Self Censorship: Scared to Think

If you’re scared to speak your mind your voice is irrelevant. In fear of saying the wrong thing, you’re already self policing your own thoughts and mind. Many fail to realize why censorship is so dangerous as they question their own critical thinking in place of conformity bias. Wondering if you might offend some Karen or Nancy holding back your thought process. Whether online or offline society requires self censorship and if you disobey you’re an evil misogynist.

All these movements and marches slicing off junks of the English vocabulary to comfort their accountability. Forced to bite your tongue so some nut bag doesn’t get triggered and throw a temper tantrum. Society being babied and coddled unable to have a debate or conversation without getting emotional. Many topics of interest thrown in the trash to stave of personal responsibility, as the illusion progresses people start to hide from their own reflection in the mirror.

In all aspects of society you’re graded on your ability to turn off critical thinking and go into robot mode. Clinging to the very system that has you depressed and suppressed in some weird Stockholm Syndrome LSD trip. Any new thoughts or ideas are labeled dangerous to your identity kicking off your cognitive dissonance alarm. Quickly reformatting the hard drive back to default so your circuits don’t over load. Freedom of thought is strictly for crazy people and insane asylums as you clock in for your 9 to 5.

Chasing validation and clout on social media and in the workplace your routine becomes programmed to stay inside the conformity bubble. Repeating the same trends and tasks so maybe one day you’ll be rewarded with an employee of the month plaque. Failing to realize your creativity and joy are being sucked out as the mosquitos of censorship buzz around your ears. Living in a state of depression and anxiety all because you’re scared to think for your self.

Relationships and family fall apart as little issues become huge with no ability to critically communicate. Problems get shoved under the carpet in fear of retaliation over feelings and emotions. Psychiatrists tickle your ears to keep you on their payment cycle repeating the same self help quotes as they drive away in their Mercedes Benz. Lawyers circling like sharks to take part in the fiat currency feeding frenzy as the system claps along to the beat of the song.

Censorship is far deeper than just cutting words out of the dictionary. Cancelling ideas and voices from being heard in the name of protecting the masses from using their brain. The system has deemed you’re far too stupid to judge things for yourself and act logically to accept or deny. These groups of cry babies, Karens, and bureaucrats have taken it upon themselves to decide what you’re allowed to say and hear. They’ve also decided how you have to interpret what is said and how you receive it. Your entire mind being toyed with as a puppet while they take control of the narrative.

It’s not about saying naughty or provocative words on the internet to incite people but rather the freedom to think and say what you want without fear. To express yourself without the thought of being shamed is what leads to true creativity and validation even if you’re not accepted. The reality is an artist has no creativity if they are worried about getting cancelled for how they paint their art yet so many are willing to sacrifice themselves for a world of black and white. Never painting their own picture as they remain a robot in the face of political correctness life starts to get quite bland.

The only way to fight back against self censorship is to unapologetically be yourself in the face of conformity and disapproval. People willing to sacrifice their social status to speak up and say what needs to be said without caring about cancellation or personal attacks. To stand on your individualism in the wake of the masses running in the opposite direction.

“In the end, there is no hope for freedom if men of the mind are not willing to truly stand for freedom, to make of themselves Gibraltar-like representatives of its attributes no matter what level of rejection, calumny and injustice is heaped upon them. This is the true role of the intellectual in history, his only role – to stand intransigently for truth and its concomitant of freedom, even in face of a vast social herd of academic pedants, poseurs, and media clowns stampeding the other way.” – Nelson Hultberg

Crossing Borders

Laid out on the lawn enjoying the last summer breeze,
cold nights and winter on the horizon hopin’ my buds don’t freeze.

Not sure how much longer I can survive inside this modern day prison,
surrounded by government worshipers and fake christians sowing division.

Can’t do another long winter alone captured by miles of snow,
wish’in I could escape this twilight zone ages ago.

With no one around but my dog I’m left starin’ at the forecast,
runnin’ out of time better make the decision and fast.

Watching my paperwork burn as my plan starts to come together,
packin my bags ready to step through the portal into the nether.

Thumb up hand on the leash they’re shifting down we got another ride,
hitch hiking with my best friend as we run up to the passenger side.

Another cool cat helps me out with food and a bed,
but I’m not always lucky on the road some nights I dread.

One night every hotel doin’ me dirty with their no dogs allowed sign,
can’t leave’m out in the cold or I’m a bitch with no spine.

A race against the weather my wool blanket is our only protection,
sleeping behind dumpsters hoping to avoid 5-0 detection.

Another long day we make it to a beautiful river in Texas,
sun setting as I’m cleanin’ our paws connectin’ to the nexus.

