The Only Thing Men Want

I’ve neglected writing about topics like this for a long time because I was always holding out for the women that wasn’t the same. A girl that actually wants to build something rather than take it with the governments helping hand. A girl that was actually willing to sacrifice and put in the effort. I’m not very prideful but when I look at my skillsets compared to the average female it’s quite easy to see they really don’t know shit.

To put things into perspective here in Mexico 75% of men can build an entire house in about a month, plumb it, get some electricity going, water, while at the same time starting a farm and producing food; and cooking their own dinner from scratch. The average women here wants to be handed money to buy food, cook some low IQ hot dogs in oil, and clean some clothes. That’s it. They have opportunity. They have 30+ colleges in my town and over 70% are women. Women 26+ years old with no real skillsets, no real world practical abilities. I’ve personally watched them waste 5 years in college only to be working as a babysitter or server at a restaurant.

What’s crazy is in the USA this is the scenario on crack. A bunch of skill-less women with degrees pretending they are important while butt fucking every dude they meet with a strap-on. The worst part is the average man is willing to work his hands and knees to the bone to make sure his family has food and a roof. He’s willing to work 18-20 hours a day just so they have something special on Christmas day. Meanwhile the average women is more worried about her career and her image than her own children. Worried about how society will perceive her as she hands her kids a poptart.

At first I thought Latin America was different. Women still seemed to know to cook and take care of the family but the reality is their shit show was just a different flavor. Asking what my job is the very first sentence of a conversation, dollar signs in their eyes as I walk buy. I remember one girl crying when I told her I didn’t even have a passport, guess she had some fantasy of me taking her back to the USA or something.

Watching mothers in every house hold beat their own children and husband into the ground, hell even dogs and puppies. Women and young girls getting upset when you don’t buy them a coke, chips, or candy from the local store. The entitlement among these women is just as bad as the USA just a new angle. Catholicism and the government teaming up with feminism and entitlement I’ve literally seen neighborhood females with 3 maridos in the casa at the same time. 3 dudes being played and used for money and none of them say a thing, working as a team to support their queen.

Another neighbor selling photos of her children around town while her husband is at work all week. (At least she was arrested). In the USA they’d just smile and give them a job in government. Another family unwilling to feed their grandpa as he slowly starved to death sleeping on a mat on the floor of a concrete hut. The reality is family is just as dead in Mexico as it is in the USA. The difference is in the USA they don’t hide it, here in Mexico they pretend and act like they are close and united.

Meanwhile in the street men (the banda) are broken, sad, and alone. That’s probably the only reason I’m still here between them and my animals. They understand what it’s like to give it their all over and over again only to be destroyed by women around them, including their own family. Watching young boys get beaten for playing in the mud while the little girls are handed money to buy anything they want at the store.

It’s pathetic and the reality is modern women are trashy, narcissistic, and delusional as fuck. For men, most simply want to be left alone. Live a simple life, create something within the community, build a smart and healthy family.. They simply enjoy playing with their children and building something real. Filled with skillsets and critical thinking they are met with government brute force and female narcissistic abuse.

Are there great women out there? Of course. Are there shitty men? Obviously. In general however, the percentages are quite clear and real world experience has shown me the ratios are VERY TILTED. Reality is I’ve never seen a man smack a kid in the street yet I’ve seen thousands of women do so here in Mexico. The second a young boy can start working (I’ve seen 12 year old boys selling cigarettes at 2 a.m. at bars downtown) they are put to work by their mother. Not to earn their keep or teach them valuable lessons but merely as another income for her narcissism and abuse.

Lets be real though, for men the abuse starts a week out of the womb.. when a young baby boy receives his first sexual pleasure (nurse cleaning his penis) seconds later followed by mutilating the most sensitive part of a boy by cutting off the most nerve dense piece of the body, the foreskin. Men need to wake the fuck up, and women, please shut the fuck up.

American Circumcision

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Bizarre History Of American Circumcision - Why Do We Still Do It?

The Modern Narcissistic Women

Finding yourself in disbelief you question your own agenda. Jumping through hoops in the past while walking on egg shells, the modern women who you think you love has turned your globe earth round and round. With no compass your sense of direction is lost as your sails lose the wind. Chasing comfort from your pain thinking the one giving out abuse will rectify your run, turns into the path of the insane.

The art of narcissism for modern women has been changed. What better place to hide than a narcissistic “life coach” on the internet. Collecting bags of empathy and attention from victim stories and comments. Browsing and reading you start to notice a trend of these women as they learn how to improve their game. Many in the comments searching to profit from your pain while learning how to aim. The modern women is no longer the overt, or covert, but rather a well trained Jesuit assassin. Using you in every way with their eyes on only what they can gain.

Swimming in narcissistic supply from social media they drink up their informational antidote. They know when you’re watching videos about narcissism but they’ve already learned how to deflate your tires on every curve. You dance along in the street trying to figure it out when the simple truth remains. Your focus is on them and not your goals and God. They’ve taken you off the path and into the jungle keeping you in confusion as it starts to rain.

With no survival gear your feet start to get cold. Looking around the narcissist is the only one around. Caught in the cycle you try to find the path back yet the foliage has left you in her wrath. Making a run for it you jog through the sticks of chechen while feeling your legs give out, the only one there is the narcissist as her claws dig in. You scream out in pain but no one hears as your blood starts to pour.

Everything you thought you knew was removed in one swift swoop, realizing the source once and for all. Replacing your relationship with Jesus Christ with that of the narcissist left you in a state of turmoil. Wishing you could go back in time, the machine never arrives. Staring up at the sun you have no energy left watching the rain drip from leaf to leaf. As your back starts to sting from all the cuts and stabs you’ve only got one choice left.

As you get off your back you try to run, however your battle wounds keep you from your escape attempt as the Warden tells you to come home. Staring at the guard towers and razer sharp fence your heart starts to mourn, realizing your trapped. Letting out a prayer a dove passes a bit of clarity, you’ve always just been cheese for the rat. As the narcissist continues to attack they destroy their own soul however for the survivor it’s just another hole in the cheese.

Dodging bullets you cut through the fence, not caring if you take one to the chest. Slipping through you can feel the freedom like a revolutionary escaping a Lenin Gulag. Sending the dogs and flying monkeys feeling them bite at your heels the hairs on your neck stand up to watch the fight. Energy draining another prayer is sent out, hoping for the best as you dive into a river half frozen your body can’t compute. The chase is over however looking back all you see is the peacefulness of the river as you climb out on the other side. The sun starts to pierce forcing the ice to melt, all your wounds have been healed. Closing your eyes you imagine the path you were on, imagining the beauty of the jungle you start to hear the birds and insects buzzing around. Opening your eyes you start to understand what this path was all about.

1 Hour Of Melancholic Sovietwave

Asking a Women for Permission

In the never ending line of cucks this shit never gets old. It’s one of the only things that really pisses me off anymore. These beta cuck cowards of men asking their women or wife for permission to do the most mundane basic tasks. Need to go to the store with a friend? Better ask for permission. Someone needs help with something for 5 minutes? Better ask for permission. Want to drink a beer with a friend? Better ask permission. Want to buy a new tool for a new job or task at home? Better ask permission. Want to do literally anything? Ask for permission. These men don’t have the discernment to figure it out for them self? Like really dude? You need to ask for permission so someone can use your WiFi for 5 minutes in an emergency? And really bitch? You can’t let someone use your WiFi for 5 minutes to make a phone call? Men sitting idle as their women run their mouths about stupid shit. Men taking orders from these same dumb cunts that couldn’t tie their shoes if they weren’t velcro to fit her fat television watching ass feet.

These women sit around with no skills at all other than pressing buttons on a phone or television yet they want to order around grown ass men. Men that have skills, abilities to fix shit, make shit, create stuff, while these nasty over grown flabby armed women want to open their nasty gross fat mouth and bark orders in between stuffing their face with sugar treats and coca cola on your dollar. The man gets home from working a 12 hour day only to have to cook dinner for these nasty women and their off spring from 10 other dudes. It’s even worse when these women graduate college thinking their intelligent when they’re simply narcissistic feminists without a clue, not even capable of basic socialization or empathy they pretend they are something special, a gift of god. They get a little money in their pocket and think their some television super star boss like Donald Trump. Living off the narcissistic supply on Facebook as another beta simp steps in line.

You may wonder why it makes me so angry, when real men have to deal with these cucks of another nature. Because these cucks are in government, throughout your school systems, and military. Creating more beta bitches as they cower to every female. Having to wait 6 hours to do a 5 minute task because some sackless dude needs to ask permission to open the door. Real men are doing real shit and we have to wait on these neutered opinions. An entire system created on the backs of real men while these same cowards let their women ruin their life, and those around them. Never realizing it was YOU who was giving her the power. Stop giving her your hard earned money and she’d be living in a cardboard box. Let them have their socialist degrees as they cry at night to their cat why they can’t find a job. Like sitting in an office all day some how brings merit to society or the community is the hamster running on a wheel illusion.

