Why I Stopped Using CouchSurfing

When I finally decided to leave home I had a CouchSurfing profile set up and ready to go. It was a neat idea and the concept seemed pretty legit, like a Myspace or Facebook for meeting cool people with a couch or extra bed to crash in for a few days while you pass through or hang out in that town. Super cool right?

Well from my experiences it was genuinely a decent time, and even quite fun a few times. Generally though, it was a very fake or controlled experience. Often times the host would have plans for you and other times I felt like I was in their control of what I was able to do or not do. A few of the hosts I stayed with were really cool and this isn’t to knock them at all, they were awesome. A lot of the experiences however were not that fun.

Staying with other people wasn’t to bad though as I could leave whenever I wanted if something was strange. So if I felt uneasy I could leave at anytime and continue my adventure. Hosting however, is another story. This comes from experience and nothing short of it; the men I hosted were all generally friendly, clean, and hospitable. Another big reason to not use CouchSurfing is the adventure itself is so much more fun when you meet and stay with people along the way. I have so many awesome stories from exactly that, where even my CouchSurfing host fell through and I had no place to go. Random people took me in, fed me, gave me a place to sleep. The adventure and stories from those experiences are by far more memorable than anything on CouchSurfing.

I noticed a trend as well on CouchSurfing with the women, roughly 50% were crude, rude, or just disgusting. One was so atrocious I had to record her, turn off the water, electricity, and WiFi, just to get her to leave. After a week of putting up with her crap and having to keep an eye on her son stealing and breaking stuff, it was time to go. (Video below). This girl stole my used soap, my pillow, smeared makeup in the screens, plugged up the toilet with paper, then proceeded to tell her son to pee. Extremely aggressive, rude, and absolutely nuts when confronted.

Another female that stayed with me was extremely feminist liberal college educated opinionated. I was not allowed to have an opinion and if I spoke she would try to argue for hours. She talked about all kinds of female nonsense, rights, and empowerment. How women should be treated equal and then proceeded to leave my house while saying “I had an accident in your bed” as she walked out the door. Always nice to find a big red stain in your sheets, no reimbursement, no attempt to clean it, just a goodbye and have fun.

Many of the women that would show up thinking I was their personal guide, that my home was their hotel, and that I would serve them for their stay. These women were living in an extended delusion as they traveled, claiming to see the world. Many of them were so sheltered and scared of reality they relied solely on CouchSurfing and mooching off others to get by on their travels. They didn’t do it for the adventure or to meet new people, they were there to save on hotel bills and couldn’t care less about you at all. Half the time they’d sit there on their cellphone planning their next host literally doing nothing in the city they claimed to be traveling in. They’d snap a few photos for Facebook and move on to the next guest.

Now the logical conclusion would be to stop hosting females but that was the majority of who was asking for a place to stay. I would say 5 girls for every 1 guy would message me for a place to stay. The real reason though as to why I stopped using CouchSurfing was because when I wrote them an email about the girl that went nuts in my home, in Mexico, you don’t just call the police like you fairies in the USA or Europe, the admins didn’t do anything about it. I had video evidence, I had 2-3 other CouchSurfers verifying it, and yet they didn’t delete her profile. They didn’t suspend her or do anything.

If this was a man in the exact same situation. I can guarantee he would have been banned from CouchSurfing immediately. Even if he had 100+ references and was a fantastic person he would have been banned if he acted like this, having video evidence, and several sources verifying. The fact they literally did nothing and treated me as if I were the bad guy for reporting this and having evidence. This is when I realized CouchSurfing had turned into a free ride for liberals the same way they corrupt everything. They bring their entitled, spoiled, boring personalities with them too.

Another one I forgot to mention was a girl that dragged me out to a “party” that consisted of 10 dudes, her, and me. At first I thought I was going to get jumped, but it turns out it was just her booty call. She brought him home and I proceeded to listen to them fuck while I tried to sleep on the couch literally on the other side of the wall not more than 5 meters away. Ridiculous.

