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69696969696969696969 When I met PartyBoi69 in Mexico

A few years ago I remember riding my bike down to the ocean. Was just doing my normal routine going from banda to banda drinking a beer when I noticed this long haired stallion of a man walking down the coastline with an alcoholic icef tea and a cassette player. He was just softly bobbin' his head as his hair flowed in the breeze.

I walked up to him and introduce myself and he replied "Always keep in 69, 69 and unprotected". I thought to myself wow, a real life sigma male.. I had only read about them in stories on the internet. My thoughts were interrupted by him inviting me to the beach to drink an alcoholic iced tea. I accepted his offer and he pulled out 2 more alcoholic iced teas from his jinco jean shorts.

As we were enjoying the sun set sipping on our alcoholic iced teas he invited me to listen to his new mix and stuck one headphone in my ear as we started jamming out. It was one of the most romantic ho homo nights I had ever experienced in my life. A true legend.

All of a sudden two big booty latinas came out of the jungle and walked up asking if we had anymore alcoholic iced teas. Partyboi69 proceeded to pull out 4 more alcoholic iced teas from his jinco jean shorts and then a dj mixing table. It was unbelievable. As he started setting up for some music one of the bbl's started talking about how cool his jinco jean shorts were as the other one started asking me about my nerdy hacker glasses telling me I looked sexy asf.

Once the music started going we all started dancing and drinking our alcoholic iced teas. All of a sudden this bbl started grinding on my leg and I didn't know what to do... so I just watched while drinking my alcoholic iced tea. Partyboi69 gave me the thumbs up and we both continued to enjoy our alcoholic iced tea and bbl's. Later in the night we started to get a bit drunk and I started kissing this one bbl. We ended up in the jungle making love all night.

All I remember after that is waking up with a mean hangover laying on the beach in my underwear. There was no sign of the bbl's or Partyboi69. I started to search around and just when I thought it might have been a dream I found a pile of alcoholic iced teas, 2 pairs of panties, and Partyboi69's cassette player. What a night.


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