The World Wide Web is Complete and You’re Not the Spider

Whether you want to admit it or not, Coronavirus Covid-19 changed your life to some degree. Whether you think it was all a hoax, a Chinese bio-lab virus, or it’s some apocalyptic end of the world infection that requires mouth diapers and booster shots. Common sense and a bit of research proves it’s one big psyop as a virus isn’t living, can’t pass from person to person, and certainly can’t kill someone as viruses are created inside the body to fight off infection and disease. I wrote “Agenda Behind the Coronavirus Covid-19” the day after they released the Covid-19 psyop but it quickly became impossible to find real information on the subject. Banned for spreading the truth regardless of your title or profession. Many expert opinions swept under the rug of cointel pro and disinformation, all thought processes tucked away neatly inside the web of censorship as the arachnid blood suckers spun you ’round and ’round.

“The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by it’s victims. The most perfect slaves are therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves.”

Covid 19 Mask

“When persons being held as slaves were accused by their masters of insubordination, or of eating more than their allotment of food, they might expect to be fitted with an iron muzzle.”

Coronavirus has proven that regardless of community, friends, and a freedom fighter mindset, they do in fact have the complete and utter power to control every inch of the world. From corner to corner their shills are in place to write policies, their corporations and mall cops ready to enforce the fallacies, their manipulation fomenting on every television screen as the normies take two jabs of the conformity spider’s venom filled fangs. Question the narrative at the threat of losing your social status, raise awareness and find yourself looking through the wanted ads for a new job, unwilling to wear a mouth diaper only to be ridiculed by NPC’s power tripping over fear. A few months after it’s over everyone forgets how easily they were controlled, never an apology for treating others as cattle while most were pole dancing on big pharma’s crocodile tears. Over 70% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine according to the most recent studies.

The threat of another apocalyptic death laser alien virus always on the forecast, social distancing and tracking apps will save the day as Elon Musk prepares his beta orbiter psyop to Mars. Andrew Tate tickling the ears of simps to get them to join his freemason money making course through the vortex of matrix parables. Let’s all forget that for 3 years our lives were put on hold for death dust and go back to watching rigged sports games and downloading pics off OnlyFans. No one seems to give a shit about that spider in the corner of the room spinning his web. Bigger and bigger the trap begins to unfold, with 8 eyes staring down your every move, programmed to attack at the slightest sign of apathy. Just another day in the self induced twilight zone.

Living in an internet bubble as the only options left for fulfilment in the real world come through total pleasure or complete pain. Hiding in the web doesn’t seem so terrible as you watch another one get wrapped up like a burrito by the arachnids in power. Scared to speak your mind conformity becomes the only option, waving others in like a parking lot attendant at a Justin Bieber concert. Larping about some retarded shit like the race war, gender war, political war, deep throating hegelian dialectic as divide and conquer become the higher education. Miserable and alone listening to some furry with fake boobs lick plastic ear holes just so you can experience affection for the first time in years.

Adapting the Stockholm Syndrome as part of your morning routine, defending the very system that’s left you in pain. As you lay there watching the spider suck out your blood you become a zombie of repetition ready to carry out the agenda of the masters without the blink of an eye. Embracing your inner narcissism all thoughts become cloudy and cold as survival becomes the reactionary action to maintain your ego and pride. Anything to take your mind off reality as the illusions come crashing down. Societies belly bloated and ready to unleash a mudslide of shit through every city, community, and neighborhood, regardless of your plan. Complacent conformity won’t save you this time.

Tropic Vibration -Future Roots (Full Album)

Porn Takes Your Soul Leaving You Feeling Empty and Depressed

At this point its safe to assume everyone in the world has viewed porn to some degree. Besides money laundering and military, porn was really the only reason the internet was even invented. From there the same concepts of addiction and dopamine pumpers filled the internet with their social networks and low IQ entertainment. All of which lead to the same end result of depression and while letting your soul sit on empty. Comfortable enough in your 9-5 coming home to another Netflix series never questioning your reality, merely accepting it.

