Modern Mothers Will Sacrifice Their Own Children

Through manipulation and control a mother is willing to sacrifice her own child for her own narcissistic supply. From calling the cops on her own son, to using extreme covert sociopathic manipulation to draw and pry on every emotion of this young man. This is the typical mother in America. Creepy, disgusting, and down right pathetic. 30 minutes of emotional abuse caught on camera, thankfully the police let the boy go with his father. Don’t forget about the simp in the background running around like a slave boy, paying the mortgage on that big house. This video is perfect example of the American family in it’s current state. I’m glad this boy had the courage to stand up and call this women out on her lies. I’m glad he was able to see through the emotional bullshit. He was the adult here and the women is 100% a sociopath, like the typical modern female. Willing to lie to the police to get her way.. as she projects her own temper tantrum onto her son. Pathetic piece of trash.. P.S. Can confirm. Haven’t talked to my mother in over 7 years. No contact is the only way to deal with these types of women, especially “mothers”.

When a man fights for his children. Allegations of RICO Conspiracy and Perjury by Judge and DA in divorce / child care custody case.

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