through war and militarization of the police force created a hopeless environment for the younger generations. Not only that but any attempt to actually help the situation will land you in the same place as those trying to fight back. In many cities simple things like collecting rainwater, having chickens, or a garden are simply illegal. Feeding the homeless in most cities will get you a free trip to jail with fines included. To start your own business is almost impossible without a rich family with connections or a large bank loan just to try your hand. From permits, registration, insurances, and rent alone you are already looking at a huge sum of money just to try something.
For most kids, this is no longer an option. To walk out and trail blaze your own path and create something for yourself is almost impossible in the USA. Personally I have lived it myself. I tried to build my own homestead away from society and I was constantly harassed by narcissistic, old, baby boomers telling me to get permits for adobe sheds made from my own property, I was told to get permission from the government to use roads I already paid for through the gasoline tax, I was told I had to pay taxes for a schoolhouse that is no longer in use, I was forced to garnish my wages to fund even more militarization of the world, even when I had my own business this narcissistic generation would try and use me for my skills while trying to pay very little in return (even though they were completely internet retarded they wanted to pay me chump change for skilled online work). I was not able to simply walk onto my own property and build something real. I was not allowed and honestly it would have ended in arrest or jail if I had stayed there. The local pastor was a total narcissistic idiot along with his free mason pal the sheriff. The pastor had no problem collecting money to pay for his house and car yet thought I should create the church website for free.
These narcissists love to point their fingers at the attention seeking millennials but the reality is, if they had been good parents, if they had taught their children instead of allowing the government schools too, if they had given them attention and support, perhaps they wouldn’t be disconnected on video games, perhaps they wouldn’t be addicted to drugs, and perhaps they wouldn’t reveal their entire body on social media for a few likes. All these old farts trying to project and blame shift when in reality they were the ones that set this up. They chose themselves instead of their children. They chose their own desires, needs, and wants over their children’s. Their famous line “I did it for you” when in reality most children just want to spend time with their parents. They don’t give a shit about the materialistic bullshit.
These kids are starving for validation and attention that only the government is now providing. Narcissistic men and women chase their careers, their degrees, their appearance, all at the expense of their children. This is exactly why millennials are having so many problems. To even be individualistic in any way is a miracle with the current education system, political system, and manufactured hate by the main stream media all at the hands of the narcissistic baby boomers and their own narcissistic parents. As long as they get their social security money and retirement they could care less about the millennial generation. (Who are literally paying into social security knowing they will never received it, narcissistic much? The Greatest Generation 1910-1924, The Silent Generation 1925-1945, Baby Boomer Generation 1946-1964, have all been narcissistic cancer to society yet they have the nerve to blame the millennial. In the name alone you can see how douche bag these generations are, the narcissist generation, the cowardly generation, and the sex generation. What great role models!
Yet, here are these idiots blaming the younger generation. A generation that can work 40 hours a week and still not be able to afford rent, food, or other requirements for survival. They blame a group of people that have no influence on society nor have any ability to change it at such a young age yet are the fault of a collapsing society?
This is delusional. This comes from the reality that the baby boomers are narcissistic in nature. They only think of themselves leaving the millennials to fend for themselves in a resource guarded country. Millennials didn’t allow the federal reserve to be established. They didn’t sign up and invade 90+ countries. They didn’t voluntarily garnish their wages in the World War Donations that later become income tax. They didn’t allow the government and big banks to create a housing market bubble. They didn’t cash out on the internet boom. They weren’t there to enjoy the industrial revolution of cheap gadgets that replaced all manual labor.
YOUR generation made these choices. Your generation chose to abandon their own children to serve their own narcissistic desires. Millennials have become the scapegoat to the narcissistic american dream. They have become the garbage for all shit collected in the last hundred years at the hands of generations of money driven cowards hellbent on their own success rather than their child’s. Millennials aren’t to blame for the current economic situation, nor political. It all rests on the shoulders of past generations not taking responsibility for their own actions.

Creating Generations Of Cowardly Narcissists