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Conspiracy: the new 'Place' thing is really a cyber war game and it is a psyop to spy on YOU!

Submission Statement: Was thinking... and of course this is pure speculation... but it would be awfully easy to track who puts what colors down where.

Considering all the flags and other political statements on that 'mural,' it would be very easy to tell if your are pro or against a movement or w/e else they have up; depending on if you are placing the 'right' colors to paint it accurately, or if you are trying to remove it by placing the 'wrong' colors. This would be very easily done with computer learning and artificial intelligence, could also tell what people prioritize as important based on which ones they 'attack' or 'support' more (and based on how enthusiastic you are to click every 5 mins). Im sure you can figure out more about a person based on this info if you thought really hard about it (and AI could tell you even more)

What better way to find out what people are thinking/is important to them, than to let them tell you themselves; utilizing the 'us vs them' mentality thats so prevalent here, in a little artsy war game. So many motivating factors here to participate in earnest, its really ingeniously designed for such spying (if that was your goal). Who is behind this 'place' and what are the reasons for encouraging this miniature cyber war game?

If one was to say, put a giant flag of someone engaged in a war currently... you can see what the general support for that country could be... Could tell you if you would have support internally if you were to decide to wage war in this current conflict. Are those americans defending the american flag from being taken down, or are they helping make the ukranian flag larger? Could tell you a lot if enough participated in it. Just an idea.

Edit to add: Lots are saying "why not just check post history and comments"...

of course theres that, as well as what subreddits ur in... but just because they already have some info on us, doesnt meant they dont want MORE. I mean, they are constantly gathering data on us all the time. And this can give us info on less vocal and more quiet introverted types that dont like to make posts/comments. Can even use the predictions made by the AI in this, and compare that data with people who you have a lot of info on... to see if those predictions were accurate... to then gauge how accurate ur predictions with the AI are on people you DIDNT have info on. This would tell you a lot on people you DONT have info on (and tell you how accurate that info can be).