The Andrew Tate Psyop Saga Continues

It’s concerning how many normies buy into the Tate brothers Netflix series. With poor acting, obvious planned events, promotions throughout the internet while being “cancelled”; all calling signs of a psyop in progress. As he throws up Freemason hand signs and claims the matrix is attacking him the fan boys eat it up. As he waddles onto every main stream program on television, Twitch, and every short video on YouTube and TikTok they clap along to the beat.

20 years ago Americans were willing to kill men in huts half way across the earth over Islam 9/11 psyop and now they are cheering it on because some dude in tight pants and designer clothes with a Bugatti told them too. People like Sneako dick riding the agenda into oblivion. It’s honestly mind blowing how many people actually buy into this retarded ass show. Andrew Tate gonna save the world because he repeats the same topics the manosphere has been saying for 20 years, gimme a break.

Not only are all of Andrew Tates businesses geared at taking advantage of men, from nude shows on the internet to casinos, and now his hustler pyramid scam, these fuck boys continue riding that D. Coronavirus proved how easy it is to manipulate the masses into doing anything, including taking untested vaccines and wearing mouth diapers to buy food. The world is in for a real treat when they turn up the heat on these psyops.

Bunch of men being taken for fools as they jump on board to promote the agenda because their too cowardly to stand on their own two feet. Clinging to any dude that tickles their ears in hopes they can achieve materialistic success in a broken world. Willing to sell their soul for a few shekels in the matrix they claim to be escaping. Complete and utter horsepoop for low IQ men with no real solution other than putting a bandaid on the wounds society has created for them.

“But omg Andrew Tate saved my life” “He told me to work out and build a business” Bro men having been telling other men this stuff since the dawn of mankind. Andrew Tate has done nothing but tickle ears for income while the system promotes him and the agenda he’s been told to carry out. He’s not saying anything new, he’s simply being promoted by the system with psyops ready to shoot.

Andrew Tate has dated trannies like Mikhaila Peterson, most likely gets fucked by the top Freemasons as some sort of escort playboy, all while the normies of society promote the psyop like the Tate’s are their own blood brothers. Meanwhile the system keeps rolling out 5G antennas, Elon Musk Mars faggotry, and inflation of your precious dollar to roll in the centralized crypto currency. All psyops for retards as the system takes more control over your every day life.

Literally every shill has come out of the woodworks to promote the Tate brothers with secret content and omg events. Every podcast, alternative news network, and red pill channel jumping on board to fuel the agenda while the average man absorbs the psyop like a modern day vaccine. Never questioning their “hero” as he leads them to the pit of fire, in reality just another shit show for the masses.

You probably don’t care though as you clap for the Jake Paul vs Andrew Tate fag fest boxing match. Where two Freemason boy toys fight for the approval of their masters and the chance to take it up the ass. Oh but they stared into each others eyes with intensity so it must be a real beef. I’ve seen better movies by amateur film makers with more believable stories for fuck sake. Not a big enough bag of popcorn to watch the fall of society while the normies clap for their own destruction. “But Nagolbud oMg Greta Thunberg got Andrew Tate busted because of a pizza box.” Go ahead soy boy, imiTATE the top G with your 33 cars.

Andrew Tate Freemason Freemason Andrew Tate Andrew Tate is a Freemason
Tate Brothers are Freemasons



Greta Thunberg Is Just Another Puppet #Transvestigation

Let’s set aside the fact Greta Thunberg is a little boy in drag and focus on some basics. Why are a bunch of adults concerned with some little kid larping for the system? When it was giving all those speeches they were clearly unqualified to make. Uneducated, no experience, and absolutely no scientific research to back up it’s claims. Just a bunch of emotional teleprompter reading to get the normies up in arms about climate change. As they force the slaves of the Congo to dig out their Tesla batteries for pennies a day they cry and virtue signal on social media about how the environment is being destroyed by cow farts and gas emissions. They take up delusional mindsets and clone the systems relevant daily debates to keep the zombies on track to support their modern day psyops and agendas.

Androgyne Religion

Candance Owens – Conservative or Shill #Transvestigation

Whenever someone like this gains popularity on all platforms rapidly it’s safe to assume they are a shill. With censorship and control so blatantly obvious there is no way a grass roots regular person is saying all the right things to get put on a pedestal in societies eye. The system would never allow a normie to get in a position where they actually have a voice if they are in fact against the system and it’s agendas. Candace Owens is just another androgyne in their propaganda machine to push their baphomet bullshit.