When it comes to porn itself it’s probably one of the most damaging outlets online, addiction meets pleasure while pretending to have no consequences. The reality is porn is extremely damaging to the psyche and daily habits. Long term porn usage among men has even lead to erectile dysfunction studies show. It’s easy to see how these effects could correlate with porn addiction and habits because you get so accustomed to your little jerk off routine. Never using that testosterone in the street to chat up a pretty lady.

Master-baiting the a day away as you feel lethargic and empty, wishing you had more energy, wishing some hot chick was riding you instead. Little did you know it was your own actions and seed spilling that was causing your problems. Questioning life and your purpose as you beat your meat to the internet porn circus. After years of choking the carrot you see the world through sex goggles unable to appreciate the little things as you simp for hoes on Twitch throwing them dollars so they’ll dance around and be your beat off meat.

Leading to thousands and thousands of sexual internet partners your heart and soul get left in the dust. Thinking you’re just a monkey playing with your evolution banana, it keeps you trapped in the porn hub cage for life. Exploring strange and bizarre sexual gratifications because you saw a strange video half orgasm your mind and cock start to entertain doing shameful acts with your body in search of a new high. Paying hookers to slap your ass with a whip while you beg for your dignity all because you saw it on some back corner of the internet.

The great porn experiment | Gary Wilson | TEDxGlasgow

Online Obsession

When you go offline or live off grid for a period of time whether at your own accord, or by traveling, you start to notice how obsessed people really are with themselves. The simple minded thot posting selfies all day searching for approval is easy to spot, however the rest hide behind a mask of opportunity and kindness. Whether MGTOW, vegan, or a Trump supporter people hide behind these labels to simply put focus on themselves. They pretend they are pushing something of importance when the reality their movement or idea is seriously retarded, based on logic and common sense. They literally talk out their ass to simply garnish a following. They simply talk with the crowd to lead them into their camp.

These people offer no real insight and are quite dangerous to your own thought process and critical thinking. Being surrounded by like minded people that are self obsessed is a sure fire way to destroy your own critical thinking process. After coming back online after a long walk through the Americas I saw how easily social media could influence your thoughts or actions. Whether subliminally or in a more transparent way. People will sell you snake oil in hopes of receiving your due diligence as a firm supporter. People begging for donations for simply living their life after pushing a button on a camera, expecting everyone to pay their bills as they claim to be hard working.

When you really start to think about it, it becomes more clear. How entrapping the internet really is and how devastating it is to the soul. When you realize it’s literally called the WORLD WIDE WEB you start to ponder even the creation of the internet itself. As people from Australia, the UK, and Canada cheer on Trump calling themselves supporters when they live across the world. This is what internet has done as it creeps into the life of everyone on earth. Putting them in a mental prison of bullshit, politics, and propaganda with little to no chance of escape. People chasing likes and follows to validate themselves instead of their ideas.

Places like YouTube, an online library, literally burned to the ground before our very eyes as most don’t care about the principal behind it as long as they get their adsense check. They don’t care about the little channels, the channels sharing real knowledge, they simply care about getting a check for “entertaining” people. They only release 10 minute videos and pretend they are some sort of online God as they rehash the same content over and over or literally steal it from people living real. As everyone on the planet seems to be a content creator these days portraying their life as content when they really do nothing of interest. They simply pedal the same rhetoric as the “in” crowd and jump on the band wagon. I’ve seen dumbass chicks on YouTube from Australia talking about how they are a Trump supporter as if anyone gives a shit. Yet they have 100k subscribers and millions of likes and donations.

Other places like Instagram are literally run by escorts and thots as they post picture after picture of their boobs and ass pretending they have talent or skill and a train of thirsty beta faggots complimenting even the most caked up whore. The reality is a women simply posts pictures of herself and gets famous. Whereas a man would have to perform CPR on a dying child as he rescues a women from a burning building while delivering puppies. And even then he’ll only get 3 likes and a follow. These self obsessed cunts live in a delusional fairy tale land as they walk down the street on their phone. Pretending that society should bend over for them because 5000 dudes from the internet liked their photo. (Most of which are robots, there are hundreds of websites that you can buy likes, follows, and subscriptions.)