When you use your imagination you start to see these women as nothing but life sized bobble heads bouncing down the street. As I hear another flabby armed women screaming at her children for wanting to play and run around. Heaven forbid, a kid has some energy and can’t sit in front of a television watching your retarded show and needs some exercise. Made worse by your inability to cook healthy food buying them the same sugar treats you stuff in your own mouth. Wondering why they would have a sugar rush similar to snorting a line of cocaine. These women are clueless as fuck yet you need to ask them for permission?

As they spend your entire paycheck on purses, dresses, and television subscriptions you continue to ask for permission. As you go hungry you continue to ask for permission. Ask you beg neighbors and friends for some money because your clueless girl spent it all on powdered formula for the baby instead of some raw milk with actual nutrients. As she buys soap and bleach for the floors your stomach growls. Why buy some chickens when you can just go to the store and for some sugar treats right? Why eat healthy eggs for free when you can spend someone else’s hard earned money on no effort no nutrient food. As the children grow they have bigger bellies than the town drunk, filled with fake food and sugar with nothing else. These are the women you are asking permission from?

These same women that when out on their own living on feminism are the most in debt class of people in society? Paying most of their paycheck into a mortgage and car payment they have nothing left at the end of the day. Paying off their college degree they pretend their a princess to society. By 40 their life choices have made them so depressed and delusional they are left with nothing but cats and the occasional 40 year old virgin simp that takes them out on a date. The reality is any semi-successful man doesn’t want a feminist working wife. They bring nothing to the table. They don’t need your money, they don’t want your attitude, they can live without your terrible cooking, and you do nothing but pull them down spiritually and mentally. Why would a real man want this type of women anywhere near them?

But this is the delusion they tell them self, that men are intimidated by a “successful” women. When they fail to realize their success is based on societies view, woohoo another slave, their eggs dry up as they hit the wall. Even their appearance can no longer save them. They become treated like disposable feeders, similar to how men have been treated their entire life. The difference however is most of these women can’t handle that reality, and continue down their path of destruction. Creating a social hierarchy inside their family to destroy the lives of everyone around them. Manipulating and causing drama throughout, is the only sense of happiness these women can pull out. They have no skills, overweight, ugly, and most of all rude as fuck.

And you want to ask this type of person for permission to do something in your own life? Do you not see the cage you’ve put yourself in? And for what? Sex? I’d rather fuck an apple pie in peace for the rest of my life than listen to another minute of some delusional cunt screaming about some retarded non-sense, allowing her to use sex as a tool of manipulation and control turning me into some sort of starving lap dog. An apple pie is far cheaper and if you’re kinky enough you’ve got free desert soon after. Seriously, anything is better than some flabby armed elephant bouncing around in the bedroom like Horton Hears a Who. Grow some fucking balls.

