Free Speech Is Just a Buzzword Keyword for Normies

Realizing large mainstream platforms have no free speech and literally use internet is dead AI’s to control what people say, through keywords and manipulation they’re able to shape what you perceive to be true. Many people realize this as they move away from larger platforms and harness what made the old internet so great. Places to hang out and talk without the threat of being banned or manipulated by some internet AI.

The problem however is many of these smaller platforms have gone the same direction as they try and slice out a piece of the main stream money pie. Whether selling out so they can place google adsense ads, affiliate marketing, or monetizing their audience in some other “family friendly” way. They jump through the hoops to be apart of the same main stream they claim to be separate from while at the same time claiming free speech and no spyware.

This is why the internet will never return to it its old style, not because of large corporations or money hungry investors… but because of people like you and me. Allowing ourselves to be involved in communities that clearly only have one interest and it’s obviously not free speech or creativity. As they plaster their google adsense data harvesting codes, their shilly affiliate links, or ban and delete anyone that doesn’t meet the “work friendly” environment. (Which really just means advertiser friendly).

What’s even worse is some of these places claim they are all about free speech yet their guilty of banning people they don’t like, guilty of shadow banning users that don’t agree with the main stream propaganda, guilty of hiding content from users they deem conspiracy theorists. It’s weak and pathetic because they even call themselves free speech locations, they claim to support and fight for free speech while they lie and manipulate behind the scenes. Free speech has become just a keyword, a buzzword to attract weak minded fools back into the world wide WEB.

At least main stream platforms are honest about the fact they will ban you for “medical misinformation”. At least they acknowledge the fact they are not going to be a free speech platform.. unlike these smaller platforms and forums that claim free speech while they do all kinds of shady shit to get a piece of the cash cake or manipulate their user base with bots and fake accounts. I’ve been banned from several “free speech” forums just because they didn’t like me or my opinions.

The reality is most people only like free speech when they are surrounded by equal thinking echo chambers. The minute you speak out against the hive mentality of any smaller platform you’re turned into a scapegoat and used to teach a lesson to other members that conformity and same think are the only option. The reason we will never achieve any sort of free speech online is based on the sole fact that you’ve sold out yourself, willing to negotiate and settle for shill platforms. Making up lame low IQ excuses when it’s someone else because deep down you don’t have the balls to stand up for real free speech and creativity. You’ve become just another online bot in the transhumanist internet is dead AI.

God Already Proved He’s God

God already proved He’s God and if He is ever lasting and ever living, there is not start or stop to His time. You however have but a brief whisper of time called about 70-80 years if you’re lucky because or code has worn down over the years. Especially after adding so many chemicals and bio altercations to food, water, and medicine; not to mention the environment as well with chemtrails and herbicide. Yet society has themselves propped up as ever living idols to their own falsified perfection when each dies at the end of their life after living as a slave, a mockery, a fake, a fraud, a sell out or a normie.

Imagine being an Instagram model, 9-5 financial analyst, or working at a computer your entire life and pretending you’re a God. As many live in depression and misery they pretend they are happy and healthy as they continue injecting the masses with chemicals they clap in conformity. Imagine chasing likes and internet validation for a living, or being a hot tub streamer on twitch wearing your narcissism as a bikini. People pretend their government schools are a church as they worship and obey every word. Down to a sphere earth, blind obedience to authority, and feminist evolution.

Imagine working at a bank like BlackRock where you launder money for international pedo rings and mercenary corps like BlackWater, all while the masses wave their flags and clap for the green beret commando. At the end of your day your life is your life and it’s not a video game, you’ve only got one. You could be a cool guy and maybe you help in your community. Maybe you treat people with respect and work hard. Maybe you donate money to the local church and do some good deeds. The problem was however you never put any focus on the one that created you. Only yourself, at best your family, friends, and neighbors. At best.

The Bible says God is not only ever living and ever lasting but Just and Loving. He knew you weren’t perfect. He knew you’d make mistakes. He programmed your DNA after all but without this you wouldn’t have *Free Will*. As many blame God for the tragedy and problems plane wide they forget their own sin as they’re clapping for the next Presidential slave master. They forget genocide has claimed more casualties than Noah’s flood itself. The very governments they pay taxes too as their sons sign up for war. Every country in the world now has an IMF or international bank thanks to the Vatican and it’s success using countries like the USA as simple military fiefdoms. At the end of the day God came to earth as a man we call Jesus Christ. I’m sure you’ve heard the story at least once but many fail to realize the reality of it all. Incredible one story could be heard by most of the population’s throughout mankind.

