The World Wide Web is Complete and You’re Not the Spider

Whether you want to admit it or not, Coronavirus Covid-19 changed your life to some degree. Whether you think it was all a hoax, a Chinese bio-lab virus, or it’s some apocalyptic end of the world infection that requires mouth diapers and booster shots. Common sense and a bit of research proves it’s one big psyop as a virus isn’t living, can’t pass from person to person, and certainly can’t kill someone as viruses are created inside the body to fight off infection and disease. I wrote “Agenda Behind the Coronavirus Covid-19” the day after they released the Covid-19 psyop but it quickly became impossible to find real information on the subject. Banned for spreading the truth regardless of your title or profession. Many expert opinions swept under the rug of cointel pro and disinformation, all thought processes tucked away neatly inside the web of censorship as the arachnid blood suckers spun you ’round and ’round.

“The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by it’s victims. The most perfect slaves are therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves.”

Covid 19 Mask

“When persons being held as slaves were accused by their masters of insubordination, or of eating more than their allotment of food, they might expect to be fitted with an iron muzzle.”

Coronavirus has proven that regardless of community, friends, and a freedom fighter mindset, they do in fact have the complete and utter power to control every inch of the world. From corner to corner their shills are in place to write policies, their corporations and mall cops ready to enforce the fallacies, their manipulation fomenting on every television screen as the normies take two jabs of the conformity spider’s venom filled fangs. Question the narrative at the threat of losing your social status, raise awareness and find yourself looking through the wanted ads for a new job, unwilling to wear a mouth diaper only to be ridiculed by NPC’s power tripping over fear. A few months after it’s over everyone forgets how easily they were controlled, never an apology for treating others as cattle while most were pole dancing on big pharma’s crocodile tears. Over 70% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine according to the most recent studies.

The threat of another apocalyptic death laser alien virus always on the forecast, social distancing and tracking apps will save the day as Elon Musk prepares his beta orbiter psyop to Mars. Andrew Tate tickling the ears of simps to get them to join his freemason money making course through the vortex of matrix parables. Let’s all forget that for 3 years our lives were put on hold for death dust and go back to watching rigged sports games and downloading pics off OnlyFans. No one seems to give a shit about that spider in the corner of the room spinning his web. Bigger and bigger the trap begins to unfold, with 8 eyes staring down your every move, programmed to attack at the slightest sign of apathy. Just another day in the self induced twilight zone.

Living in an internet bubble as the only options left for fulfilment in the real world come through total pleasure or complete pain. Hiding in the web doesn’t seem so terrible as you watch another one get wrapped up like a burrito by the arachnids in power. Scared to speak your mind conformity becomes the only option, waving others in like a parking lot attendant at a Justin Bieber concert. Larping about some retarded shit like the race war, gender war, political war, deep throating hegelian dialectic as divide and conquer become the higher education. Miserable and alone listening to some furry with fake boobs lick plastic ear holes just so you can experience affection for the first time in years.

Adapting the Stockholm Syndrome as part of your morning routine, defending the very system that’s left you in pain. As you lay there watching the spider suck out your blood you become a zombie of repetition ready to carry out the agenda of the masters without the blink of an eye. Embracing your inner narcissism all thoughts become cloudy and cold as survival becomes the reactionary action to maintain your ego and pride. Anything to take your mind off reality as the illusions come crashing down. Societies belly bloated and ready to unleash a mudslide of shit through every city, community, and neighborhood, regardless of your plan. Complacent conformity won’t save you this time.

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Free Speech Is Just a Buzzword Keyword for Normies

Realizing large mainstream platforms have no free speech and literally use internet is dead AI’s to control what people say, through keywords and manipulation they’re able to shape what you perceive to be true. Many people realize this as they move away from larger platforms and harness what made the old internet so great. Places to hang out and talk without the threat of being banned or manipulated by some internet AI.

The problem however is many of these smaller platforms have gone the same direction as they try and slice out a piece of the main stream money pie. Whether selling out so they can place google adsense ads, affiliate marketing, or monetizing their audience in some other “family friendly” way. They jump through the hoops to be apart of the same main stream they claim to be separate from while at the same time claiming free speech and no spyware.

This is why the internet will never return to it its old style, not because of large corporations or money hungry investors… but because of people like you and me. Allowing ourselves to be involved in communities that clearly only have one interest and it’s obviously not free speech or creativity. As they plaster their google adsense data harvesting codes, their shilly affiliate links, or ban and delete anyone that doesn’t meet the “work friendly” environment. (Which really just means advertiser friendly).

What’s even worse is some of these places claim they are all about free speech yet their guilty of banning people they don’t like, guilty of shadow banning users that don’t agree with the main stream propaganda, guilty of hiding content from users they deem conspiracy theorists. It’s weak and pathetic because they even call themselves free speech locations, they claim to support and fight for free speech while they lie and manipulate behind the scenes. Free speech has become just a keyword, a buzzword to attract weak minded fools back into the world wide WEB.

At least main stream platforms are honest about the fact they will ban you for “medical misinformation”. At least they acknowledge the fact they are not going to be a free speech platform.. unlike these smaller platforms and forums that claim free speech while they do all kinds of shady shit to get a piece of the cash cake or manipulate their user base with bots and fake accounts. I’ve been banned from several “free speech” forums just because they didn’t like me or my opinions.

The reality is most people only like free speech when they are surrounded by equal thinking echo chambers. The minute you speak out against the hive mentality of any smaller platform you’re turned into a scapegoat and used to teach a lesson to other members that conformity and same think are the only option. The reason we will never achieve any sort of free speech online is based on the sole fact that you’ve sold out yourself, willing to negotiate and settle for shill platforms. Making up lame low IQ excuses when it’s someone else because deep down you don’t have the balls to stand up for real free speech and creativity. You’ve become just another online bot in the transhumanist internet is dead AI.

