Crossing Borders

Laid out on the lawn enjoying the last summer breeze,
cold nights and winter on the horizon hopin’ my buds don’t freeze.

Not sure how much longer I can survive inside this modern day prison,
surrounded by government worshipers and fake christians sowing division.

Can’t do another long winter alone captured by miles of snow,
wish’in I could escape this twilight zone ages ago.

With no one around but my dog I’m left starin’ at the forecast,
runnin’ out of time better make the decision and fast.

Watching my paperwork burn as my plan starts to come together,
packin my bags ready to step through the portal into the nether.

Thumb up hand on the leash they’re shifting down we got another ride,
hitch hiking with my best friend as we run up to the passenger side.

Another cool cat helps me out with food and a bed,
but I’m not always lucky on the road some nights I dread.

One night every hotel doin’ me dirty with their no dogs allowed sign,
can’t leave’m out in the cold or I’m a bitch with no spine.

A race against the weather my wool blanket is our only protection,
sleeping behind dumpsters hoping to avoid 5-0 detection.

Another long day we make it to a beautiful river in Texas,
sun setting as I’m cleanin’ our paws connectin’ to the nexus.

One last stretch of dessert on the way to the Mexico,
comin’ from Wisconsin look’in pale as an eskimo.

Better take a bus for the last bit of highway not tryna get burned,
lying to Greyhound my boys’a service dog ridin’ first class not concerned.

Pull’en up to the border town at 4 a.m. prepp’in our entrance,
tryn’a nap on the bridge before we claim our independence.

Lookin’ back I can’t help but see the rot and decay,
thinking about the sacrifices all I can do is prey.

But it’s just the price I pay,
destiny is callin’ me,
open up my eager eyes.

Walk’in up to the first guy I see and ask him for directions,
greeted by a big smile and broken english I’m makin’ connections.

Livin’ with a family that owns an internet cafe,
fix’in their computers an enjoying a free place to stay.

Spend’in my days with the abuelo sweep’in the street,
sellin’ clothes outa the patio chat’in to the beat.

My spanish was terrible but we still connected,
sharing his food and time with me he was highly respected.

Tossin’ tortillas to my dog had him smilin’ ear to ear,
headin’ out of town after a month lookin’ up with a tear.

Off for the jungle makin’ friends along the way,
friendly people and good food nothin’ but love on display.

Blown away by the beauty of the jungle and ocean,
swimmin’ in cenotes and lagoons feelin’ some kind of emotion.

Every time I try an leave fate denies me,
wavin’ me back to Mexico like an aggressive referee.

Got me livin’ in a welcoming little beach community,
good vibes we tradin’ plants an animals with impunity.

Working together the last few years watching it grow,
lookin’ back at the USA as they partake in the election game show.

Cheesin’ over what color tie their slave master is wearin’,
wait’in for the president to save’em I’m laughing and starin’.

Headed to the beach for some fishin’ without permission,
no permits or government approval catchin’ meat without admission.

My ducks and chickens takin’ over the streets in search of food,
like a gang they’re running the corners scoping out yards to intrude.

No one calling the police on my rooster for singin’,
gettin’ on my purpose bright an early when-he starts ringin’,

Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side,
but they never mention it only happens when sacrifice and faith collide.

Time to stop debating with the matrix and get back to creating,
whether another country or your back yard you’ll find an adventure waiting.

Embrace Your Inner Troll

Hey gamer,

Pick up your creativity off the floor,
it’s time to embrace your inner troll.

Society trying to remove us from the scene,
avoiding the ban spree like an internet submarine.

Torpedo’s locked and loaded ready to take out the base,
thinkin’ we’re evil that’s just not the case.

Tryna silence our voice with this keyword censor ship,
3 2 1 time to give it my all and let’er rip.

All these normies riding the system in that reinforced hull,
lookin’ like a carnival cruise line every room full.

Don’t question the narrative the media doesn’t lie,
they only give facts and truths don’t even try an deny.

Time to wake up ta reality before they start culling,
grab ahold of the rope a tug o wear and start pulling.

Watchin’ ya sink we pullin’ souls from the water like it’s the Titanic,
don’t be scared though kid the trolls are here no need to panic.

