Catfished by Mexican State Police

Back when I was messing around with dating apps there was a women on there that started messaging me. She was quite sexy so we sparked up conversation. She was a bit frisky and I figured, hey why not. So after talking a while she got upset about something I said. I said hey, I’m not going to listen to this non-sense and said adios.
Little did I know I was about to take the bait!! I got back on the app later on and found some risky photos sent from this bodacious latina. We talked a bit more and she seemed to calm down, and the photos were quite nice. As we continued talking she told me she worked for the Mexican State Police. It was her job to “use the dating app” to find men using the app in their uniform to get extra benefits; or something like that. Apparently there were some officers doing that?
I still do not know if that was true but I believe it was. She knew a lot about it and it seemed pretty legit. At first I thought it was a little creepy but then got the image of some sexy secret agent for the police force. They have banging booties in those uniforms. I said hey why not so we continued talking.
Eventually she admitted however that the photos on her profile were not of her. This set off some red flags and then she admitted the risky photos were not her either! I told her she was creepy and she said she had to do it for work. That’s when I told her to send a photo of herself.. and she said she was not allowed too. I said goodbye! Again, later on, I take a view and see that it’s some old fat lady, and she sent like 6 photos of her fat ugly self. Saying some non-sense.. I saw some police stuff in the background so I think it was legit.
It was creepy, funny, and hilarious at the same time. The day I was catfished by the Mexican State Police.

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Political correctness is nothing less than thought control!

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