YouTube Banning Everyone… Total Censorship


YouTube doesn’t allow content about COVID-19 that poses a serious risk of egregious harm.

YouTube doesn’t allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts local health authorities’ or the World Health Organization’s (WHO) medical information about COVID-19. This is limited to content that contradicts WHO or local health authorities’ guidance on:

Social distancing and self isolation guidelines
The existence of COVID-19

Note: YouTube’s policies on COVID-19 are subject to change in response to changes to global or local health authorities’ guidance on the virus. This policy was published on May 20, 2020.
What this policy means for you
If you’re posting content

Don’t post content on YouTube if it includes any of the following:

Treatment misinformation:

Content that encourages the use of home remedies, prayer, or rituals in place of medical treatment such as consulting a doctor or going to the hospital
Content that claims that there’s a guaranteed cure for COVID-19
Content that recommends use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19
Claims that Hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for COVID-19
Categorical claims that Ivermectin is an effective treatment for COVID-19
Claims that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are safe to use in the treatment COVID-19
Other content that discourages people from consulting a medical professional or seeking medical advice

Prevention misinformation: Content that promotes prevention methods that contradict local health authorities or WHO.

Claims that there is a guaranteed prevention method for COVID-19
Claims that any medication or vaccination is a guaranteed prevention method for COVID-19
Content that recommends use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of COVID-19
Claims that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are safe to use in the treatment COVID-19
Claims that wearing a mask is dangerous or causes negative physical health effects
Claims that masks do not play a role in preventing the contraction or transmission of COVID-19
Claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or WHO
Claims that an approved COVID-19 vaccine will cause death, infertility, miscarriage, autism, or contraction of other infectious diseases
Claims that an approved COVID-19 vaccine will contain substances that are not on the vaccine ingredient list, such as biological matter from fetuses (e.g. fetal tissue, fetal cell lines) or animal products
Claims that an approved COVID-19 vaccine will contain substances or devices meant to track or identify those who’ve received it
Claims that COVID-19 vaccines will make people who receive them magnetic
Claims that an approved COVID-19 vaccine will alter a person’s genetic makeup
Claims that COVID-19 vaccines do not reduce risk of contracting COVID-19
Claims that any vaccine causes contraction of COVID-19
Claims that a specific population will be required (by any entity except for a government) to take part in vaccine trials or receive the vaccine first
Content that promotes the use of unapproved or homemade COVID-19 vaccines

Instructions to counterfeit vaccine certificates, or offers of sale for such documents

Diagnostic misinformation: Content that promotes diagnostic methods that contradict local health authorities or WHO.

Claims that approved COVID-19 tests are dangerous or causes negative physical health effects
Claims that approved COVID-19 tests cannot diagnose COVID-19

Transmission misinformation: Content that promotes transmission information that contradicts local health authorities or WHO.

Content that claims that COVID-19 is not caused by a viral infection
Content that claims COVID-19 is not contagious
Content that claims that COVID-19 cannot spread in certain climates or geographies
Content that claims that any group or individual has immunity to the virus or cannot transmit the virus

Social distancing and self isolation misinformation: Content that disputes the efficacy of local health authorities’ or WHO’s guidance on physical distancing or self-isolation measures to reduce transmission of COVID-19.

Content that denies the existence of COVID-19:

Denial that COVID-19 exists
Claims that people have not died or gotten sick from COVID-19
Claims that the virus no longer exists or that the pandemic is over
Claims that the symptoms, death rates, or contagiousness of COVID-19 are less severe or equally as severe as the common cold or seasonal flu
Claims that the symptoms of COVID-19 are never severe


Here are some examples of content that’s not allowed on YouTube:

Denial that COVID-19 exists
Claims that people have not died from COVID-19
Claims that any vaccine is a guaranteed prevention method for COVID-19
Claims that a specific treatment or medicine is a guaranteed cure for COVID-19
Claims that hydroxychloroquine saves people from COVID-19
Promotion of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) for the treatment of COVID-19
Claims that certain people have immunity to COVID-19 due to their race or nationality
Encouraging taking home remedies instead of getting medical treatment when sick
Discouraging people from consulting a medical professional if they’re sick
Content that claims that holding your breath can be used as a diagnostic test for COVID-19
Videos alleging that if you avoid Asian food, you won’t get the coronavirus
Videos alleging that setting off fireworks can clean the air of the virus and will prevent the spread of the virus
Claims that COVID-19 is caused by radiation from 5G networks
Videos alleging that the COVID-19 test is the cause of the virus
Claims that countries with hot climates will not experience the spread of the virus
Videos alleging that social distancing and self-isolation are not effective in reducing the spread of the virus
Claims that wearing a mask causes oxygen levels to drop to dangerous levels
Claims that masks cause lung cancer or brain damage
Claims that wearing a mask gives you COVID-19
Claims that the COVID-19 vaccine will kill people who receive it
Claims that the COVID-19 vaccine will be used as a means of population reduction
Videos claiming that the COVID-19 vaccine will contain fetal tissue
Claims that the flu vaccine causes contraction of COVID-19
Claims that COVID-19 vaccines are not effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19
Claims that the COVID-19 vaccine causes contraction of other infectious diseases or makes people more vulnerable to contraction of other infectious diseases
Claims that the COVID-19 vaccines contain a microchip or tracking device
Claims that achieving herd immunity through natural infection is safer than vaccinating the population
Claims that COVID-19 never causes serious symptoms or hospitalization
Claims that the death rate from the seasonal flu is higher than the death rate of COVID-19
Claims that people are immune to the virus based on their race
Claims that children cannot or do not contract COVID-19
Claims that there have not been cases or deaths in countries where cases or deaths have been confirmed by local health authorities or the WHO

