Durable USB Charger for Traveling

I’m sure everyone can relate to having a USB cord or charger go out on them and usually it’s when you’re busy on your phone and it’s on low battery life. It never fails, that if you can just fix it right it will continue charging but eventually the standard corded USB charger simply gives out. A testament to the new age crap built, consumerist junk.
I have good news though. Recently this too happened to me, with not one but all 3 of my chargers. (I use the same charger for phone, flashlight, camera, and headlamp). I needed something durable and reliable for traveling yet cheap. Who wants to spend 20, 30, 40, 50 bucks for a simple charger. That’s when I stumbled on a sweet little USB charger that was crafted a bit differently.
The cord was a durable rubber rather than plastic giving it way more durability as well as a convenient magnet to hang it somewhere safe. Another benefit of this charger being rubber is it has way more play and tolerance keeping it from getting twisted like other chargers. One downside however is the length. For me however it was perfect.
Another benefit of this charger was the price. It was the cheapest one I could find literally. Not only did it provide a better product but it was done so at a much cheaper cost. Sure I could spend 50 bucks on a kevlar coated bullet proof charger but if I lose it or it get’s stolen, or heaven forbid it breaks too, I’m out 50 bucks were as this bad boy cost less than 10 bucks.
It seems to be a radio shack brand and not to popular in the USA as Amazon didn’t even have any reviews for it. They also only sold it in purple and pink but at the end of the day that’s probably better than black because it would be harder to lose.
So far it has held up great and maintains its charge-ability with no issues and saved me from the hassle of having to buy a new one once a month.

Durable USB Charger

Durable USB Charger


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