Narcissistic Mothers and the Fall of Real Men

In a politically correct society talking about mothers is strictly forbidden. They are angels of God here to give birth to more angels of God and they can do no wrong. In a politically correct society mothers and women are worshiped for there ability to give birth. They can’t lie, steal, manipulate, or be bad people in anyway. All mothers are great, hard working, loving women and if you say anything contrary to this you are crazy.
That essentially sums up the mindset of every feminist minded modern women and her blue pill husband and children. Which is pretty much 99% of modern day families. On television men are portrayed as idiot buffoons that can’t take care of their children. They are shown as bumbling idiots that can barely cook a meal. This all plays into the mentality of women do no harm and men are retarded idiots. Being masculine or manly in any way results in shame, guilt, and an all out shunning. I have lived this first hand anytime I stand my ground on basic political principles. I have been called a misogynist because I told a girl that it’s not legal or right to steal money from someone else so that they can have sex. I have been called masochist or some word like that for standing my ground against abortion. The physical abuse never dwindled when confronting feminist logic with truth and it knows no boundaries.
Seeing where the behavior is enforced is critical in finding out the results of the behavior. The intended result I guess I should say. Simply put, a few generations of blue pill males leaves a government at large. It leaves for a government with no checks or balances. It leaves an atmosphere of cowardliness. You’ll never see a group of feminists or liberal men fighting government. In fact the exact opposite. FIGHTING FOR GOVERNMENT.
Recently it really hit be on what degree feminism has on shaping a society and increasing government at the same time. How the atmosphere created is the perfect result for a government pushing the agenda. You have no one left to question the government and the only men left are literally worshiping the government. You have no men left to fight back. To stand there ground. This is being played out before our very eyes. The results of the feminist mindset being played out.
This is another big reason why they teach evolution in government schools. It plays out to the same feminist mindset. It plays into the same reasoning that government knows all and that you should listen to everything they tell you. Everything is fact and if they say so it must be. Most atheists are actually statists. They just don’t realize it.
I asked myself recently who is the main indoctrinators? Who are the ones pushing this agenda so hard on the children? The obvious answers are the public school system, the government propaganda system. Growing up in the house of a masters degree holding 5th grade teacher I saw these things play out first hand. The more I thought about it though public schools were only a part of that indoctrination into being a wussy simp blue pill beta cuck that most men have become. When I compared my mother to the teacher I saw a whole different story.
I realized it wasn’t as much the school system as it was my mother teaching me how to act towards women, how to treat women, how to obey authority, how to blindly follow government, and most importantly, how to treat women and act as a man. Now this environment is only possible when the husband or father allows it. Funny enough my fathers mother was a teacher too.
So how can the mother be responsible for the fall of man? How can a women be responsible? There’s a very important story that comes to mind when I ask myself this question. Perhaps you too, in a garden, a few thousand years ago.
As a young man I learned directly from my parents obviously. I witnessed first hand the wickedness and deception a women can bring upon a family and how to pretend like nothing was happening. Not only did I witness it. I learned how to do it too. I learned how to manipulate people at a very young age to get exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it. My mother was so good at these things it went virtually un-noticed by everyone around. To this day most of my family does not talk to me after I confronted her. She is the innocent loving mother.
The reality is though, I was on course to being a beta cuck blue pill douche bag if I lived the life she wanted me to live and if I used her powers I could become very powerful. It was pounded into my head at a young age that I need to become a doctor or a lawyer. I constantly heard from everyone growing up what a great lawyer I would be. These sayings where simply seeds from the master manipulator. I always had a strong sense of individualism though so this would always backfire on my mother.
Rebellion is the only thing that kept me going. I remember getting my first tattoos at age 15 and how happy I was seeing my mom cry about it. I remember running away was like going for a jog for me when I couldn’t handle the mental games. I remember when I was a kid I put a lock on my bedroom door to keep her games out of my room. As high school progressed I started to figure all of this out and see how powerful it was. Like sitting on top of a hill bouncing a small flame between my hands overlooking the city. I started to harness the power that came with it and unleash it on unsuspecting victims. I grew up like this. I grew up knowing nothing but this.