Androgyne Religion

Transvestigation of Candance Owens

Andrew Tate Is a Shill for the System

I’ve been starting to wonder whether Andrew Tate is just another peg in the psyop machine. It seems like he has a lot of good insights when it comes to the system and society but the recent cliché “I’ve been banned from everywhere” out of the Alex Jones CIA mockingbird book it’s hard to say. The fact he’s still promoted all over the internet, in every YouTube short, being pumped on big networks like Info Wars, and interviews with Piers Morgan, it starts leaning towards just another shill. All the premade shorts and videos from random podcasts or his childhood look like an obvious setup.

The reality is, most things he talks about have been topics in the manosphere for decades and his hustler university is clearly just a promotion based pyramid scam with little to no real information on how to start a legit local business. Let’s be honest, $50 a month to join a discord server when all the content on said discord server can be found online for free. Many of the things he tells men to do are great, working out, learning to fight, getting a stable income, but the underlining narcissism is to much to bare at times. Many men start to idolize and worship Andrew Tate based on materialistic faggotry whether it be fast cars or hot bitches.

I went through that phase when I was like 20-22 yet grew out of it rather quickly, realizing there is much more to life than chasing money, status, and chicks. It’s a fake shallow life that offers temporary fun rather than any type of real joy based on your passions and hobbies. It’s really not that impressive to start a webcam business and take advantage of desperate men on the internet. It’s really not that impressive to open a casino and use the system to violate the bank accounts of the average person. It’s quite laughable this man claims to have secrets to “get out of the matrix” when he’s so deep into the matrix he looks down on the people he pretends to care about.

The saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and although Andrew Tate has some interesting things to say his actions prove he will use anyone to get rich regardless of how it effects the people around him. Every single one of his business ventures plays on the desperation of modern men with soothsayer promises of wealth, status, and women. What has he really done to “escape the matrix” when he literally promotes it in all his businesses. He acts like he’s some James Bond action hero mafia boss who is saving the world when he hasn’t really done anything of the sort. It’s all just an act and the worst part is men are adopting this shallow narcissistic world view to vicariously live through Andrew Tate.

It’s been said by Andrew Tate that his father is ex-CIA which is quite suspicious. Recently Andrew Tate’s true agenda has been revealed, to push Islam onto the masses of depressed angry men. It became obvious when the YouTube shorts AI starting pushing Islam the last few weeks and then all of a sudden Andrew Tate converts to Islam? Are you kidding me… you can’t make up these retard shit but yet here we are with another propaganda plant. I find it alarming how quickly propaganda can make the masses hate something then love it in less than 20 years. In the early 2000’s these same men were signing up to slaughter and kill Muslims in the middle east and now these men are going to convert to Islam because Andrew Tate is “leading the way”. Hate to love in less than 20 years is insanity. The worst part is the Quran itself was written and created as a hoax by the Vatican to control the middle east.

I think another objective of his shill program is to get wealthy men into the occult mentality with his $5000 War Room. It’s a way to recruit men into their agenda and take more control of the “truth movement”. Taking control of the men that might be able to find ways to fight back and getting them to join their team sort to say. Controlled opposition, cointel pro, an easy way to stop a real movement before it even gets started.

At the end of the day there’s some good that can be taken from what he has to say but all in all Andrew Tate just seems like another puppet of the system. Playing his part on the global scale to usher in the next stage of their psyop to control the future of men. A man that only cares about the system, his money, and fabricated societal success without an ounce of empathy or compassion for what he’s actually doing to his viewers. His narcissism is only enflamed more by the millions of men putting him on a pedestal instead of coming up with their own personality, thoughts, and actions. A hive mind of wannabe alphas angry at the system of oppression while they mimic and parrot someone else’s life. Perhaps it’s time you start thinking for yourself rather than allowing every internet influencer dictate your mindset.

Andrew Tate is a complete SHILL

Agora Road Macintosh Cafe is a Shill Forum [Internet is Dead Theory]

The admin of Agora Road, Illuminati Pirate, has been caught multiple times larping from 20-25 accounts while attacking members. He bans anyone and everyone that disagrees with the mainstream agenda while at the same time defaming them from his 20+ accounts. I experienced this first hand and so did many other users that have e-mailed me / joined my discord. I received at least 10 e-mails from different users warning me in my early days on Agora Road and it all turned out to be true. Not to mention the admin has been caught multiple times logging people’s IP’s, their device ID, literally scamming Nigerians with crypto, trying to lie to cover up his actions.. and that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

agora road tracking you

agora road admin

The dude is a complete and utter sociopath with an agenda. It blows my mind people don’t see through his narcissistic games as he begs for money on patreon (first thing you see on the entire website) and spams google adsense adds all over the forum… and guess what? You can’t login with a VPN or Tor Browser. The kicker? He tracks your IP’s and device ID’s. A free speech, no censorship, internet is dead theory forum that tracks you? HAHAHA, code doesn’t lie. Neither do the actions of the admin.. Go ahead and check the source code after you log in. ;) He’s watching every move you make, your IP, device ID, browser, ect.