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

People pretend they are so busy and can’t answer a message when the reality is they have nothing to do with their life other than stare at a phone or computer. They literally can’t put it down as they fight for a scrap of attention and a little adsense paycheck. Willing to cut the throat of another YouTuber or online persona just to get another subscription. They talk nonsense all day in any way just for that one bit of popularity. Self obsessed with their own celebrity status never even contemplating how delusional they really are.

Society itself is a cancer and it becomes evident in the online world. People of no skill and serious critical thinking problems have become celebrities (in their own mind) while they trash any aspect of real insight and knowledge. These same pussies will talk shit behind your back and when confronted pretend to be your friend. I’ve seen this play out thousands of times online as people create drama for views or defamation to ruin someones career. All of which to simply further their own. These narcissistic cunts have nothing real to offer and that’s why they need to feed off others. They have no real content, they have no real personality, their just an empty hollow shell pretending, stealing content, and rehashing it and the worst part is you cheer it on.

You can’t blame the millennials either, as most adults spend more time on their phone than the kids and certainly spend most of their day at a computer pretending they have some important job, even the dumbest Chimpanzee could accomplish. But please tell us more about how you needed 4 years of college to fill out excel spreadsheets.

The Internet Killed Video Games

Once in a while I get fed up with a certain game or the game designers alternative motive and throw it down. Often times it’s another DLC money grab from the developer or a hidden pay wall to win. Regardless, money seems to be the only thing driving the modern video game market. On the other side of the coin you have millions of avid gamers willing and ready to murder someone just to get one rank higher in CSGO, League of Legends, or WoW PvP. You name the game, with online multiplayer, 98% of the player base turns into cut throat douche bags trying to achieve a pixelated accomplishment. Have you ever noticed a common theme among these current games? The community is “toxic”. You can read hundreds of these reviews for almost any online multiplayer game.

In regards to games going down hill in the last 5-10 years that point could be made. That developers have used the internet and hype to clear out the pockets of their fans while delivering low brow, no creativity, non functioning video game as their 5th alpha game this decade. Some fans claim the pretty graphics make up for low quality gameplay and non existent creativity as they hold up just a few games in the last 10 years to maintain their point. Another reason some of these games like WoW last over a decade, because nothing has come out to beat it. You can list some other game but the reality is nothing has been as popular as WoW for PC gaming. Other hugely popular games like Minecraft or Terraria still remain some of the top games out there, with the most copies sold world wide. These games are not graphically amazing and two of them are essentially a 2d Windows 98 game. The reason they were so popular is the creativity behind the game. WoW is a bit of an exception as lore and past games built into it but games like Minecraft are solely on their own.

Games that are not known for their online multiplayer seem to be the most popular as far as playability. Or online multiplayer without the “PvP competition”. I put that in quotations because a lot of people seem to think “skill” is involved in ranking high in a lot of these games but the reality is you just have to play a lot. There is no “Call of Duty skills”, however there is memorization of maps, spawn locations, and objectives. Which is hardly a measure of skill, but rather you simply put more focus on CSGO than the other guy. Most of these online games themselves can be won depending on who is the host alone! Games like Fortnite where players gloat about being #1 when the reality is the best gamers probably aren’t wasting away on Twitch begging for donations. They have real hobbies, real lives, and other things they prefer doing than staring at a computer all day. Yet this is considered a “skill”. If someone get’s 1st in 100 Fortnite matches but played 500,000 matches are they really skilled? Verse someone that gets 1st in 100 Fortnite matches with only 500 games.

This brings me to my next point, that the internet actually killed video games. Between Twitch and YouTube it seems game developers base their entire game off what a few streamers say online and their baby sitter audience of 8 year olds. Have you ever played a game that had potential? That was a lot of fun? Only to watch it get destroyed by these “skilled” players because they can’t actually do it. Dumbing down games like WoW where the hunter bow quest from vanilla actually took some class skill to accomplish. Or at least knowing your characters limits and abilities very well. It was actually a token of accomplishment in game, whereas modern WoW simply hands out gear for “completing” a run.

These same people get into multiplayer games, playing hours a day, whether they are silver, gold, or diamond, commando, or super man of CSGO, it all remains the same. Their attitudes and delusions of becomming the next Twitch famous streamer is held up next to their “COD” weekend tournament trophy. (Only 3 teams entered). They cuss you out online for hitting the wrong button, they flame you for using “e” instead of “q” when you should have “w”. Yet they are the same rank as you. The entire online community of video games has turned into a cesspool of narcissistic morons that think video games is an actual skill. It’s not! It’s entertainment!

