Modern Women Look Like Pagan Tranny Demons

Many women seem to think beauty products were invented for them when history proves things like the girdle, makeup, and high heels were created for men acting as females on stage. Throughout history women weren’t on stage as celebrities and all female parts were played by men. This dates back to their androgyne religion of trans humanism where they believe bringing together the masculine and feminine equals being a god. Whether it be the castratos the vatican priests were fucking after they cut off their balls or the greek and hindu gods merging their genders pretending they are powerful beings as they partake in gay orgies.

Androgyne Religion

The reality is nothing has changed in modern society and most of the celebrities that women look up to are indeed male to female trannies. What did you really think Victoria’s secret was? There’s no way you can look at some of these celebrities and think they represent feminine beauty in any way, shape, or form. Lips blown up the size of a chimpanzees looking like a damn clown with eye lashes bigger than dumbos ears. If it weren’t for all the pagan astrology charms hanging from their neck they’d probably fly away when they blink 3 times fast. Fake tits, fake ass, fake hair, 15 gallons of paint on their face… it’s mind blowing society in general worships these weirdos putting them on a pedestal. Not to mention the basic 3/10 female narcissistically thinking they should be idolized all because some simp bots on social media gave them a compliment.

cardi b tranny rihanna tranny cardi b religion

They all wear these stupid outfits and pretend to be gods because low IQ people worship them and play into their religious game. Representing the same power class that’s ruled over the world’s system for centuries, many turn a blind eye as they chase their piece of the pie. Everyone seems to have the same shallow goals yet no creativity or talent. Many thinking they’re a social media celebrity, rapper, model, actor / actress, with a stagnant ass podcast. The most boring people in all of society pretending they have something important to say as they parrot the main stream media and it’s circus clowns. People creating entire channels as they react to people reacting to someone else’s content.

With lyrics lamer than an cracked out beta orbiter they just turn up the auto tuner. Reality is these “gangsters” sucking dick on Hollywood’s casting couch and the only bars their dropping are cum covered turds in P Diddy’s studio. Pretending their some thugged out gang banger while they get tricked out for a contract and a place in satan’s kingdom. Everyone willing to sell their soul to be a part of this goofy new age transhumanist androgyne religion. What ever happened to real artists, creatives, and individuals?

p diddy is gay p diddy gay

The worst part about all of this is women chasing the “ideal” female they see on every magazine cover in the super market. Wanting to be “beautiful” and plastic like every male to female tranny in a Netflix series or poppy occult radio tune. They fail to realize they are beautiful without the makeup, fake eyelashes, fake tits, fake ass, fake hair and yet they try and live up to societies androgyne conception. Never realizing their being played for fools as their depression and anxiety creeps around their self reflection. Surrounded by feminists cheering them on to be man hating internet cunts and validation sluts their pinnacle of success is going viral on social media and starting an only fans. As they grow older all alone until they hit the wall, wondering why they can’t find a good man as they bring the same looks an energy as these manly modern day Babylon whores. Claiming my body my choice as they slaughter another baby in the womb yet when it comes to vaccines it’s my body their choice being hypocritical mental censorship tools.

I always found it strange how liberals claim feminism yet the male to female tranny Margaret Sanger (leader of the feminist movement) was a eugenics racist moron with nothing but hate in it’s androgyne heart. “Apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.” — Sanger, Margaret. “My Way to Peace,” Jan. 17, 1932. Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress 130:198. “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…” — Letter to Dr. Clarence J. Gamble, December 10, 1939, p. 2

Margaret Sanger: The King of Feminism

At this point the liberals will call me a right wing extremist misoganisty racist bigot but the reality is the United States has never had a female first lady. (I’ve also lived in Mexico for the last 7 years and don’t give one fuck for your identity politics and lame ass dudes begging for a president to save them.) If voting mattered they wouldn’t let you do it and if you go through history it’s quite easy to spot all these freemasons with their tranny wives. Trump is no exception as he’s married 3-4 of these chicks with dicks and no one bats an eye. The entire system is rigged from top to bottom while the normies chase worldly goals and monetary gains. Their success all riding on some social media likes and bank account numbers as the world around them burns. Nothing left of the nuclear family or community as everyone becomes snitches for the world’s androgyne elite. Conservative, republican, liberal, democrat, you’re all statist morons cheering on your own enslavement.

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First Ladyboys of the United States of Androgynes

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Red Pill Romance

Hmm, Yeah,

Just washed up with a nice warm bath,
got rose pedals laid down as a cute little path.

