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Individualism and society are enemies of one another. Society is the statue of conformity whereas the individualist is left with his mind. Many never stop to question their reality because their needs are met materialistically. They think of themselves as gods above reproach when the Bible says “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”.

Cartoons with a Punch:

Challenge Your Belief System Take a minute to question your belief system with some hard hitting cartoons; from politics and law to social issues and religious systems to dating and relationships. Sometimes the obvious message isn’t the intended message and critical thinking is required to piece together the puzzle of every unique cartoon.

Education System Atheists and Religious are the Same Artificial Attention Modern Day Slavery
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Current Events:

Mr. #MeToo: The Double-edged Sword of Feminism "I felt like they thought I was a liar," Tiffany Thomas Lopez, a former Michigan State University softball player, and victim of convicted serial sexual predator, team …
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Travel and Adventure:

Living Outside the Box is Dangerous Looking back on the time before I left, many friends and family were the opposite of supportive. Many had tall tales of my death at the hands of …
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Hobbies and Recreation:

Passion in Hobbies Real people find them selves in real situations and sometimes that includes having a hard time finding work, providing food and shelter, and other basic needs every human …
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Man Stories and Advice:

Marriage, the Military, and Feminism I HAD A LIFE I had a wife and children, I had a family. I had a career with hopes and dreams for the future. I believed in …
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Bible and Scripture:

The Bible Does NOT Say Obey Government Over and over again the fake christian loves to rub Romans 13 in your face about obeying government. The reality is however they reveal themselves for the frauds …
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Random Rants:

Societies Demand for Perfection Wherever you go on in real life you will be met with people that hold this mentality. Whether driven from jealousy, no confidence, or their inability to take …
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