One last stretch of dessert on the way to the Mexico,
comin’ from Wisconsin look’in pale as an eskimo.

Better take a bus for the last bit of highway not tryna get burned,
lying to Greyhound my boys’a service dog ridin’ first class not concerned.

Pull’en up to the border town at 4 a.m. prepp’in our entrance,
tryn’a nap on the bridge before we claim our independence.

Lookin’ back I can’t help but see the rot and decay,
thinking about the sacrifices all I can do is prey.

But it’s just the price I pay,
destiny is callin’ me,
open up my eager eyes.

Walk’in up to the first guy I see and ask him for directions,
greeted by a big smile and broken english I’m makin’ connections.

Livin’ with a family that owns an internet cafe,
fix’in their computers an enjoying a free place to stay.

Spend’in my days with the abuelo sweep’in the street,
sellin’ clothes outa the patio chat’in to the beat.

My spanish was terrible but we still connected,
sharing his food and time with me he was highly respected.

Tossin’ tortillas to my dog had him smilin’ ear to ear,
headin’ out of town after a month lookin’ up with a tear.

Off for the jungle makin’ friends along the way,
friendly people and good food nothin’ but love on display.

Blown away by the beauty of the jungle and ocean,
swimmin’ in cenotes and lagoons feelin’ some kind of emotion.

Every time I try an leave fate denies me,
wavin’ me back to Mexico like an aggressive referee.

Got me livin’ in a welcoming little beach community,
good vibes we tradin’ plants an animals with impunity.

Working together the last few years watching it grow,
lookin’ back at the USA as they partake in the election game show.

Cheesin’ over what color tie their slave master is wearin’,
wait’in for the president to save’em I’m laughing and starin’.

Headed to the beach for some fishin’ without permission,
no permits or government approval catchin’ meat without admission.

My ducks and chickens takin’ over the streets in search of food,
like a gang they’re running the corners scoping out yards to intrude.

No one calling the police on my rooster for singin’,
gettin’ on my purpose bright an early when-he starts ringin’,

Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side,
but they never mention it only happens when sacrifice and faith collide.

Time to stop debating with the matrix and get back to creating,
whether another country or your back yard you’ll find an adventure waiting.

Embrace Your Inner Troll

Hey gamer,

Pick up your creativity off the floor,
it’s time to embrace your inner troll.

Society trying to remove us from the scene,
avoiding the ban spree like an internet submarine.

Torpedo’s locked and loaded ready to take out the base,
thinkin’ we’re evil that’s just not the case.

Tryna silence our voice with this keyword censor ship,
3 2 1 time to give it my all and let’er rip.

All these normies riding the system in that reinforced hull,
lookin’ like a carnival cruise line every room full.

Don’t question the narrative the media doesn’t lie,
they only give facts and truths don’t even try an deny.

Time to wake up ta reality before they start culling,
grab ahold of the rope a tug o wear and start pulling.

Watchin’ ya sink we pullin’ souls from the water like it’s the Titanic,
don’t be scared though kid the trolls are here no need to panic.

When you’re able to jump from their boat we’re ready,
pick ya up in our troll powered spaceship holden’ in it steady.

World wide collapse being televised with imminence,
watchin’ it all unfold ya stuck in cognitive dissonance.

Forced to attack the system with our metabolic hyperbole,
lyrical IED’s strapped to our chest we comin’ at ya universally.

Got our factory pumpin’ out war ships for the armada,
wrappin’ around their throat like a 20 ft anaconda.

We’ll use our depression an anxiety as ammo,
smoke ya on the battlefield like a stick of tobacco.

Fearless warriors harnessing their inner wit,
troll army rollin’ out in force and you can’t stop it.

Soldiers with an IQ higher than your credit score,
world on lock down we about to join the war.

Like the Vietcong we’re underground preparing,
radio cranked up got that cringe core hip hop blaring.

Target acquired we got eyes on their weak spot,
holes in the armor we’re busy lining up the red dot.

Ban one and we’ll show up with our html browser powers,
fake accounts and bots we’ll be plowin’ the cowards.

Bury em under the fruit trees use’in em as fertilizer,
leave em beggin’ for water in the God’s internal fire.

We weren’t meant to live in social solitary,
so grab your application to the troll military.

All hands on deck we’re at war with the elite,
time to get on your feet and turn up the heat.

The Real Reason Reddit Is Popular

Once in a while I’ll make a throwaway account to do a little “marketing” on Reddit and it always amazes me how petty people are for a few internet likes and “awards”. I thought YouTube was bad for this but after making my first Reddit account I was actually blown away by the amount of grown adults seeking any sort of validation online. The word pathetic doesn’t do justice for how low these losers will go to get some likes in the hamster wheel of conformity bias. Many people think Reddit offers truth and quality information but really it’s just a social engineering platform that proves the Pareto principle.

