Best Phone Plans for the Traveler

I have experimented over time with several phones, phone plans, and ways of communicating on the road. Often times I found one company shining through in the massive group of providers. Not only were they one of the best companies as far as customer service goes but their idea and plans were truly awesome for the traveler.
Which company am I speaking of? Freedom Pop. Years ago a friend told me about them and since my initial trial I was blown away. They offer free phone services as well as paid. What I couldn’t believe was their ability to offer free minutes and texts. I tried it on an old phone and it worked great. Sometimes the service was a little spotty but I was actually living in the middle of no where at that time. So I was actually quite impressed. All for free.
I currently am still signed up for the free plan as well as the global free plan. It comes with roughly 500 free texts and 500 free minutes. The global plan is around 100 minutes and 500 texts. If I remember correctly. Either way seriously impressive. There are a few ads in the messaging center but nothing intrusive or crude. Very user friendly.
The phones they offer are actually quite nice as well. I still use the phone I got from Freedom Pop almost two years later. They offer a great deal when you sign up for a plan, in return sending a phone at a very discounted price or in my case free. My phone is the LG-LS720. I have literally dropped this phone over 100 times and the screen has not cracked. It is still completely functional and still the phone I use now. The only issue it has is the complication with memory cards. It doesn’t treat the memory card as extended internal memory and makes for having a lot of apps a complication. For me however I only use a couple anyway so it wasn’t a problem.
I have never had any problems traveling with this phone and when on WiFi can still receive messages from my USA number anywhere in the world. Not only that but the calling system works the same. When on WiFi I could use the phone completely normal as if from the original country. Freedom Pop is also offered in many other countries and if you aren’t in the middle of no where it will still work like any other phone service. The global free plan however is a great back up just in case.
I was thoroughly impressed by their company and wanted to share the results because of that. I still use them to this day and absolutely love the phone I received. It takes great pictures, easy to use, and almost indestructible even when traveling cross countries. Do yourself a favor and drop your current plan and pick up a Freedom Pop phone. You won’t regret it. Even if it’s as a backup or something like that. Well worth the $20 dollar investment.

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