Successful? Or Sellout?

It’s always funny when people base their success on money or job title. Pretending either of which are real is comical, however these people live under this illusion their entire life. As they go to college they look down on those that don’t. Pretending their intelligent because they can memorize and repeat something, and they pay for it too! Many look at themselves in the mirror thinking they are something special, when the reality is their nothing but a sellout.
The very people they look down upon are those that chose to check out of society instead of prey upon them. Instead of cheating people for money or taking advantage of them through sales techniques and manipulation they choose to cloak themselves in alcohol or drugs. They were honorable enough to take it out on themselves rather than those around them. They chose to live under the heavy hand of society instead of selling out to become societies protege. Another narcissist living on the backs of the bottom class pretending their hard work “paid” off. As everything around them was literally built by these people they pretend their knowledge was the key.
Often times these people with money are the biggest douche bags you’ll ever meet. Especially in latin america where classicism tops racism. Those with money pretend they are gods among the people when in reality even a gringo wants nothing to do with them. These dumb cunts will literally invite me on their boat just as some notion of status never following through. Pretending I give a shit about how big of a sell out they are to their own people and that’s somehow supposed to impress me. Often times talking shit about their own people to try and get some sort of brownie points from me. As I look in disgust, these douche bags wear their cloak of narcissism. Pretending to care about people as they pay 100 pesos for a day of work, only to capitalize on a few hundred mil.
They drive around in their fancy cars paid for with plastic money, all riding on a classless degree. Nothing but ink and paper these mariocones ride to the top, never questioning why their butthole hurts as they look down. Never once did they challenge their integrity or honor as they sell out even their daughter. Scam a few more people to get that fancy new Volkswagen, only to become hated in your own community as you flaunt your mortgage and car payment. But please tell me more about how you’re such a great person handing out religious bible tracts with your IPad bible. As you comb the streets for narcissistic supply you fail to realize what you really are. A sell out.
Talking shit about Donald Trump is the biggest oxymoron as you strive to be just like him. Treating everyone around you like a disposable tampon you climb on the backs of those around you. Looking down on those that actually have honor and integrity. Those that put in a hard days work, have skills, and treat people with respect. None of those attributes can be given to those with money especially in latin america. As they sell out their own people they become the worst of all hypocrites. Maricones at heart they wear skinny tight jeans as they talk shit about real hard working men.

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