Through time and tribulations this one story has stood the same for roughly 2,000 years as God made a promise to everyone who would hear. Believe in what Jesus Christ did on the cross. Have faith that Jesus Christ did in fact pay the penalty for all sin, for every man, women, and child. His resurrection proved he was God and that the debt had been paid in full. He had proven that with the Blood of Jesus Christ He was His blood literally paid the debt to the ultimate accuser many fail to recollect. Satan himself stands silenced by God himself as He took the sacrifice for each one, you and I. “Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?” – John 11:25-26 KJV. [INSERT YOUR QUESTION HERE] “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3 KJV

7 Signs You Are Being Sucked Into a Relationship

Many times men think they can dodge the bullet by using protection, but as we all know from the horror stories of pin holes in condoms and the birth control lies it’s safe to say abstinence is the only safe option. Wait, did I just say abstinence? Yeah dude. It’s really the only option left aside from hookers and prostitutes. Either that or the high chance of finding yourself paying child support to some entitlement government worshiping harpy.
It’s hard to even tell someone else that abstinence is the only option left when I myself hardly practice it. It’s very difficult to remain abstinent in a society where every social media platform is filled with boobs and vagina. You literally can’t even go to the #homestead or #farming tags without seeing boobs and bikinis everywhere. You click on their profile thinking they must be some sort of big time model… but no, they have less than 100k followers, often times under 15k and they have a feed filled with selfies and slutty photos. If you comment anything other than #beautiful “I love you so much” “I love your makeup” you are blocked. Either that or they want to have an internet fight with you which ends when they realize they will be hitting the wall soon, and I will be getting richer in assets and knowledge.
This obviously creates a large lust drive for any man. Being flooded with non-stop images of women, boobs, and vaginas is bound to impact even the most loyal monk. Chances are most men will fold when a cute little honey presents herself as a risk free good time. Eventually though, it will end in disaster as we all know. Here are 7 signs you are being sucked into a relationship:
1) Wondering What She Is Doing
This is a obvious sign that your attention has began shifting from important life goals, hobbies, and current events and into her needs, goals, hobbies, and current events. The minute you start questioning and wondering what she is doing as a habit you have already fallen for the trap. She is inside your head playing games and you don’t even realize it. Wondering what she is doing isn’t a sign that you care about it, rather that there is a feeling of distrust and disloyalty. That she might be doing something behind your back. Sometimes this is because the man is doing this himself, but usually it is a sign that she has began her effort. The hook is set and there’s nothing left for her to do but start reeling you in.
2) I’m Sorry I Didn’t Respond I Was Busy
This is a manipulative trick many women use. It sets them up to be chased. When they say this to you, even when you are not awaiting their response, it sets up this game. Most of the time men are not sitting by the phone waiting for a women to call. Often times they reply to a message when it’s convenient. When working online or from home sometimes it’s a bit easier verse working on a roof but usually the response comes when a moment of time offers itself. Women however take this as an opportunity to begin their manipulation. They plant this seed that you are in fact waiting for them and their response. Like you are angry that they did not respond earlier and feel the need to apologize each time. Obviously you say, “no big deal” “no worries” and think nothing of it. Little did you know she was slowly setting you up for the trap.
3) Changing Small Habits
You find yourself in situations where you start saying things to appease her. Instead of being yourself, you start saying things that belittle yourself into the image she wants. Often times you don’t realize it until it’s too late, as you’ve whittled yourself down to the last bit of wood. These women use validation as cookies to push you in the direction they want, whether that be a baby or relationship. Or both. They have an agenda. The second you catch yourself saying something that contradicts the truth to appease her delusion you are in fact, being sucked into a black hole.
4) Playing Games
This one can be very dangerous if you don’t see what’s happening before hand. Often times a man will find himself in the situation where he realizes he is being ignored to cause him to chase, that he will do certain things to pass her shit test, ect. At this point some men decide to start playing games back. This is another indicator you are being roped into an unhealthy relationship. She is using emotion to over power your logic and beat you over the head with it. You can’t beat a pig at wrestling in the mud because they love it. No matter how good you think you’re doing they will maintain their manipulation with a smile.
5) Special Time for Conversation
Some women use basic means to rope in their victim. Using sex is usually the easiest way to manipulate a man and most simple women do exactly that. A man can easily get sucked into a relationship with a girl like this because often times they are somewhat chill and fun to be around. The reality is though you’re just another unicorn on the cock carousel. Once she’s bored she will be on to the next victim. One way to thwart this scenario is to understand your own thinking. When you start wanting to create time for conversation and activities rather than sex you know she has taken you from sex friend to boyfriend. She turned a purely sexual relationship into a real one.
6) Giving in to Date Demands
Many times men will be given “advice” on where to go for the date or some super special romantic picnic thing with wine under the stars. If you ever find yourself with a bottle of wine sitting under the stars with what was a booty call, rest assured you have been sucked into a relationship. If you have began jumping through these hoops know you will be on the court the rest of your life. Jump shot after jump shot, layup after layup. The demands will never end, but your life sure will.
7) Dismissing Red Flags
You’ve been through enough relationships to know the red flags. You have seen it first hand and dealt with it personally. Many times these red flags are over looked for a booty call or sex buddy because it doesn’t matter. You are just there for sex and the fact that she is a slut online or at college parties doesn’t matter to you. She lies about where she is, what’s she is doing, ect. but you don’t care because you just want sex. The minute you start dismissing these red flags and continue the relationship she will use one of the other baits to hook you, and reel you in. The second you catch yourself dismissing any red flags know you are on the brink of collapse.
Seeing the signs before it’s too late can save you an ample amount of time and energy in the long wrong. The reality is you can’t fix these women and most of them don’t want to be fixed. They treat those that care like dirty rocks, and those that don’t care like kings. They wonder why they are miserable deep down, they wonder why they don’t feel good after riding another cock, they wonder how they are single at 40 with 5 cats and kids to match. They wonder why they can’t find a good man. They wonder, they wonder, they wonder. They push away anyone that tries to help or they use captain save a hoe until his ship sinks like the titanic. That’s when they hop ship and start searching for a new boat to climb aboard.
These women do not look at men as human beings but rather disposable utilities for their use. The reason these relationships are dangerous is because they are not in fact relationships. They are the castration of the modern man and cuckation of his very soul and mind. The ability to be free, dominant, and powerful is the essence of every man. Every man has the ability to be a leader, a role model, and a teacher. Modern women rob of us that and they will use any means necessary to do so. Watch your backs gentlemen and always remember these 7 signs you are being sucked into a relationship.