Quite literally, the most popular opinions that everyone agrees with gets shoved to the top of the line. Critical thinking are tucked away in the closet as the weakest minds of society get their voice on a pedestal for other zombies to approve. Every beta can hide behind a user name as they use the Pareto principle as a baseball bat to beat conformity into every user that makes an appearance. Most of my accounts are at -99 karma by the end of the day because I absolutely refuse to a part of the school of fish and their lack of brain activity. Instead of crying like most Reddit users would, I take it as a seal of proof to how successful I’ve become in the act of individualism.

Reddit users are horrified by this word individualism. Scared to death to be themself, let alone speak on an opinion that isn’t fully supported by societies band of lemmings. Self censorship is in full swing because people lack the balls to speak out let alone stand for something real. They are guarded online behind the revolving door of repetition as they get full support for their copy / pasted opinions. Even the Anarchist subreddits have become a place of feminist conformity and female privilege where men have cucked themselves in the name of internet validation.

The funny part is there is no way to argue against this considering Reddit is based off complete conformity. The popular opinion will ALWAYS be forced down the throat of every user regardless of the sub Reddit. The top post will always be what you are SUPPOSED to think. The Pareto principle must be protected at all costs because the society we have today wouldn’t be able to exist if everyone were an individualist and not a mere brainless zombie. It would crumble over night if everyone suddenly became free thinking and there is nothing the elite would be able to do about it.

They can only control your mind so much through 20+ years of public school education and college but now with these types of social media’s like Reddit they’ve gotten people to self-control themselves adhering to every globalist plan. Get your coronavirus vaccines, abort your babies, obey the government seems to be the main idea. Every atheist using Reddit as their Bible as they bump along to societies musical beat. They can’t even read this paragraph without calling me an anti-vaxxing flat earth sovereign citizen tin foil conspiracy theorist. They’ve been programmed to do so and have society’s approval to back them up so obviously it must be true right?

As creativity, self expression, and individualism are destroyed these brain dead morons sit by an clap to their conformity wearing it like a badge on their government approved T shirt. As their social justice warrior cape blows in the wind they imagine themselves as a super hero in some cheesy ass comic book. Sacrificing their own opinions, thoughts, and creativity for the mere chance at getting some internet points they bow down to every mainstream idea. They aren’t allowed to be original as it would destroy their self perceived illusion of narcissistic perfection. As they call me names and laugh I can’t help but feel bad as I try to have a conversation with an empty shell.

2021 Hikaru Nakamura Chess Sportsmanship Award

So I had to take advantage of some more internet drama but it’s extremely difficult to get a voice out. Social media is saturated with fools chasing clout and money when the quiet guy has something to say. When it comes to Twitch this has spread like gasoline on the entire audience trying to find that moment when their viewer count is on fire. Doing anything and everything on live stream to capture a few more donations and Twitcher bits for their moment of glory and falsified self esteem.

To summarize the drama, which can be said about any sport or game really, one guy or girl is using the hobby or skill to get money and fame regardless of what it does to said sport or game. Usually without using said skill and hobby, but rather selling it out to squeeze out every ounce from the juicers. Other people are mad about it and others learn how to follow suit. Certain characteristics go hand in hand with these personalities, such as narcissism and lots of pride. Whether it be the WWE / UFC with Conor McGregor, the NFL with it’s Cocaine Cowboys, the MLB with their roided out home run hitters, CSGO Pros with their script kiddie hackers, or adderall induced Battle Royal winners on their 24/7 stream. I’m sure there is even drama in the international cup stacking championships as some nerd loses his cool.

Many with a large ego and pride use their hobbies and skills to ridicule those that don’t. Whether it be poor sportsmanship in a win OR loss they can’t seem to hold back their child like attack. To put things into perspective however you have to remember, anyone that’s been doing the same thing every day for 30+ years tends to be quite good at it. Especially when they don’t have to work a slave job or participate in slave society they are able to play a game from their childhood to adulthood learning every trick of the trade. No question, each one of these hobbies require a lot of skill and dedication, the ballerina on the bicycle or the guitarist singing their song. The reality is at the end of the day each one of these sports and games is just that, a sport or game, a hobby.

We start doing these things because they are enjoyable and fun, to play backyard football with the gang and creating LAN parties with the boys next door. In today’s day an age however that’s not happening anymore. Society locked up in a cage even prior to the latest coronavirus psyop. Everyone sitting inside all weekend watching and cheering as their teams perform. Whether UFC, football, basketball, chess, backgammon, or Fartnight the results are the same. It seems like in every aspect of society the fun has been sucked out for another Tik Tok skit or clout on the internet. Hard to find anyone outside let alone doing a hobby or skill of their own without their phone. Many living vicariously through someone online as they adapt their personality with no shame.

