Obvious Classism in Bacalar Mexico

After living in this area for over 5 years Bacalar, Mexico was often a place of visit. Hang out on the beach, drink some beers, smoke a few joints. Enjoy the company of random travelers from all over the world. It was the scene of hospitality and cheap prices. Whether you wanted aqua de coca or a simple hamburger, everything was fairly priced. The police were chill towards everyone and rarely ever got involved on the street. It was a quiet, beautiful, enjoyable location for many years. However, in the last few years things have taken a turn for the worst. Mostly at the hands of the government and their purely profit tourists.

A few years ago swimming in the lagoon off a public dock having a few beers with locals and friends was nothing but a good time. However as more and more Europeans add Bacalar to their travel list it has become highly over priced while they quietly remove the locals from the beach in order to provide a fear free safety bubble for the tourists to enjoy their week in the sun. As they prance around the central like a group of busted up lobsters, red from head to toe, they throw around their money on a 200 peso hamburger. Where a normal coca cola used to cost 10 peso, it now costs over 25. A sandwich is almost 100. Where you used to be able to crash on the public beach and take a rest after a fun day you are now routed out by the police.

That is, unless you’re a Gringo or European. As these cowardly police sell out once again, giving in to their European lords, they arrest any local with a beer or joint. As they bypass the tourist on their route they don’t even bat an eye as they severely attack a man for less than a gram of marijuana. Just another assault by Hernán Cortés and his army of idiots in costumes. The worst part is the police are actually Mayan. As they sell out the very people in their own community, nothing but a rental cop with a shit attitude. Pretending they are protecting the tourists as they handcuff another local man trying to make it on the road.

When you add this to the local hippy do right crowd you get nothing but a bunch of sell outs and wannabes pretending to be Mayan to make money. When the reality is these people use a literal conquistadors castle as a tourist attraction. The exact idea of a sell out. The spawn of Montezuma as they wonder why their lake is slowly destroyed by the very greed that they thrive off. Playing slave to the very people that invaded their country and killed their entire way of culture in less than a few hundred years.

They forgot they speak Mayan as they attack each other to protect the very Europeans that destroyed their culture to begin with. And these yuppy Europeans don’t mind destroying your local land and culture as long as they get their Instagram foto from the pier. Just so long they can upload a Vlog to YouTube of your paradise and make a quick buck. Maybe even fly a drone over all the locals using them as pawns in their online movie only to forget about it a week later as they take a plane to another slave tourist destination. As you beg for a few Europeans dollars you forget you’re the one living in paradise with free food all around. As you beg these red fools for money you forget your very own dignity. As you watch the local police attack yet another Mayan man in the name of a European.

But what do you care? You’ve got an Instagram foto to take and a plane to catch.

Immortal Technique - The Poverty Of Philosophy

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