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Standing Your Ground Against Feminism

Dealing with the feminist mindset can be exhausting. Like fighting your way through a tornado only to find out there’s a hurricane on the other side. Growing up in a home with an “educated, masters degree, independent, great, women” of a mother, which is actually code for self entitled, self absorbed, feminist, narcissistic sociopath, I started to develop an anti-feminist mentality. Not based on hate or anger, but based on reality and logic. Having encounters with these types of woman through out life help me identify a lot of the causes and reasons. Even when these women are merely friends with no sexual attraction or friction they still carry out their man hating attacks. Whether aggressive, passive aggressive, bi-proxy, ect.
What is bi-proxy you ask? Well that is when a manipulative college educated women uses her vagina and sex appeal to trick a man into having the same opinion as her. A quote from a permaculture dude named Paul Wheaton, “Most people NEED to hear their own opinion from all other people and are frustrated that they don’t have the might to make it “right.” And it is so true in the subject of feminism, and the modern women. The reality is most women do not admit to being a feminist but certainly hold to the ideals and values feminism brings.
I have actually had this happen to me many times. I have had grown men call me a misogynist with their girlfriend or wife sitting next to them with a smirk on her face. I have asked these grown men, what is this word misogynist, can you give me a definition. Most look at me like a deer in the headlights. Like they’ve been discovered as the true coward they are. They have no clue what a misogynist is but they heard the vagina they want say it so they are trying to look good. To protect her. Her knight in shining armor. The reality is this man feels and looks like a total coward. He knows that I have discovered his lies and that he has no idea what he is talking about. He is merely a mouth piece for the vagina.
You know feminism is ingrained in the heads of every educated women because when they try and debate or argue they are shot down with logic and reason. They get angry that their entire philosophy can be attributed to the Jesuits as a way to destroy the feminine, empathetic, caring, women. They used feminism to create total chaos in the families of every home. Whether through television, media, or the government school system they slowly poisoned the minds of women.
It wouldn’t be a big deal if these feminist maintained their viewpoints outside of government; but since this is a direct agenda from the people that own government they have used it in their favor. This mentality has resulted in thousands of men losing their bank accounts, children, dignity, and sanity. It has resulted in a government full of educated women that hate men. That are given a free pass to do anything they want. Considering most voters are women as well, it leaves for little room for change in a positive way for men. I only see it getting worse.
This mentality carries to every vagina mouthpiece. This mentality is grabbed up by every college women. It gives them the ability to have sex for free on the tax payers dime. It gives them the ability to kill their own child. It gives them a sense of undeserved entitlement and sovereignty. They take whatever they want, do whatever they want, and the law supports them.
Another problem that stems from these vaginas and their mouth pieces is that gossip and slander. They can’t just have an argument or debate. They feel the need to talk about it to everyone they know. To change what you said and manipulate your opinions to fit their narrative. Now of course this leaves you outside the group, with them all believing a bunch of non-sense and never questioning the feminist narrative. I have seen it many times, where I obviously destroy a silly feminist argument and instead of a rebuttal, they go into shaming, guilting, hate, ect. And when they are done with that, they go tell everyone that will listen how I am women hating man. That I am misogynist. And then you have the vagina mouthpiece say it to my face. I have seen these women literally lose it over a debate like this. Drunk and passed out on the sidewalk 2 hours later.. cognitive dissonance.
See, the reality is most feminist and modern women have no accountability. They never blame themselves for their destructive ways. They never look in the mirror. They just blame men and patriarchy. Then they pick themselves up by their own bootstraps, put on their mask, and look for a new prey. The only way to actually win is to always stand your ground.