We clap and cheer as if their win is our win. We waste away as we carry their pedestal that holds up their society based self esteem and bank account. People watching others play a game instead of going outside and having some fun or playing the game themself. I can guarantee you’ll still remember that diving touchdown catch to win the game in the backyard verse your team winning the Super Bowl 7 years ago as you were singing along during the baphomet worshiping half time show. I will always remember those late night Halo LAN parties where we battled to the death in the most competitive gameplay that would drive any MLG fan insane. I never would have experienced any of that if I was just watching some lame ass stream on Twitch with some random dudes begging for money to do it for me. If I was wasting my weekends inside watching some dudes in spandex catch leather balls and put them in baskets. At the end of the day chess is just a fucking board game, it’s the experiences, memories, and growth that make it worth playing.

We pay to have someone else live experiences we wish we had and all along they look down and spit on the little man. Whether direct or indirect as they cash in on every ounce of interest we once had. Creativity is snuffed out for some random dudes moment in the sun, game servers empty so one streamer could cash in, our hobbies destroyed because we put all our eggs in one basket and never questioned a thing. Never creating life moments or memories the repetition becomes dull and depressing with no change in our vision. As these internet vampires chase their illusion everyone sits by and donates their own creativity, thoughts, and needs; hoping they might get recognized for their deeds. Your creativity and individualism is sucked out for just another picture in some dudes sub reddit to use in his stream. Many never developing their own skills and hobbies is the most brutal of consequences as another loser at rating 650 gets destroyed by Hikaru’s Bong Cloud meme.


All us normies are just mere content to the big boys on top, to garnish more views and clout so they can harness the energy from their community as they sell out. Not in the name of getting better at their hobbies or getting involved in and creating other skills but to further their cringey internet celebrity delusions. Not to create a real community of learning and fun but to use your energy to pad their bank account, basing their success on sub count and Twitter bits at your expense. What do you think that makes you? Username500412 thank you for the donations. Thank you for the sub. Thanks for the pay per view payment user #69. You can’t really get angry though because you are the one holding them up as if their a god among mortals as you clap for another championship.

Many of this could be said to those chasing #1 as well. Willing to be toxic in every game lobby when the person next to them doesn’t live up to perfection as they seem to think they deserve. Creating unrealistic expectations and demands for themselves and taking it out on others when they don’t perform as expected. Dedicating your entire life to just one thing really just shuts the doors on opportunity rather than open them but many love the idea of being top dog. You lose the ability to partake and enjoy other hobbies and skills that might even benefit your main train of thought. I could be playing a game of CSGO when I get an idea for my adobe house outside. I could be building my adobe house when I get a great idea for a creative flank while defending in the Hippopotamus. (Angry Hippo as I like to call it.) Which then gives me a sweet idea for setting up my garden in the Spring.

The hobby you used to love and be passionate about has become the reason you feel the need to attack others or sell out. Pretending this gives you a reason to grow yet in reality it just turns into some Hollywood baby eating circus show. How much more fun would it be to watch some of these skilled people teach and coach other people, to build a community of knowlich and creativity instead. Or to see them learn a new skill or hobby that promotes creativity and growth in their own life while helping others do the same. What the hell has happened to us as a society?

I always admired Brett Favre for this reason, despite other reasons like throwing snowballs at lineman for a false start, he was always caught red handed down in Mississippi teaching and coaching high schoolers in the off seasons. When you think about it more I guarantee he learned some things from the kids that probably made their way into a play or two in an NFL and I can guarantee those kids lives were impacted by Brett Favre’s coaching and mentoring. Instead of working with ESPN doing cheesy passes through fire hoops with Tom Brady he was off doing something real; and man I really wish I had video of him working with those kids because that sounds way more interesting than a fixed NFL game. How much more fun would it be to see players like Hikaru work with chess players from his audience and teach along the way, instead he’s working with people like Pokemane who couldn’t give one fuck about chess other than the donation simps and viewers that will jump on board. Doing bong clouds runs against low ranked players while flagging to death anyone who confronts him.

The funny thing is you could change the names around in any sport, hobby, or skill and get the same results. It doesn’t really matter how big the audience gets for any game, sport, or hobby, if there isn’t some kind of growth, knowledge, or creativity coming out of it. It’s not really a good thing, let alone success; it just becomes another digit and dollar in this already depressing world where freedom of expression and thought gets snuffed out. Maybe it’s about time you put down someone else’s pedestal and start carrying your own torch. I know it’s hard to dive deep in the shallow end but sometimes you just have to take off those water wings and get your balls wet.