I remember back to Super Nintendo, N64, regular Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, ect. How much fun the games were, how much fun I had at LAN parties with buddies, and how intense those Halo sessions were with a group of friends. We’d usually go to the store first, get a bunch of fake food and snacks with some sugar water and hit the console all night. Renting a game for the weekend was such an exciting thing as a kid and the excitement in the car as I anticipated the bike ride to my buddies house to sound the alarm for the new game. I don’t remember ever having a real fight, being cussed out, or threatened in any of these matches. Were their intense moments? Of course, but that’s what made it fun. At the end of the night there was no ranking, no delusional stat system. It was all fun and it built those relationships.

The internet however, has turned gaming into some sort of retard competition where hitting one button a second before the other determines your “skill”. Lag itself and who is hosting the game, forget all that, it’s not like it matters when the opponent has an extra 3 seconds of visual time before you do right?! Haha. Or other games like League of Legends that are won and lost at the champion select screen. Does it take skill to play that game? No. Literally none. What it does require though, is a lot of time spent memorizing and staying updated on their champion updates. A game where they literally buff and nerf champions to sell skins as their player base cries about rank and skills. Sorry dude, but there is no skill required in playing League of Legends.

The worst part is these are the people that make up the “toxic community”. A bunch of gun hoe retards chasing a rank. They get so caught up in this rank they are willing to act like a douche bag in order to lord their “skill” over another person that most likely just hasn’t played as much. These same tools will admit to being on a “smurf” account as they belittle and flame anyone that messes up. Reality check, you are playing with bad players just to feel good about yourself. It’s a bit of a narcissistic supply grab for many of these sociopathed out morons. The difference between the internet and no internet is, if some little douche bag ran his mouth in real life like that he’d get his ass beat because fighting requires more than button mashing, luck, and no lag. I promise you won’t see the left or right hook coming but I can guarantee you’ll be crying about hacks as you crawl up in the fetal position hugging concrete. Then they learn not to act like that anymore.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

Online however, is a different story. In most cases the toxic player will gaslight their victim into calling them out. In which case the real toxic player will report the victim along with their crew of butt buddies and you will get banned or timed out from playing. I remember when I used to play League of Legends seeing this exact scenario played out. Some douche bag was harassing another player for not “w” when he should have “e” and I simply called him a douche bag and told him to shut up, let the guy play. I was banned for 2 weeks immediately after the game by their “auto” ban feature. Why? Him and his 69 partner reported me. Games like this literally promote toxic behavior without even allowing the victim to fight back without threat of ban them self. Another reason online gaming sucks.

Having to be politically correct all day just to keep your job only to come home and do the same thing in your video game under threat of ban or removal. Call someone out for being a little dicked douche bag, or a passive aggressive cunt, and you will be banned. Games like League of Legends teach their fans to behave like good little passive aggressive faggots with no threat of any type of slap on the wrist. Not even a verbal confrontation is allowed or the victim will literally get banned. A typical response to this is usually “get better baddy”, and to those people I always ask them what game they play, then I ask their rank, typically I am twice their rank at least, and about 1/10 the play time… and I AM NOT EVEN TRYING TO GET A RANK.

It was hilarious listening to low ranked CSGO players cry about rank and how hard they try when I would simply hop in the game and play for fun, mopping the floor with them. It brought me down memory lane to write this article however as it required me to relive my Super Nintendo days, and the extreme amounts of fun playing Golden Eye for the N64. Or Mario Party. Was their competition? Sure. But if you were too big of a dick head you just weren’t invited back. The problem with online gaming however is that the invitation is always there. Regardless of how many you block and report you will simply be put on another team with another toxic douche bag chasing a pixelated rank that some how brings worth and value to their life. It doesn’t matter the game, how good or bad, there will always be toxic players, cheaters, and strait up douche bags, and this is exactly why I say the internet killed video games.

(Obviously not all games, and obviously not actually killing video games. Some actual thought is required to see the point I am raising.)

Filthy casuals.