Andrew Tate Dates Tranny Mikhaila Peterson #Transvestigation

I’ve known about the androgyne religion and agenda for several years now but it always surprises me how deep their agenda really goes. It’s really gotten to the point everyone and anyone popular on social media or in the public spaces are in fact pushing this agenda. Whether it be Andrew Tate with his wannabe alpha army or anti pro-noun internet guru Jordan Peterson. When you start to peel back the facade you start to realize they are all in on the Freemason androgyne religion. While Mikhaila Peterson spends her time on a podcast inviting prominent speakers onto the show only to get them to lust after her tranny androgyne “beauty”.

Androgyne Religion

A while back I was sitting in my chair listening to Jordan Peterson and I always got the feeling he was a shill and it wasn’t until I was watching his daughters podcast I realized, that bitch is a dude. Sure enough, a quick search of Jordan Peterson’s wife revealed a very scary reality. After looking at some more pictures it became way to obvious that Jordan Petersons family was filled with androgyne flip flops. Were they testing a relationship or did Andrew Tate just want a piece of that androgyne ass? Perhaps it was part of deal with the devil to get millions and a Bugatti while being promoted as the savior of men all over the internet. Let’s take a look at some pictures…

Tranny Tammy Peterson

Andrew Tate is a complete SHILL