When you’re able to jump from their boat we’re ready,
pick ya up in our troll powered spaceship holden’ in it steady.

World wide collapse being televised with imminence,
watchin’ it all unfold ya stuck in cognitive dissonance.

Forced to attack the system with our metabolic hyperbole,
lyrical IED’s strapped to our chest we comin’ at ya universally.

Got our factory pumpin’ out war ships for the armada,
wrappin’ around their throat like a 20 ft anaconda.

We’ll use our depression an anxiety as ammo,
smoke ya on the battlefield like a stick of tobacco.

Fearless warriors harnessing their inner wit,
troll army rollin’ out in force and you can’t stop it.

Soldiers with an IQ higher than your credit score,
world on lock down we about to join the war.

Like the Vietcong we’re underground preparing,
radio cranked up got that cringe core hip hop blaring.

Target acquired we got eyes on their weak spot,
holes in the armor we’re busy lining up the red dot.

Ban one and we’ll show up with our html browser powers,
fake accounts and bots we’ll be plowin’ the cowards.

Bury em under the fruit trees use’in em as fertilizer,
leave em beggin’ for water in the God’s internal fire.

We weren’t meant to live in social solitary,
so grab your application to the troll military.

All hands on deck we’re at war with the elite,
time to get on your feet and turn up the heat.

I’m the CEO

I’m the CEO and you’ll do what I say,
doesn’t matter how many politicians I gotta sway.

Pump your phone full of propaganda til ya change ya tone,
like a good little citizen you’ll always obey my throne.

Subconsciously you won’t even realize it’s idolatry,
as you start to follow the beat of my archaeolatry.

Virtue signaling as a vegan you protest to eat herbicide,
meanwhile society is starving like a modern day genocide.

Monsanto, Apple, Nike we’re all the same things,
just one man behind the scenes pullin’ the strings.

President Red or blue doesn’t matter they’re both my bitch,
controlling the media narrative like a modern day witch.

Don’t bother just leave your conspiracy theories at the door,
if we needa we’ll drop another cointel pro for the poor.

World on lock down we’ll start to round up the dissident,
can’t blame me either because you were complicit-in-it.

Hop on my yacht and go for a cruise in the Caribbean,
watching the news laughing at your mouth covers, stupid peon.

Now go get your vaccine so I can add another digit to my account,
don’t worry if you can’t afford it I’ll give ya a discount.

Best part is if something goes wrong you can’t even sue me,
if you knew the truth I’d probably be hangin’ from a tree.

Don’t worry though I paid off the mayor and his police force,
drinkin’ beers with senator as we hit balls at the golf course.

Already sculpted your mind to my desire like potters clay,
only thing left for you to do is submit to me and obey.

I’ma clean out your bank account like your ex wife,
Call me Papi, Daddy, I’m the CEO and I control your life.

Only taking orders from the Pope to maintain the secret,
my Freemason henchmen workin’ day and night to keep it.

Flashing their devil horns for NASA on command,
mention this online and we’ll make sure your banned.

Got ya jumpin’ an clappin’ for your own mental enslavement,
in reality my boots holding ya head down to the pavement.

All twisted up in my version of the stockholm syndrome,
eatin’ up every word the television gives like it’s honeycomb.

Caught ya starin’ at the headlights on the highway like a deer,
and I’ma keep injecting society with more and more fear.

Best thing you can do now is just ignore this song,
go back to lookin at chicks on Instagram in’a thong.
last thing I want is some peasants like you thinkin’ they’re strong.

Kabuto the Python Dis Record

Yeah I got my headset on,
lets try and do this nerdcore thing.

My rhythm sucks and my lyrics are bad,
my flow is that of a stagnant pond’s lily pad.

Can’t let that stop me from joining my clan,
10 years too late I think It’s been cancelled man,

We gotta find a way to bring it back to 2009,
front of the library with my nerdcore hip hop sign.

Whether we need a time machine or just a good beat,
time to poke the python til he gets on his feet.

Can a snake walk I guess we’re bout to find out,
not here to play games with a viper for clout.

Slingshot loaded with lyrics ready to fly,
clipped and clean like a Japanese bonsai.

