How the Jesuits Control Politics #Transvestigation

When you start to research the Jesuits you realize how much of your life has been controlled. What you believe and know as “truth” has been created for you. Your entire life is walking their fine line whether you realize it or not. Their ability to achieve their goals is evident throughout history as their plans come closer to completion every year.

The evil History of the Jesuits

The Jesuits,Priesthood of Absolute Evil Exposed!

As you dive into their history and actions you might start to wonder why congress or politicians don’t fight back. Why they have never done anything to get rid of them… until you realize how deep it really goes.

I really don’t even have to say anything else. Put two and two together… Jesuits and Catholic Church are known for starting child orphanages on islands. Politicians are cross dressing free masons.. The Jesuits are known for being pedophiles, drug trafficking, ect. So when you connect these dots what are you left with? Many children who are abused sexually as children have gender dysphoria as they grow up. Living inside this sick system that was created for them. Who would speak out from the political hierarchy, and which experts in history or science would speak out? They are all in on it with a life of pain below their belt. The Vatican is like the Umbrella corporation using childhood trauma and abuse to shape their future puppets. It’s time to wake up!

How To Deal With Modern Police Officers

I know it says narcissist, but literally everything can be applied to modern day militarized police. Sad, funny, all in one. “Comply or Die” – Your Local Peace Officer. The reality is I have personally dealt with this a so many times in the USA. Knowing that 99% of police officers have narcissistic personality disorder can help you de-escalate most situations and escape the situation with minimal gun shot wounds.

How To Deal With Police In 2020

Narcissists Have To See You

No Victim No Crime


Structured Anarchy VS Government Ordained Society

Often times when people hear the word anarchy they associate it with chaos, disorder, and violence. This isn’t always true however and often times organized anarchy is the best option for survival and freedom of the individual. Forced to take responsibility for your own actions structured anarchy is what a republic or democratic society claim to be. However, both are a simple ruse to mask the truth behind consensual slavery and turn anarchy into a chaos cult.

absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

an organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity.

Society itself is nothing more than a figment of the imagination, a large culture created for control, as it’s self evident you do not have absolute freedom in society. You’re not even allowed to catch a fish without permission, build your house without permission and taxes, essentially all the basics of fundamental freedom and survival require permission from an authority figure or government. This in no way represents freedom in any way and actually is counter to freedom itself. If you can’t even survive with out societies created illusions, freedom is nothing but an imaginary friend.

People base their entire existence on this illusion never stopping to ask why they have to work all day every day just to survive, and in most cases can’t even survive in the climate that was created for them. Society itself is detrimental to the success of the individual, whereas organized anarchy offers unlimited possibilities for growth and advancement within a tribe. Even when looking at public services and goods, throughout history it is self evident that people themselves without government or authority have the capability to build roads, educate their youth, provide proper water and housing, ect. It wasn’t until government, society, and fraudulent authority began flexing that people started starving, losing their families and farms, genocide, and more.

Prior to government survival was something you could provide for yourself. Freedom was something you could actually fight for. Modern day slaves beg for government intervention whether republican or democrat, kissing the ass of corporations and politicians just to keep their “gun rights”. Never asking the question why a free man would need permission to defend himself or build his own home.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

The reality is society itself isn’t a group of people coming together, rather a dream propped up on propaganda to sell you on consensual slavery. To sign over your own children to the state and banks as they print out another birth certificate. Wondering why you can barely afford food and rent when you put in over 40 hours a week. Questioning your own life simply because you fell for the lie of society. The image. The hope of being “successful” according to their standards.

Organized anarchy removes all of the fraud and relies on honesty and taking responsibility for your actions, regardless of your operation or business. When a corporation sprays chemicals in the air or in the rivers so you have to buy water rather than collect your own, no authority should stand in the way of you burning down their buildings and robbing them blind. Crimes against humanity are protected by the very organizations that claim to be protecting you. Politicians sign rules and codes that protect their investments while building new ones in the military industrial complex as they crusade across the plane.