Confessions of the Modern Woman

“So do i. i’m a pro athletes worse nightmare. these men are so damn stupid. i call it “insurance”.” – Ashley Del Rey
“I actually never really liked any of my boyfriends. I was only with them for money. Matter of fact, I only like men for dick and money. Don’t really care too much for their personalities. Bitches are weak.”
“I’ve cheated on every guy I’ve ever been with (usually w/ a more powerful guy), I have no remorse, and I would do it again.”
“I’m cheating on my boyfriend right now. I’ve been going out on dates with different men to see if I can upgrade. This new guy in particular is more successful so I’m seeing if I can get something more from him before I leave my current. Of course, none of the new guys know I’m taken.”
“I’ve been cheating on my husband with 20-25 year olds who live out of state. I prefer men who look that age. I had an affair with one for 5 years. He wanted to marry me, but I broke up with him. He had no idea I was married that whole time.”
“I’ve used them all for either quick cash or improvements in my social status/career opportunities… they think I actually love them until I break up with them (or go ghost) for the next dude. I don’t think I’m actually capable of love like that. :dead: I don’t even care for them like friends. I feel indifferent toward them.”
“At the party my long term side piece walked up to me and whispered in my ear to come over his house after the club. I went and we had the best sex ever. I didn’t even shower or brush my teeth after receiving boat loads of semen in my hair, mouth and on my stomach. We used condoms but snatched them off when he was ready to blow. I got up. Went home and laid in the bed next to my boyfriend and didn’t even care.”
“When I was in a relationship with my ex I became friendly and slept with his favorite musician who was well known in his genre. He knew we were talking. I’m 90% sure he knew about the hooking up but neither of us discussed that elephant in the room. I feel awful about it, especially because i rarely ever had sex with my ex because i couldn’t bear how bad it was. Way to make a guy feel inadequate.”
“This guy I’m seeing tells me he loves me, but I’m really just in it for the money. He pays my bills, takes me traveling whenever he gets a vacation, and buys me stuff.”
“I like doing fucked up things to people. I think it’s my mental illness that makes me like that. I’m sleeping with a dude in a relationship. Every time I see his girl I smile knowing that I fucked her dude and she doesn’t know. I’m going to fuck his homeboy just to piss him off.”
“I was 8 years old when my dad got married. I felt like she hated me because she didn’t say much to me and i found myself wanting her approval. She eventually warmed up to me, we became close. My dad worked nights, so it would be me and her home alone. One night she ask me if she could sleep in the bed with me because she hated sleeping alone. I told her yes and she only had on a t shirt and panties. She wrapped her legs around me to where her private area touch my butt. I was laying on my side with my back faced her. She then start humping me lightly and moaning in my ear. Men didnt give me much attention as a child but women did.”
“Well my husband (back then my bf) doesn’t know the real reason he made it through his pledge process is because I fucked his dean and 3 other frat brothers (not all at once) while he on line. Matter of fact one night while he was in a secret “location” on line in a warehouse I was outside fucking his dean lol.”
“I’m sleeping with a married man who pays my bills, and I have another man I really like who I’m seeing, but he’s broke so I just keep him on the side for good sex.”
“I cheated on my husband when we were at our happiest. We had a lot of bad times but then we were happy. I thought the man I cheated with was the one but he treats me like shit.”
“I keep a secret relationship with someone I dated in college. It isn’t physical and we never had sex mostly because I never thought he was stable and I need security from a man and to feel safe. I have a fiance and love the man I’m with but I still care about the other guy and like being friends and when he comes to town we have lunch and catch up. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this and I don’t think I’m cheating but my fiance has always been threatened by our relationship because I was dating both of them at the same time at one point unexclusively.”
“I’m secretly physically attracted to women. I plan to marry rich and cheat with women. The attention of married or taken men makes me feel good. I’ll flirt with men and lead them on just for attention. The whole time I know that it’s not going anywhere.”
“The fat men thread makes me ashamed that I cannot get this fat guy I used to date out of my head. I have a boyfriend!! But when I see that he’s been out with someone else, I will send him a text just to make him all excited to hear from me. Then he’ll go on to try to meet up with me for a few weeks before realizing that I am not giving him any attention. Once a few weeks have gone by without hearing from him, I’ll send him another text. It’s not that I like him, I just don’t like it when he’s no longer showing interest in me. I need him to be interesting in me always. The sad part is that he doesn’t even have a big dick. I don’t understand what’s wrong with me.”
“I’m actively pursuing a married man. I’m breaking him down and will turn him into my sponsor. I feel bad for his wife, but I’m not trying to replace her. I just want him and his money.”
“The crazy part is no one knows about this side of me. I go to church every Sunday and bible study every Tuesday. I appear to be such a sweet innocent young lady but if people only knew. And the crazy part is I’m only 22. I’m really surprised I’ve never been pregnant or gotten an STD. I really need to slow down but I can’t. Well when I’m an old saggy boobed lady I’ll have these memories to look back on.”
“Lied to this guy that had a crush on me, told him I needed money for an abortion, even though it wasn’t his baby & we had never fucked, he offered to give me the cash but he just needed time to get it together, but I was so impatient, he started getting suspicious, I think he figured out I was a lyer so he made up an excuse that he couldn’t get the whole amount but he still gave me some money.”
“I don’t really believe in putting all of your eggs into one basket unless a wedding date is set. My boyfriend is very aware that I feel the way that I do because men will waste years of your life waiting on a ring. We will be spending the 23rd-jan 2nd alone on vacation…we told our families a while back that we were going to spend the holidays with each other, and that they were free to tag along, but both sets of parents say we are grown and to not worry about them. I may just dump him if he doesn’t propose during the holiday.”
“I used to fuck 3 different guys at my uni, i used to fuck at my uni staircase/classroom, ive fucked mulptile guys in one day/hours, i once fucked a guy on my birthday in the morning then a different guy later. it was awesome. had this guy eat my pussy an hour after someone else had came in me.”
“Ex boyfriend’s house, party going on, had sex with mutual friend on boyfriend’s bed while he ran up to the store for 20 minutes… had sex and slept with boyfriend the same night.”
“Somehow ended up with a rich but stingy mofo, told the idiot i got pregnant 2 different times so he’d give me money for an abortion 1k+ each time. i have never been pregnant lol lied so many times about emergencies that needed money.”
“I am also dating other people. One is flying out to hang out with me soon. He told me to make reservations wherever I wanted to eat so he better be prepared to drop a lot of money lol.”
“I went on a date with a potential sugar daddy, we had dinner and he thought he was getting some . When he got out of the car to take a smoke. I took all the money in his wallet, club soda drink and bounced. Got off with $2,368,I left the quarters.”
“He filed for divorce yesterday and told me and two mutual friends today. We are the only ones who know and he said he’ll start letting others know as the holidays get closer. He has been trying to see me and now thinks I’ll be open to it since he’s getting his own place. Don’t know how to tell him that I will never take him seriously and am not interested in anything casual until I know if she’s going to leave him with any money or not. I don’t want to have a casual fling with no broke dude”
“Ugh I can’t wait till college really turns me into a hoe so that I can post in here too. I love thiis.”
“I have slept with my boyfriend and an ex in the same took me out for lunch and fukked, the other took me out to dinner and fukked.”
“I was sleeping with a married man a few years back and was getting bored with him.I lied and said that i was pregnant and didnt have enough coins for an abortion.He asked me how much one was and i told him that it was $1,500.00.The dummy didnt bother to even google to find out.hisself,and just forked the cash over.He asked could he go and i told him that the clinic had a strict policy about people coming that werent getting procedures done.Later that day i texted him and said ‘done’ then blocked his number.I went and got a bomb ass sew in,nails and feet done,took myself out to eat,bought some clothes and laughed the whole way home.”
“If a man wont give me money or pay my bills I stop talking to them.”
“I used to on dating sites and apps and catfish guys with pictures of my friends. It’s not that I’m ugly or anything. I just did it when I was super bored and had a nothing else to do with my life. It was like a game to me.”
“I use men for money all the time and don’t feel bad about it. I wont date you if you are broke. Thats the number 1 quality i look for. I think I have cheated on every one of my bfs and lied about it.”
“I had 5 abortions between 15 and 17. I feel horrible now. At the time I felt desperate to keep my youth.”
“My boyfriend is 51 but he is also a millionaire financing my life. I usedcheat on him knowing he wouldn’t leave me. I worked as an escort twice in my life and still do the sugar daddy thing. I lied about being pregnant. I lie a lot , I don’t know why I do it but I just do. Sometimes I think I have it in me to kill someone, just sometimes I wonder if someone will ever piss me off enough for to plan the perfect murder, off them, and get on with my life. I wonder if I have enough of a conscience to feel anything if I ever did, or if ill brush it off like other dirt I’ve done in my life.”
“I had sex with two of my teachers while a senior in HS.I had sex with three professors in college. I’m planning on seducing one of my grad school professors just because he’s a challenge and I love challenges. Since I was 16, I have used my sexuality, body, and looks to get whatever I want. I escorted for 3 years during college and made so much money that my parents started to get suspicious. I currently have a sugar daddy who is a CEO of a major and well-known corporation who finances my lifestyle. The number of men I’ve slept with in 23 years is well into the 100’s.”
“Freshman year of college I was fuckin two guys. Went home on winter break, smashed another dude and got preggo. Back at school I told one of the guys it was his and I needed money for the abortion…which I didn’t get right away. I ended up meeting ANOTHER guy (I was such a hoe lol) and was fuckin him while the other guy got the abortion money together. None of them ever knew the truth.”
“He brought me favorite bottle of perfume and 2 pairs of victoria secret underwear. I’m sure he thought I was going to fuck him but fat chance and thanks for the perfume and undies which never got to smell or see me in SIMP!!”
“Hooked up with two cousins in one night i was so fucked up i thought that they were the same person.”
“Had an affair while married and got pregnant by my lover. Me & my husband are black; lover was white. The baby came out looking just like my lover.”
“I have had sex with three different men in one day. One was married. One came to eat and the other stayed the night and we got it on the next morning.”
“I’ve had a monetary relationship with my old landlord where he would pay me for sex and the sex was pretty good and he was good looking but I would nevr let him hit w/o some kind of money involved.”
“Years ago, in my mid twenties, I went to a guy friend’s house and had sex with him and a ton of his friends. So many that I lost count. I think it was at least 5 or 6 guys, probably more.”
“Back in the day my Santera told me to collect my period blood and feed it to my guy. I made five oatmeal cookies and gave them to him. He ate one and left the rest on the counter. his grandmother stopped by later that day and took the rest.”
“My ex and i were broken up at the time and he was trying to reconcile. What he didn’t know was i had started seeing someone and we were having sex. My ex convinced me to go out with him and one thing led to another and we had sex. I got pregnant and I knew it was not my ex’s baby but I led him to believe it was. He was all torn up about me getting an abortion . He paid for it and accompanied me to the clinic. I know I was wrong but i needed $$ to pay for the abortion since the new guy I was seeing was being a dick about it.”
“Had sex with 2 different guys within 2 hours of each other. One was my steady fwb and the other dude was some dude I met that was coming to visit me from out of town.”
“I’m 27 and trying to get pregnant by my guy…I want to have my first child before 30, no bc just plain ol condoms, any tip ladies plleeaseee msg me!”
“I was an escort, zZomg! Never big time, just off Backpage, Craigslist and Redbook. I fucked a man with one leg, a few millionaires, a murderer, cops, tons and tons of married men. I fucked married men in their marital homes in broad daylight. They like doing it in the living room. I don’t think I’ve fucked in a marital bed though. Just on their couch.”
“Last semster i was failing my math class, so i put on my tightest dress & went to my professor’s office. I stripped for him & he fucked me in his office on top of his desk. He also ate my ass. i got an “A”!”
“I want to fuck my homeboy’s daddy. Well, really he’s not my homeboy, I only pretend to be cool with him so I can get close to his dad.”
“Gave a man who was secretly fucking my sister herpes on purpose. He knew I had it and still wanted unprotected sex so while I was having an outbreak I fucked him raw. My outbreaks just look like an ingrown hair not like the pictures you see online so he couldn’t tell anyways.”
“Slept with 3 men over the course of a weekend at a my male friends house. He had feelings for me, wasn’t feeling him. But I let a dude fuck me in his laundry room, another one in his living room, and another one in his bed. They found out a few days after, and all three were incredibly salty.”
“I tried tricking to get money to pay my cousin’s cell phone bill…yes, yes, I know. I started crying in the middle of the sex and begged him to stop. He did.”
“I miss having a sugar daddy. I had a sugar daddy that was famous, wealthy, wrote a book and owned his own company. I broke things off but I high key regret it all especially now when I need the money. That being said, I am glad I experienced it all and got to let my freak flag fly in college.”
“I had sex with 3 guys at once when I was 23.”
“I would get dressed, go to a popular club with a knot of cash, eye out the guy who spent the most money and seduce him, we would leave together and my guys would follow, at his house they would jump out the car, surround it and rob the dude, they would also pretend to kidnap me.”
“Slept with my English professor. Fine as hell, looked like a lumberjack, first and last white man I’ve dealt with. We had a weeklong break from school due to heavy snow (I’m a GA font). He let me stay at his house, cooked for me, and we fucked all week. I shed a tear for him sometimes. I see him around occasionally, but I lost interest. There was a time where he would ask to visit him in his office, and he’d just give me head or spank me. He’s written me wonderful recommendations for when I go into grad school.”
“Now I haven’t posted on Backpage since last year but I still see my regulars (they dont know I had a baby) and my business line is still open so I get calls from time to time from repeat customers. So I guess those are regulars too.”
“I had sex with 3 guys at once but I never gave them any head. two were eating my pussy at the same time while one I was just kissing and he was sucking on my tits. Then they took turns fucking me and whenever one would cum another one would eat my pussy right afterwards.”
“I’ve had lots of trips and hotel stays paid for me, thanks to my kitty-kat. I’ve travelled to the Bahamas, Barbados and Florida numerous times and had a hell of a time, lots of sex, sightseeing and being taken care of. I miss that life so much. I toned down for this guy who isn’t into that sort of thing, and haven’t been able to afford to travel in like three years.”
“in all honesty i don’t want to work anymore. i tried getting a job but got fired because again i didn’t give a flying fuck and was being ungrateful. so now i’m just gonna lie on my resume and say i’ve been working remotely for one of his companies *shrugs* get in where you fit in. i don’t suggest doing this, it’s emotionally draining and my mom knows i’m lying out my ass about what i’ve been doing in my new city.”
“By the time I was 16, I participated in over 5 threesomes. All MMF. Had two that were MMMF.”
“So, what are some tips to meet high profile men. I’ll escort with no problem, but I ain’t fucking with any broke dudes. I want it to be well worth it.”
“I feel raped by the first guy because I was drunk, I kept going back for at least 5 months when he finally treated me like ho I was woke up but I was belligerent.”
“I was sleeping with one of the maintenance workers for my apt building and had him steal 2 $500 air conditioners for my apartment. My apartment building was selling them to the tenants. I will not fuck a man if I don’t benefit from it in some sort of way.”
“I used to fuck the owner of a salon so that I could get my hair done for free. I would go in his back office and fuck him then leave, he started talking about having babies so I had to leave him alone.”