Take off that anonymous mask and step up to the plate,
hiding like Mark McGuire during the steroid debate.

Acting tough I’ll hit ya back to the garden of eden,
ridin’ around in your geo metro on 1st thinkin’ your speedin’.

Look at you on social media simpin’ for women,
puckered up like you’re suckin’ on a Mexican lemon.

Heard you gave up nerdcore making kids songs for Nickelodeon,
bro time to grow some legs an step up to the podium.

So toxic ya hidin’ under your bed while tryin’ to write,
I’m worse than the troll in Skyrim you were too scared to fight.

Like a mongoose my receptors are immune to your venom,
actin tough as ya sag your yoga pants made of high quality denim.

Drop’en the hate like a shootout in saints row.
finish ya off while I bury your career with my back hoe.

Maybe you’re too old now I don’t wanna pick on the elderly,
peanut butter and raisins your rhymes always lack the celery.

Got ya position dialed in with the long range mortar,
meanwhile ya bankrupted as an only fans supporter.

When ya gonna learn dude these hoes ain’t loyal,
got ya on the ropes beggin’ like its a battle royal.

A couple of titties and ya let her clear out the vault,
standin’ in the driveway left chewin on some asphalt.

Don’t be fooled by the avatar I’m a stoner with attitude,
have you switchin sides callin me papi sendin’ pics in the nude.

But before I go there is one more thing I gotta say,
I’ve got nothin’ but love this was just some nerdcore foreplay.


City Farmin’ Movement

Hey man I heard you were curious about city farmin’,
why don’t you pull up a seat and we’ll get to learnin’.

Starts at about 5 a.m. when my rooster starts to croo,
if your neighbors are cool there’s will be too.

Sometimes it sucks when I stay up late playin’ games,
but I can always go back to bed after feed’en’em some grains.

It’s not about pets but real eggs that can feed my family,
relying on grocery stores and government will always end in tragedy.

If city farming is against regulations that’s a human rights violation,
want to arrest me for having a city farm then take me to the station.

Thinking these regulations give you an excuse for maltreatment,
I really give no fucks for your silly HOA agreement.

Gonna fill my yard with pineapples and carrots,
leaving you at the boardroom to gossip like parrots.

I’ve got no time for your cucked out mentality,
and if you keep pressin’ me you’re gonna see some brutality.

Just delivered another baby sheep in the street,
don’t even have to mow my lawn they keep it real neat.

While you’re cleaning your yard to perfection,
I’m pruning my fruit trees with affection.

I’m a city farmer gonna fight your regulation uprising,
look out’ our communities have already started organizing.

Ain’t easy you gotta have huevos bigger than your gallinas,
can’t let them come at you tryin’ to steal your freedom like hyenas.

But if you wanna get your hands dirty you’ll see life improvement,
its as easy as joining the underground city farmin’ movement.

You could even get a incubator and become the momma,
baby ducks following you around like your the Dalai Lama.

When their poop mixes into the roots of your plants,
you’re mind will expand as you start the city farmer dance.

They’ll even eat harmful bugs trying to feed on your fruits,
and it’s quite cute when they shake their tail kissin’ your boots.

I’m a city farmer through and through and I’m not the only,
to be honest can’t live in the country as it get’s quite lonely.

I like tradin’ plants and animals with the neighbors,
if only the government didn’t attack me with their lightsabres.

Forced to become an outlaw just to have a city farm,
that’s the regulation uprising and it’s time to sound the alarm.

Corona Culture Shock

Gotta go to town today gonna take the bike instead,
gives me a bit of time to play-around in my head.

I pull up to the store and lock up my ride,
some lemming tells me I need a mouth cover to get inside.


Fuck man I just need to buy a new windshield wiper,
out in public lookin’ like your eating shit from a diaper.

Enforcing regulations on society like we’re cattle at the farm,
they say just a mouth cover for a couple weeks don’t sound the alarm.

Believing the news and government like their preaching gospel,
virtue signaling for society you’re really quite awful.

Whatever dude I just won’t drive in the rain,
hop on the bike as I light one up to relax my brain.

Everyone out in public wearing plastic shields and surgical masks,
what if you kill my grandma because you don’t conform some lady asks.

