The Quran Was Created by the Vatican

The great untapped source of manpower that could do this job was the children of Ishmael. The poor Arabs fell victim to one of the most clever plans ever devised by the powers of darkness. Early Followers of Christ went everywhere with the gospel setting up small churches, but they met heavy opposition. Both the Jews and the Roman government persecuted the believers in Christ to stop their spread. But the Jews rebelled against Rome, and in 70 AD, Roman armies under General Titus smashed Jerusalem and destroyed the great Jewish temple which was the heart of Jewish worship…in fulfillment of Christ’s prophecy in Matthew 24:2.

On this holy placed today where the temple once stood, the Dome of the Rock Mosque stands as Islam’s second most holy place. Sweeping changes were in the wind. Corruption, apathy, greed, cruelty, perversion and rebellion were eating at the Roman Empire, and it was ready to collapse. The persecution against Followers of Christ was useless as they continued to lay down their lives for the gospel of Christ. The only way Satan could stop this thrust was to create a counterfeit “Follower’s of Christ” religion to destroy the work of God. The solution was in Rome. Their religion had come from ancient Babylon and all it needed was a face-lift. This didn’t happen overnight, but began in the writings of the ‘early church fathers’.

It was through their writings that a new religion would take shape. The statue of Jupiter in Rome was eventually called St. Peter, and the statue of Venus was changed to the Virgin Mary. The site chosen for its headquarters was on one of the seven hills called ‘Vaticanus’, the place of the diving serpent where the Satanic temple of Janus stood. The great counterfeit religion was Christianity, Roman Catholicism, called ‘Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth’- Revelation 17:5. She was raised up to block the gospel, slaughter the believers in Christ, establish religions, create wars and make the nations drunk with the wine of her fornication as we’ll see.

Another problem was the true Followers of Jesus Christ in North Africa who preached the gospel. Roman Catholicism was growing in power, but would not tolerate opposition. Somehow the Vatican had to create a weapon to eliminate both the Jews and the true Jesus Christ believers who refused to accept Roman Catholicism. Looking to North Africa, they saw the multitudes of Arabs as a source of manpower to do their dirty work. Some Arabs had become Roman Catholic, and could be used in reporting information to leaders in Rome. Others were used in an underground spy network to carry out Rome’s master plan to control the great multitudes of Arabs who rejected Catholicism. When ‘St Augustine’ appeared on the scene, he knew what was going on. His
monasteries served as bases to seek out and destroy Bible manuscripts owned by the true Followers of Jesus Christ.

The Vatican wanted to create a messiah for the Arabs, someone they could raise up as a great leader, a man with charisma whom they could train, and eventually unite all the non-Catholic Arabs behind him, creating a mighty army that would ultimately capture Jerusalem for the pope. A wealthy Arabian lady who was a faithful follower of the pope played a tremendous part in this drama. She was a widow named Khadijah. She gave her wealth to the church and retired to a convent, but was given an assignment. She was to find a brilliant young man who could be used by the Vatican to create a new religion and become the messiah for the children of Ishmael. Khadijah had a cousin named Waraquah,, who was also a very faithful Roman Catholic and the Vatican placed him in a critical role as Muhammad’s advisor. He had tremendous influence on Muhammad.

Teachers were sent to young Muhammad and he had intensive training. Muhammad studied the works of St. Augustine which prepared him for his “great calling.” The Vatican had Catholic Arabs across North Africa spread the story of a great one who was about to rise up among the people and be the chosen one of their God. ‘While Muhammad was being prepared, he was told that his enemies were the Jews and that the only true Christians were Roman Catholic. He was taught that others calling themselves Christians were actually wicked impostors and should be destroyed. Many Muslims believe this. ‘Muhammad began receiving “divine revelations” and his wife’s Catholic cousin Waraquah helped interpret them.

From this came the Quran or Koran. In the fifth year of Muhammad’s mission, persecution came against his followers because they refused to worship the idols in the Kaaba. ‘Muhammad instructed some of them to flee to Abysinnia where Negus, the Roman Catholic king accepted them because Muhammad’s views on the virgin Mary were so close to Roman Catholic doctrine. ‘Muhammad later conquered Mecca and the Kaaba was cleared of idols. History proves that before Islam came into existence, the Sabeans in Arabia worshiped the moon-god who was married to the sun-god.