A-Sexual Intelligence and the Side Effects

I never really had a word for this concept until this morning. A girl recently moved in near by and whenever I walk to the store she seems to be outside checking me out. She is extremely cute with an incredible body. Each time I’ve seen her though she is getting dropped off by some dude. This morning however she was dropped off in club dress at about 5 a.m. by Chad driving a speedster car in the neighborhood.
You see, most men that are thirsty for any type of attention or play, would ignore these signals and try and move in. However based on what I’ve seen and know about women, these signals would indicate a monkey branching modern day women. Out partying on a Thursday night in scandalous outfits being dropped off by Chad at 5 a.m. on his way to work. The way this women looks at me indicates she thinks she would have a chance but my intelligence kicks in reminding me of the realities this women is living under.
Prior to this understanding I would have seen these Chads as competition or easily out foxed and moved in anyway. It seems the more I sit back and use my logic the less sexual my mind becomes. This girl is beautiful with a bangin’ body but I have literally no interest in even talking to her. No interest in romantic conversation, nor anything more. No interest in asking her out on a date or sparking up conversation. Nothing. I know eventually I’d be the “guy dropping her off from a date” or “the guy dropping her off from the club / my house before work”.
As she monkey branches her way up failing to realize the wall is coming up. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when a young horny adult has gone completely A-sexual when looking at a modern day beautiful women. It’s normal for a man to fantasize about sex and women quite often during the day but these realities have taken this mindset almost completely. I’ve had women essentially throwing them selves at me, or rather simply asking for the hot sex, and my mindset simply sees them for what they are.
The sex isn’t because they care about me or have compassion for me in any way. It’s a simple manipulation technique or a way to get what they want. It’s never something used to express passion or relieve stress. There is always a hidden agenda attached literally stealing any passion from any situation. The hotness fades away when you realize the reason they are throwing them self at you is to control your future decisions. Some may say this is paranoia, but consistently I dealt with these things on a personal level as well as seeing them everywhere in women in society.
When I first arrived in Mexico I didn’t speak any Spanish at all. My only means of communication came from watching every action, flinch, facial expression, and movement to try and decipher what they were saying. Essentially a masters degree in non verbal communication and body language. Many of the ideas I had formulated were shown to me in real time. There was no denying what was playing out before my eyes, from married women chatting me up to beautiful sluts trying to bang their way to celebrity status. Their actions and motives were transparent.
This leaves most men in a state of intellect induced A-sexual’ness. In a lot of situations this can be beneficial for a young man, to focus on more important things like establishing a trade or business. Although a state of narcissism can arise from this if you are not careful. When you are too focused on your self and your own dreams you forget about the rest of the world. You forget about other men that are going through hell, to chase your own desires.
It’s not your job to save the world, but reminding your self that others need help will keep you grounded from your A-sexual induced narcissism. It’s easy to shrug off these types of modern women but remember the statistics next time you notice a man living in discomfort. The fact is, 76% of suicides are men. 85% of homeless are men. 70% of murder victims are men. 92% of deaths in the workplace are men. 97% of war deaths are men. 14% of men get custody after divorce.
We know these modern women don’t have our backs, and are actually hellbent on destroying the ones that love them the most. It is not our job however to save them or fix them. It is not our role to turn them into a housewife. It’s not our job to protect them from their own decisions. No longer will we take responsibility for their bad life choices. Never again will we open our pocket book up to a women playing damsel in distress as she collects from the government, baby daddy, and her current toy.
Imagine how we’d look as a whole, if these intelligent men were helping each other. Imagine if these same men opened their pocket books up to other fighters and truth seekers instead of some bimbo in a slick dress. Imagine if you spent that time chasing another mans dreams to help him achieve something great instead of throwing it at a modern day women. Imagine having the ability to invest knowledge and value with these types of people. Instead we allow feminism to control our mind through the flesh of women. The only thing they have left to offer.
Men have been tricked into thinking the other is competition. When reality shows it’s far from the truth. From race, creed, and motto the media tries to divide. From the orders of the Jesuit’s Hegelian Dialectic men fight and fetter. Never questioning the reality we are fed, only to fall victim as we are led. So pack your bags, it’s time to leave the plantation and start your own adventure. Whether that is starting an ice cream parlor, traveling, or a fishing charter. The options are endless when you’ve got your mind back.

Escape (Synthwave - Retrowave - Chillwave Mix)

Social Media Celebrities

I haven’t had Instagram but a couple months and it’s already obvious how thirsty these new age women are. Begging for attention, likes, and follows they are willing to put in hard labor just for the idea of being social media famous. Posting naked picture after picture in hopes of achieving that “status” of celebrity, when in reality the term celebrity is quite meaningless in the illusion of society for everyone but the yuppies.

Especially in today’s age, where there is 500+ social media websites with millions of people thinking they are celebrities because they entertain random internet people. On twitch people think they are famous because they babysit a bunch of little kids. On Instagram everyone’s a celebrity singer, model, actress. Facebook has the most famous political speakers in all of history. You get the idea. These people live in a bubble where they think they are actually celebrities. Their narcissism in full swing. Half the time it’s obvious they paid for followers anyway while fronting their “status”. If I saw Pew Die Pie in the street I wouldn’t even recognize him yet these people fronting like they are celebrities for a few videos on YouTube. Give me a break.

It cost less than $10 to purchase 500 followers on most social networks and even YouTube subscriptions is quite cheap. It’s not hard to purchase status and to run in the hamster wheel trying to achieve status or popularity as your life goal is quite pathetic. At the end of the day no one is going to remember your user name or the picture perfect photos you posted in the same filter and Snapchat face as everyone else. The entire concept of of chasing status leaves people as empty voids and zombies gurgling for their next meal. Some of these girls will literally like and follow hundreds of dudes a day and wait for the “follow back”. Once receiving they swiftly unfollow and move on to the next.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

It’s really quite pathetic what these people are willing do to just to achieve the illusion of popularity. Like they are still in high school with their mentality hoping they can be the most popular cheerleader in school. They will send messages and pretend to care just fishing for that follow. They will post butt picture after butt picture in hopes of a few followers and attention. These are the same girls you see in the streets with their eyes glued to their phone. Unable to have a regular real life conversation without staring at the ground awkwardly or acting like a crazy attention *****. Social skills of any kind have been lost with the illusion of social media celebrities.

I laugh quite often at the fact that people without social media, or for example, Instagram, have no idea who this “singer, actress, model” is yet they act like celebrities. Wait, who are you again? Haha. They have such an inflated ego when it’s based on nothing at all. They pretend they have accomplished something spectacular because they have $30 worth of followers chasing them for attention. The reality remains the same, outside your bubble you’re just like everyone else. Deal with it.

