The Modern Narcissistic Women

Finding yourself in disbelief you question your own agenda. Jumping through hoops in the past while walking on egg shells, the modern women who you think you love has turned your globe earth round and round. With no compass your sense of direction is lost as your sails lose the wind. Chasing comfort from your pain thinking the one giving out abuse will rectify your run, turns into the path of the insane.

The art of narcissism for modern women has been changed. What better place to hide than a narcissistic “life coach” on the internet. Collecting bags of empathy and attention from victim stories and comments. Browsing and reading you start to notice a trend of these women as they learn how to improve their game. Many in the comments searching to profit from your pain while learning how to aim. The modern women is no longer the overt, or covert, but rather a well trained Jesuit assassin. Using you in every way with their eyes on only what they can gain.

Swimming in narcissistic supply from social media they drink up their informational antidote. They know when you’re watching videos about narcissism but they’ve already learned how to deflate your tires on every curve. You dance along in the street trying to figure it out when the simple truth remains. Your focus is on them and not your goals and God. They’ve taken you off the path and into the jungle keeping you in confusion as it starts to rain.

With no survival gear your feet start to get cold. Looking around the narcissist is the only one around. Caught in the cycle you try to find the path back yet the foliage has left you in her wrath. Making a run for it you jog through the sticks of chechen while feeling your legs give out, the only one there is the narcissist as her claws dig in. You scream out in pain but no one hears as your blood starts to pour.

Everything you thought you knew was removed in one swift swoop, realizing the source once and for all. Replacing your relationship with Jesus Christ with that of the narcissist left you in a state of turmoil. Wishing you could go back in time, the machine never arrives. Staring up at the sun you have no energy left watching the rain drip from leaf to leaf. As your back starts to sting from all the cuts and stabs you’ve only got one choice left.

As you get off your back you try to run, however your battle wounds keep you from your escape attempt as the Warden tells you to come home. Staring at the guard towers and razer sharp fence your heart starts to mourn, realizing your trapped. Letting out a prayer a dove passes a bit of clarity, you’ve always just been cheese for the rat. As the narcissist continues to attack they destroy their own soul however for the survivor it’s just another hole in the cheese.

Dodging bullets you cut through the fence, not caring if you take one to the chest. Slipping through you can feel the freedom like a revolutionary escaping a Lenin Gulag. Sending the dogs and flying monkeys feeling them bite at your heels the hairs on your neck stand up to watch the fight. Energy draining another prayer is sent out, hoping for the best as you dive into a river half frozen your body can’t compute. The chase is over however looking back all you see is the peacefulness of the river as you climb out on the other side. The sun starts to pierce forcing the ice to melt, all your wounds have been healed. Closing your eyes you imagine the path you were on, imagining the beauty of the jungle you start to hear the birds and insects buzzing around. Opening your eyes you start to understand what this path was all about.

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