Muhammad claimed he had a vision from Allah and was told, “You are the messenger of Allah.” This began his career as a prophet and he received many messages. By the time Muhammad died, the religion of Islam was exploding. The nomadic Arab tribes were joining forces in the name of Allah and his prophet, Muhammad. ‘Some of Muhammad’s writings were placed in the Koran, others were never published. They are now in the hands of high ranking holy men (Ayatollahs) in the Islamic faith.

“In their “holy” book, the Koran, Christ is regarded as only a prophet. If the pope was His representative on earth, then he also must be a prophet of God. This caused the followers of Muhammad to fear and respect the pope as another “holy man.” “The pope moved quickly and issued bulls granting the Arab generals permission to invade and conquer the nations of North Africa. The Vatican helped to finance the building of these massive Islamic armies in exchange for three favors:

1. Eliminate the Jews and Followers of Jesus Christ (true believers, which they called infidels).
2. Protect the Augustinian Monks and Roman Catholics.
3. Conquer Jerusalem for “His Holiness” in the Vatican.

As time went by, the power of Islam became tremendous – Jews and Bible Believers were slaughtered, and Jerusalem fell into their hands. Roman Catholics were never attacked, nor were their shrines, during this time. But when the pope asked for Jerusalem, he was surprised at their denial! The Arab generals had such military success that they could not be intimidated by the pope – nothing could stand in the way of their own plan. The pope raised up his armies and called them crusades to hold back the children of Ishmael from grabbing Catholic Europe. The crusades lasted centuries and Jerusalem slipped out of the pope’s hands.

Years later when the Muslim armies were poised on the islands of Sardinia and Corsica, to invade Italy, there was a serious problem. The Islamic generals realized they were too far extended. It was time for peace talks. One of the negotiators was Francis of Assisi. As a result, the Muslims were allowed to occupy Turkey in a “Christian” world, and the Catholics were allowed to occupy Lebanon in the Arab world. It was also agreed that the Muslims could build mosques in Catholic countries without interference as long as Roman Catholicism could flourish Arab countries.

Both the Muslims and Roman Catholics agreed to block and destroy the efforts of their common enemy, Bible-believing missionaries.

Who Are the Jesuits?

How the Jesuits Control Politics #Transvestigation

When you start to research the Jesuits you realize how much of your life has been controlled. What you believe and know as “truth” has been created for you. Your entire life is walking their fine line whether you realize it or not. Their ability to achieve their goals is evident throughout history as their plans come closer to completion every year.

The evil History of the Jesuits

The Jesuits,Priesthood of Absolute Evil Exposed!

As you dive into their history and actions you might start to wonder why congress or politicians don’t fight back. Why they have never done anything to get rid of them… until you realize how deep it really goes.

I really don’t even have to say anything else. Put two and two together… Jesuits and Catholic Church are known for starting child orphanages on islands. Politicians are cross dressing free masons.. The Jesuits are known for being pedophiles, drug trafficking, ect. So when you connect these dots what are you left with? Many children who are abused sexually as children have gender dysphoria as they grow up. Living inside this sick system that was created for them. Who would speak out from the political hierarchy, and which experts in history or science would speak out? They are all in on it with a life of pain below their belt. The Vatican is like the Umbrella corporation using childhood trauma and abuse to shape their future puppets. It’s time to wake up!

It’s Never Too Late

Often times people let the lie itself become bigger than the evil that was done. This can be a trick used to keep you inside the cage. Fighting for your life you believe you owe your allegiance. Deep down you know what you’re doing is wrong, but you don’t know how to make it end. You wrestle every day wondering how it could happen, going along with the lie you never stop and question.

Often times making the excuse that it’s too late, out of fear of what would really happen. The reality is though salvation comes by faith. The Bible is quite clear that no matter your deeds, by faith are you saved. There is nothing Satan or his devils can do, and my own personal fearlessness comes by faith alone.

Wasting away your existence, carrying on the same games, what was the point when you’re offered a free gift. All along it was achievable but hidden under the ruse, treating life like a carnival festival cruise. Deceiving many just to maintain your image, your Instagram hardly reflects your mental diminish.

Those in power cling to their religion, but deep down they know it is simple division. Controlling the wealth and power of a nation but having no freedom within, they continue their crusade with an ultimate collision. For even the Pope is deceived out of his own personal liberty, as he continues his dissent into eternal misery.

