The Truth About Generation Y 1989

We’re the ones that spawned from the narcissistic baby boomers. The first generation to hit reality while at the same time being the first paramedic on scene. We’re either suicided, drugged out, barely holding on to sanity, or faking it inside the system. We’ve watched everything great, turn into a steaming pile of horse shit. Our childhood could have been amazing if it wasn’t for the shadow hiding behind every thought.

As we grew up we watched people change, society change, social media, internet, faster and faster it went. From beeps and blips to modem glitching in Halo 2 multiplayer on the Xbox 360. Never given a choice or solution to the torment we denied beneath. Watching atrocities unfold on the television as they control every aspect of thought. Trying to save the world you just fell for another 9/11 psyop.

We’re the generation no one talks about, black sheep of the family no one gives a fuck about. Speak some truth and even your family beats you down with a hockey stick. We were on OG Myspace trolling the streets before WiFi became a reason for you to cry when the power goes out. The war on consciousness you’ve never thought about, biting down on your retainer of propaganda cool aide and head gear never questioning your reality ya left in the freezer like an icey pop.

Boomers, zoomers, and normies on rotation as the gen y’s take the invasion of internet hate. Thinking for ourselves and questioning your modern day mindset, as your dancing on TikTok trying to get laid by some Instagram thot. Questioning reality as your barking in the comments about the left vs right paradigm. Wake up zaboomer if voting mattered they wouldn’t even let you do it. Decades of life devoted to statism as you spit bars for your presidential savior.

Generation Y is forced to sit back and watch, raising our voice only to be called crazy for the hundredth time. Beta males ruling the system as feminists cheer them on, we have no choice but to hide as the system takes your hand. Turning up PartyBoi69 so the beat can take back our mind, questioning reality as the normies collect their jabs for jobs and cheeseburger voucher collabs.

Wishing we were born in another time period to build a farm with a beautiful feminine lady, snapping back to reality so we can be solicited by empowered women for their Only Fans. The pinnacle of modern women’s success is going viral on social media and selling lewd pictures on the internet or working in an office paying taxes like a man. What a world we live in where the wheel of society is broken yet it keeps going round n’ round.

Everyone needing constant validation for throwing ping pong balls in a cup as their IQ drains out from the 5G microwaves. Running back to their bubble of narcissism so their feelings don’t get hurt. Wondering to myself where is the social contract I’m forced to abide by, meanwhile all my accounts are banned for speaking up about the agenda at hand.

Schizo Meme

It’s amazing how many people prance around this place with no real skill sets or intelligence yet have no problem running their mouth as an expert. Big titties and ass will give you a platform to speak from as simps line up like minions, only to watch her drag ass across the carpet like a dog with worms. Pathetic cowards giving up critical thinking for a cunt living on easy mode.

Never forget it was Gen Y that brought you back from the dead, from a zombie larping an ideology pre-created mindset. Downloaded from Netflix or Facebook as you harp some monologue mainstream bullshit. You forgot how to think for yourself silly slave where’s your mind at?

If you can’t question your beliefs with out cognitive dissonance maybe the shit you believe isn’t true. After spending decades in government run schools how can you even trust your instincts as you take another chemical jab from Johnson and Johnson. Blaming the Kikes you never seem to truly uncover the propaganda that’s been laid out. Stuck in a system that doesn’t give one fuck about you.

Synthwave and weed is the only language you might understand.

Psydub Ethnic Chill Out World - High Vibes Tribal Psychill Entheogenic DUB in 4:20 MIX 2021

WW3 Fear Mongering and the Nuclear Weapons Hoax

There are very few public comments about the Bohemian Club from its many members. Mostly old Republicans and other conservative men. The existence of the club and its members is no secret. Every Republican president since Herbert Hoover has either been a member or visited the summer camp — the Bohemian Grove. It was said that in 1942, J. Robert Oppenheimer who headed the Manhattan Project, led a meeting in one of the clubhouses just a few years before the “atomic bomb” was set off over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A silly Freemason supposedly created the nuclear bomb that was said to be used in Japan. Just another psyop to keep you distracted from the 5G towers, 5G antennas, 5G WiFi, 5G cellphones, and vaccines side effects.

One of these is from a “nuclear bomb” and the other a fire bombing.. which is which?
Tokyo and Hiroshima 1945

Well you won’t be able to see a difference, because neither is from a nuclear bomb. The supposed nuclear bombs in Japan were simply fire bombings and the proof is in the brick buildings that didn’t budge. Many reports even conclude that the windows in many of these brick buildings weren’t even broken. What better way to scare the world like they did during the Cold War and nukes off the coast of Cuba. Kids were hiding under their desks at school during nuke drills in the same safety practices like you’d see during a false flag school shooting. It’s all a ruse. The most obvious giveaway is the fact Hiroshima was repopulated within just a few months of the bombing and today stands as an advanced modern city with literally zero radiation from the day of the “nuke”.