Beautiful day I think I’ll stop by an relax a minute at the park,
Fuck I see the 5-0 rolling up and I know things are about to get dark.


Look man I’m just out here tryin’ to enjoy the breeze,
Citizen don’t you know cornavirus can spread through trees,

It’s our job to protect you from the viruses nature,
don’t try and refuse either because we’ve got the legislature.

Are you fucking kidding me dude I’m just gonna go home,
new video game I’ll take out my frustration on the enemy teams dome.

Running inside I lock the door behind me like it’s doomsday,
zombie apocalypse is here and I don’t think it’s going away.

Communities falling one by one as they shred your brainnnns,
whatever though I’m just gonna roll one up and play some gammmes.


Gringo In Mexico

Just moved in to a little Mexican village,
hold up,

my neighbors just started to party at like 2 a.m,
sounds like karaoke again but maybe I’ll just hafta join em’.

My spanish isn’t that good but they still kinda understand,
greeted by the abuela she hands me a plate of food fresh from the land.

She tells me they just butchered the pig yesterday morning,
before she can explain I rip into my cochinita without warning.

Ohew that’s spicy!

The music starts to play as she dances away in search of the coca cola,
before she can return I’m handed 3 beers and a shot of tequila.

I think que chido if this were the US the police would be here,
instead it’s 2 a.m. and I’m eating good food drinkin’ a beer.

A few more beers with the banda we break out the dominos,
it’s more beautiful than the love story of the Mexicali Rose.

We trade wins through the night with the karaoke blaring,
not a single angry neighbor calling the police or glaring.

Lust takes over as a pretty girl walks by no mma wei que bonita,
Ehh que paso Gringo, que loco, es mi sobrina.

Lo siento amigo but she’s muy guapita,
Awwh don’t worry gringo, I’ll introduce ya.

Before I can make a move I hear a rhuckus from inside,
tía got to drunk fell out of her hammock an almost died.

She seems to be okay though as she laughs and takes another beer,
party starts rolling primo gets on mic taking drink orders like an auctioneer.

We sneak away to smoke some weed as we hop in the Volvo,
enjoying the night with a blunt wrapped up he wips out a bag of polvo.

Thanks but it’s not my style too many pastillas these days,
don’t worry though I’ll roll another one up so we can blaze.

Back at the house we roll up as the party starts to slow down,
many headed for their hammocks as we’re the last awake in this little town.

Another plate of food? Don’t mind if I do. Mucho gracias.
I guess I’ll be here a while I’ma just hit repeat on this process.

Counter Strike, I’m Breaking Up With You

Thinking back on the memories with my first cable connection,
T or CT, who would be my first selection.

Adjusting the settings for my Gateway Desktop hearing the gunfire pound,
I quickly adjust my sensitive waiting patiently for the next round.

To those beautiful nights we spent together sharing a mountain dew case,
never forgetting the first time I slipped in for my first Ace.

Growing up together you were always there for me,
able to unlock any door with your special key.

The first time I experienced a meme I was headed to pit,
there on the wall some gamer had plastered a giant clit.

When I just needed a friend or someone to talk to,
your head shots and flash bangs pulled me through,
this is why it hurts my heart to be writing you.

You have become someone I can longer trust,
as your skin lottery becomes an consensual thrust.

I could create my own skins an upload with encryption,
but instead you’ve given me a gambling addiction.

All that money and still no real cheater detection,
the least you could do is show me a little affection.

It’s time for me to cut you out of my life,
don’t blame me though you’re the one that handed me the knife.

I know some where out there I’ll be treated better,
I’d be lying though if I said I wasn’t crying writing this letter.

As the months go by something in the store catches my eyes,
I thank the Lord as it appears to be a blessing in disguise.

Taking a closer look some synth wave starts to play,
it’s a beautifully sculpted game made from creative clay.

As we breach the door bullets start to wiz and clang,
Taking cover only to realize I’m dead from some cheeky gamers wall bang.

You got me this time but I’ll be back for more,
with those creative curves we’ll be playing ’til about 4.

Feminism Kills

We come out of the womb with a pick axe and hammer,
ready to work every day for the rest of our life.

