Alienism, Another Religious Cult?

After a week on youtube and David Icke forums it’s easy to consider yourself an expert in history, religion, politics, science, and the vast reaches of the universe. The reality is though, most of this information can be chalked up to religious beliefs and indoctrination. When you begin to pick at the facts, most of these youtubers make up wild speculations or pound out a religious belief system that they’ve been indoctrinated with to support their ideology. (Included: Atheists aka statists or malignant narcissist (self worshipers/idolatry of self.)
What begins to be a bit comical is their undying faith that aliens do in fact exist. Now, this same concept could be applied to faith in Jesus Christ. Although being born again enables a personal relationship with Jesus Christ whereas, believing in Aliens does not offer a personal relationship let alone salvation. We’ll leave that debate for another article. What does become apparent very quickly is that there is no real evidence of aliens, only a faith based religion.
This reality is quickly proven by asking any alien or UFO supporter to describe what an alien looks like. They will most likely paint the picture of some “grey” or cereal box alien depicted by Hollywood and the media as what an alien looks like. This is the first red flag. Not one of these “abductions” happens by anything abnormal or odd, its always at the hands of the stereotypical cartoonish alien and saucer UFO.
The next red flag would be the religious belief system based on mans thoughts and ideas with no personal relationship. (Similar to the above example as their idea of an alien always depicts some Hollywood cute-sie humanoid.) Not one of these alien or UFO supporters can attest to having a personal relationship with these “aliens” yet their faith in the existence of aliens is undeniable. Its easy to see a light in the sky and say it’s a spaceship from Pluto, but the reality is governments across the world have been toying with experimental aircraft since the 1900’s. Assuming its from a far off galaxy based on no evidence when there is a very logical explanation proves these alienists to be nothing but religious.
The next red flag would be the Vatican’s proposal on using aliens and UFO’s as a way to bind the world together under one government. The Jesuits have discussed this idea over the years and as you can see in many movies they are pushing this agenda. This can be depicted in hundreds of cheesy movies where the world comes together to save the human race against the alien outsiders. Considering the global control the Vatican has over government and information it would be very safe to say they were at the hands of most of this alien controversy. Not to mention the Vatican’s history of faking events and creating history out of thin air. (Example: Evolution.) It wouldn’t be the first time they dug up old bones and flaunted them as “proof” of their agenda. (Example: Reformation.) Nor would this be the first religion they created under the hierarchy and control of the Vatican. Worshiping the solar system and planets is not something new for the occult. Slap whatever name you want on it its the same thing.
When we look at all the red flags and use some common sense its quite easy to see that there is an alien agenda a foot. They have a reason to push the agenda and it has an outcome they want. Whether or not they use the agenda, time will tell. It would be quite easy to program a fake alien invasion with drones and a light show. (The atmosphere’s chemicals create a perfect projection screen). This to me is a much more plausible scenario backed up by facts and reality. Perhaps a little speculation as well but these agendas and programs have been on record for years. It just requires a little research. Truth however, destroy’s all religions and that is at the core of it all.
So remember folks, just because there are some lights in the sky doesn’t mean aliens exist. No matter how many Hollywood movies and scripted “alien abductions” occur… it’s safe to say you are being indoctrinated into the religion of alienism.

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