Romantic night setup, time to start cookin’,
neighbors heard me last night they keep lookin’.

Got a little wild as my hands slipped over her curve,
finger sliding down the wheel excited like a perv.

Causing her to move she danced around changing up the view,
starts to get steamy as I move my hand and turn up the hue.

Get out the compressed air and give’er holes a blow,
don’t worry baby it’s your first time I’ll take it slow.

Gettin’ into the match my aim is on point,
hittin’ every head shot without droppin’ the joint.

Don’t get too excited ladies I’m talking about my computer,
you seem confused because honestly I ain’t your suitor.

Feminism killed femininity and I’m not interested in a man,
with all that social media you’ll just try an make me into a fan.

This FPS Due Process shows me love and affection,
meanwhile your tryna put me in the friend zone section.

Got better things to do than be your instant validation,
you do you though, create that beta orbiter nation.

Happy hangin with my bro’s killin terroristic pixels,
wishin you could go back in time with your witch craft crystals.

Sorry babe but it’s too late the wall takes no prisoners,
regardless of your following on social media they’re just listeners.

So I’ma stick to my guns an link up with the boys savin’ the world,
we’ve got a competitive match tonight and I ain’t tryna get swirled.

You want me to cook clean and bring home the bacon,
meanwhile you’re thot’n it up at the club gettin’ raked on.

Holding your cats at 30 years old tryna balance on the wall,
still searching for Chad and Tyrone on Tinder using that push up bra.

Painted on makeup I didn’t realize your face was a birthday cake,
why don’t you use some of that frosting in the kitchen an learn how to bake.

I don’t mean to sound harsh but you need a reality check,
out here cuttin up men as you devour their soul like some Jezebel Aztec.

Using the government like big daddy to do your bidding,
wondering where the good men are at I think it’s quite fitting.

Ya thinking I’m a misogynist with toxic masculinity,
postin’ your reply taggin’ it with Kill All Men to affinity.

Reality is all I had to do was question your femininity,
sorry sweetheart but you just lost your red pill virginity.

Hmm, Yeah.

Modern Women Have No Real Skills

I’ve neglected writing about topics like this for a long time because I was always holding out for the women that wasn’t the same. A girl that actually wants to build something rather than take it with the governments helping hand. A girl that was actually willing to sacrifice and put in the effort. I’m not very prideful but when I look at my skillsets compared to the average female it’s quite easy to see they really don’t know shit.

To put things into perspective here in Mexico 75% of men can build an entire house in about a month, plumb it, get some electricity going, water, while at the same time starting a farm and producing food; and cooking their own dinner from scratch. The average women here wants to be handed money to buy food, cook some low IQ hot dogs in oil, and clean some clothes. That’s it. They have opportunity. They have 30+ colleges in my town and over 70% are women. Women 26+ years old with no real skillsets, no real world practical abilities. I’ve personally watched them waste 5 years in college only to be working as a babysitter or server at a restaurant.

What’s crazy is in the USA this is the scenario on crack. A bunch of skill-less women with degrees pretending they are important while butt fucking every dude they meet with a strap-on. The worst part is the average man is willing to work his hands and knees to the bone to make sure his family has food and a roof. He’s willing to work 18-20 hours a day just so they have something special on Christmas day. Meanwhile the average women is more worried about her career and her image than her own children. Worried about how society will perceive her as she hands her kids a poptart.

At first I thought Latin America was different. Women still seemed to know to cook and take care of the family but the reality is their shit show was just a different flavor. Asking what my job is the very first sentence of a conversation, dollar signs in their eyes as I walk buy. I remember one girl crying when I told her I didn’t even have a passport, guess she had some fantasy of me taking her back to the USA or something.

Watching mothers in every house hold beat their own children and husband into the ground, hell even dogs and puppies. Women and young girls getting upset when you don’t buy them a coke, chips, or candy from the local store. The entitlement among these women is just as bad as the USA just a new angle. Catholicism and the government teaming up with feminism and entitlement I’ve literally seen neighborhood females with 3 maridos in the casa at the same time. 3 dudes being played and used for money and none of them say a thing, working as a team to support their queen.

Another neighbor selling photos of her children around town while her husband is at work all week. (At least she was arrested). In the USA they’d just smile and give them a job in government. Another family unwilling to feed their grandpa as he slowly starved to death sleeping on a mat on the floor of a concrete hut. The reality is family is just as dead in Mexico as it is in the USA. The difference is in the USA they don’t hide it, here in Mexico they pretend and act like they are close and united.