Celebrities sell their soul for a few pieces of plastic or paper, only to find out their illusion of societal status disappeared with a little defamation. Mere pawns in the chess game of control and power, they go along with the agenda as they cower. The reality remains though, that it’s never too late, for politicians and priests, to reveal the truth about their life and call out to Jesus Christ.

Why They Sank the Titanic on Purpose

You know I always ask myself, why doesn’t anyone else question shit? I look around and rarely do you meet another human being that has actually stopped to sniff the flowers. That actually gives a shit about what’s going on in other people’s lives, in the world, what’s happening to other people, ect. Most are so wrapped up in their own delusion they don’t know or care about anything outside their 1 meter bubble. People dismiss the claim like “the Titanic was sank on purpose” while holding to a “fact” that makes no sense at all.

Why on earth would a group of rich people board a boat that has never even finished one cruise, especially into uncharted waters with giant chunks of sharp ice. Like the entire thing was created for the movie itself, although this isn’t true, the actual factual story is far more Hollywood ready. Many people forget to look through history at other events of the same time period. Some people might wonder about things like “how the f*** did they even get the federal reserve corporation bank not government building installed in the USA”.

I wanted the answer to this question. I started noticing a few patterns in the timeline associated with pushing the agenda. Opposition? Eliminate them. The Titanic was sank in 1912. The Federal Reserve was installed in 1913. The Captain of the Titanic? A Jesuit. Who was on board? Who built the Titanic? Enough said.

Federal Reserve Titanic Federal Reserve Titanic

Many people will immediately dismiss this as a “conspiracy theory” because that’s what they were taught to do on social networks and television Netflix series but the reality is the Titanic was sank on purpose. Most people don’t even know that the federal reserve, the one that creates and prints your money, is a corporation. It has nothing to do with government at all. The federal reserve prints money and loans it to the government. They then charge interest on that loan. Let’s say the government was loaned one dollar. The federal reserve, IMF, or international bank then prints the note or dollar. The government receives one dollar but has to repay one and a half dollars with the interest. Since there is only one dollar that has been printed it is actually impossible to repay the debt. This is the scam of fiat currency, this is the scam of interest loans, this is the scam of the federal reserve and the Vatican behind it.

Oh you thought a corporation was just cashing in on your money? A few smart bankers took over the world? Haha yeah right. Bankers are beta’s. They require manipulation to get rich, they’d get beat down in the streets or by the local drag queen. Bankers are never the top of the pyramid and that’s evident by following the money trail from any IMF, international bank, or federal reserve. When we get back to the Bank of London (in most cases) the funds are then divvied up among the top banking families and put into use by the Vatican. Vatican City is the richest country in the world while the smallest. Let that sink in.

The Catholic Church has maintained power since it’s conception for that very purpose. Since it pushed the lie of Christianity and Government on all nations it conquered. Too call this a conspiracy theory is to deny history itself. Follow the money, follow the death toll, and there you have a man in a dress claiming to the be vicar of Christ creating corporations fronting as governments as they pump you full of evolutionary propaganda and a perfectly spinning ball with aliens and photoshop made galaxies across the universe.

Evidence The Titanic Was Sunk on Purpose

The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

A Country Founded On Lies Will Always Fall

It’s easy to get pulled in by the beautiful story of how America was founded and the men responsible for starting this country with the perfect document known merely as the “Constitution”. The story itself has action, liberation, fighting, intense speeches and debates, everything a good reality tv show, I mean country, needs to get its foundation. The “founding fathers” were that of gods, doing what no man has ever done before.

The problem is however, none of it is true. Originally, America the land mass itself was inhabited by natives. The first immigrants from Europe where running from the catholic crusade and murder of innocent people. These were the first immigrants to come to America, they where met with some friendly and some hostile natives. They worked together and established towns and communities throughout.

It wasn’t until about 150 years later that the Vatican created a scheme to take control over this mass of land. Millions of natives and thousands of immigrants where murdered defending real freedom, yet you believe we fought a war with those bullies in England for our “liberty” and the almighty constitution. What a brilliant way to take control of an entire nation while they think they’re still free. Even some of the diaries from real militia men spoke about meeting the generals of the “American army” and knew they were English statist or Jesuits from the Vatican. Enter: the founding fathers and constitution.

“The best slaves are the ones that think they are free.”