7 Tips to Avoid Attracting the Modern Women

Often times men are given tips on how to get laid or attract a female but in this guide I am going to give you some advice to help you go grey man to avoid the disastrous diarrhea encounters with feminist modern women. The reality is men are no longer safe in the office, the bar, or the university. Where ever we go we are looked at as pedophiles, women beaters, rapists, and women haters. What was a friendly conversation is now a women threatening an innocent man or falsifying police reports.
You might think, hey that seems unreasonable. That stuff rarely happens. The reality is I am speaking from personal experience alone! I even have video evidence of such encounters with these types of women. I have had false reports filed against me because the girl was covering me up so her real boyfriend would not find out. I have had ex girlfriends threaten to beat them selves up to file reports of me beating them. I have had women call me a pedophile for taking care of their son while she was taking pills, drinking, and smoking weed watching Trump and Obama clips on YouTube. I have had flirty conversations with random women that demanded me act a certain way or talk to their liking and when I didn’t respond how she wanted she started to lord her government position over me, threatening that she would have them come after me and all kinds of stuff because I raised animals with no “permit”. New’s flash, I don’t need a permit!
In order to avoid drama such as this the only real option is to avoid women as much as possible. I have never in my life ever had this level of crazy drama bullshit come from a man. I’ve dealt with my fair share of narcissist men, money hungry men, con artists, and more; but never the level of bullshit and drama associated with women. Never. The consistent repetitive behavior is unparalleled to anything I could even make up. The stories repeat over and over and not just with me, with a majority of men in society where feminism is forced.
Here are 7 tips to avoid attracting the modern women:
1) Take off all jewelry and watches before leaving home. You do not want them to know you have bling and style otherwise they might try and lure you into a trap. Not only can you save money by doing this but you avoid the bling hunters.
2) Wear glasses as much as possible. If you look like just another nerd you won’t pick up much interest from the alpha attacking feminist. This enables you to coast by a lawsuit where an angry alpha looking man might be subject to a false claim.
3) Stick to neutral colors and sweatpants. Modern women are attracted to flashy and colorful objects so dialing down your clothing color can help thwart that nasty government invasion drama.
4) Be polite but never carry on conversations. Do not talk about your personal life or hobbies. When you begin talking about all the cool things you do they will become interested and start asking questions. This can be avoided by maintaining a friendly but brisk interaction.
5) The buddy system. Find a buddy at work that understands these concepts and always stick together in meetings with female co-workers. Maintain a proper professional relationship and never allow yourself to be alone with the modern women. The buddy system can help thwart job loss and defamation.
6) Playing possum. Social media disasters can occur at any time. To help eliminate this problem never post successful things about your business or life. Only post the negative things happening in your life to social media. This will keep the modern women away as they only look for those they can rip down. If you are already dead, than she will move on to the next victim. False reports can land the police knocking at your door searching through all of your things. It happened to a buddy of mine and they took all of his computers and it is avoidable by copying the possum.
7) Never carry more than what you need. As far as cash is concerned you should never take more than you need. Not only does this eliminate unintended purchases but no googly eyed women will see how much you carry around. I remember one time I had just pulled out money to make a large purchase and I dropped my money clip at the counter. The cashier girl’s eyes lit up like the register and started her flirty routine a second there after. Keep your green hidden and out of sight at all times!
I hope this list of tips and tricks help you avoid the modern women and all of her baggage. Don’t be the next sucker when you could have avoided it all.

Unknown Prophets - Dive In

Modern Day Women and Feminism

I’ve been doing a bit of social experimenting on social media and dating apps and it’s really become apparent how delusional modern women have become. They can be pregnant, 200 pounds over weight, no job, living with their parents, and STILL think they deserve Channing Tatum. These women put on 20 pounds of make up, wearing special cut jeans to pull all their fat to their ass, special bra’s to hold their boobs up off the ground in a perky position, when you get all this female gear off they look like a blob out of the movie Flubber.
It would be one thing if these women were just living their lives, not being feminist, not being controlling, not be manipulative, not being psycho… but they are all of those things. Women have become so full of themselves they will attack any man at will, not just their own husband. They will attack any man that does not kneel down to their commands and demands. No longer is this the minority, it has become the majority. Not just the majority but the almost every single one-ority. Rarely do I ever see a feminine women anymore. Rarely do I see a women taking care of her husband. Rarely do I see a women with hobbies or skills of any kind. Most of the younger ones can’t even cook!
I’ve noticed another trend while living in Mexico that ties into the no cooking and weight issue. These young women in Mexico go to college at 20-23 and within that time gain a huge amount of weight. The reason? They don’t know how to cook! They literally go out every night or eat terrible foods and gain extreme amounts of weight in college. Simply, because they can’t cook. Instead of learning they ignore the health problems of 100 pounds of excess weight and trudge on anyway. The worst part is they still think they are a hot little chick. They are bigger horizontally than vertically yet they still think they deserve a guy with a solid job, a house, a car, nice clothes, ect.
These women will live at home with mom, with facebook as their job, claiming to be something special and of value. They have no hobbies, no skills, absolutely nothing of value to bring to a relationship or family unit yet they still think they are a goddess.
There moms are the same, they have kicked out the husband or boyfriend making him work and send her money. I see this a lot too. So many old fat women sitting on their butt all day watching television playing on their mobile phones barking orders at people while the man is out working all day 6 days a week. If not 7 days a week. Many man working hard in cities other than their families. Only to be cheated on, lied to, treated poorly, yelled at, and more. A common sight in Mexico is a little old man peddling his heart out on a three wheel work bicycle with a big fat old lady yelling and complaining from the cart. These are true stories! I see it daily. I hear old fat saggy ladies with no skills complain about my yard. I’ve had big fat Shrek looking women tell me my parrot is the ugliest parrot she has seen (as I was buying it).
These women have become beyond delusional. They literally have nothing of value to offer society, let alone a family unit. The mentality remains, that they deserve Channing Tatum. Even after a while even Channing Tatum isn’t good enough though. The guy doesn’t make enough, his muscles aren’t big enough, he works out too much.. ect ect. These women have no clue what is going on in the world and every action they take drives society further into the hole.
Scrolling through any dating app in any country, with feminist propaganda in schools and colleges, will show you a never ending supply of old women looking for love. I saw thousands and thousands, pages and pages, of active, old, ugly, wall hitting women with no skills, several kids, can’t even cook, still with a list of demands for men. Wondering why they have ten cats and no boyfriend. This is not a joke, these old bags would message me and tell me about their cats. Their hobbies? Cats. Their pets? Cats. How many? Many. Pictures? Of course. Private Images? Cats. What do you do for fun? Cats. Cats? Cats.
It sounds like a comedy cartoon but it’s sadly reality. I wish I would have taken screenshots of my time behind enemy lines but I didn’t want to spook them in their natural habitat of demanding attention from random men online. Being in Mexico gave me the opportunity to play the rich white investor role opening the door to every women on the app. You have no idea how many fotos of cats were sent to my inbox. How many cat fotos on profiles. How many profiles with lists of demands, requirements, and must do’s for any man just to write her a message. Just to talk to her. These women are beyond delusional and it really is no wonder men have gone their own way.
Seriously women, we don’t care about your cats. Actually, I hate cats. Cats suck. In every aspect of life cats suck. They offer no benefit at all and actually hurt the natural environment a lot. They are destructive for no reason. They have mood swings and will bite for no reason even if you are petting them and they are mid pur. They kill and attack anything that moves. Birds, baby rabbits, poultry, literally anything that moves. They destroy local bird populations. They’ve killed off entire litters of baby rabbits. Not only do they do this but most of the time they kill for fun. Not to eat. Not for survival. They kill simply for fun.
Many of these characteristics can be applied to modern women. Perhaps it’s why they are the only one’s that actually like cats. Love cats. They are exactly like them. Empty inside. They have to use camouflage and sneaky behavior to catch their prey. They will kill dreams for fun. They will turn and attack a loving partner for no reason at all when life is going great. They will attack anything that disagrees with them. They will destroy their own family. They make creepy noises all night looking for a mate. They demand money and pampering without a job.
I got confused about half way through the last two paragraphs because they are so similar. These feminist women have become dead weight on society and worse yet they think they are a princess. They believe they are something special and magical when they literally have no skills at all! They believe they should be treated with respect and have a man spend thousands of dollars on her for the simple fact she is a girl. She has no hobbies, no critical thinking skills, no common sense, no ability to reason. Just one big fat delusion that leaves them alone, crazy, and depressed.
One thing these women don’t realize, even men their own age do not want to date them. Why would any reasonable 40 year old man date a 40 year old women. Most 40 year old men have a good career setup. A decent living situation. ect. Why would they waste their time with some old, fat, complaining bag when they can go get a younger girl that will respect him and treat him well. See, these women go along in life waiting for prince charming never acquiring skills of their own. Waiting and waiting until they are 40+ only to realize Mr. Right got tired of waiting for your pampered, spoiled, entitled ass that literally brings nothing but sex to the table.