Meanwhile in the street men (the banda) are broken, sad, and alone. That’s probably the only reason I’m still here between them and my animals. They understand what it’s like to give it their all over and over again only to be destroyed by women around them, including their own family. Watching young boys get beaten for playing in the mud while the little girls are handed money to buy anything they want at the store.

It’s pathetic and the reality is modern women are trashy, narcissistic, and delusional as fuck. For men, most simply want to be left alone. Live a simple life, create something within the community, build a smart and healthy family.. They simply enjoy playing with their children and building something real. Filled with skillsets and critical thinking they are met with government brute force and female narcissistic abuse.

Are there great women out there? Of course. Are there shitty men? Obviously. In general however, the percentages are quite clear and real world experience has shown me the ratios are VERY TILTED. Reality is I’ve never seen a man smack a kid in the street yet I’ve seen thousands of women do so here in Mexico. The second a young boy can start working (I’ve seen 12 year old boys selling cigarettes at 2 a.m. at bars downtown) they are put to work by their mother. Not to earn their keep or teach them valuable lessons but merely as another income for her narcissism and abuse.

Lets be real though, for men the abuse starts a week out of the womb.. when a young baby boy receives his first sexual pleasure (nurse cleaning his penis) seconds later followed by mutilating the most sensitive part of a boy by cutting off the most nerve dense piece of the body, the foreskin. Men need to wake the fuck up, and women, please shut the fuck up.

American Circumcision

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Bizarre History Of American Circumcision - Why Do We Still Do It?

The Modern Narcissistic Women

Finding yourself in disbelief you question your own agenda. Jumping through hoops in the past while walking on egg shells, the modern women who you think you love has turned your globe earth round and round. With no compass your sense of direction is lost as your sails lose the wind. Chasing comfort from your pain thinking the one giving out abuse will rectify your run, turns into the path of the insane.

The art of narcissism for modern women has been changed. What better place to hide than a narcissistic “life coach” on the internet. Collecting bags of empathy and attention from victim stories and comments. Browsing and reading you start to notice a trend of these women as they learn how to improve their game. Many in the comments searching to profit from your pain while learning how to aim. The modern women is no longer the overt, or covert, but rather a well trained Jesuit assassin. Using you in every way with their eyes on only what they can gain.

Swimming in narcissistic supply from social media they drink up their informational antidote. They know when you’re watching videos about narcissism but they’ve already learned how to deflate your tires on every curve. You dance along in the street trying to figure it out when the simple truth remains. Your focus is on them and not your goals and God. They’ve taken you off the path and into the jungle keeping you in confusion as it starts to rain.

With no survival gear your feet start to get cold. Looking around the narcissist is the only one around. Caught in the cycle you try to find the path back yet the foliage has left you in her wrath. Making a run for it you jog through the sticks of chechen while feeling your legs give out, the only one there is the narcissist as her claws dig in. You scream out in pain but no one hears as your blood starts to pour.

Everything you thought you knew was removed in one swift swoop, realizing the source once and for all. Replacing your relationship with Jesus Christ with that of the narcissist left you in a state of turmoil. Wishing you could go back in time, the machine never arrives. Staring up at the sun you have no energy left watching the rain drip from leaf to leaf. As your back starts to sting from all the cuts and stabs you’ve only got one choice left.

As you get off your back you try to run, however your battle wounds keep you from your escape attempt as the Warden tells you to come home. Staring at the guard towers and razer sharp fence your heart starts to mourn, realizing your trapped. Letting out a prayer a dove passes a bit of clarity, you’ve always just been cheese for the rat. As the narcissist continues to attack they destroy their own soul however for the survivor it’s just another hole in the cheese.

Dodging bullets you cut through the fence, not caring if you take one to the chest. Slipping through you can feel the freedom like a revolutionary escaping a Lenin Gulag. Sending the dogs and flying monkeys feeling them bite at your heels the hairs on your neck stand up to watch the fight. Energy draining another prayer is sent out, hoping for the best as you dive into a river half frozen your body can’t compute. The chase is over however looking back all you see is the peacefulness of the river as you climb out on the other side. The sun starts to pierce forcing the ice to melt, all your wounds have been healed. Closing your eyes you imagine the path you were on, imagining the beauty of the jungle you start to hear the birds and insects buzzing around. Opening your eyes you start to understand what this path was all about.

1 Hour Of Melancholic Sovietwave