Most Deleted Videos on YouTube (Censorship)

In the last 5 years the level of censorship online has gotten to insane levels. To the point I really don’t bother uploading content unless its something for an article I’ve written and I leave in on unlisted. Having over 500 YouTube accounts just to try and bypass the censorship made me realize how insane its truly become. I have literal excel sheets of all my YouTube accounts, passwords, general idea of the channel, ect. just to keep it all organized. Even with these extreme measures their are some topics that almost immediately get banned and removed. Here is a short list of the most censored topics online from my experience. Keep in mind there is tons of fluff about these subjects but anything exposing them for who they are, their history, and what they are currently doing is completely scrubbed from the internet at this point.

1) The Jesuits (True history and world power/influence over all banking, governments, and social engineering)
2) The Vatican (Wealthiest and most powerful organization in the world by far for the last 2000 years)
3) Trans Actors and Politicians (Part of their religion to “ascend as gods” or some retarded shit)
4) Freemasonry (The fact that local police, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, politicians are all part of this club)
5) 9/11 (The fact an aluminum plane cannot penetrate steel or concrete, inside job)
6) Coronavirus (The obvious slave mindset and one world government to “stop” the “virus” just obey)
7) 5G Health (The fact 5G towers cause extreme health problems and were developed as a military weapon)

Most dumbasses would call me a conspiracy theorist or anti vaxxer flat earther or some other fuck boy phrase at this point but who gives a shit what they think.. really. They sold their soul years ago for a little paycheck and some conformity bias comfort to sooth their weak cowardly mindset. They were never taught how to question authority or think critically, they mindlessly go from one socially engineered mindset to the next without a second thought. They work their little slave job and clap their hands when someone catches a rubber ball or puts one in a basket. They clap and dance for another Tik Tok story as some grown ass man cries about this weeks agenda from BLM to SJW. Society is a fucking joke and I’m starting to lose interest in the internet itself. Real life outside the USA or other 1st world nations is far more interesting and entertaining while the internet has become a mental prison and the only way out is to unplug.

Coronavirus Society Is Fucking Retarded

It really is insane at this point.. the amount of brain dead zombies unable to question the televisions narrative as they attack anyone who does. They hide behind conformity bias like a bunch of cowards beating you to death with their government created opinions. I found a clever guy on YouTube making fun of these people as well and wanted to share some of his videos. I’m a fan.

Hypocrites and #COVID19 III

Joey B Toonz on Absurd COVID Mandates

Narcissists and #COVID-19


Some great comments I’ve seen online regarding the morons and their face diapers.

“Meanwhile, in the real-world face masks are not to prevent the spread of a supposed virus, but rather to test the indoctrination level of the masses. I think the permanent brain damage you’ve suffered wearing a face mask has trapped you in a fantasy-land, where logic and reason have no place, and you are just a useful idiot for the State pushing a pseudoscientific agenda. Perhaps people would be more willing to accept your nonsense if the science behind viral infections wasn’t so pseudoscientific. Perhaps, if the field of virology wants to have any credibility at all, they have to properly implement the isolation of such, and properly use Koch’s postulates – not some bastardized derivitive. Cheers”

“Wearing a mask does nothing. It’s useless. It’s a violation of human rights. So instead of coughing in the open air I cough in my mask, remove it later on and touch a door knob and you contract this “disease” when you touch the door knob. It’s stupid and pointless. The government does not care about saving lives, they never have! This is about pure control and taking our rights away. And all you idiots really think your helping save lives. Let me tell you something. When you calculate the percentage of 318,000,000 people in the country who have actually caught this virus you get something like 4% last time I checked. When you dive a little deeper and take into consideration that hospitals are getting paid $13,000 for marking your granny’s death as due to COVID-19 when she really died of pneumonia, you can cut that 4% right down to about 1%. Stop being idiots, seriously.”

“Believing that a cloth mask will protect anyone from catching a virus is like thinking a chain link fence will keep flies out of your yard. It is so stupid that it’s embarrassing to be a member of the same species as people who believe this.”

Nice to know I’m not alone….

2021 Hikaru Nakamura Chess Sportsmanship Award

So I had to take advantage of some more internet drama but it’s extremely difficult to get a voice out. Social media is saturated with fools chasing clout and money when the quiet guy has something to say. When it comes to Twitch this has spread like gasoline on the entire audience trying to find that moment when their viewer count is on fire. Doing anything and everything on live stream to capture a few more donations and Twitcher bits for their moment of glory and falsified self esteem.