Man’s Greatest Weakness: Lust

You can’t really shut off lust. You can’t really control it per say. What you can do though, is learn and realize the consequences that come from lust and where it will lead you. You can look at a beautiful women with a great body and think to yourself, children, loss of house, loss of assets, rape accusations, stalking accusations, drama, verbal abuse, physical abuse, loss of money, expensive dinner dates, nagging, control, manipulation, ect. Using your logic to fight back allows you a moment of clarity. A moment of AH HAH!
The reality is everyone lusts. Everyone on this planet has looked at another person with lust. There is no exception. We all struggle with this. Many times in my life the emotions of lust have led me to do things I later regretted, saw no value in, or saw the consequences that could have come from that situation later on. In the moment it was fantastic of course, only to realize these things later on. The problem when I was younger is I had no shield against that lust. I had no way of putting those emotions into something more positive and valuable. The lust took over and prepared me for the blue pill life. The blue pill life of lusting over women non-stop. Doing everything they want, stressing, working, and living all for the women and the lust that fueled her engines.
Our society uses every chance it gets to hammer us with advertising, music, and movies that portray extreme lust as normal and ok. No one stops to think about the damage it does to a man and his life. The reality is lust can only benefit the women in the long run. In the long run lust can consume and control a man. Whereas, lust for a women usually only brings benefits. Women can use lust to their advantage, from free drinks to free houses. For a man, it leaves him in a state of cognitive dissonance, wondering how to win in a lose lose situation.
There are exceptions obviously, lusting after your biblical, submissive, caring, compassionate, empathetic wife or husband is hot. The biblical marriage itself is something notable and worthy. A man guiding and leading his household under the authority of Jesus Christ with a supportive loving women at his side; wanting to make more children, growing his family and mind all at the same time. This is the .000000001% though. Most modern women despise the bible and what it teaches. They hate being submissive to Jesus Christ, let alone a MAN!
Our society and women have created an environment where lust thrives like bacteria in the jungle. They have created a legal system that leeches off the lust of men. No where is this evident for women or their lust. Can a women get pregnant from her lust? Sure. But she also can get an abortion or take the father to court for payments. Only benefits for her lust. Whereas for a man, mostly deadly traps. When comparing lust of men and women the only notable similarity is the risk of STD’s. Which is a risk anyone takes in any sexual intercourse.
Waking up to this is difficult to do. Especially when women are walking around in skin tight yoga pants and cleavage hanging out at every corner. Logic and truth are your best weapons though. Recognizing the realities you are dealing with is critical to combating unhealthy lust. Not only on a big picture but on a smaller scale. Lust can be extremely dangerous even in harmless situations. For example, you might be siting at the bar after a long week of work. Stopped in for just a beer or two and then headed home. While sitting there you notice a cute girl at the jukebox and she happens to look up as you look over. She gives you a nice smile and you smile back. You continue drinking your beer watching a baseball game on the TV thinking about the weekend and your week when she slides up and sits down next too you. After a few minutes of nice conversation and flirty facial expressions you look over and notice some angry troll sitting at the end of the bar mean mugging you. You soon realize it’s her husband / boyfriend and she’s using you to make him jealous or to provoke some drama. If you didn’t realize what she was doing you might believe the lie she told you about him being a stalker or angry ex. You might fall for the trap and play right into her games only to realize your hands are tide together with web and you’re being bit by a giant black widow. That could very well end in a disastrous night for you including a fight, police, tickets, or even jail time. All because you didn’t recognize your lust and where it was about to lead you. Instead you went home and mowed the lawn listening to some bomb old school hip pop.
Another example of dangerous lust stems from a build up of lust. Watching porn and constantly lusting after women on social media creates a bottleneck of emotions that become uncontrollable. You start making hasty and poor decisions based on this build up of lust; doing things you probably wouldn’t do in a clear state of mind, in a logical state of mind. You start going to the bar on Friday nights because you are interested in finding a little tail. You decide to go to a random party or rave in hopes of petting some cats. You decide to spend your hard earned money on a scort just to hold down the lust for another month. All of these are a disadvantage for YOU. They all benefit the WOMEN. Your lust growing into a monster can be more destructive than the hulk in a glass manufacturing plant. The last example I wanted to share with you comes from the Bible. The story of David. David saw his commanders wife and lusted after her. He sent his commander into battle and withdrew his army and let him get killed all so he could have his wife. David is known as a man after God’s own heart and what brought him down? LUST.
Big picture to little picture, unhealthy lust itself is the framework of destruction for any artist. You’ll be left with nothing but a hard crusty paintbrush and a canvas smeared with tears and blood. Understanding the consequences can help you through the battle. Understanding the consequences reminds you of why you shouldn’t be doing something. In a lot of cases though these young men don’t understand the consequences of their actions until it’s too late. For a women it doesn’t matter, society has created a safety blanket for women so they never have to take responsibility for their actions in any way. A man is left with no choice but to take responsibility for his own actions and also the women’s, either that or let society collapse on it’s own feminist delusions.

The Kinsey Syndrome ~ Manipulation of the Sexual Revolution & The Moral Destruction of Society

Modern Women and Sex Abuse in Relationships

Between 50 Shades of Grey, Jersey Shore, and Twilight; it’s no wonder women have such a jaded view of relationships and men. When you throw in the feminism, entitlement, no responsibility for their actions, and narcissism you get a Frankenstein of a women. Most men don’t want to admit how creepy and weird the things their girlfriend or wife do in the bedroom. Most men still don’t talk about it because it carries a stigma. That stigma being SHAME. And not for the reason you think..
The reason most men don’t talk about sex abuse from a girlfriend or wife is because of the instant shame women and blue pill men dole out. If you complain or mention anything about sex a women will immediately tell you that “maybe you’re not doing it right”, “maybe you’re not big enough”, “maybe you need to learn how to please a women”, and on and on and on it goes. The blue pill man will say, “hey man at least you’re getting some”, “you just have to focus on her needs and only her”, “you have to be more romantic and give gifts”, and on and on and on it goes.
This is why most men do not talk about sex abuse from an ex, a girlfriend, or a wife. Most men are immediately dismissed, attacked, and shamed. I am going to get into the reality of sex abuse and how destructive it can be to a man, especially if he has low confidence. How devastating it can be for a man if he is not aware of the games women play and that your sexual skill is completely irrelevant to the games she is playing. See, in her head she is playing a game of chess; and you are simply the pawn trying to get the queen. In your mind you’re just excited and happy to be there. To do your best and make some sexy fun time. You have no games, shame, or guilt ready to lay out. No manipulative tactics on the ready. You are simply into the moment. Little did you know you can only move up too two spaces and diagonally when poking.
The reality is women have an agenda to their sex. The queen isn’t coming out to play without finding something to first want in return. Women have a number of strategies in their arsenal but the most common is monkey bar mayhem, but in the bedroom. Nothing you do, try to do, or want to do.. is good enough. They want to be in total control and do it their way. If you try to be a man in anyway it is met with crying after sex, faces of disappointment, looks of anger, all while you’re supposed to be making love to this women or having sex. The only position she wants is when she is in control and it feels like she is the one sexing you.
You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a NASA propagandist to understand how damaging and hurtful this can be to a man. Especially a man that simply cares about the women and wants to please her. A pump and dump male will simply move on, but a man that cares will play the game of monkey bar mayhem. Instead this time he’s doing it one handed while the kids on the playground poke him with sticks. It’s a constant barrage of shame and guilt about not being good enough. About not being man enough.
Another way modern women use control and gaslighting to victimize in the bedroom is lying. Women will lie about being on birth control and tell you to cum inside them. Now this is obviously a very dangerous situation for any man that is not married to a unicorn women, ie: submissive, loving, empathetic, caring, compassionate, supportive, hard working, honest. (I have only read about them in the Bible). She could possibly be out right lying to trick you into having a baby. That one is obvious. But there is another group of women that ARE on birth control and actually enjoy this feeling. These women are extremely manipulative. If you know she is on birth control and you actually decide to cum inside her you will be met with disapproval, anger, and perhaps even physical violence. She will tell you that she never told you to do that, and that she will probably get pregnant now. This obviously is not a real situation as birth control is usually pretty effective, but in your head you are clueless. You had no idea about this scheme or plan to victimize you. You take the bait and start to realize you might have gotten her pregnant… mean while she sits by watching you squirm like a worm. Coming to these realities. Then, maybe a day or two later she will mention that she was on the pill and got the days mixed up. Woops.
The more feminist modern women will take a more direct approach to attacking your manhood. She will be outright verbally abusive and rude. During sex she might make a lot of noise, move from position to position with a smile, talk dirty to you… but the minute you finish the attack comes. Out of the bushes a group of short hairy women run out and start beating you with clubs. She’ll say things like, “you didn’t please me, what happened?”, “that’s it?”, “*look of disapproval*”, “you didn’t do it how I like”, “my ex used to ______ and we should try it”. There’s a great variety to the shape and size of the clubs used in this beating of verbal abuse. (Share your story in the comments.)
The next kind of girl is a bit more subtle in her manipulation. She’s the one that sleeps around with everyone. In your group of friend she has had sex with most of them and is still around as a friend of some sort. This girl doesn’t attack you on the front lines, but rather a sneak attack on your command center. Deep down she wants to be the center of attention but she doesn’t have the confidence or self esteem to to do it. She slowly builds her army of SIMP’s that will defend her like a best friend, and attack for her as an emotional partner. She will have you involved in drama before you even realize the hurricane hit. She will divide friendships, create low key passive aggressive drama, start small arguments, and even violent fights. All along she was just your pump and dump yet you wake up hung over with a black eye and bruises from a fight on her behalf.
The cock grabber. The cock grabber is the girl that will walk up at random times and grab you. You might be relaxing, reading a book, doing something on the computer, ect; and she will grab it. Not in a sensual romantic way, like “hey let’s do it!”, but in a way that is aggressive and scary. Like BOO! Scared you scary. You won’t expect it and it’s quite sudden and random. There is no context and sometimes it’s actually quite aggressive. If you question them or explain that it spooks you and is a bit uncomfortable they will get mad and say, “fine, I won’t touch it anymore”. As if they are trying to show that they own you, or perhaps they are in fact practicing for your soon to be castration. Either way it’s creepy and weird. I’ve never seen a man walk up and aggressively start grabbing his women’s vagina. I’ve seen some gentle boob play but nothing that compares to aggressive package grabbing.
The make you look crazy too girl. This girl is dangerous. Very. Like burn your paperwork up and leave the country dangerous. She knows she is crazy. There is a part of you that knows she is crazy too but the sex is fantastic. That’s the only reason you’re there.. so you tell yourself nothing could happen. Next thing you know she’s walking up and down the street causing a scene trying to get a ride into town out in the middle of no where. Next thing you know she’s woken up half the apartment complex screaming about some fairy tale she created in her head about a guy being an hour late coming home from work. Next thing you know everyone in the street is looking at you like your a dirt bag misogynist because she starts crying in public over something silly. Next thing you know you wake up and can’t find your bedroom pistol because a feminist nut bag drops it on the floor in the middle of the night because it was dangerous sitting in the nightstand drawer. You can not beat crazy and fighting it just makes you look twice as worse.
Two pees in a pod. This girl is the standard typical feminist in disguise modern women. She will have all four cylinders of your 1977 Triumph TR7 firing and revving. She will play her part of the good honest women homemaker, pretending to care about you and your needs. She will present herself as “wife material” and show you how great she is compared to other women. She will shower you with affection and love to lure you in. Sometimes that’s why I think the black widow has the red heart spot on it’s back. It does the same thing. It lures you in. It starts spinning and dancing to get your attention, distracting you from the reality of the situation. The reality is the black widow is slowly spinning web around its victim’s legs or arms. A small thin web slowly covers it, building up as it continues to dance and spin. Never realizing what happened until the dancing stops, only to realize, hands and legs are tied. Inside this realization comes the bite. The bite is filled with deadly poison that will soon leave it’s victim in the fetal position ready to be devoured. Unfortunately it doesn’t sink in for the victim until this very moment, hands and legs tied, body going numb, with the light fading out.
This women will use sex as a form of control, doled out like treats to a good dog. She will with hold sex or give it out depending on what her agenda is. She may or may not employ all of the above strategies in an effort to control her victim or batter him down until he reaches a level at which she CAN control him. She will place herself on a pedestal, while you are forced to carry her everywhere receiving treats. If you misbehave or do something she does not approve of you can expect to lose out on treats for a while. If you do something of great approval, like make more money, get a promotion, increase the value of the household, buy her gifts, buy her appliances, ect. you will be given treats. This of course is never good enough to satisfy her ever growing demand of wanting more things though. Therefor, if you want sex you will constantly be a donkey chasing the apple on a stick.
Another big shame tactic used towards men is when he loses his boner during sex or can’t get it up. Based upon the actions of these modern women, after a while even the strongest man would start to develop anxiety, depression, and guilt in the bedroom. They say something must be wrong with the man if he lost his boner during sex.. but the reality is how could you keep a boner or get one while with a modern day women when subconsciously resenting her and her actions towards you. When she is nothing short of a constant drag on your emotions and feelings constantly pulling you down. It would be like fapping while you read this article. GOOD LUCK! The reality is the only thing that a guy needs to be turned on is a submissive, compassionate, caring women. Not a bunch of make up, push up bras, extra weight hidden with special waistbands and pants, ect. Once again, all of that is for the women. Most modern women don’t dress up for their man they dress up for other women and people when they go out. Then come home and put on some old rags expecting you to find them attractive as Pamela Anderson on Baywatch. Subconsciously the brain is simply saying NO! DON’T DO IT. This is one case where your little buddy is actually thinking more clearly than you.

