How I Ended Up in Mexico

I won’t get into the reasons why I left, only how I ended up here after I did leave. Walking out of the USA over 7 years ago I had no idea where I would end up, all I knew is I was going for a walk with my dog and we were in search of a new home. Leaving just before another Wisconsin winter hit I sold most of my things (a second time) and filled up a bag with some survival gear and clothes. We started off in a motorized bicycle with a homemade fiberglass trailer but that soon became a huge failure even in some smaller hilly mountains. The one thing I had over looked was a break system!

After trashing the bicycle on a huge mountain barely escaping with our lives we decided to set out on foot. Bought a new stylish hiking backpack and was lucky enough to find people along the way that helped in my adventure. From food, places to stay, to transportation; it was a blessing and even when we had to sleep behind a dumpster it was still an adventure. (No hotels allowed dogs.) One time riding on an air mattress in the back of a pickup truck with my dog Ace as a group of 5 travel hippy hobos made there way across Texas.


After crossing the border the adventure became more intense, unable to speak a lick of Spanish it was a curve ball to say the least. I spent a month on the border helping a family fix their computers at their internet cafe and in return they offered me food and a place to sleep. They showed me there city and we were able to communicate with translators quite easily. After spending a month with there family I figured it was time to hit the road head deeper into Mexico. Making friends and family along the way I never went a night without food or a place to stay.

Eventually we would make it to the other border of Mexico but for some reason I always felt something calling me back. After a few months on the border my dog came down with a few serious illnesses. I spent almost a year taking care of him trying to fight his problems and right as it seemed like they were going away one morning his heart gave out as he went to follow me. After being my homestead, baby animal babysitter, and travel buddy for over 12 years; from Wisconsin to Arizona in Audi’s to riding shotgun in a motorized bicycle death trap on his way to Mexico, swimming in rivers and eating gifted food along the way.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t quite depressed for at least a year or so and just had no interest in traveling anymore. In that time span I met more and more of the community here and was accepted as friends and family. Enjoying beers and food with the neighbors as we shared plants and animals. I guess you could say I fell in love with Mexico and the community living here.

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Crossing Borders

Laid out on the lawn enjoying the last summer breeze,
cold nights and winter on the horizon hopin’ my buds don’t freeze.

Not sure how much longer I can survive inside this modern day prison,
surrounded by government worshipers and fake christians sowing division.

Can’t do another long winter alone captured by miles of snow,
wish’in I could escape this twilight zone ages ago.

With no one around but my dog I’m left starin’ at the forecast,
runnin’ out of time better make the decision and fast.

Watching my paperwork burn as my plan starts to come together,
packin my bags ready to step through the portal into the nether.

Thumb up hand on the leash they’re shifting down we got another ride,
hitch hiking with my best friend as we run up to the passenger side.

Another cool cat helps me out with food and a bed,
but I’m not always lucky on the road some nights I dread.

One night every hotel doin’ me dirty with their no dogs allowed sign,
can’t leave’m out in the cold or I’m a bitch with no spine.

A race against the weather my wool blanket is our only protection,
sleeping behind dumpsters hoping to avoid 5-0 detection.

Another long day we make it to a beautiful river in Texas,
sun setting as I’m cleanin’ our paws connectin’ to the nexus.

One last stretch of dessert on the way to the Mexico,
comin’ from Wisconsin look’in pale as an eskimo.

Better take a bus for the last bit of highway not tryna get burned,
lying to Greyhound my boys’a service dog ridin’ first class not concerned.

Pull’en up to the border town at 4 a.m. prepp’in our entrance,
tryn’a nap on the bridge before we claim our independence.

Lookin’ back I can’t help but see the rot and decay,
thinking about the sacrifices all I can do is prey.

But it’s just the price I pay,
destiny is callin’ me,
open up my eager eyes.

Walk’in up to the first guy I see and ask him for directions,
greeted by a big smile and broken english I’m makin’ connections.

Livin’ with a family that owns an internet cafe,
fix’in their computers an enjoying a free place to stay.