No one signed the Constitution at the very start, and it wasn’t even put back into law after the civil war. Another great story for another article, as the civil war was not about setting the slaves free, rather making everyone a slave. Color nor race mattered in reality, the constitution itself was suspended and they’ve been running the country based off the emergency war powers and war powers acts they passed after the constitution was suspended.

The brilliance of the constitution though, was not that it founded a free country, rather a group of men from Britain, under the order of the Vatican, known as the “founding fathers” gave rights and powers to another group of men, congress, to collect taxes and create “laws”. The every day American of course does not have these powers, but the almighty founding fathers granted these powers to “congress” to rule over you.

This new law to tax the natives and already established for 150 years immigrants, forced free people to pay duties to the royalty. They had run from the crusades of the catholic church once, and lived free with the natives for 150 years but this document now made it law that taxes be paid and laws now have effect over those who where already free. Yes that’s right, the constitution actually made it law for free men to give money to their masters known as congress, or elected official if that makes you feel free’er.

Most people can’t handle this. They think America is some fairy tale land of freedom and “democracy” even though America has never been a democracy. Democracy, Americas only export, is sent to the entire world  through real terrorism – the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims – until they submit and install an IMF or international bank. (Every country but two in the world has an IMF or international bank.)

Crossdressing Presidents and Ladyboy First Ladies

Almost every war in Americas history can be attributed to this, whether we were looked at as the good or bad guy, the results are always the same. Control the money supply and you literally control everything, food, government, people. ect. The Vatican figured this out very early as they had the biggest deceiver as a teacher. Their disgusting acts through out history prove who their “father” really is.. and it certainly is NOT the God of Issac Abraham and Jacob.

“And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.” – Matthew 23:9

In Matthew 23, Jesus is denouncing the Jewish scribes and Pharisees, in particular for their hypocrisy in elevating themselves above others with titles such as “teacher” and “master.” The Jewish teachers affected that title because they supposed that a teacher formed the man, or gave him real life, and they sought, therefore, to be called “father,” as if they were the source of truth rather than God. Christ taught them that the source of all life and truth is God, and they ought not to seek or receive a title which properly belongs to Him.

This denunciation is equally relevant for today. In no way should any person look up to, follow, or elevate a human leader in any religious or church organization above Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Head of the Church, His body, and our one and only Master and Teacher. He alone is the author of our salvation, source of comfort in difficulties and strength to live the Christian life, and the only One to whom our prayers should be directed.

Roman Catholics call their priests “father” and the pope is called “the holy father.” This is clearly unbiblical. The priest as “father” is problematic. Catholic priests are doing precisely what Matthew 23:9 condemns by allowing the term “father” in a spiritual sense be applied to them. In no sense is a priest or pastor a “spiritual father” to a Christian. Only God can cause a person to receive “spiritual birth”; therefore, only God is worthy of the title of “Father” in a spiritual sense.

In the case of the “holy father,” there is no doubt this is biblical. No man can take on the title of “holy” anything, because only God is holy. This title gives the pope a status that is never intended for any man on earth. Even the apostle Paul referred to himself as the chief of sinners (1 Timothy 1:15) and cried out, “Who will deliver me from this body of death?” (Romans 7:14). Clearly, Paul made no claim to holiness. Although as Christians we have exchanged our sin for the righteousness of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21), holiness will not be attained until we are in heaven and have left the last vestiges of our sin natures behind. Until then, the pope has no more holiness than the average Christian and is not entitled to be called “holy father.”

Bloody History of Catholic Church Starting from 1000 A.D. Until Now

1096 Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter half the Bible Believers in Worms, Germany.

1098 Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter almost all of the inhabitants of the city of Antioch.

1099 Roman Catholic crusaders massacre 70,000 Muslims, Jews, and Bible Believers when they capture Jerusalem.

1208 – 1226 The Albigensian Crusades in southern France. Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter approximately 20,000 citizens of Beziers, France, on July 22, 1209. Albigensian Bible Believers were slain. By the time the Roman Catholic armies finished their “crusade,” almost the entire population of southern France (mostly Albigensian Bible Believers) had been exterminated. During the six centuries of papal Inquisition that began in the 13th century, up to 50 million people were killed. Read what J. A. Wylie’s The History of Protestantism has to say about the Crusades against the Abigenses

1236 Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter Bible Believers in the Anjou and Poitou regions of western France. The Catholic crusaders trample to death under their horses 3000 Jews who refuse baptism.