Greta Thunberg Is Just Another Puppet #Transvestigation

Let’s set aside the fact Greta Thunberg is a little boy in drag and focus on some basics. Why are a bunch of adults concerned with some little kid larping for the system? When it was giving all those speeches they were clearly unqualified to make. Uneducated, no experience, and absolutely no scientific research to back up it’s claims. Just a bunch of emotional teleprompter reading to get the normies up in arms about climate change. As they force the slaves of the Congo to dig out their Tesla batteries for pennies a day they cry and virtue signal on social media about how the environment is being destroyed by cow farts and gas emissions. They take up delusional mindsets and clone the systems relevant daily debates to keep the zombies on track to support their modern day psyops and agendas.

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Mailchimp – Marketing, Automation, Email Platform and CENSORSHIP

When it comes to modern day internet censorship I think companies that breach the trust of the public that use their applications should be aware of the practices put in place by such businesses. Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service. “Mailchimp” is the trading name of its operator, Rocket Science Group, an American company founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong, with Dan Kurzius joining at a later date. What they don’t tell you is that they monitor and track your every move. If you post something naughty or anything related to the Coronavirus Plandemic they will strike your account with flags and pause your e-mail campaigns.

I found this out the hard way when I woke up this morning and my new post notification e-mails were halted for violating their naughty content topics policy. The funny part is as these shill companies sell out to virtue signal they are really just shooting themselves in the foot. No one wants to do business with a company that uses censorship and control to manipulate the people that use their product. Especially a fucking e-mail marketing company that simply sends e-mails. Not sure where they got their medical expertise or their white knight hood to dictate what is, and what isn’t, a violation of “naughty words.”

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MailChimp Censorship

Mailchimp is not able to serve as the email provider for your account with the username nagolbud, because the content associated with your industry conflicts with our Acceptable Use Policy or presents a significant risk to our deliverability. Though we don’t judge anyone’s content or industry, our automated abuse-prevention system, Omnivore, detected account content or actions that violate our Acceptable Use Policy. In order to protect all of our users and ensure the deliverability of everyone’s campaigns, we have to ask that you seek a new vendor for your marketing needs.

That sounds like a whole lot of word salad to say you condone censorship and promote beta little dick energy. How many companies are going to do this? How long are they going to do this? Are they still wearing mouth diapers in the office? Why has no one punched these douchebags in the face before quitting these shit companies? I have so many questions yet I’ll probably never get the answers I want.

It gets old having to deal with these types of cucks and cowards in the business environment day in and day out. Real men not scared to speak their mind and fight back only to get muffled by systematic retards that can’t think for themselves. How people like this are able to create a business in the first place is mind blowing but then again making a e-mail delivery program isn’t very hard.

The truth is however after further research I’ve found another option that offers cleaner forms, smoother integration, and far better customer service. After switching to MailPoet it only took me a few minutes to change out my buttons, import my e-mails, and write this review. If you do with business with MailChimp or are thinking about it, I highly recommend another provider like MailPoet.

As if MailChimp was going to change the way I do business, the way I think, my ideologies, and my values… over a fucking e-mail delivery platform is beyond me. This is the world we live in now however, where everyone uses any ounce of power they have to inflict the will of the system to virtue signal until they get a pat on the back. This doesn’t work in the real world however and dumbass companies like this won’t realize it until they are bleeding profits or going out of business.

ZOMG someone made a post about Coronavirus, better shut them down and cut all business ties because the system doesn’t like it. What beta cuck little dick fags. Just another company in the long list of cowards that adhere to everything they are told like lemmings.

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MailChimp Corona Virus

Coronavirus Society Is Fucking Retarded

It really is insane at this point.. the amount of brain dead zombies unable to question the televisions narrative as they attack anyone who does. They hide behind conformity bias like a bunch of cowards beating you to death with their government created opinions. I found a clever guy on YouTube making fun of these people as well and wanted to share some of his videos. I’m a fan.

Hypocrites and #COVID19 III

Joey B Toonz on Absurd COVID Mandates

Narcissists and #COVID-19


Some great comments I’ve seen online regarding the morons and their face diapers.

“Meanwhile, in the real-world face masks are not to prevent the spread of a supposed virus, but rather to test the indoctrination level of the masses. I think the permanent brain damage you’ve suffered wearing a face mask has trapped you in a fantasy-land, where logic and reason have no place, and you are just a useful idiot for the State pushing a pseudoscientific agenda. Perhaps people would be more willing to accept your nonsense if the science behind viral infections wasn’t so pseudoscientific. Perhaps, if the field of virology wants to have any credibility at all, they have to properly implement the isolation of such, and properly use Koch’s postulates – not some bastardized derivitive. Cheers”

“Wearing a mask does nothing. It’s useless. It’s a violation of human rights. So instead of coughing in the open air I cough in my mask, remove it later on and touch a door knob and you contract this “disease” when you touch the door knob. It’s stupid and pointless. The government does not care about saving lives, they never have! This is about pure control and taking our rights away. And all you idiots really think your helping save lives. Let me tell you something. When you calculate the percentage of 318,000,000 people in the country who have actually caught this virus you get something like 4% last time I checked. When you dive a little deeper and take into consideration that hospitals are getting paid $13,000 for marking your granny’s death as due to COVID-19 when she really died of pneumonia, you can cut that 4% right down to about 1%. Stop being idiots, seriously.”

“Believing that a cloth mask will protect anyone from catching a virus is like thinking a chain link fence will keep flies out of your yard. It is so stupid that it’s embarrassing to be a member of the same species as people who believe this.”

Nice to know I’m not alone….