Narcissistic Mothers and the Fall of Real Men

In a politically correct society talking about mothers is strictly forbidden. They are angels of God here to give birth to more angels of God and they can do no wrong. In a politically correct society mothers and women are worshiped for there ability to give birth. They can’t lie, steal, manipulate, or be bad people in anyway. All mothers are great, hard working, loving women and if you say anything contrary to this you are crazy.
That essentially sums up the mindset of every feminist minded modern women and her blue pill husband and children. Which is pretty much 99% of modern day families. On television men are portrayed as idiot buffoons that can’t take care of their children. They are shown as bumbling idiots that can barely cook a meal. This all plays into the mentality of women do no harm and men are retarded idiots. Being masculine or manly in any way results in shame, guilt, and an all out shunning. I have lived this first hand anytime I stand my ground on basic political principles. I have been called a misogynist because I told a girl that it’s not legal or right to steal money from someone else so that they can have sex. I have been called masochist or some word like that for standing my ground against abortion. The physical abuse never dwindled when confronting feminist logic with truth and it knows no boundaries.
Seeing where the behavior is enforced is critical in finding out the results of the behavior. The intended result I guess I should say. Simply put, a few generations of blue pill males leaves a government at large. It leaves for a government with no checks or balances. It leaves an atmosphere of cowardliness. You’ll never see a group of feminists or liberal men fighting government. In fact the exact opposite. FIGHTING FOR GOVERNMENT.
Recently it really hit be on what degree feminism has on shaping a society and increasing government at the same time. How the atmosphere created is the perfect result for a government pushing the agenda. You have no one left to question the government and the only men left are literally worshiping the government. You have no men left to fight back. To stand there ground. This is being played out before our very eyes. The results of the feminist mindset being played out.
This is another big reason why they teach evolution in government schools. It plays out to the same feminist mindset. It plays into the same reasoning that government knows all and that you should listen to everything they tell you. Everything is fact and if they say so it must be. Most atheists are actually statists. They just don’t realize it.
I asked myself recently who is the main indoctrinators? Who are the ones pushing this agenda so hard on the children? The obvious answers are the public school system, the government propaganda system. Growing up in the house of a masters degree holding 5th grade teacher I saw these things play out first hand. The more I thought about it though public schools were only a part of that indoctrination into being a wussy simp blue pill beta cuck that most men have become. When I compared my mother to the teacher I saw a whole different story.
I realized it wasn’t as much the school system as it was my mother teaching me how to act towards women, how to treat women, how to obey authority, how to blindly follow government, and most importantly, how to treat women and act as a man. Now this environment is only possible when the husband or father allows it. Funny enough my fathers mother was a teacher too.
So how can the mother be responsible for the fall of man? How can a women be responsible? There’s a very important story that comes to mind when I ask myself this question. Perhaps you too, in a garden, a few thousand years ago.
As a young man I learned directly from my parents obviously. I witnessed first hand the wickedness and deception a women can bring upon a family and how to pretend like nothing was happening. Not only did I witness it. I learned how to do it too. I learned how to manipulate people at a very young age to get exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it. My mother was so good at these things it went virtually un-noticed by everyone around. To this day most of my family does not talk to me after I confronted her. She is the innocent loving mother.
The reality is though, I was on course to being a beta cuck blue pill douche bag if I lived the life she wanted me to live and if I used her powers I could become very powerful. It was pounded into my head at a young age that I need to become a doctor or a lawyer. I constantly heard from everyone growing up what a great lawyer I would be. These sayings where simply seeds from the master manipulator. I always had a strong sense of individualism though so this would always backfire on my mother.
Rebellion is the only thing that kept me going. I remember getting my first tattoos at age 15 and how happy I was seeing my mom cry about it. I remember running away was like going for a jog for me when I couldn’t handle the mental games. I remember when I was a kid I put a lock on my bedroom door to keep her games out of my room. As high school progressed I started to figure all of this out and see how powerful it was. Like sitting on top of a hill bouncing a small flame between my hands overlooking the city. I started to harness the power that came with it and unleash it on unsuspecting victims. I grew up like this. I grew up knowing nothing but this.
These powers became quite dangerous and overwhelming. At such a young age I mixed the things I learned from my mother, mixed with my own logic, reason, and emotional control. I was able to play people and lie with ease. I could convince you that you were me and I was you and get you to switch ID’s. When you mix rebellion with these powers you become a super villain. You become someone like the Joker. You treat people like disposable rags. In a way that will only bring benefit to you. You see how destructive you are when you take responsibility for your actions. When you look in the mirror you see yourself.
My father was a pretty good dad though. My mother would manipulate him into a rage sometimes and he would act out towards me as the scapegoat. Later realizing what he had done to apologize. Unfortunately though, he taught me some very important lessons in life. That women are in charge. That women wear the pants. That women have the balls. That a women can do anything she wants with no responsibility. He would play catch with me, hunting, and fishing. But not how to stand my ground. He never taught me how value myself as a man. He never taught me that I was the prize. He never taught me how to be a sovereign individual. He carried a lot of blue pill baggage. His mother was the same as mine. I don’t blame him for it though. He worked hard and tried his best. That was always his problem though.
He was stuck in my mothers playground. Stuck in monkey bar mayhem. He thought he had to keep doing more to make everyone happy. He never realized it was his wife making him feel that. Not his children. I was happy with his time.. but he never had much because he was jumping through my mothers hoops. Another great game of my mother was pitting my father against me or my sister. Or my sister against I. I saw the similarities within my grandmother. Same attitudes of her mother. Total hate and rudeness towards men. Total disrespect. Telling him to shut up in front of an entire party only to have all the women cackle and laugh like hyenas. Now I realize why my dad never really wanted to go to those.
The problem was my father was the “nice guy”. He continued giving in to her bullshit. These are the lessons he taught me as a man growing up. These lessons are not on me alone. I see the same thing happening in families across the world. The same games being played out. I see the cycles from generation to generation. How it trickles down from the spout. The feminist mentality is an absolute cancer to society. The problem is most don’t realize it’s actually social programming. They created the movement. Women did not even start it. Feminism is reaching its goal of destroying family and reversing roles of men and women.
The blue pill mindset comes from a delusional feminist mother. It’s programmed and critiqued to a T. The side effects of the blue pill can be life threatening. Including thoughts of suicide, stomach pain, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, depression, guilt, shame, anger, (many more things, stop reading this.. just take your blue pills) All of this is conditioned from the mother to the children. This is not unique, its not rare, it’s NORMAL in our society. Take a glance at the prescription medication people are scarfing down in the USA.
This blue pill mindset leaves a man raw for government over reach. A blue pill man will not fight back. He will not take arms and defend himself. This has been a generational increase. It continues to get worse and worse. When you take away all the strings and pull off all the puppets, it’s the mothers that are left guilty. Their pride and ego has gone strait to their head just like the fruit. The more rights and privileges they are given in society the larger their head grows. When you realize women think it’s right and good to fight for the right to kill their own child, they are delusional. Whether you agree on abortion or not, the reality that women are fighting for this right is delusional. Why not the right to birth control pills that work 100% of the time? See the problem? How far women have fallen.
It’s no coincidence that the government gives aid to the theft of money and children by women in divorce. It’s not coincidence that weak men benefit feminist women and the government. If a man tries to fight back the government hits him with the feminist hammer.
Obviously parents instill values on their children. There’s a big problem in society when the mother has none and the father can’t stand up for his.
The only way to fight back is to tell the truth. To stand on the truth. And never back down from any bald headed feminist. No matter how sharp and green her teeth are. Never back down!