When I say stand your ground it doesn’t mean you pull out a club and starting beating people. What I mean is to have your thoughts well articulated and grounded in reality and truth. This way when an emotional educated women starts losing her shit you can simply recite truths in a calm manner. This to me, is the best way to awaken other men to the reality. What’s the next thought a deer has after it’s caught in the headlights? Oh fuck. Then? RUN.
When you stand your ground you not only need to stand against this feminist non-sense, but also the women worship by their mouthpiece. These men need to see other real men standing their ground. These men have had their confidence and dignity shattered at an early age by, most likely, their own mother. This results in the blue pill man chasing validation from a women. Why else would a grown man call another man a misogynist?
The reality is a grown man should never even use this word. The reality is the word itself makes no sense at all. Probably just another feminist invention to shame men that stand their ground. Let’s look at the definitions of these words:
a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.
having or showing a dislike or distrust that is derived from prejudice; bigoted.
preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.
Okay, so by definition if a man is giving first hand experience of these things it CAN NOT be misogynist or prejudice against women. It is simply the truth. Misogynist would be a man that does not like woman but has never talked to one, dated one, seen one in his life, married one, lost children to one, lost his bank account to one, ect. So by definition this word doesn’t even make sense. In reality, when you change the word women to men. It fits the bill for a feminist.
Most feminists do not have experience with losing their children to a man, they have no experience losing their bank account to a man; most feminists have never been raped yet they accuse all men of raping and starting a rape culture. So by definition feminists and modern women are more misogynist than Men Going Their Own Way men.
Or maybe it needs its own word? Femogynist.

The Moment You Stop Believing the News

No amount of research, facts, or studies will ever persuade someone to see something they don’t want to see. Certain truths in life have the effect to either change someone or make them create a delusion to cover the truth. Once confronted, they are left with one of the two options.

Those that chose to dig a bit deeper, to discover and figure out whats going on are the ones that will understand what I am saying. The ones that chose to create a delusion to cover this truth will write it off as crazy or ridiculous. Their reaction is predictable. Ours however, is not.

The tip of the iceberg that sank my Titanic was the media. Something was always off about their presentation and the way they would coach or manipulate their interviews and information. That inner gut was saying these people are full of it. When you start to look at what they are saying from a 3rd party perspective, it’s clear they’re pushing an agenda. Noticing that all these media outlets are owned and operated by only a few large corporations it was easy to figure out who’s agenda they’d be pushing.

The moment you start to question the reality we are forced to believe in, is the moment your life starts to change forever. If you manage your way through the maze of cointel pro, disinfo, and deceivers.. you’ll find yourself in the calm of the storm. You’ll start to uncover the lies and manipulation that have been programmed into you since day one. Since the first day of kindergarten to this very moment. Using vehicles like television, statism, religion, materialism, and self worship all to control your mindset and actions.

Never forget this moment in your life. As its evidence that you can easily be deceived and manipulated to believe fact as fiction and vice versa. Let it be a testament to holding to absolute truth and not our own imaginations.

“Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” –  Matthew 7:13-14

Never forget, at one moment in your life you too (as I) were one of those idiots chasing terrorists because a piece of aluminum knocked down a steel and concrete building. Never forget you too (as I) were one of those douche bags saying “survival of the fittest, prophet darwin says evolution is real I’ma monkey”. Never forget you thought Jesus Christ was a religion or works salvation when in fact He preached against it.

Never forget that moment you stopped believing the News.

Television Watching News Believer - Conspiracy Music Guru