To summarize the drama, which can be said about any sport or game really, one guy or girl is using the hobby or skill to get money and fame regardless of what it does to said sport or game. Usually without using said skill and hobby, but rather selling it out to squeeze out every ounce from the juicers. Other people are mad about it and others learn how to follow suit. Certain characteristics go hand in hand with these personalities, such as narcissism and lots of pride. Whether it be the WWE / UFC with Conor McGregor, the NFL with it’s Cocaine Cowboys, the MLB with their roided out home run hitters, CSGO Pros with their script kiddie hackers, or adderall induced Battle Royal winners on their 24/7 stream. I’m sure there is even drama in the international cup stacking championships as some nerd loses his cool.

Many with a large ego and pride use their hobbies and skills to ridicule those that don’t. Whether it be poor sportsmanship in a win OR loss they can’t seem to hold back their child like attack. To put things into perspective however you have to remember, anyone that’s been doing the same thing every day for 30+ years tends to be quite good at it. Especially when they don’t have to work a slave job or participate in slave society they are able to play a game from their childhood to adulthood learning every trick of the trade. No question, each one of these hobbies require a lot of skill and dedication, the ballerina on the bicycle or the guitarist singing their song. The reality is at the end of the day each one of these sports and games is just that, a sport or game, a hobby.

We start doing these things because they are enjoyable and fun, to play backyard football with the gang and creating LAN parties with the boys next door. In today’s day an age however that’s not happening anymore. Society locked up in a cage even prior to the latest coronavirus psyop. Everyone sitting inside all weekend watching and cheering as their teams perform. Whether UFC, football, basketball, chess, backgammon, or Fartnight the results are the same. It seems like in every aspect of society the fun has been sucked out for another Tik Tok skit or clout on the internet. Hard to find anyone outside let alone doing a hobby or skill of their own without their phone. Many living vicariously through someone online as they adapt their personality with no shame.

We clap and cheer as if their win is our win. We waste away as we carry their pedestal that holds up their society based self esteem and bank account. People watching others play a game instead of going outside and having some fun or playing the game themself. I can guarantee you’ll still remember that diving touchdown catch to win the game in the backyard verse your team winning the Super Bowl 7 years ago as you were singing along during the baphomet worshiping half time show. I will always remember those late night Halo LAN parties where we battled to the death in the most competitive gameplay that would drive any MLG fan insane. I never would have experienced any of that if I was just watching some lame ass stream on Twitch with some random dudes begging for money to do it for me. If I was wasting my weekends inside watching some dudes in spandex catch leather balls and put them in baskets. At the end of the day chess is just a fucking board game, it’s the experiences, memories, and growth that make it worth playing.

We pay to have someone else live experiences we wish we had and all along they look down and spit on the little man. Whether direct or indirect as they cash in on every ounce of interest we once had. Creativity is snuffed out for some random dudes moment in the sun, game servers empty so one streamer could cash in, our hobbies destroyed because we put all our eggs in one basket and never questioned a thing. Never creating life moments or memories the repetition becomes dull and depressing with no change in our vision. As these internet vampires chase their illusion everyone sits by and donates their own creativity, thoughts, and needs; hoping they might get recognized for their deeds. Your creativity and individualism is sucked out for just another picture in some dudes sub reddit to use in his stream. Many never developing their own skills and hobbies is the most brutal of consequences as another loser at rating 650 gets destroyed by Hikaru’s Bong Cloud meme.


All us normies are just mere content to the big boys on top, to garnish more views and clout so they can harness the energy from their community as they sell out. Not in the name of getting better at their hobbies or getting involved in and creating other skills but to further their cringey internet celebrity delusions. Not to create a real community of learning and fun but to use your energy to pad their bank account, basing their success on sub count and Twitter bits at your expense. What do you think that makes you? Username500412 thank you for the donations. Thank you for the sub. Thanks for the pay per view payment user #69. You can’t really get angry though because you are the one holding them up as if their a god among mortals as you clap for another championship.

Many of this could be said to those chasing #1 as well. Willing to be toxic in every game lobby when the person next to them doesn’t live up to perfection as they seem to think they deserve. Creating unrealistic expectations and demands for themselves and taking it out on others when they don’t perform as expected. Dedicating your entire life to just one thing really just shuts the doors on opportunity rather than open them but many love the idea of being top dog. You lose the ability to partake and enjoy other hobbies and skills that might even benefit your main train of thought. I could be playing a game of CSGO when I get an idea for my adobe house outside. I could be building my adobe house when I get a great idea for a creative flank while defending in the Hippopotamus. (Angry Hippo as I like to call it.) Which then gives me a sweet idea for setting up my garden in the Spring.

The hobby you used to love and be passionate about has become the reason you feel the need to attack others or sell out. Pretending this gives you a reason to grow yet in reality it just turns into some Hollywood baby eating circus show. How much more fun would it be to watch some of these skilled people teach and coach other people, to build a community of knowlich and creativity instead. Or to see them learn a new skill or hobby that promotes creativity and growth in their own life while helping others do the same. What the hell has happened to us as a society?