“And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.” – Genesis 3:6 (KJV)

Modern Day Women’s Translation:

“And when the woman saw that the GOVERNMENT was good for FOOD, and that it was pleasant to the PURSE, and a GOVERNMENT to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and TOOK also her husbands; and DID EAT HIS TOO.”


Narcissistic Sociopathic Parents Psychologically Enslave Their Children

My mother is a Sociopath. She Has Antisocial Personality Disorder

How To Recognize Your Narcissistic Mother

Monkey Bar Mayhem in a Relationship

For most unsuspecting men, entering a relationship can be exciting and fun. He goes on hot dates and spends quality time with a pretty little lady. Maybe some kisses and hugs and perhaps even a poke. All along the man thinks he’s building a quality relationship with someone that cares about him. That doesn’t care about his money, his wealth, or his future assets. That she actually cares about him for who he is and what he stands for. Most men enter these relationships with the idea of building something with this person.

The problem however is women do not see it this way. They do not see a man and his flaws and accept him. Once this honey moon stage ends, (sometimes they don’t even wait this long), they begin challenging you in a competitive way. They begin to slowly question certain behaviors. Certain things you say. Or all out concerns about certain personality traits. I call this monkey bar mayhem. And you will see why in a moment.

A few examples that come to mind of the top of my head; I have had women:

1) Laugh at a joke > get mad and throw a temper tantrum over the same joke a few hours later.
2) Tell me i’m walking to fast > speed walk home in anger that I dont walk at her perfect speed.
3) Tell me to trust what she says or does > doesn’t trust what I say or do.
4) Observing my surroundings > stop looking at pretty girls.
5) Tell me I’m not giving enough affection > just held hands walking 20 minutes to the store while hugging inside the store.
6) I offer to help a neighbor with yard work > get jealous and guilts me into not helping.
7) I want to visit a friend > gets angry and guilts me into not wanting to go.
8) Accuses me of cheating > talks to other guys behind my back.
9) Taking a poop playing clash of clans > get yelled at for cheating.
10) Get a beer with a few buddies > get told to behave myself and be a good little boy and then guilt trip to not go.
11) I want to make some new friends in the neighborhood > create drama so no one wants to be around.
12) I ask her to join in my hobbies > complains and acts like they are boring and stupid hobbies.
13) Tell me she wants grass > doesn’t like my answer and asks Sams Club cashier how to plant grass.
14) I Confront bad behavior, (lying, manipulating, selfishness, ect.) > deny deny deny responsibility for actions never taken.
15) Catch her red handed > she tells you it’s your fault and calls the police.
16) Support and build her up > she becomes verbally abusive.
17) Show someone else attention > she becomes verbally abusive and angry.
18) Call me drunk at a dudes house 40+ years older than her > asks me why I never want to see her again.
19) Command me to do something > get angry and throw a temper tantrum walking through the neighborhood yelling. (Many times, and different girls.)
20) She complains about my house setup > wants control over how it looks and functions.
21) She complains about me standing my ground > throws temper tantrum when she doesn’t get her way.

So that was actually pretty easy. I think I could easily hit 100 if I sat here for a couple minutes. These are all different types of examples of the monkey bar mayhem. It doesn’t matter what you try and do, how good you try and be, it’s literally never enough. If you show 10000 affection, she needs 200000 affection. If you walk 3mph, she needs you to walk 2.9 mph. If you walk 2.9 mph, she needs you to walk 2.8 mph because she had a long day. If you want to visit a friend, she treats you like a cheating scumbag. These are all techniques to control your behavior. To put you in a state of exhaustion trying to climb the monkey bars. The problem is however, every time you think you’re about to cross, you reach out and the bar MOVES. You fall flat on your face with a mouthful of sand. You get up thinking you must have missed the bar. Perhaps if you just tried a little harder.

So you get back up. You locate the bar. You find it. You say okay, I can do it. You climb back up and start going across. You get a little farther and BAM. A mouthful of sand. You ask yourself “I clearly saw the bar, what happened?”. You tell yourself it must have been something you did or didn’t do. That if you just try a LITTLE harder you can get there.

Are you starting to see the pattern? How they get control over someone and maintain that control? Through guilt, shame, or strait up verbal abuse they batter you into this position. You keep thinking if you just try a little harder you will make her happy. That you will be worthy and she will just treat you with respect and kindness. The reality is this never comes. She never deems you worthy or respectable. She ALWAYS has an exit plan, or two. Falling from the monkey bars flat on your face is the only SANDwich you’re going to get in this situation.

They use this as a way to milk you for all your worth. To keep you running in the hamster cage until you just can’t run anymore. Eventually a man will become exhausted of running on the wheel. He will climb down and say no. This is when you’ll realize it was nothing but a playground game. The entire relationship was a fraud. She will slowly start bad mouthing you to everyone around. Subtly. Letting everyone know, before you know, that it is coming to an end and that it’s YOUR fault. That you just couldn’t make her happy. You just couldn’t do enough. She is the innocent victim and tried so hard to make it work.

You will soon realize that her playground games have set her up, with the help of the government, with your money, house, children, and assets for the next __ years. You will soon realize that the entire time she was just playing you for a fool. Even if you are not married these principles still apply inside the relationship. You were used as an emotional tampon or for her “right now” mentality to leech off. They have no interest in a true real relationship. Only what they can suck from their host as a parasite.

The end game of monkey bar mayhem is total control over you and your life. If you say no. You might want to buy a real medieval shield. They will make your life a living hell. I’ve had female friends and girlfriends do all of these things. Trying to manipulate or control me in some way. They want puppets to dance to their tune and to pay for the puppets as well. They don’t just want the cake, they want the whole cake store. If you question them, they make you the enemy to anyone that will listen. They will go out of their way to destroy you and your reputation if you do not obey their commands.

The only way to win monkey bar mayhem is to NOT PLAY. It’s like playing beer pong with tabasco sauce.