The truth is these mothers have no empathy or sympathy,
creating hell for their families yet I’m expected to have chivalry.

A mere pawn in her game of chess as she pretends to care,
What the fuck was I born into this shit isn’t fair.

Feminism has taught women to join hands attacking men,
treated like an evil grizzly bear we retreat to our den.
Not a shelter or home for men other than the state pen.

We’re expected to be tough and carry the weight,
yet we’re forced to start the game already in checkmate.

Government breathing down our neck to fight a war,
or maybe just put on a police uniform and attack the poor.

Can’t even smoke a joint to escape this reality,
they’ll cuff us and stuff us under an authoritarian fallacy.

Men looking for comfort where do we turn,
society apathetic we’re left in the oven to burn,
heart coming out black when no one shows concern.

Women take turns poking and prodding for some materialism,
as they join hands with government we start to see feudalism.

Government allowing every female to become a princess,
while the peons are forced to work the fields.

We try and treat people with respect and help out,
only to catch false accusations so she can protect her clout.

Sometimes I just want to go to the park and think about this utopia,
until Karen calls the police and I’m accused of pedophilia.

Men dropping out of society at an alarming rate,
my heart breaks every time I see suicide become their fate,
with no where to turn and no one to help I can honestly relate.

As women claim its equality to watch another man fall,
I lean on my faith with my back up against the wall,
thinking about all the broken men ready to uninstall.

Trapped in a coal mine as they wait outside with TNT ready to ignite,
in the end however I’ll keep my composure and do what’s right.
only because Jesus Christ taught me the way, the truth and the light.

I wish there was more I could do in this spiritual war,
but if I were to be honest with you my heart just can’t take anymore.

Focused on my friends and hobbies to carry me to apogee,
But for now I gotta go before the feminists cancel me with their insanity.

Andale Andale Amigo

In today’s world many try to use fabricated terms to insults me,
conspiracy theorist, crazy, nerd loco they try and sting me like a bee.

I can’t help but laugh as I stick my hand in the jar of honey,
they live a shallow life believing in the system as they chase fiat currency.

Hiding behind internet avatars as they dish out their hate,
treading water their life is meaningless as they take my bait.

Andale andale amigo it’s time to wake up.

They think they know me as their sociopathy starts to foment,
when their insults slide off they fall into self torment.

What you fail to realize little homie is I bite back,
like a shark circling it’s prey your dog bark doesn’t pack.

Que onda pendejo, you can’t take out an og internet troll,
you’re nothing but a systematic stripper dancing on a poll.

Andale andale amigo it’s time to wake up.

Insulting me for questioning the media made narrative,
your delusional mindset is becoming a global imperative.

Matter of fact why don’t you put on your mouth cover before speaking to me,
I don’t want to catch whatever bullshit you’ve injected yourself with.

Pretending your intelligent as you gobble up another state sponsored agenda,
trying to send your crew at me I dropped em all as I score another penta.

Andale andale amigo it’s time to wake up.

Coming at me with that tuna mentality I wonder donde estan tus huevos maricon,
I’m busy creating an army of nerds for the rebellion like a modern day Genghis Khan.

You wanna to step into the ring with me you better bring your head gear,
after a few slaps to the dome you’ll running out the door in fear.

What you don’t seem to realize in this world of real lies,
denial doesn’t save you from reality it’s time to open your eyes and analyze.

Andale andale amigo it’s time to wake up.

As you sit online harnessing your anger Ya mi voy por la playa con la banda,
Riding around in a sleigh of propaganda you still believe in lies like Santa.

I take a sip of my tequila with a couple of pretty latinas,
Meanwhile your dancing around on social media like ballerinas.

Let me dip into that cerviche or better yet pass another fish taco,
I keep it real even though I’ve got no flow and that’s my motto.

So if you want to insult me you better come up with a better way,
My mind is always cocked and loaded ready to slay.

Andale andale amigo it’s time to wake up.

Nerdcore Revolution

We look through history as if we’re the exception
when in reality we’re the responsible.

Wearing a mask as we run our mouths at societies drinking fountain,
segregated and separated the televisions warped our mind.

Freedom is forgotten in place of security through falsified fear,
Manipulation and illusion become the defense for our discomfort.