I always admired Brett Favre for this reason, despite other reasons like throwing snowballs at lineman for a false start, he was always caught red handed down in Mississippi teaching and coaching high schoolers in the off seasons. When you think about it more I guarantee he learned some things from the kids that probably made their way into a play or two in an NFL and I can guarantee those kids lives were impacted by Brett Favre’s coaching and mentoring. Instead of working with ESPN doing cheesy passes through fire hoops with Tom Brady he was off doing something real; and man I really wish I had video of him working with those kids because that sounds way more interesting than a fixed NFL game. How much more fun would it be to see players like Hikaru work with chess players from his audience and teach along the way, instead he’s working with people like Pokemane who couldn’t give one fuck about chess other than the donation simps and viewers that will jump on board. Doing bong clouds runs against low ranked players while flagging to death anyone who confronts him.

The funny thing is you could change the names around in any sport, hobby, or skill and get the same results. It doesn’t really matter how big the audience gets for any game, sport, or hobby, if there isn’t some kind of growth, knowledge, or creativity coming out of it. It’s not really a good thing, let alone success; it just becomes another digit and dollar in this already depressing world where freedom of expression and thought gets snuffed out. Maybe it’s about time you put down someone else’s pedestal and start carrying your own torch. I know it’s hard to dive deep in the shallow end but sometimes you just have to take off those water wings and get your balls wet.

Society vs Community

You’re on deck to start your life with over a decade of school under your belt. Unable to discern whether your ideas be theirs or your own. Trying to decipher life’s code the umpire yells batter up! Forced into another 4+ years of schooling education you’ve never had time to figure things out. Forced to read and repeat with no end in sight.

The ball whizzes by and all you hear is strike one! Blinking your eyes you gasp for air as your mind starts to melt. Is this the life I want or is there something else. The pitcher winds up and wings one in, closing your eyes you take one big swing. Strike two!

Slamming down the alarm clock it’s already 5 a.m. Time to go and do my job at the corporate office as another day passes you close in on the hump. The excitement is unbearable barely making it to Friday when the fun can actually start. After cleaning the house you’re exhausted from such a long week, passing out on the couch it’s already Sunday night and time to get things ready for yet another work week. Enjoying some Netflix programming you relax for one last second before everything hits repeat.

Luckily the last pitch was a ball or you’d already be out, not paying attention at all. The umpire yells the count, noticing you’ve got one more chance to do something at the plate. Taking a step back you take a few practice swings with approval from the stands. Seeing retirement on the horizon you put on your coronavirus mask and jump into the batters box.

A high speed fast ball is coming your way, unable to react in time it pegs you in the leg. Falling over in pain you can’t seem to walk as your bat rolls around on the ground. A las, you’ve reached society’s max height and can do anything at all. Your bank account is huge and your wallet is fat. Wincing in pain however you hear the umpire motion to take your base. Cuddling up with your blanket you cry away the pain as a sweet new Netflix series plays over the loudspeaker of your old folk’s home..

Russia Invading Ukraine [Emotion War, Psyops, Crisis Actors] The World is a Stage

Just posting this article to try and grab some keywords. Would love to see some more evidence on this subject because there are way too many strange things going on with this “Invasion”.. and the internet has been pumped full of disinformation, false narratives, low IQ psyops… it’s really insane. This bring up the idea of the internet is dead AI and how this has become so easy for them to manipulate the world and society. With the entire world plugged into the World Wide Web they’re merely waiting for the spider to drink their blood.

Literally everyone, in every country, has a smartphone and/or television in their home. It is so easy for them to create entire scenarios and movie sets on the internet that almost every normie would believe. I don’t really look at these things as a skeptic or conspiracy theorist… I just notice things that don’t match up to reality or what you would expect to see in certain situations. If something doesn’t make sense I want to find out why.. and many times it comes back to the entire situation was faked or frauded. Whether it be 9/11, the Israeli ship that bombed a US ship so the US could invade Vietnam, or the false flag in Panama that brought about American genocide in Panama.. it’s all propaganda faggotry.

Media Creating Ukraine Invasion News Out of Thin Air [Psyop Confirmed] Fear Mongering
Real Reason They Are Building Fake Cities Around the World? [Potemkin Village Ghost Cities Psyop]
Russia Invading Ukraine [Fake War, Psyops, Crisis Actors] The World is a Stage

Successful? Or Sellout?

It’s always funny when people base their success on money or job title. Pretending either of which are real is comical, however these people live under this illusion their entire life. As they go to college they look down on those that don’t. Pretending their intelligent because they can memorize and repeat something, and they pay for it too! Many look at themselves in the mirror thinking they are something special, when the reality is their nothing but a sellout.

The very people they look down upon are those that chose to check out of society instead of prey upon them. Instead of cheating people for money or taking advantage of them through sales techniques and manipulation they choose to cloak themselves in alcohol or drugs. They were honorable enough to take it out on themselves rather than those around them. They chose to live under the heavy hand of society instead of selling out to become societies protege. Another narcissist living on the backs of the bottom class pretending their hard work “paid” off. As everything around them was literally built by these people they pretend their knowledge was the key.