Why You Should Stop Taking Vacations and Start Traveling

The cliche thing to do now-a-days is travel. To book a cheap flight somewhere, fly there, spend a week or two or maybe even a month. Then fly home. This however is not what I would consider traveling. Perhaps a short vacation but traveling requires a bit more of an investment. A bit more time. Traveling is something you do when you’re not sure of the exact destination but you’re going for the adventure itself. You might need to fly over the ocean or something to save 3 months boat travel but maybe hitch hiking, taking a bus, or renting a car would be a bit more of an adventure. Most people work an entire year and take this one to two week vacation and call it traveling.

Now, there is nothing wrong with taking a vacation. Vacations are great. You recharge your battery, get away from work, and maybe even a tan. What I am proposing however is that you are missing out by going on vacations, rather than traveling. Instead of just recharging your battery to go back to another year of work why not save up for a few years and go on a year long vacation. Why not travel for several months at a time with no destination? It can sound scary. Quitting your job, moving your things into storage, or having someone watch the house but in reality there are other jobs out there. You can always find another employer especially with the experience of traveling abroad!

The benefits of traveling over a simple vacation are endless, from personal growth, confidence, and opening your eyes to the realities of the world outside what the media tells you. Most people are very sheltered on their cliche vacations hiding behind the illusion of fancy hotels and beach front condos. How much can you really grow looking at the ocean from the 35th floor of a luxury hotel? How much can you really grow flying over three countries to get there? How much can you really learn about yourself sitting in an airplane seat staring at the clouds? See the reality is people have been sold this silly idea of vacations. It’s expensive, short, and the same every year. For the amount you spent to stay at a luxury hotel in Miami or Key West you could have hitch hiked to Panama and lived there for six months. Which one is going to bring new experiences? Which one is going to teach you about life and yourself? Which one is going to be riddled with adventures and meeting new people?

I can’t tell you the number of experiences and people I have met in my travels. Looking back on the vacations and family vacations I took this still happened but in such a low number. The percentages are hardly comparable. I’ve met hundreds and thousands of new people throughout my travels. With new stories, ideas, and perceptions of the world around them. From family ideals and philosophy to hobbies and learning new skills. When you take the time to travel you meet the local farmer, the local hammock maker, the tortilla seller, you hear their stories, their adventures. Along the way you find private beaches and lagoons that you never would have found as a tourist. You meet locals, enjoy local foods, and get to know real people living real lives. Are you going to get this experience at Senor Frogs? Are you going to get that sort of knowledge on a cruise ship?

Another aspect of traveling is the therapeutic aw’ness of it all. Having the time to enjoy new environments and explore the things you wish you had the time to explore when you were on a short week long vacation. Not having to worry about a business meeting or getting to work on time with the right shirt on only to deal with some rude disrespectful costumer. The reality is some of the most peaceful moments in my life have been sitting in the grass, leaning up against my backpack, scratching my dogs belly as we waited for a ride. On a cool summer night I could have laid their for hours, watching the sun go down and thinking to myself, “well I don’t mind if I do”. As I take a short nap.

The reality is traveling offers so much more to the soul of anyone doing it. The peace and joy associated with all of it. People offering food to me or my dog. Offering us rides or even a place to stay. All in the name of good conversation. None of these people would have been in my life if I simply flew to my destination. None of these experiences would flow through my memory if I had just taken another vacation, another year of working 9-5, and another year of daily boredom at what my life had become. Traveling will change your perspective on life forever. It will change how you see people, and yourself. You’ll learn more about yourself the first night out there than 18 years of public school and college.

When it comes down to it the only thing that stops you from traveling over a vacation, is your mindset. Traveling is by far much cheaper. From hitch hiking, tents in campgrounds to campers and couch surfing, there are ways to travel extremely cheap. You could probably spend an entire month in Mexico for the price of one night at a luxury hotel. These are realities. It’s not the money, it’s not the time, it’s not your job, it’s only your mind set.