Spend’in my days with the abuelo sweep’in the street,
sellin’ clothes outa the patio chat’in to the beat.

My spanish was terrible but we still connected,
sharing his food and time with me he was highly respected.

Tossin’ tortillas to my dog had him smilin’ ear to ear,
headin’ out of town after a month lookin’ up with a tear.

Off for the jungle makin’ friends along the way,
friendly people and good food nothin’ but love on display.

Blown away by the beauty of the jungle and ocean,
swimmin’ in cenotes and lagoons feelin’ some kind of emotion.

Every time I try an leave fate denies me,
wavin’ me back to Mexico like an aggressive referee.

Got me livin’ in a welcoming little beach community,
good vibes we tradin’ plants an animals with impunity.

Working together the last few years watching it grow,
lookin’ back at the USA as they partake in the election game show.

Cheesin’ over what color tie their slave master is wearin’,
wait’in for the president to save’em I’m laughing and starin’.

Headed to the beach for some fishin’ without permission,
no permits or government approval catchin’ meat without admission.

My ducks and chickens takin’ over the streets in search of food,
like a gang they’re running the corners scoping out yards to intrude.

No one calling the police on my rooster for singin’,
gettin’ on my purpose bright an early when-he starts ringin’,

Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side,
but they never mention it only happens when sacrifice and faith collide.

Time to stop debating with the matrix and get back to creating,
whether another country or your back yard you’ll find an adventure waiting.

I Love You Little Buddy

You were my shadow for over 12 years, and what a blessing it’s been.
All the laughs and smiles you constructed out of thin air.
Your sense of adventure and love bound with intelligence will never be forgotten.
As I try to wash away the pain with bleach and the mop, I notice your blood still staining the floor.
You were a warrior to the very end and even in your final moments you were willing to follow.
Your gentle eyes and never ending love and affection can attest to your story.

Vamos Ace!

Ready to Go

Ace's Friend the Pig

Ace and Robin Hood

Enjoying the Breeze

Enjoying the Breeze

Nap With Nagolbud

Nagolbud's Dog

I love you Ace, and look on the bright side, now we can walk anywhere without the leash. Even that fancy ass beach with the no dogs allowed sign.

You’re free now. Für Immer Libre. See you on the other side.

Stop Being a Bitch

It’s understandable why so many live in fear, as they listen to the main stream media and fake news their normalcy is adjusted to ludicrousy. They don’t question or discern anything they hear, but rather formulate opinion based on conformity bias. Never even stopping to think about the longevity of their life style. Never thinking about the consequences of their very own actions.

Whether working 5 days a week cheering from your cubical as hump day becomes your only source of excitement based on an age old sexual innuendo relieving you of your depression for a moment as you wait for Friday. This cycle repeats of course because your thought process has remained the same. Your identity is based on an illusion that continues to disappoint you.

Life flies by as you continue climbing the ladder in hopes of reaching success based on what society has taught you. Never understanding that this society you care to impress, is nothing more than a narcissistic father watching you jump through hoops as you waste away on trivial pursuits of materialism or pride. All in hopes of appeasing those that wish to see you fail regardless of your own heart, leaving your identity behind as you give part.

Wondering why life is so boring as you live under the security blanket of society and all its plunders. Stealing resources from all the 3rd world countries just to live like a queen in the moment, you forget how to achieve anything real. As your boss claps as you swallow up another company in a merger, all for some profits and approval. Is it really a wonder or rather the consequences of your very own choices.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

You look on and get jealous of anyone doing something real because you, yourself, are scared. You’re filled with fear and anxiety from a society that would have you dead in a ditch before it let you become an individualist. The reality is you were just being a little bitch. A conformist saluting the statue of society as you shine their boots and collect approval from your master. All along clapping as you admire.

Like any hobby or passion, whether it be adventure or music, you’re always limited by one simple factor. Following the trend or jumping through circles instead of creating your own, you fail to realize what’s really important in any journey. Coming to the realization that you can create from either perspective opens the door, but remains a choice in the end. Whether or not your faith endures will fall on each warrior in the face his own dragon.

Mental Minority - Dystopia Now