Imagine for a moment if the USA was an organized anarchy rather than a corporation pretending to be a democratic republic. Imagine if the people actually stood up for their families, friends, and communities by actually fighting back against those that have proven to want to do harm in exchange for control and profits. The fields of Monsanto would be burned to the ground. Their operating facilities completely destroyed in an effort to prove we will not eat their test tube food. The big banks would have lawyers and CEO’s hanging from light fixtures as they swindled the world in the largest ever international housing market fix leaving thousands without homes. As they gave themselves millions only to force the government to bail them out under threat of inflation from the corporate owned federal reserve. (Nothing federal about it.)

Imagine people defending themselves against the national guard when they invaded Kent State University shooting down over 10 unarmed students protesting the Vietnam war. Imagine if they had pulled out their own weapons and defended themselves followed with a community backlash of red necks and liberals working together to plow through their genocide. This is the difference between a society and organized anarchy.

Instead of watching Vicky get gunned down in Ruby Ridge or an entire church society burned to the ground in Waco Texas the organized anarchy militia would have shown up and shot down all those douche bags in costumes hiding in the grass with their dreams of murdering for money. Instead the politically correct society watches on television murmuring stupid memes to themselves as they prepare for another day of office work or post on social media as they pretend to make a difference.

Organized anarchy is total freedom for everyone. Total freedom to pick and choose where you spend your time, effort, and money. Need roads? Lets build them. Need hospitals? Lets build them. Instead of making them government or corporate owned mega facilities hell bent on the destruction of health for their own profit, control, and gain, the people would have power over their own health. Rather than allowing a corporate mafia to pump you and your children full of unknown chemical soups that are known to contain things like mercury, formaldehyde, MSG, as well as random metals like aluminum. Rather than allowing one group to control all banks, hospitals, and food, organized anarchy would force variety and honesty in the market.

After a few bankers get hung in town square for fraud, theft, and deception they will think twice before trying it again. That is the difference between a statist and a free thinker. I don’t require government or authority to tell me what’s right or wrong, especially when the individual is far more capable of success without intervention from a bunch idiots in costumes.

The Bible is NOT Demanding

Many times atheists make the claim that you have to live up to the law from the Bible in order to be a believer. They make this claim of course out of thin air, based on no scripture or even a logical reason. The reality is the Bible teaches the exact opposite.

Many people make the mistake of thinking the law is a list of demands from God to people. Don’t steal, don’t rob, don’t fornicate, ect. If you don’t live up to this standard you are not a believer and you are headed to hell. This is what religion teaches, a works based salvation. Even buddhism and atheism are works based religions. The atheist believes if he goes to school, gets a degree, gets a good job, invests, he should get his salvation “retirement” when he’s 60+.

The problem is this is not what the Bible teaches. AT ALL. The entire reason God put the commandments and law in the old testament is to show us we can not live up to a basic human moral code. On top of that, God’s standards for perfection and holiness aren’t the same as ours. If we can’t meet basic human moral code requirements, how could we ever reach God’s standards?

This is why it’s in the old testament. To show you that you can’t do it. That if you are left up to your own decisions you make terrible ones. When you rely on your own understanding you do stupid things. If Tom Leykis would have waited for marriage maybe he wouldn’t have had to suffer 4-5 divorces and years of time wasted. It wasn’t a demand that Tom not fornicate. Rather a warning to what happens when you do. I find it awfully contradicting Tom warns men about marriage and women yet bashes the Bible for exactly the same thing. Tom is more condescending towards people that don’t follow his “rules” as well.

Another example is STD’s, or bad pregnancy, or abortion, ect. The list goes on and on. If you didn’t have sex before marriage with some random girl abortion wouldn’t even be a topic. You wouldn’t have that STD that required a prescription or cream to remove. You weren’t forced into a bad marriage by having a baby. God isn’t demanding you not fornicate, he is warning you as to what happens in most cases when you do.

If God knows our hearts and desires he knows we are quite evil. We live in a fallen world cloaked by our own sin. He knows we love to have sex with young women and will do many things to get it. He knows boobs turn us on. He knows women use these things to destroy men. He knows there are some good submissive women out there. He knows you like getting a blow job while drinking scotch with your ankles tied together and Ron watching with a video camera. He knows all of this. Why would he create a list of demands knowing you can’t meet them?