Here is more shilling from Illuminati Pirate, admin of Agora Road, on some random English speaking Nigerian forum. “Personal text: Business/Investing/Passive Income Forum (Agora Road)” “Location: With just a few dollars worth of Bitcoin you can start trading cryptocurrencies right now. There are no broker fees, there are no middlemen to deal with, www binance com/?ref=10808871” Literally 500+ posts on just this one forum of him trying to take advantage of people, shilling, scamming, and strait up spreading lies to get money from people.

(Take screenshots I’m sure he will delete this account fast.)

Illuminati Pirate trying to scam Nigerians… for his online “passive income”. He even tells you Agora Road is his “passive income”. Dudes a shill pretending to be nostalgic y2k internet is dead guru. He’s a fraud and fake.

Agora Road Scammer

Scam Artist Agora Road Passive Income Forum

illuminati pirate agora road admin

When he was running his little smear campaign about me he and his group of lemmings mass reported my youtube videos that called him out, my account was banned. Later that day I received emails saying my videos did not violate community guidelines yet I was still banned. This is the type of forum Agora Road is, and the type of person Illuminati Pirate is. The cancel culture type that pretends to be for free speech. He’s a cowardly little bitch of a person using narcissism and fake accounts to manipulate his users, all the while trying to cash in and monetize them. WAKE UP.

agora road shill forum

While healthy relationships have room for respectful disagreement and consideration of one’s feelings, with the narcissist, gaslighting and constant emotional invalidation become the norm. Gaslighting is a technique abusers use to convince you that your perception of the abuse is inaccurate. During the devaluation and discard phases, the narcissist will often invalidate and criticize your emotions, and displace any blame of his or her abuse as your fault. Frequent use of phrases such as “You provoked me,” “You’re too sensitive,” “I never said that,” or “You’re taking things too seriously” after the narcissists’ abusive outbursts are common and are used to gaslight you into thinking that the abuse is indeed your fault or that it never even took place.

Narcissists are masters of making you doubt yourself and the abuse. This is why victims so often suffer even after the ending of a relationship with a narcissist, because the emotional invalidation they received from the narcissist made them feel powerless in their agency and perceptions. This self-doubt enables them to stay within abusive relationships even when it’s clear that the relationship is a toxic one, because they are led to mistrust their own instincts and interpretations of events.

Smear campaigns
Narcissists keep harems because they love to have their egos stroked and they need constant validation from the outside world to confirm their grandiose sense of self-importance and fulfill their need for excessive admiration. This is why they are clever chameleons who are also people-pleasers, morphing into whatever personality suits them in situations with different types of people to get what they want.

Beware of people who seem to shape-shift suddenly before your eyes into different personas — this is a red flag that they are not authentic in their interactions with you and others. It is no surprise, then, that the narcissist will probably begin a smear campaign against you not too long after the discard phase, in order to paint you as the unstable one, and that this is usually successful with the narcissist’s support network which also tends to consist of other narcissists, people-pleasers, empaths, as well as people who are easily charmed.

This smear campaign is used to accomplish three things: 1) it depicts you as the abuser or unstable person and deflects your accusations of abuse; 2) it provokes you into responding, thus proving your instability to others when trying to argue his or her depiction of you; and 3) serves as a hoovering technique in which the narcissist seeks to pull you back into the trauma of the relationship as you struggle to reconcile the rumors about you with who you actually are by speaking out against the accusations.

The entire time this little narcissistic faggot is trying to take credit for internet is dead theory when he doesn’t understand even the most basic conspiracy theories. His website meets the exact criteria for shill ops I’ve seen in the past where they direct users to certain locations… look at the evidence for yourself.

agora road shill

agora road honey pot

agora road illuminati pirate shill

You always have to ask yourself why something is being released to the internet, especially thousands of documentaries and shill channels pushing the same idea. All of this happening within a few months yet it’s been going on for over 5 years. [First time they used bots to attack me.]

Now it seems the software is complete and it’s time to round up those with eyes and ears into the same groups and forums. I would guess they are using these people to tweak their software, perfect it, and control those that see through it.

The Agenda Behind Internet is Dead Theory Being Released
Internet is Dead AI Shill Bots [Zachary Hubbard, Mudfossil University, Mag Truth Bam!]