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Hey, I just wanted to share something with you. Listen to me for a second please. When we realize that we have sin, that we are not perfect, there is only one loving God who cares and the way to Him is through Jesus Christ. I’m not talking about religion, or church, or being a good person … because I’m certainly not. I am talking about a real relationship with God because of the sacrifice that he made as Jesus Christ on the cross. He already paid for your sin, every bad decision or action, his shed blood paid the debt for all your sins. It is not necessary to be a good person, to live perfectly or to change your life. Just ask for FAITH. No money, no tithe, no religion, no perfection. Only faith in his death, burial and resurrection. He paid the FULL price. I’ve been to hell and I’ve been back a couple of times and I’m telling you he saved my life and gave me the free gift of salvation when I was 23 years old. Years later, I’m still a douche bag but he still loves me.