This becomes the obvious truth. That the law is in place not to live up to, rather to show us we can’t do it. Not only does He show us this in the Bible, but our own actions prove it time after time. I have believed in Jesus Christ for 5 years now. I still sin daily. Certain things I wish I could stop but lust and pride are far too powerful for me to control. Once I can admit this and self reflect upon it the truth really come out. That you can’t do it. That you do require help.

Leaning on other humans will put you in an even worse position. You will be used and abused for profit and societal gain. This is why God had a plan all along. He knew our hearts, he knows our intentions, he knows our thoughts. He created a plan of salvation for even the worst of the worst. Jesus Christ was God in the flesh. He proved it by the death burial and resurrection. His miracles. His blood being shed was literal payment for our debt. Our sin. It wasn’t the blood of a prophet or buddha, it was God in the flesh. This blood was a payment for your sin, past, present, and future.

This means all sin. Future sin. Past sin. And RIGHT NOW sin. When you believe in Jesus Christ you are saved by faith. You are born again. Your flesh is still just as sinful as it has always been, but now you are cloaked in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Not your good deeds or actions. On judgement day you are saved by what Jesus Christ did, not what you did. Salvation is a free gift and no religion can offer anything similar. The reality is religious people killed Jesus Christ.

Many religious people like to take advantage of this too. They use these “demands” from the Bible to make demands upon people. Like the Pope and government. Like the Pope and taxes and tithes. Like the Pope and the crusades. Like the Pope and the inquisition. Like the Pope and the Bible burnings. All through history the Vatican has been using the ruse of Christianity to destroy faith in Jesus Christ and truth. They have invented fairy tales like evolution, pushed socialist feminist corporations off as governments, murdered trillions by financing both sides of every war for 1250 years.

Faith Alone IN Jesus Christ Government is a Religion Slavery is Real

In retrospect this is one of the biggest lies in history. That the Bible is making demands upon anyone. The truth of salvation and Jesus Christ sets you free from this. It doesn’t make demands. The truth is though I’d rather follow his demands than my own commands. The decisions in my life have lead me down so many dark paths of self destruction and sabotage. The small decisions have lead to larger ones that continued to leave me in a state of self delusion or reflection.

These phrases and quips are all part of the bigger lie to destroy you as a human being. To turn you into a working zombie debt slave progressing the Vatican’s agenda of a one world government, religion, and world view. These silly world views are literally created for you. From Christianity to Atheism, all where literally created by the Vatican. From the Quran to the conception of the USA and the fall of Rome.

Individualism is the greatest weapon against control and distinguishing yourself from the pack is the starting point for your own adventure and growth. Individualism is not taught in schools, it鈥檚 not taught in colleges, and you certainly won鈥檛 learn it at a corporation. Individualism is something only you can teach yourself by standing up in the face of a society that shuns truth. The reality is, you only have two real choices in life: whether or not to get off your knees and whether or not to believe in Jesus Christ.

First Thing You Should Always Do In Court

In no way shape or form am I giving you legal advice. I am simply telling you what might be in your best interest for your own personal freedom. We have to keep in mind that basic law, and I mean basic, concludes:

Without a valid 鈥渃ause of action鈥 there鈥檚 no corpus delicti. If there鈥檚 no corpus delicti a case has no standing. There are numerous cases dealing with corpus delicti and all say the same thing. Without a corpus delicti the plaintiff has no standing.

In order to have a corpus delicti a case requires a valid 鈥渃ause of action.鈥 A valid cause of action requires three elements. The three elements are: 1) a violation of a legal right, 2) damage or injury, 3) redress-ability by the court.

I think we can all agree that unless there is an actual victim of a crime, no crime can actually exist. Its impossible. If there is no damage property, legal rights taken, or hurting of another person, no real crime has occurred. The reality is it’s not against the LAW to run a stop sign. The pavement, sidewalk, or “state” are not a victim of you passing by a red sign. On the contrary, it is against the law to run a stop sign and smash into someone’s car or run someone over.

Another thing to keep in mind is that no matter how many laws are on the books, you will always have criminals. Criminal literally means someone that breaks the law… even if you have one million laws it will have no effect on a criminal. Laws are merely allusions of safety created by those in power聽to create the delusion of government to manipulate and control by violence and force to keep their position of power.

