Why Do Narcissists Devalue and Discard

Sometimes we as humans just need a bit of reassurance. We constantly think to ourselves it’s not that bad, it can change, it sees the error, it will work on it. The truth is that narcissists devalue and discard for several reasons and they all benefit them, not you. You are an emotional toy for the other person to feed off like a vampire from 1400’s Romania. Imagine being victim to Dracula only to wake up every day with him for the rest of your life, never to turn into a vampire yourself, but to be his personal blood bag to leech off anytime he can’t find a victim elsewhere.
Perhaps Dracula is a bad example. A lot of women like to live on the fictional “fact” that most narcissists are men. The truth is there are narcissistic men. I have met a few in my life; some worse than others. Only a couple times though in my life have I come across extreme narcissistic men with manipulative behaviors. Everyone has potential to manipulate in uncomfortable situations, but a narcissist will do it for fun. To create and maintain an image of themselves that they want to present to society. Only those closest have seen the mask come off. The other side of this coin is that I have met MANY narcissistic women. I would say the more I think about it the higher the percentage goes. Almost every female I have met in my life has displayed signs of extreme narcissism within a few minutes of meeting them.
The narcissistic women has become glorified in today’s society whereas the narcissistic man has been shamed for a long time. I’m not here to argue for the narcissistic male. I’ve noticed most are extremely catty, feminine, and manipulative. They display mostly female characteristics and tend to be total cowards so in no way do I promote the narcissistic male. The reality is though our society worships the narcissistic female on social media, television, movies, and more. Gynocentrism is safety net modern women fall back on. They have free will to be not only narcissistic, but a narcissistic sociopath.
Pro Narcissistic Female Court Systems:
The court systems, especially child and divorce courts, have become female dominated. A male going into either one of these systems can expect the worst, including high payments, loss of retirement, garnished wages, loss of children, loss of house, loss of job, threats, slander, defamation, and more. This is not my opinion either, this has become common place. You can’t even argue with these facts because a simple look into any of these court systems proves this. The courts promote all of this behavior by rewarding the women based on false accusations and lies.
Another huge problem is child abuse and molestation. Studies show that mothers are far more likely to molest or harm their own children than the father and the percentages are a land slide. Once again, the court system has left women with a huge loop hole in their punishment for harming children, especially their own. As a mother you can do anything you want to your child sexually and it will never be considered rape. In legalese rape requires penetration. In legalese a women therefor can’t rape a man or boy. Even when caught these women face no consequences for their actions or extremely light consequences. A man has sex with a middle school girl and society wants him to hang. A women molests her own student in a school and they praise the student for getting an older chick.
Pro Narcissistic Female Media:
You can’t go anywhere on television or main stream internet without hearing about feminism, women’s rights, cheating husbands, and evil men. Almost every movie that’s released portrays the husbands and men as babbling idiots that can’t cook, take care of the family or children, or do anything right. They need constant direction, orders, and work or they will create total destruction. Essentially narcissistic female brainwashing and projection everywhere you look. Women grow up watching this and seeing it within her own family think its common. They are given the gift of entitlement. They grow up thinking they can treat other people like this, let alone their own husband or boyfriend.
Music is another tool used to portray the independent narcissistic female. From outfits and jewelry to shoes and purses. Women are fed narcissistic encouragement to act like this and it’s nothing but benefits for them. The music, movies, and television portray women as having total control never facing consequences for their actions. I’ve literally questioned a girls behavior before only to hear some Beyonce lyrics. It’s almost as if they are trying to project their need to be directed, ordered, and guided through life. It would explain the need for women to manipulate and lie to compete and take the edge. History is evident that women in charge = destruction. Look to ANY large civilization that crumbled. As society toppled down on top of them their politicians simply mumbled “feminism” from the debris.
Do I really even need to mention social media? I guess I should. Considering the amount of women, compared to men, that post selfies showing off their bodies is endless. Go to literally any social media site and you will find unlimited photos of women in skimpy outfits, bikinis, and butt shots in order to get likes. A lot of people claim to be making money off it but they aren’t. The reality is you don’t make any money from facebook for posting pictures. You make nothing from posting to instagram or twitter. Nothing at all. These women live in a delusional fairy tale land where every dude they meet “online” is slobbering over them willing to dole out his soul for one night. You see them walking in the streets with there heads down ashamed of who they really are pretending to be some hot independent women. They have no hobbies, no skills, no conversational ability. Just empty shells.