These powers became quite dangerous and overwhelming. At such a young age I mixed the things I learned from my mother, mixed with my own logic, reason, and emotional control. I was able to play people and lie with ease. I could convince you that you were me and I was you and get you to switch ID’s. When you mix rebellion with these powers you become a super villain. You become someone like the Joker. You treat people like disposable rags. In a way that will only bring benefit to you. You see how destructive you are when you take responsibility for your actions. When you look in the mirror you see yourself.
My father was a pretty good dad though. My mother would manipulate him into a rage sometimes and he would act out towards me as the scapegoat. Later realizing what he had done to apologize. Unfortunately though, he taught me some very important lessons in life. That women are in charge. That women wear the pants. That women have the balls. That a women can do anything she wants with no responsibility. He would play catch with me, hunting, and fishing. But not how to stand my ground. He never taught me how value myself as a man. He never taught me that I was the prize. He never taught me how to be a sovereign individual. He carried a lot of blue pill baggage. His mother was the same as mine. I don’t blame him for it though. He worked hard and tried his best. That was always his problem though.
He was stuck in my mothers playground. Stuck in monkey bar mayhem. He thought he had to keep doing more to make everyone happy. He never realized it was his wife making him feel that. Not his children. I was happy with his time.. but he never had much because he was jumping through my mothers hoops. Another great game of my mother was pitting my father against me or my sister. Or my sister against I. I saw the similarities within my grandmother. Same attitudes of her mother. Total hate and rudeness towards men. Total disrespect. Telling him to shut up in front of an entire party only to have all the women cackle and laugh like hyenas. Now I realize why my dad never really wanted to go to those.
The problem was my father was the “nice guy”. He continued giving in to her bullshit. These are the lessons he taught me as a man growing up. These lessons are not on me alone. I see the same thing happening in families across the world. The same games being played out. I see the cycles from generation to generation. How it trickles down from the spout. The feminist mentality is an absolute cancer to society. The problem is most don’t realize it’s actually social programming. They created the movement. Women did not even start it. Feminism is reaching its goal of destroying family and reversing roles of men and women.
The blue pill mindset comes from a delusional feminist mother. It’s programmed and critiqued to a T. The side effects of the blue pill can be life threatening. Including thoughts of suicide, stomach pain, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, depression, guilt, shame, anger, (many more things, stop reading this.. just take your blue pills) All of this is conditioned from the mother to the children. This is not unique, its not rare, it’s NORMAL in our society. Take a glance at the prescription medication people are scarfing down in the USA.
This blue pill mindset leaves a man raw for government over reach. A blue pill man will not fight back. He will not take arms and defend himself. This has been a generational increase. It continues to get worse and worse. When you take away all the strings and pull off all the puppets, it’s the mothers that are left guilty. Their pride and ego has gone strait to their head just like the fruit. The more rights and privileges they are given in society the larger their head grows. When you realize women think it’s right and good to fight for the right to kill their own child, they are delusional. Whether you agree on abortion or not, the reality that women are fighting for this right is delusional. Why not the right to birth control pills that work 100% of the time? See the problem? How far women have fallen.
It’s no coincidence that the government gives aid to the theft of money and children by women in divorce. It’s not coincidence that weak men benefit feminist women and the government. If a man tries to fight back the government hits him with the feminist hammer.
Obviously parents instill values on their children. There’s a big problem in society when the mother has none and the father can’t stand up for his.
The only way to fight back is to tell the truth. To stand on the truth. And never back down from any bald headed feminist. No matter how sharp and green her teeth are. Never back down!

“And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.” – Genesis 3:6 (KJV)

Modern Day Women’s Translation:

“And when the woman saw that the GOVERNMENT was good for FOOD, and that it was pleasant to the PURSE, and a GOVERNMENT to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and TOOK also her husbands; and DID EAT HIS TOO.”