Video Spam

Aright so the first step is we’re going to need a way to download these videos in a way that you won’t think I’m trying to send you a corona virus. If I post a download here no one will ever use it because I’d probably steal your identity. So head over to this website real quick and download this auto video downloader.

Clip Grab – A friendly downloader for YouTube and other sites.

Next you’ll have to find your favorite video and copy and paste the link into Clip Grab.
Here are a few sources:

My YouTube Channel

A Playlist of Documentaries

Random YouTube Vids Uploaded from Random Channels If You Scroll Down Far Enough

You might have also have found a good video somewhere on my website or another video platform. Feel free to use it.

Then just upload your favorite videos any where you want, just make sure to drop a link to my website in the description or in a comment under the video.