Back to the original topic at hand, the first thing you might want to do in any court case, trial, ect. is challenge jurisdiction. Why would a group of men have authority to subject you to codes and rules without your consent? It makes no sense. On the contrary, if I were to take away your freedom of movement, your possessions, take your car, ect. It would be considered a crime. Why do you consider it good when the “government” does it and bad when the聽“private individual” does it? This is the indoctrination of statism.

To put things into perspective:

The distinction between a tort and a crime lies in the difference between the methods by which the remedy for the wrong is pursued; a wrong for which the remedy is pursued by, and at the discretion of, the individual injured or his representative is a tort, and a wrong for which the wrongdoer is proceeded against by the sovereign or state for the purpose of punishment is a crime.鈥 聽Corpus Juris Secundum, Vol 22, page 26 (2006 ed). 聽Supporting citations from text:

Ind-State ex rel Johnson v. White Circuit Court, 225 Ind 602, 77 N.E.2d 298鈥ich.-People v. Veenstra, 337 Mich. 427, 60 N.W.2d 309鈥a.-Com. v. Malloy, 304 Pa.Super. 297, 450 A.2d 689鈥la.-Holland v. State, 440 So.2d 1236鈥.J.- Tomlin v. Hildreth, 65 N.J. L. 438, 47 A. 649鈥.C.-State Highway and Public Works Comm. v. Cobb, 215 N.C. 556, 2 SE2d 565

Parties cannot stipulate to jurisdiction over subject matter where none聽exists Cunningham v. Standard Guar. Ins. Co., 630 So 2d 179 (Fla 1994) In re D.N.H.W., 955 So 2d 1236 (Fla 2d DCA 2007); and subject-matter jurisdiction may not be conferred on court by consent of parties MCR Funding v. CMG Funding Corp., 771 So 2d 32, 35 (Fla 4th DCA 2000) 4. This Court has dismissed similar claims with the right to Amend the Complaint in HSBC Bank USA, etc. v Boone, Walton County 08 CA 557 and Lasalle Bank, etc. v. Schumacher, et al, Walton County 09 CA 247. WHEREFORE, Carroll requests that the court enter an Order Dismissing Plaintiff鈥檚 First Amended Complaint without Prejudice; and granting such other or further relief as is appropriate.

Rules Of Civil Procedure 1.420(b) provides, in pertinent part, that 鈥渁ny party may move聽for dismissal of an action or of any claim against that party for failure of an adverse party to聽comply with these rules or any order of the court.鈥澛2. The dismissal of action or claim for failure of an adverse party to comply with the Rules of Civil聽Procedure or any order of the Court operates as an adjudication on the merits. Cash vs. Airport聽Mini-Storage, 782 SO.2d 983 (Fla. 3d DCA 2001).

鈥淔raud on the court鈥 con颅sists of conduct: (1) on part of officer of the court, (2) that is directed to judicial machinery itself, (3) that is intentionally false, willfully blind to the truth, or is in reckless disregard for the truth, that is positive averment or is concealment when one is under duty to disclose, that deceives court. (Demjanjuk v. Petrovsky, 10 F.3d 338, rehearing and suggestion for rehearing denied, certiorari denied Rison v. Demjanjuk, 115 S.Ct. 295, 513 U.S. 914, 130 L.Ed.2d 205 (Ohio) 1993.鈥擣ed Civ Proc 2654.鈥. . .errors are so prejudicial and fundamental that expenditure of further time and expense would be wasteful, if not futile.鈥 (Salvatore v. State of Florida, 366 So. 2d 745 [Fla. 1978], cert. denied, 444 U.S. 885, 100 S. Ct. 177, 62 L. Ed. 2d 115 [1979]).

Are you mad after reading this? You should be. These people have been taking advantage of you for years but aren’t you to blame as well? You didn’t read the fine print. Even on the DMV registration paperwork it reads that you are indeed consenting over your vehicle to the government and it is now a motor vehicle under their authority. They have openly admitted that income taxes are voluntary, always have been. I聽hope you have started to see why it might be in your best interest to challenge jurisdiction. Have you been consenting away your freedom this entire time? Willfully? Perhaps its time to start looking a bit closer.

Judge Dismisses Complaint Because Prosecution Cannot Prove Jurisdiction