Where o where are the revolutionaries and the preachers,
Where are the freedom fighters and nerdcore hiphop musicians.

Many clap for the new president forgetting the realities surrounding,
Whether red or blue, half the countries ready to mentally surrender.

Politics shaped like checkerboard as they go back and forth,
keeping you mesmerized for 4 more years is all they have to do.

Allowing the rich and wealthy to regulate our life under a ruse,
no one cares as they turn on the super bowl and go for an occult caribbean cruise.

Reality slides behind an illusion that many fight to maintain,
their status and life all balanced perfectly on a pyramid of lies.

Where o where are the revolutionaries and the preachers,
Where are the freedom fighters and nerdcore hiphop musicians.

Many warriors slain by lust or pride the illusion continues on every screen,
no one willing to risk their sackless job to stand up and fight you join their team.

Selling out for a few sheckles with adsense as you put on your speech mouth cover,
self censorship’s becomes normalized as big brother pats you on the shoulder.

Violent revolution would lead us to a twin system of our current oppression,
our words with no meaning or value in a fog of war through depression.

Grown men seeking validation on social media like a Japanese school girl,
begging for an internet audience and likes with their metaphorical tiddies out.

Where o where are the revolutionaries and the preachers,
Where are the freedom fighters and nerdcore hiphop musicians.

Driving down the back road late at night, man,
Left the Audi at home cruisin’ in the propane powered van.

It’s cheaper than gas and I’m saving up for that 32 GB of Ram,
You know what it is, here in nerdville we got our priorities right, fam.

Really just tired of a broken system sucking me dry,
I’d rather be playing video games gettin’ high.

Society forces me into a box of unrelenting conformity,
When I just want to be left alone and live in harmony.

Can’t even sell raw milk or eggs as a homesteader,
Forced to the plantation to work for the slave master.

Our individualism thrown in a fire bin to roast,
Rather than used to ferment our thought like compost.

My buddy just picked up a fat sack of Blue Dream,
I need some enhancers because later I’ll have to carry my team.

I’m a gamer my dude, and I enjoy fighting online crime,
When the terrorists plant a bomb I have no choice but to try.

Whether I’m building a colony of survivors or saving the world,
my creativity is free to cruise along with the high beams on.

Instead of pulling over for a police K-9 unit,
I hit the turbo and launch an EMP to disable their automobile.

Running and gunning on the way to my secret lair,
AI can’t keep up because I’m an old school video game player.

Reality trying to give me jail time and a felony,
But I’m just a nerd farmer trying to make a living.

5 a.m. my rooster lets me know it’s time to wake and pave the road,
Society sucks me back to the plantation like a fly abducted by a toad.

Another day in the office upholding the system,
Looking at my boss I just wanna shove a fist’en’em.

Fuck it I can’t do this anymore,
I’m packing my shit and movin’ to Mexico.

Nerdcore Rap [Cringewave] FULL ALBUM

With all the censorship happening and 95% of my accounts getting deleted it’s getting harder and harder to keep my content online. Their AI system has gotten very intelligent and fast the last couple years making it almost impossible to reach people outside of my website. It’s easy to see the agendas being played out right now watching who and what goes trending as if the elite are playing a mighty game of chess. Many unable to see past the gimmicks and sharades they throw in front of you. In the mean time, here’s some of my old music to enjoy as the world collapses.

MTV Classic
Nagolbud – Nerdcore Rap [Cringewave]

The Hubris of Mankind

Crossing Borders

Red Pill Ruse

I’m the CEO

#DoNotObey: It’s Time To Attack

Nerdcore Revolution

Embrace Your Inner Troll

Kabuto the Python Dis Record

Dropkicking Corruption: FINISH HIM!

Red Pill Romance

City Farmin’ Movement

Corona Culture Shock

Gringo in Mexico

Feminism Kills

Sleepless In Statism

Andale Andale Amigo

Taking My Dog for a Walk In Mexico

Don’t Look Up

Un Poquito Más.. Dinero, Dinero, Dinero

Counter-Strike, I’m Breaking Up With You

OK ‘Ssuka – Get Your Farm’On Before You Be Starv’On

Narcissism Is Societies Protege