Cure Lyme Disease Naturally and Cheap: Autism Syphilis Candida [Plum Island Government Lab Bio Weapon]

When will people realize the entire medical industry is a scam… get yourself some chickens and raw egg yolks and watch your symptoms disappear. If you can’t handle drinking raw egg yolks put them over cooked meat or rice or some kind of meal and you won’t even notice it’s raw. I just drink and have learned to love the flavor. Back in the day I’d drink 12 yolks a morning…

My First Day Eating Raw Eggs for Breakfast
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Dr. Alan Macdonald

Lyme Doctor's Doctor - an interview with Doctor Alan MacDonald

Under Our Skin Documentary
I don’t not agree with everything in this documentary but it’s okay. There is some love IQ evolutionary nonsense at the beginning and some other go green environmental nonsense.. humans used to live in nature far more than they do now a days which would make you assume that lyme would have been prevalent throughout history, yet it’s only become popular in modern history a year after some dude was experimenting on tics 3 miles from the epicenter of lyme disease…. can’t make this stuff up. Not to mention the connection and rise of lyme disease directly connects to the rise in vaccines and autism.