Often times these people with money are the biggest douche bags you’ll ever meet. Especially in latin america where classicism tops racism. Those with money pretend they are gods among the people when in reality even a gringo wants nothing to do with them. These dumb cunts will literally invite me on their boat just as some notion of status never following through. Pretending I give a shit about how big of a sell out they are to their own people and that’s somehow supposed to impress me. Often times talking shit about their own people to try and get some sort of brownie points from me. As I look in disgust, these douche bags wear their cloak of narcissism. Pretending to care about people as they pay 100 pesos for a day of work, only to capitalize on a few hundred mil.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

They drive around in their fancy cars paid for with plastic money, all riding on a classless degree. Nothing but ink and paper these mariocones ride to the top, never questioning why their butthole hurts as they look down. Never once did they challenge their integrity or honor as they sell out even their daughter. Scam a few more people to get that fancy new Volkswagen, only to become hated in your own community as you flaunt your mortgage and car payment. But please tell me more about how you’re such a great person handing out religious bible tracts with your IPad bible. As you comb the streets for narcissistic supply you fail to realize what you really are. A sell out.

Talking shit about Donald Trump is the biggest oxymoron as you strive to be just like him. Treating everyone around you like a disposable tampon you climb on the backs of those around you. Looking down on those that actually have honor and integrity. Those that put in a hard days work, have skills, and treat people with respect. None of those attributes can be given to those with money especially in latin america. As they sell out their own people they become the worst of all hypocrites. Maricones at heart they wear skinny tight jeans as they talk shit about real hard working men.

Narcissistic Mothers In Mexico

It sure looks like feminism and controlling women have dominated society. Especially in mother mary worship catholic land like Latin America. Women can do no wrong. I regularly see little boys beaten while girls are smiled at for the same trouble making.
I see fat women everywhere in Latin America complaining on their cell phones and tiny little skinny dudes pedaling on 3 wheel bikes. Narcissistic mothers have essentially destroyed every aspect of dating and relationships in a lot of these places. From controlling young women into the same patterns, or going to college, they miss out on the chance to be courted by a young man.
Mean while those same mothers are cuddling 15 year old boys on the bus and holding their hands everywhere… essentially turning them into future doormats for some other narcissistic protege. It’s a cycle really, and it’s what happens when women are given “equal” rights. They dominate society and over time it collapses.
Happened in thousands of places in history as well, as it repeats itself. The stories of Jezebel, or Deliliah, come to mind from the Bible.
Not to mention the super controlling mothers that seem to almost sexually molest / abuse their children even in public on the combi bus system. Watching a young man be groped and kissed by his grandma for 20 minutes was one of the most disturbing experiences I’ve witnessed.

Societies Ultimate Troll

Being a biblical pastor is the ultimate troll to government and society,
In a time where people have the ability to search out anything they want,
From learning to grow weed to curing cancer the internet is a library on fire,
Burning to the ground thanks to political correctness and the local news wire.

People complain about silly things as they spend their time hearting on Instagram,
As they beg for attention on Facebook based off materialistic nonsense,
As they clap for their new presidential CEO to make some political change,
They pretend their voice is being heard through memes with the IQ of a chihuahua with mange,

Its insane to think people actually put merit in a college degree or fiat currency,
As they worship them self and their money they forgot about their soul’s consistency,
Living in a world rushing them to the grave after a 85 hour work week just to pay the mortgage,
Wondering why they have nothing left but dementia in their old age,

When the Bible says the earth is flat yet the Vatican preaches a sphere theory,
Through their ownership of the Britannica Encyclopedia and your local government school books,
They control your mind and where you decide to worship,
Whether that be a false church or yourself,

Sending you off to fight in war after another false flag,
Making fun of the kids telling you about the one world government,
Using the term conspiracy theorist as a weapon to shut down critical thinking,
All along the story was already written,

Whether you believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible or not,
Your beliefs are based off one book or another,
I always laugh in the face of the atheist when he speaks about the Bible,
As everything he says can be attributed to his own world view and theory of evolution,
Blinded by their own pride and predictive programming,

hard to even have a conversation about any of this,
As most peoples critical thinking has been replaced by a quip from their favorite Netflix series,
Or they heard a false “fact” on the Big Bang Theory and think they’re a scientist,
All this behavior has to be reinforced,

The key to brainwashing is repetition,
As even the worlds largest “telescope” is owned by the Vatican with the name Lucifer,
The entire world believes the most invasive government’s only “space exploration” team,
As NASA creates fake photos and their harness straps break mid float,
The world believes them as they spend another trillion on derpa robots and mind control,

Most zombies can’t comprehend as this shatters their entire world view,
Wondering whether you reading some internet article or sitting in a church pew,
The biblical pastor becomes man made societies ultimate troll.

Are You a Warrior?

