You’re Not a Psycho for Killing the Neighbors Cat

After losing yet another baby chicken and baby rabbit to the neighbors cat I add a tally mark to the long list of deaths caused by stupid neighbors and their cats. As they point fingers and blame anyone and everyone for their inability to control their cat, calling people psychopaths for getting rid of them. As they fail to understand how delusional they really are as their cat destroys the entire neighborhood of natural wildlife and other peoples pets and animals. To all those people that have killed a neighbors cat, here’s to you and your bravery for getting rid of one of the most destructive invasive species ever to exist.

These dumb cunts will sit online talking about killing someone for poisoning their cat, they will call them psychopaths, demand that the PERSON be killed for getting rid of a cat. The reality is, these are the real sociopaths. The women that have these cats don’t even have enough decency to keep their animals in their yard, let alone stop them from killing my animals in MY yard. Yet I am the bad guy for protecting my baby bunnies and baby chickens? I should just live with it when the neighbors cat climbs my 8 foot fence to stalk my chickens or attack my baby bunnies. I should live with the thousands of flies in my house because they use my yard as a litter box? How about no. How about you keep your pets and animals in your yard / house. How about you stop being a selfish, delusional, narcissistic cunt, and keep your damn cats away from my yard and my animals.

If this is too big of a demand for the cat owner then reality hits, the cat needs to disappear. As a farmer and homesteader chickens and rabbits are my lively hood and to think I should cater to some cat owner that doesn’t give enough shit to keep their cat in their yard is strait delusional. To think I should spend MORE money on preventative measures or fork out hundreds of dollars to try and protect my animals inside their already protected yard is even more delusional. If you allow your cat to free roam on other peoples property than clearly you do not care about your local environment, other peoples well being, other peoples pets and animals, you clearly do not give a shit and to pretend you do is a lie. A cat you pet once a week has priority over the entire neighborhoods well being? Your cat is more important than my dead chickens and rabbits? Your cat is more important than my health as flies cover my front door breeding in cat piss and shit? Your cat is more important than the thousands of natural and native birds locally? NO.

You’re a delusional sociopath if you think you’re entitled to other peoples property. You’re a delusional sociopath if you think other people should treat your cat with respect after it’s literally destroyed a chicken flock. After it literally kills an entire nest of baby bunnies only to leave them dead in the yard. After it kills yet another beautiful native bird. NO. From the bottom of my heart go fuck yourself and your cats. The only option for someone in my position is to poison the cat and move on. That’s reality. I’m not going to sit back and watch my animals die because you think your cat deserves this freedom to roam other peoples property. You’re a selfish narcissistic cunt. Excuse my language, but I’ve just watched another baby chicken get killed at 7 a.m. because these cunts can’t control their cats.

Then these women have the audacity to call people like me a psychopath because “HOW DARE YOU POISON MY PET CAT” when you didn’t care enough to keep it in your yard or house. You couldn’t be bothered to take care of your pet in a respectful manner or prevent it from destroying someone else’s life. Having to wake up at 5 a.m. because it’s sitting outside the chicken coop prowling and waiting and the chickens are going crazy. Watching my own chickens fly up over an 8 foot fence to get away from the damn thing so I have to run through the neighborhood collecting my chickens as this cat chases them around. NO. Fuck off. I will poison your cat. I’m not a psychopath. And you’re a piece of shit for even saying that after your cat literally destroys everyone around it, from attacks to it’s toxic poop. Feral cats kill BILLIONS of native wild life every year, and that doesn’t include my baby bunnies or chickens. Get over yourself… if you can’t keep your pets from killing mine, your are the psychopath and I’m a good pet owner for protecting my own. A real homesteader does not sit by and watch his animals die to a selfish cunts cat.

To steal a phrase from the feminist cat loving crowd, (#KILLALLMEN)


And NO, you’re not a psycho for killing the neighbors cat. Just don’t tell them because most cat owners that allow their cat to free range are delusional selfish narcissistic cunts that will most likely try and get revenge on you or get you arrested… for protecting your property and your animals. As they live in a fantasy bubble pretending they are entitled to your land and your property all for the well being of their cat. FUCK THAT. That is by definition sociopathic thinking.