How Women Use Dating Apps and Social Media

Dating apps and social media like facebook and instagram have become extremely popular in the last few years. Even in 3rd world countries and small villages people will walk out of their house updating their facebook. In places like this men are used as mere narcissistic supply for these modern day vampires.
They troll dating apps “looking for friends” while waiting for prince charming to sweep them off their feet. They require someone tall with a good job and status. You can’t say anything that offends them or upsets them or they move on to the other 5,000+ guys that have “liked” her on the app. They plow through man after man wondering why they can’t find Mr. Right. These are the younger girls looking for attention. They feed off the daily compliments of each guy passing through. “Your beautiful” “You’re amazing” “I want to get to know you”. Blah blah blah.
If you open up your search to the older women you start to see a pattern. The same descriptions and catch phrases. These older women are hitting the wall wondering why Mr. Right hasn’t swept them off their feet. Why Mr. Right hasn’t given her a personal poem on the dating app to win her approval and love. These women are miserable in their photos and show the real reason they remain single. They think of themselves as gold when the reality is they hold no value. They have no skills, they aren’t feminine, they aren’t empathetic, and they certainly aren’t motherly. Most of them can’t even cook.
These same types of women are all over facebook feeding off the same attention and likes. The same on instagram and tumbler and all the others. Women create a train of male “friends” while they conduct from the front. They have a zombie army of narcissistic supply on the ready. Most men have no problem dishing out compliments in hopes of getting laid. It’s a never ending supply for these women. Like a drug they come back daily for more and more.
The feminist women get off on rejecting man after man thinking to them self how great they are when the reality is these men are just trying to get laid. When they roll into their 30’s still single it becomes clear how delusional they really were. Modern women want a man they can control that is Mr. Perfect at the same time. When you can’t jump through their hoops you are devalued and discarded for the next man on the list.
This delusion feeds into real world interactions. These women walk around like they are God’s gift to earth because they have a bunch of LIKES on social media. Because a bunch of horny dudes saw some cleavage and liked a photo these women get a dose of ego strong enough to kill an elephant. These women build themselves up only to realize the mistake in their 40’s as they start to drop in every angle of appearance and personality.
Dating apps and social media are a quick fix for unhealthy attention and it creates a delusional sense of pride and entitlement in relationships. Women hold themselves on a pedestal even if you DON’T. They think of them selves as princesses while they feed off every willing man.
Dating apps and social media provide a perfect environment for these women to continue their cycle of abuse. Not only on themselves, but the men around them. The men waste valuable time trying to win the affection of these entitled women. Men waste valuable money and resources chasing these women who only want them for their compliments and attention.
When it’s all over there will be nothing but women on these dating apps and social media. Even the most beta man will figure out he is being used as nothing but a play toy and eventually move on. He will close his account, find his passion and hobbies, and make himself a bright future. He will go his own way leaving these women in the dust fighting for compliments on social media from a few momma’s boys desperate for female affection.

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