Is Mexican Street Food Dangerous?

Over the last 7 years of living Mexico I often see comments on social media from Americans or Europeans saying that Mexican street food is dangerous, unsanitary, and unhealthy but the reality is this couldn’t be farther from the truth. As 1st world countries stuff fast food in their mouths I find it odd how they could attack real homemade street food especially considering most fast food has proven to be fake, nasty, and terrible for your health. On the contrary Mexican street food is always fresh, unique, and delicious.

During my time here I have eaten from thousands of street vendors, thousands of random foods vendors selling out of a triciclo, or just neighbors offering me a free meal. In my entire time here I have never gotten sick, I’ve never had food poisoning, and I’ve certainly enjoyed it every single time. To be honest I don’t even know where all this negativity comes from concerning Mexican street food but there seems to be a great deal of propaganda and fear mongering to keep Americans out of Mexico. Eating from the likes of Taco Bell and McDonalds while criticizing others just seems comical.

Mexican Street Food

With all the class action lawsuits over the years against large corporation chains and fast food restaurants it’s a bit mind blowing someone could talk down on Mexican street food while eating a Subway sandwich with rubber in the bread. Even going back to my time in the USA I had tons of health issues, stomach problems, and lack of energy from the terrible sources of food in the USA. The meat is injected, vaccinated, and fed terrible diets, refrigerators and preservatives to move it across the country, chemicals coating every vegetable or fruit… yet here in Mexico fresh food is hated on by Americans and Europeans.

The funny part is if you actually do want some real fresh food in the USA you’re going to pay a hefty price tag to get it. Sushi orders going for $50 USD just for a one bite meal when in Mexico I can order a 3 person plate of fresh ceviche for less than $10 USD. I can buy just about any fresh food I want with no chemicals, preservatives, or vaccines at a fraction of the price yet Americans still talk nonsense about Mexican street food. Eating just one cheeseburger at McDonalds would leave me with a painful stomach ache for the rest of the day yet here I feel energized and happy eating some fresh Mexican street sushi. (Ceviche)

All in all you’ll find some of the best food you’ve ever had in your life on just about any street corner in Mexico. Heck most of the time they sell it from a bicycle right at your front door having tamales, homemade coconut water with corn, or cacao (real chocolate) with corn, iced fruit treats, or even some homemade bread with ham and real sugar on the spot. With all the regulations and government permits in the USA you still have unsanitary restaurants, food poisonings, and fake foods being sold as healthy.

I’m not saying food poisoning can’t happen here, but it’s far more unlikely than places like the USA where they have to cut corners and lie to maintain their business in the pile of rubbish known as government regulations and bureaucracy. There is one little tip I can offer though if you ever do feel sick or perhaps your food wasn’t cooked to perfection and that is a glass of water and lime. Lime juice will kill most bacteria and worms you’d find in undercooked foods and just a couple glasses could help save you from a few days of the squirts. A pretty common custom here in Mexico is eating limes with salt while you drink beers or eat dinner and this is the best way to keep any sort of bad actors from getting into your body.

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