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Theory I’ve had about the Oscars

So I know we’ve heard plenty about the Oscars fight I know, but the incident triggered something that has been in my memory for a long time about the Oscar’s and their overall relevance.

Yes, I believe in part something about it was staged to boost careers and push a Pzifer narrative to mass audiences but it beginning to believe there was another larger intent behind it.

For a long time now I’ve had a working theory, maybe it formulated not long after 9/11, and people were continuously fretting where a terrorist might strike again. People have mentioned certain bridges, key buildings and even possible civilian locations like subway tunnels or airport lobbies.

But in the back of my mind I always thought, “If they really wanted to nail us psychologically, they wouldn’t hit some building, if they really wanted to land a blow they would strike: The Oscars.

Imagine the devastation that would be caused to the US’s mental state to see the group of people who shape our collective escapism get blown up in a bombing attack. It would be 1000x worse than say hitting a ny skyscraper.

But the thing is nowadays warfare has much less to do with bombs bullets or guns, it’s fought through the internet social media and social engineering.

Meaning, that if someone in power could wreck our faith in the Oscar’s it would serve as a strong debilitating blow to our outlook on the welfare of our country. Communist tactics have king shown us that destroying our a persons sense of escapism is a tactic for helping conquer them and the community.

For a long time now I believe people have been infiltrating our media and hijacking existing IP like familiar franchise movies and making them bad on purpose and filling them with propaganda to weaken us and warp our minds and as mentioned destroy our very notion that we can experience escapism.

I believe the powers that be deliberately orchestrated nuking the Oscar’s to rob people of the idea that they can “take a night off” and replace it with confusing moral dilemmas and social obligations. I believe this was done on purpose to chip away at us that much more and will continue to happen more with movie Franchises and shows we once loved.

In short, they nuked the Oscar’s to demoralize us, but instead of bombs they attacked it from the inside on a psychological level.