1243 Roman Catholic mobs burn alive all Bible Believers in Berlitz, Germany (near Berlin).

1298 Roman Catholic mobs burn alive all Bible Believers in Rottingen, Germany.

1349 Roman Catholic mobs burn to death all Bible Believers in Germersheim, Germany.

1348 – 1349 The Bible Believers are blamed for the bubonic plague. “Accused of causing the ‘Black Death’ Bible Believers were rounded up [by Roman Catholic mobs] and hanged, burned, and drowned by the thousands in revenge.”

1389 Roman Catholic mobs murder 3000 Bible Believers in Prague when they refuse to be baptized.

1481 – 1483 At the direction of the Roman Catholic inquisitors, authorities burn at the stake at least 2000 people during the first two years of the Spanish Inquisition.

1540 – 1570 Roman Catholic armies butcher at least 900,000 Waldensian Bible Believers of all ages during this 30-year period.

1550 – 1560 Roman Catholic troops slaughter at least 250,000 Dutch Protestants via torture, hanging, and burning during this ten-year period.

1553 – 1558 Roman Catholic Queen Mary I of England (aka “bloody Mary”) attempts to bring England back under the yoke of papal tyranny. During her reign, approximately 200 men and woman are burned to death at the sake. Her victims include bishops, scholars, and other Protestant leaders.

1572 St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. French Roman Catholic soldiers begin killing Protestants in Paris on the night of August 24, 1572. The soldiers kill at least 10,000 Protestants during the first three days. At least 8000 more Protestants are killed as the slaughter spreads to the countryside.

1618 – 1648 The Thirty Years’ War. This bloody, religious war is planned, instigated, and orchestrated by the Roman Catholic Jesuit order and its agents in an attempt to exterminate all the Protestants in Europe. Many countries in central Europe lose up to half their population.

1641 –  1649 Eight years of Jesuit-instigated Roman Catholic butchery of Irish Protestants claims the lives of at least 100,000 Protestants.

1685  French Roman Catholic soldiers slaughter approximately 500,000 French Protestant Huguenots on the orders of Roman Catholic King Louis 14 of France.

Vatican Takes Control of America Article Here

1902 Vatican pushes for birth certificates and recording of births (to prepare for upcoming taxes and war efforts; the original purpose of vital statistics was for tax purposes and for the determination of available military manpower.)

1911 Jesuits sink Titanic clone on purpose to murder rich anti federal reserve Americans.

1913 Federal Reserve is put into place, taxes directly sent to Vatican’s banking capital.

1929 Great Depression Orchestrated stock market collapse, over 8 million died of starvation alone (to prepare for social security act, forced personage, and going off the gold standard to total fiat currency, even though gold is really fiat currency as well, price established by the same likes, instead American fiat currency would be generated by actual human beings as slaves)

1935 Social Security Act Legally acknowledging a United States Citizen (subject) is now property of the vatican. (total control over the people and resources of America)

1938 –  1945 Circa Catholic dictators such as Adolf Hitler and Monsignor Tiso slaughter over six million innocent people in Europe prior to and during World War 2.

1941 – 1945 The Roman Catholic Ustashi in the fascist state of Croatia butcher up to one million Serbian Orthodox Christians. Roman Catholic killer squads are often led by Franciscan priests, monks, and friars. This genocide is choreographed by two Jesuit prelates: Aloysius Stepinac and Ivan Saric.

Present Day International Bank / IMF in every country except two.

???? America no longer needed to control other regions with military force, American people huge drain on vatican resources. Timed collapse of the United States of America.

There is much more to our history than the Jesuits reveal to you in their indoctrination camps, aka public schools but this is a rough outline of history in the last thousand years at the hands of the catholic church.

“If you have not studied the jesuits of the vatican, nothing you know about the world, history, politics, or science can be true. For even the shape of the world is told to you by religious and you believe it as science even when reality contradicts it.”

Don’t forget what happened to the Roman Empire, or every other empire the Vatican has pulled the strings for. They proved already they can punch a few numbers and collapse the entire economy, this was 75 years ago when people still lived off the land and could somewhat provide for themselves. Nowadays, that 8 million number would be closer to the 200 million mark. People can’t even turn on their TV without a remote, you really think they’ll be able to harvest their own food?