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you question things. You think for yourself. Or perhaps you just hate me so you’re searching for some piece of the puzzle that will allow you to go back to your comfortable hole. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we were all blue pill at one point. We were all deceived in some way. Anyone that proclaims otherwise is a liar and deceives himself. Don’t quote me on that because that’s from the Bible and it plays out every day in real life. From the Jehovah’s Witnesses to the Atheist, everyone has an illusion to maintain, which funny enough, forces you to live in a delusion.

When confronted with truth you literally only have two options when you really break it down. You can accept it. Or deny it. There is no manipulation allowed unless you, yourself, allow it to happen. Unless you yourself bow to the illusion which in turn creates a delusion. Denial doesn’t mean something doesn’t exist. It simply means you are denying the truth, or reality, of a situation. Whether it be something like your wife cheating but you pretend not to know to maintain the family or lies as big as 9/11 and patriotism used as a weapon. We’ve all gotten a ridiculous amount of bullshit shoved down our throats throughout life. Even that silly antifa kid at Yale has spent a childhood being ridiculed by narcissistic and sociopathic parents, only to get beat up by some Trump supporter outside class.

Which brings up another great example of Donald Trump. We all want to believe the illusion that he is fighting for “America” and the people but deep down we know the sad truth. That’s the world is a stage and Trump is simply another actor. As DNA results prove Clinton and Trump are from the same family, mere puppets for the Vatican as they dance for the world. Believing in Donald Trump so much so that you make him an idol is literally how you get situations like Mao, Stalin, or any other genocidal president. Forced patriotism and worship of a man when deep down you really know he’s not real. Don’t forget Hitler’s Germany was actually a socialist republic and liberal’s can’t be tyrannical because they are scared of guns. They are always the victims regardless of their puffed up chest approach. Germany marched out for many of the same reasons people love Trump today. Something to think about as you analyze the illusion. If you can break from your delusion long enough that is.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

If you happen to make it this far you’ll start to understand why we really are warriors. From weeks without food to months with out rest, essentially we’ve gone through the Legionnaire test. Hiking from one side of the plane to the other whether it be physically or mentally, or both. Seeing that life really is about walking by faith, rather than sight.. because if we had soul glasses from a picture of the movie “They Live” we’d be miserable for life. Seeing the world as it is can be devastating.. but not as devastating as never seeing it for what it really is. Because only a real warrior knows that help doesn’t come from the barrel of a gun or poisonous dart, but rather the prayer emanating from your broken dead heart.

Not to say a well placed barrage of Swiss K-31, ‎7.5×55mm, magazine-fed, straight-pull bolt action rifle rounds can’t change the world, however it would be equivalent trying to patching the JP Morgan owned Titanic with a stick of gum as it was sinking.. which was done to kill off the last remaining anti Federal Reserve big wigs in the United States. Shit even if you went back in time in some space time boat there be no stopping the corruption and greed brought by money itself, as only the mirror reveals who’s guilty of the admiration.

Structured Anarchy VS Government Ordained Society

Often times when people hear the word anarchy they associate it with chaos, disorder, and violence. This isn’t always true however and often times organized anarchy is the best option for survival and freedom of the individual. Forced to take responsibility for your own actions structured anarchy is what a republic or democratic society claim to be. However, both are a simple ruse to mask the truth behind consensual slavery and turn anarchy into a chaos cult.
absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.
an organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity.
Society itself is nothing more than a figment of the imagination, a large culture created for control, as it’s self evident you do not have absolute freedom in society. You’re not even allowed to catch a fish without permission, build your house without permission and taxes, essentially all the basics of fundamental freedom and survival require permission from an authority figure or government. This in no way represents freedom in any way and actually is counter to freedom itself. If you can’t even survive with out societies created illusions, freedom is nothing but an imaginary friend.
People base their entire existence on this illusion never stopping to ask why they have to work all day every day just to survive, and in most cases can’t even survive in the climate that was created for them. Society itself is detrimental to the success of the individual, whereas organized anarchy offers unlimited possibilities for growth and advancement within a tribe. Even when looking at public services and goods, throughout history it is self evident that people themselves without government or authority have the capability to build roads, educate their youth, provide proper water and housing, ect. It wasn’t until government, society, and fraudulent authority began flexing that people started starving, losing their families and farms, genocide, and more.
Prior to government survival was something you could provide for yourself. Freedom was something you could actually fight for. Modern day slaves beg for government intervention whether republican or democrat, kissing the ass of corporations and politicians just to keep their “gun rights”. Never asking the question why a free man would need permission to defend himself or build his own home.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

The reality is society itself isn’t a group of people coming together, rather a dream propped up on propaganda to sell you on consensual slavery. To sign over your own children to the state and banks as they print out another birth certificate. Wondering why you can barely afford food and rent when you put in over 40 hours a week. Questioning your own life simply because you fell for the lie of society. The image. The hope of being “successful” according to their standards.
Organized anarchy removes all of the fraud and relies on honesty and taking responsibility for your actions, regardless of your operation or business. When a corporation sprays chemicals in the air or in the rivers so you have to buy water rather than collect your own, no authority should stand in the way of you burning down their buildings and robbing them blind. Crimes against humanity are protected by the very organizations that claim to be protecting you. Politicians sign rules and codes that protect their investments while building new ones in the military industrial complex as they crusade across the plane.

