Holidays In Another Country

Many people in society take the holidays rather hard. Whether they have no family, or a shitty family, they tend to beat themselves up over the holidays because they don’t have anyone to “celebrate” with. The reality is though these celebrations are rather fake at surface value and even the time spent with family during these times is quite fake and superficial.
Everyone pretends to be doing great, living up life, telling others of all the great things they are doing. Sort of like a giant ego fest where everyone is competing when they should be supporting each other. The holidays becomes who has the best relationship, family, or degree rather than actually helping each other and building each other up.
The holidays themselves like Christmas and New Years are invented. Christmas has nothing to do with the Bible or Jesus Christ yet 95% of the world believes so. Christmas is nothing more than another pagan celebration disguised as Biblical family tradition. Even your die hard atheist will celebrate Christmas because at the core of it, Christmas has nothing to do with Christ.
New Years is another made up event. I find it strange so many people have forgotten WHO invented our calendar system. Do you really think it’s a coincidence that the Vatican created the calendar and also collects the taxes? How can you collect taxes if there are no months, if there are no years, if there are no cycles and dates to collect on. Days, weeks, and months have no effect on the average person EXCEPT for when paying duties to the government, which is a corporation owned by the Vatican.
So for me, not celebrating these silly holidays is something I would do even if I were surrounded by good people. Getting together with friends and having a BBQ and drinking a few beers is something I like to do regularly and there is no need to even entertain these silly holidays let alone bring depression and anxiety into your life.
That doesn’t mean I live a life of anger and hate like the Grinch. This year I enjoyed 30 minutes of fireworks from a roof top in Mexico. My dog and I chilled out, smoked a joint, and just enjoyed the show. The entire city was lit up with home made firework shows. A 360 degree view of lights and action. I was a part of the celebration without being involved. I could enjoy and take the good out of it and leave all the rest of the media propaganda bullshit where it should be.
I didn’t feel bad, or depressed; I actually felt free and alive. That I could do anything I wanted in life and that in this moment the only thing there was to do was enjoy the fireworks. When confronted with these situations the only thing you can do is enjoy the moment. Beating yourself up over not having family or anyone to spend that “holiday” with when it can actually be a blessing in disguise.
Instead of having to come up with excuses as to why I wouldn’t be attending, instead of having to defend my decision, instead of having to explain, I simply enjoyed. I enjoyed myself and my time in another country during the holidays. I ordered so much good food and enjoyed simply watching the city I lived in celebrate. I didn’t have to think about anything depressing or sad because I was too busy enjoying the moment I was living in.

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