The Jezebel Effect

Reading about Jezebel can be anxiety inducing as well as thought provoking. Her life and story paint a picture of what female nature can be and what becomes of it if left unchecked. Essentially feminism on steroids. Some people call her a demon, but the reality is, she was simply female nature at 150%. Often times people talk about her as if she is some mystical being but again, she was simply a women living her life unchecked in any way. Living without taking responsibility for her actions with a husband that not only allowed it, but added fuel to the fire. This deception plays a huge role in modern society as many households have been taken over by a controlling Jezebel type “mother” or “wife”.
When these type of women are left unchecked, never taking responsibility for their actions, this “Jezebel” personality simply explodes. Often times the husband becomes fully narcissistic as a survival tactic to keep his head above water, similar to Jezebels husband Ahab. In reality, he was a king, he could have had her head chopped off for reaching around his authority or commanding those to take action when he never declared it. However, he chose to be a SIMP and follow her orders instead. Further pushing her into female nature and him into narcissism to simply survive. I see this dynamic playing out in 99% of the households in the USA and starting to play out in Mexico as college and university become more prevalent.
These SIMP men go from being cowards to full blown narcissistic douche bags. Literally adding fuel to the fire in every conversation or debate to simply maintain his position of 2nd in command. Whenever their are scraps of narcissistic supply from the Jezebel mother or wife they are scooped up like icecream for the narcissistic man child. This Jezebel mentality literally stems from FIRST WAVE feminism. Not second wave, not third wave, but the first mention of feminism at all. The entitlement of having authority without earning it or having the logical capacity to decipher truth without emotion is what makes women such terrible leaders, especially of a household. This same concept applies to Jezebel and the way she took control of the throne from her own husband.
These same scenarios are playing out today, as witnessed by millions of narcissistic and sociopathic abuse victims. The father often times takes the back seat approach to parenting as well letting the Jezebel women do whatever she wants. Raising the children to become retarded vegans or social justice warriors. Or worse, a nationalist Trumplodyte with the urge to kill innocent people for crossing an imaginary border. Sound familiar? Perhaps you should read about Jezebel in the Bible because the similarities are plentiful.
Many men are quick to point out female nature and the flaws of women leaders, especially the MGTOW men. The problem with the MGTOW men however is most of them are that narcissistic douche bag. Jezebel simply left them for more money, a house, another man, ect. I don’t condone the behavior of the wife but these men put themselves in this situation. They chose to marry, they chose to have kids with her, and they chose to let her female nature go unchecked. These men sit in a room complaining about women but never mention the FACT that they made the CHOICE to date and marry her. They chose to put their dick in, cum, and make babies. They made that cognitive choice. It wasn’t forced.
If these same men would have taken a Biblical approach to marriage, and courted a girl, got to know the family, and watched her prior to jumping into a relationship most of these things wouldn’t even happen. When I started taking this approach is when I saw all the mistakes I had made in my past concerning dating and relationships. I was choosing to be with these women, I was pursuing these painted up whore Jezebels. It wasn’t until I took a step back and looked at what I I I I I I was doing, NOT HER, but what I was doing before I realized the mistake. After I started using this approach, yes, 99% of women were off the table immediately. If I saw a pretty girl locally I would simply take notice of her actions and the way she treated people. Often times seeing right through the facade or literally seeing the train of men she was conducting. Another obvious sign was the way these women would treat the men they were with, or the men in their family. These were all signs I would have ignored back in the day to get some vahina.
The problem these narcissistic men fail to acknowledge is the fact they made these choices. Instead of courting a girl they want to jump into bed with her right away. Okay, cool, get laid. But the reality is a real women that works hard and takes care of her family doesn’t want a guy like that. Nor would her family allow her out with someone like that. Courting a real women takes months. Not minutes or hours as so many MGTOW men claim to think. They skip this process for a quick lay wondering how they got screwed out of their retirement and 401k. It’s pretty simple, look in the mirror. These men act like Jezebel just showed up one day after watching feminist Lifetime movies for a century, but the reality is it was an on going process of Jezebeling the wife and turning the husband into the cuck. Both of which the husband allowed to happen.
A lot of men will starting chiming in now, OMG THE COURT SYSTEM, I WAS SCREWED, I CAN’T SEE MY CHILDREN… and yeah, that sucks man. I’m sorry a Jezebel is taking you through the ringers of the feminist legal system in the USA but again, you chose to marry her. You chose to take the governments approach to marriage, you chose secular marriage over Biblical marriage. Ever read the Bible? Notice how they never mention legal contracts for marriage? Ever. Yet how many men sign their name on the line allowed government to become the middle man in their marriage. It also comes back to the selection process. You chose her. You over looked the red flags and married her anyway. I’ve seen first hand on many occasions and there are always red flags, always opportunity, and always the ability to see through the bullshit. But these men chose not too, and instead, played the victim like most narcissists do when outplayed and out manipulated.
Jezebel isn’t some Lucifer demon taking over the conscious of these women, it’s simply female nature unchecked. And female nature goes unchecked when they are with a SIMP or CUCK. A real man doesn’t put up with it for one minute and I certainly would never marry a girl like that. Yet these men want to play the victim and pretend they were innocent children and Jezebel swooped in and murdered their life. It’s simply not true. I don’t condone Jezebel or her actions but instead condone holding up your shield and sword, rather than bowing down for some pussy. Most men don’t want to hear these hard truths, many will get mad, and the MGTOW’s will probably try and hack my website again for saying something that contradicts their cult mentality, if they even made it this far in the article. I don’t say this to shame MGTOW. I say this to free you from the burden of hate so you can truly go your own way. Not MGTOW’s way.
Most Americans can’t even read passed the title without getting butt hurt and crying all over their keyboard let alone reading an entire article on their 8th grade comprehension skills. (Which 90% of the USA has, numeric and reading comprehension of an 8th grader. Which I would argue is actually 3rd or 4th grade based on my experience on Reddit, and the amount of social justice warriors, Title only readers, and cry babies. You can’t even join an Anarchist forum without censorship and bans, let alone MGTOW or any of these other mens “groups”. From my perspective, they’re all pussies and that’s what got them in the position they’re in to begin with. This is evidenced by their narcissistic douche bag rebuttals and attempts at “hurting” me with their “mean words”. The truth remains the same, regardless of your emotions. Mission

Political correctness is nothing less than thought control!

(Every time you share this article a feminist shaves her head and a statist gets arrested)

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