Imagine for a moment if the USA was an organized anarchy rather than a corporation pretending to be a democratic republic. Imagine if the people actually stood up for their families, friends, and communities by actually fighting back against those that have proven to want to do harm in exchange for control and profits. The fields of Monsanto would be burned to the ground. Their operating facilities completely destroyed in an effort to prove we will not eat their test tube food. The big banks would have lawyers and CEO’s hanging from light fixtures as they swindled the world in the largest ever international housing market fix leaving thousands without homes. As they gave themselves millions only to force the government to bail them out under threat of inflation from the corporate owned federal reserve. (Nothing federal about it.)
Imagine people defending themselves against the national guard when they invaded Kent State University shooting down over 10 unarmed students protesting the Vietnam war. Imagine if they had pulled out their own weapons and defended themselves followed with a community backlash of red necks and liberals working together to plow through their genocide. This is the difference between a society and organized anarchy.
Instead of watching Vicky get gunned down in Ruby Ridge or an entire church society burned to the ground in Waco Texas the organized anarchy militia would have shown up and shot down all those douche bags in costumes hiding in the grass with their dreams of murdering for money. Instead the politically correct society watches on television murmuring stupid memes to themselves as they prepare for another day of office work or post on social media as they pretend to make a difference.
Organized anarchy is total freedom for everyone. Total freedom to pick and choose where you spend your time, effort, and money. Need roads? Lets build them. Need hospitals? Lets build them. Instead of making them government or corporate owned mega facilities hell bent on the destruction of health for their own profit, control, and gain, the people would have power over their own health. Rather than allowing a corporate mafia to pump you and your children full of unknown chemical soups that are known to contain things like mercury, formaldehyde, MSG, as well as random metals like aluminum. Rather than allowing one group to control all banks, hospitals, and food, organized anarchy would force variety and honesty in the market.
After a few bankers get hung in town square for fraud, theft, and deception they will think twice before trying it again. That is the difference between a statist and a free thinker. I don’t require government or authority to tell me what’s right or wrong, especially when the individual is far more capable of success without intervention from a bunch idiots in costumes.

