Unlawfully Arrested and Creepy X-Rays

This night was probably the creepiest encounter I’ve ever had with police. All because I had just bought a car and didn’t get plates (You have 1 month to get them, I had proof of purchase, license, everything. Still wasn’t good enough to escape the police state.) After jumping through hoops for these narcissistic sociopaths I was then forced to go through an X-ray machine in a medical gown with the threat of violence if I refused. After reading the incident reports from both officers they conveniently leave out the part of about them searching my person as well as the x-rays. They also were dumb enough to write what they found in the illegal search after failing to mention it. After reading the incident report you will be just as confused as I was as to why they arrested me to begin with. According to the incident report I was arrested and x-rayed because of a no license plate warning? Is this real? Is this the USA? One of the many reasons I left…

Incident Report

As you’ll start to notice every word of this incident report is a fucking lie. They both lie out there ass as they cover for each other. Where did they magically find this pipe? They don’t seem to mention it anywhere. Nothing was found in the car, nothing found on my person… WTF?! If they didn’t have qualified immunity I would have sued the shit out of every person in this department that was involved. Don’t let the Jesus Christ talk fool you, if I met them in a dark alley without their costume and badge I would have loved to beat them bloody. To violently force someone into a nude x-ray for a warning for no license plate gives me justification to do what I feel necessary to protect myself. Surrounded by sociopaths with guns while in handcuffs however, you’re left with few options.

One thing that really caught my eye in the incident report is me placing both hands on the wheel for the entire traffic stop made the officer nervous. He said it was strange and he noticed it. Literally the safest thing I could do, most respectful thing I could do, is place my hands on the wheel and this was one of the reasons I was searched. It doesn’t matter how you act at this point, 99% of the police force and prison guards are malignant narcissistic sociopaths. They laugh and take joy from hurting you. They get off when they over power you and force you to obey. This is reality at this point and its only going to get worse.

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What is a Sovereign Citizen?

A Sovereign Citizen does not exist. It is a term created by think tanks and the media to make Americans look stupid for asserting their inalienable freedom. Clearly, just by looking at the definition you can see that it would be a total contradiction to call yourself a sovereign citizen, or to label a movement the sovereign citizen movement. It’s like saying I am the king of slaves. The reality is no Americans asserting their inalienable Freedom consider themselves, nor hold to the movement, known as the Sovereign Citizen Movement. To say so by the media and government authorities is dishonest and an outright lie. The problem is some citizens (subjects) don’t understand this concept.

ˈsidizən,ˈsidisən/ – a legally recognized subject.

ˈsäv(ə)rən/ – a supreme ruler.

We can be sure of the dishonesty in the main stream media based on the fact that they continue to use this term even though it contradicts what the people are doing and saying. The term sovereign citizen will never be apart of an intelligent Americans vocabulary and using it to define those fighting for God given inalienable liberties proves the state of your denial of law and facts, as well as reality.

Proof of Propaganda:

Online Gangstalking of “Sovereign Citizens”