Human Nature

Being unique in society is a modern day shun, trying to be different and your looked at like Attila leading the Hun. Individual thought is labeled a conspiracy theory while high school education is mandatory. We’re told how to believe and behave based upon the beliefs of another, rather than allowing us to be free we are divided by left right political sensory.
Black vs white, man vs women, red vs blue, it’s just a matter of time before they start yelling at you. Individual thought disregarded as another #hashtag movement is started with a collectivist mentality. People giving up all aspects of their self to fit in, all for a simple degree as they side step reality. Parroting the same ideas as each one pipes off like the organ in a religious church, offering no value to the debate other than emotional delusions and self projected hatred.
Society demands perfection whereas Jesus Christ simply asks for Faith, putting ourselves on a pastille we watch as the world is turned into a RISK battlefield. Believing were food for an alien race as the Vatican plunders another countries resources, never begging the question as to what happens to simple things like your taxes. Wondering why the world is so bad you blame everyone and everything, holding up the mirror you finally realize it’s always been your human nature.

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