Narcissistic Mothers and the Fall of Real Men

In a politically correct society talking about mothers is strictly forbidden. They are angels of God here to give birth to more angels of God and they can do no wrong. In a politically correct society mothers and women are worshiped for there ability to give birth. They can’t lie, steal, manipulate, or be bad people in anyway. All mothers are great, hard working, loving women and if you say anything contrary to this you are crazy.
That essentially sums up the mindset of every feminist minded modern women and her blue pill husband and children. Which is pretty much 99% of modern day families. On television men are portrayed as idiot buffoons that can’t take care of their children. They are shown as bumbling idiots that can barely cook a meal. This all plays into the mentality of women do no harm and men are retarded idiots. Being masculine or manly in any way results in shame, guilt, and an all out shunning. I have lived this first hand anytime I stand my ground on basic political principles. I have been called a misogynist because I told a girl that it’s not legal or right to steal money from someone else so that they can have sex. I have been called masochist or some word like that for standing my ground against abortion. The physical abuse never dwindled when confronting feminist logic with truth and it knows no boundaries.
Seeing where the behavior is enforced is critical in finding out the results of the behavior. The intended result I guess I should say. Simply put, a few generations of blue pill males leaves a government at large. It leaves for a government with no checks or balances. It leaves an atmosphere of cowardliness. You’ll never see a group of feminists or liberal men fighting government. In fact the exact opposite. FIGHTING FOR GOVERNMENT.
Recently it really hit be on what degree feminism has on shaping a society and increasing government at the same time. How the atmosphere created is the perfect result for a government pushing the agenda. You have no one left to question the government and the only men left are literally worshiping the government. You have no men left to fight back. To stand there ground. This is being played out before our very eyes. The results of the feminist mindset being played out.
This is another big reason why they teach evolution in government schools. It plays out to the same feminist mindset. It plays into the same reasoning that government knows all and that you should listen to everything they tell you. Everything is fact and if they say so it must be. Most atheists are actually statists. They just don’t realize it.
I asked myself recently who is the main indoctrinators? Who are the ones pushing this agenda so hard on the children? The obvious answers are the public school system, the government propaganda system. Growing up in the house of a masters degree holding 5th grade teacher I saw these things play out first hand. The more I thought about it though public schools were only a part of that indoctrination into being a wussy simp blue pill beta cuck that most men have become. When I compared my mother to the teacher I saw a whole different story.
I realized it wasn’t as much the school system as it was my mother teaching me how to act towards women, how to treat women, how to obey authority, how to blindly follow government, and most importantly, how to treat women and act as a man. Now this environment is only possible when the husband or father allows it. Funny enough my fathers mother was a teacher too.
So how can the mother be responsible for the fall of man? How can a women be responsible? There’s a very important story that comes to mind when I ask myself this question. Perhaps you too, in a garden, a few thousand years ago.
As a young man I learned directly from my parents obviously. I witnessed first hand the wickedness and deception a women can bring upon a family and how to pretend like nothing was happening. Not only did I witness it. I learned how to do it too. I learned how to manipulate people at a very young age to get exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it. My mother was so good at these things it went virtually un-noticed by everyone around. To this day most of my family does not talk to me after I confronted her. She is the innocent loving mother.
The reality is though, I was on course to being a beta cuck blue pill douche bag if I lived the life she wanted me to live and if I used her powers I could become very powerful. It was pounded into my head at a young age that I need to become a doctor or a lawyer. I constantly heard from everyone growing up what a great lawyer I would be. These sayings where simply seeds from the master manipulator. I always had a strong sense of individualism though so this would always backfire on my mother.
Rebellion is the only thing that kept me going. I remember getting my first tattoos at age 15 and how happy I was seeing my mom cry about it. I remember running away was like going for a jog for me when I couldn’t handle the mental games. I remember when I was a kid I put a lock on my bedroom door to keep her games out of my room. As high school progressed I started to figure all of this out and see how powerful it was. Like sitting on top of a hill bouncing a small flame between my hands overlooking the city. I started to harness the power that came with it and unleash it on unsuspecting victims. I grew up like this. I grew up knowing nothing but this.
These powers became quite dangerous and overwhelming. At such a young age I mixed the things I learned from my mother, mixed with my own logic, reason, and emotional control. I was able to play people and lie with ease. I could convince you that you were me and I was you and get you to switch ID’s. When you mix rebellion with these powers you become a super villain. You become someone like the Joker. You treat people like disposable rags. In a way that will only bring benefit to you. You see how destructive you are when you take responsibility for your actions. When you look in the mirror you see yourself.
My father was a pretty good dad though. My mother would manipulate him into a rage sometimes and he would act out towards me as the scapegoat. Later realizing what he had done to apologize. Unfortunately though, he taught me some very important lessons in life. That women are in charge. That women wear the pants. That women have the balls. That a women can do anything she wants with no responsibility. He would play catch with me, hunting, and fishing. But not how to stand my ground. He never taught me how value myself as a man. He never taught me that I was the prize. He never taught me how to be a sovereign individual. He carried a lot of blue pill baggage. His mother was the same as mine. I don’t blame him for it though. He worked hard and tried his best. That was always his problem though.
He was stuck in my mothers playground. Stuck in monkey bar mayhem. He thought he had to keep doing more to make everyone happy. He never realized it was his wife making him feel that. Not his children. I was happy with his time.. but he never had much because he was jumping through my mothers hoops. Another great game of my mother was pitting my father against me or my sister. Or my sister against I. I saw the similarities within my grandmother. Same attitudes of her mother. Total hate and rudeness towards men. Total disrespect. Telling him to shut up in front of an entire party only to have all the women cackle and laugh like hyenas. Now I realize why my dad never really wanted to go to those.
The problem was my father was the “nice guy”. He continued giving in to her bullshit. These are the lessons he taught me as a man growing up. These lessons are not on me alone. I see the same thing happening in families across the world. The same games being played out. I see the cycles from generation to generation. How it trickles down from the spout. The feminist mentality is an absolute cancer to society. The problem is most don’t realize it’s actually social programming. They created the movement. Women did not even start it. Feminism is reaching its goal of destroying family and reversing roles of men and women.
The blue pill mindset comes from a delusional feminist mother. It’s programmed and critiqued to a T. The side effects of the blue pill can be life threatening. Including thoughts of suicide, stomach pain, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, depression, guilt, shame, anger, (many more things, stop reading this.. just take your blue pills) All of this is conditioned from the mother to the children. This is not unique, its not rare, it’s NORMAL in our society. Take a glance at the prescription medication people are scarfing down in the USA.
This blue pill mindset leaves a man raw for government over reach. A blue pill man will not fight back. He will not take arms and defend himself. This has been a generational increase. It continues to get worse and worse. When you take away all the strings and pull off all the puppets, it’s the mothers that are left guilty. Their pride and ego has gone strait to their head just like the fruit. The more rights and privileges they are given in society the larger their head grows. When you realize women think it’s right and good to fight for the right to kill their own child, they are delusional. Whether you agree on abortion or not, the reality that women are fighting for this right is delusional. Why not the right to birth control pills that work 100% of the time? See the problem? How far women have fallen.
It’s no coincidence that the government gives aid to the theft of money and children by women in divorce. It’s not coincidence that weak men benefit feminist women and the government. If a man tries to fight back the government hits him with the feminist hammer.
Obviously parents instill values on their children. There’s a big problem in society when the mother has none and the father can’t stand up for his.
The only way to fight back is to tell the truth. To stand on the truth. And never back down from any bald headed feminist. No matter how sharp and green her teeth are. Never back down!

“And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.” – Genesis 3:6 (KJV)

Modern Day Women’s Translation:

“And when the woman saw that the GOVERNMENT was good for FOOD, and that it was pleasant to the PURSE, and a GOVERNMENT to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and TOOK also her husbands; and DID EAT HIS TOO.”


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