Atomic Bomb Hoax Fake Atomic Bomb

Not only has the atomic bomb nuclear hoax been used to control and manipulate the masses getting them to pay the voluntary income tax to support the world wars but it was also used to invade many countries over the years. Whether it be the WMD’s in Iraq and Afghanistan or the several other countries supposedly building nuclear weapons. Thus the USA would invade, control all resources and literally pillage the countries wealth. When they’re done, they’d leave their IMF / International Bank in control of the countries money and a shill Freemason president so the Vatican would maintain total control over said country. Rinse and repeat.

The truth is the uranium used for its atoms is called depleted uranium and is only .3% uranium 235. Since we now have laser technology like DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) making bombs is obsolete. Especially ones that never worked like the atomic bomb. There is all this depleted uranium just sitting around so the military came up with the bright idea of dropping it on Afghanistan and Iraq, which they did. They realized this wasn’t the best option however so they decided it was better used as a weed killer. It literally became Monsanto’s Roundup and brainwashed normies spray it all over their yard.

Many might open their eyes to the nuclear hoax but have a hard time believing that nuclear power plants are all fake. However there is a very unique reason nuclear “power” plants actually exist and it has nothing to do with power. Many students in the USA have even taken on field trips to local power plants to complete the ruse, forcing them to think nuclear power plants are a real power house and extremely dangerous. The reality is however they are nothing more than cloud generators to be used in weather modification and manipulation.

weather modification cloud generator power plant hoax

Nikola Tesla showed electric power is everywhere, available in unlimited quantities from the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth and that we have no need for fuel or anything else to get energy. Free power, however, is anathema to the control grid and the slave masters. Power companies use the Tesla Coil of alternating currents for power at little cost to them but charge consumers an exorbitant rate.

The first nuclear power plant was built in 1951 near Arco Idaho as an experiment. In 1957 the first operating plant was built in Shippingport Pennsylvania. There are now 64 so called nuclear power plants in the USA alone and a total of 104 reactors. Most were built in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s and were said to last around 40 years. 40 years has now arrived and passed. These facilities were built along rivers, lakes and oceans because water is needed to be converted into steam. The steam it is said is needed to drive turbines and to cool the reactor cores but the real purpose of the steam is for weather modification purposes. It’s been over 10 years since these nuclear power plants should have been decommissioned, yet they allow students to come in and see them in action. Gimme a break, it’s time to wake up.

CLOUD MAKING MACHINE : NASA makes their own rain clouds

Science Catching Up With Conspiracy Theorists

As the masses mock and tease anyone with critical thinking their precious religion of science is finally catching up with reality. From food to health and back to mental thought the cycle has come full circle. Many unable to question a thing as their television mesmerizes their every thought. Lost in a viscous conformity bias loop their brain is over loaded with toxic chemicals. As they suck up round up and breath in antibiotics they think they’ve won by growing organic crops. Don’t forget about the daily pharmaceutical injections as they chant herd mentality. Like a pack of rats hitting the pleasure button for a piece of cheese they ignore the reality that starts to creep in. As grown men cry over presidential selections they can’t seem to grasp what society has done to them. Spending hours on Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter their brains start to melt together with their favorite Netflix personality.

Chemical Farming & The Loss of Human Health - Dr. Zach Bush

Doctor Reveals Truth About Viruses

Doctor Refutes Need For Corona-Virus Vaccines [Shadowbanned Video]

5G APOCALYPSE Documentary

Television Watching News Believer - Conspiracy Music Guru

Russia Invading Ukraine [Emotion War, Psyops, Crisis Actors] The World is a Stage

Just posting this article to try and grab some keywords. Would love to see some more evidence on this subject because there are way too many strange things going on with this “Invasion”.. and the internet has been pumped full of disinformation, false narratives, low IQ psyops… it’s really insane. This bring up the idea of the internet is dead AI and how this has become so easy for them to manipulate the world and society. With the entire world plugged into the World Wide Web they’re merely waiting for the spider to drink their blood.

Literally everyone, in every country, has a smartphone and/or television in their home. It is so easy for them to create entire scenarios and movie sets on the internet that almost every normie would believe. I don’t really look at these things as a skeptic or conspiracy theorist… I just notice things that don’t match up to reality or what you would expect to see in certain situations. If something doesn’t make sense I want to find out why.. and many times it comes back to the entire situation was faked or frauded. Whether it be 9/11, the Israeli ship that bombed a US ship so the US could invade Vietnam, or the false flag in Panama that brought about American genocide in Panama.. it’s all propaganda faggotry.

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Russia Invading Ukraine [Fake War, Psyops, Crisis Actors] The World is a Stage

Left vs Right Political Paradigm

The stage is set and the psyops in place. Red vs Blue their setting the scene like an old Halo game. As you dance for the puppeteers pretending to be free, waving your flag. Meanwhile you beg for permission to catch a fish or build a shed. Paying money and time to maintain your gun “rights” from a political environment pretending to take them. Creating Chaos in America is part of the plan, self destruction as the means of control you beg and plea for a government take over. Crisis actors and fake news parade through your mind thinking it’s reality. Fake protests and fires started by provocateurs. Everything you know turns into lies.

Scenes from dueling left-and right-wing rallies near Justice Center in downtown Portland

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