Pro Narcissistic Blue Pill Men:
I don’t know how many times I’ve been called a misogynist by some dude that didn’t even know the definition, all in honor of his feminist sex partner. How many times I’ve seen men put up with endless amounts of bullshit all in the name of Puss the cat. How many times I’ve seen men act as the flying monkeys for their narcissistic girl crush. These men are total cowards and typically gravitate to positions of power themselves. Most blue pill men see the need to climb the ladder and chant for government because they are trying to attract a mate. They don’t care how they are treated, they don’t care how she treats others, he just wants Puss the cat and he doesn’t care about anything else. He is blind to the reality he lives in. If he simply chased cats all day it would be one thing, the problem becomes evident when he becomes an enabler of this behavior especially when it affects other people.
Blue pill men hide behind the same feminist gynocentrism facade that modern women do. They pretend what they are doing is the right thing, or honorable and virtuous. The reality is they are nothing but a red cotton ball. They give up their own dignity and self worth to bend over backwards chasing cats. It gets even worse when you find these men attacking real men that stand their ground against entitled, self absorbed, delusional women. These blue pill men are the ones feeding and drooling over girls on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. These blue pill men are suiting up daily to defend their women and take you out if it means they get a little affection from their princess.
Pro Narcissistic Female Colleges:
Colleges are literally the birthing ground for feminism. A lot of people claim it started with the feminist “movement” but the reality is feminism itself was injected into colleges before it really got pushed into society. Anytime a social agenda is to be put into place they always use colleges and schools. I have personally witnessed friends and family become neutered and feminazized after just a few years at college. Every college kid has the exact same beliefs about evolution, abortion, feminism, women’s rights, society, earth, life, ect. They literally are like parrots repeating what they are told. The reality is that’s the only way they can actually pass and graduate is by repeating what they are told. You can’t graduate and “get a good job” if you don’t believe these same ideals. This is proved every time I talk with a college kid. Especially in groups they will always all have the exact same opinion. Colleges are the breeding grounds for feminism, gynocentrism, and the blue pill male. Literally. How many marriages happened because they met there? Think about it.
Why Do Narcissists Devalue and Discard:
So back to the original questions as to why narcissistic devalue and discard… the devaluing is based on the attempt to get above you and take control. If you think less of yourself you will not fight back. You will not argue. You will think you are lucky to have such a wonderful women that loves you so much and would put up with your worthless self. This goes hand in hand with everything else mentioned here. It also makes them feel better about themselves. It’s a constant reminder of how bad you are and how great they are. Anytime some one devalues you it is an immediate red flag to get away. Criticism is okay, but devaluation is completely different. If you are asking yourself WHY someone is devaluing you it’s already too late. You are becoming blue pill and accepting this behavior because society deems it okay. You are accepting that you are a bad person and she is great. Don’t fall for this trick and start asking yourself where your shoes are instead and get out of there.
When someone decides to finally discard you, especially women, they tend to be quite brutal about it. They want you to know they have moved on to someone better, they want you to know they are happy, they want you to know a bunch of random crap that makes them look and feel good, leaving you feeling alone and depressed. This is all camouflage to hide their behavior. It’s to hide the fact she was actually caught with another guy. It’s to hide the fact she stole money or your children. It’s to hide the evil things she did to you and try and make herself the victim. They pretend they where trying so hard and that it was you that just couldn’t fix things. The discard happens when they have no more use for you. Whether you start defending yourself, saying no, or you start to break down her lies. They have a sixth sense about knowing when you know and start distancing themselves immediately. They know they have been left before for this exact behavior and want to get out before you leave them. Once again society sets them up for this discard. The divorce courts have made it extremely beneficial for women to get divorced, have children, or rob their husbands blind. Society has made it easy for women to call the police and have their man arrested on false accusations of rape or violence. Society has made it easy for the female to discard the male in the most brutal ways only to be cheered on by media, college campuses, and the court system.

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