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Men need neither the system nor women, although this is the opposite of what we are told, for without men the system would have no power, and women would lose their own, so men are told to keep going, paying taxes drafted into war nothing more than a disposable utility, any backlash is labeled misogynist, while family court systems destroy, left with no other option to employ, freedom and tranquility are our only joy.

Current Events:

Clinton Foundation Again Under Scrutiny, Investigation It's a tired subject, but past allegations surfaced this week of more Clinton Foundation wrongdoing. Specifically, “resources” being used for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, which Bill Clinton was – once again – quick to deny. The claims were brought this time by a …
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Cartoons with a Punch:

Challenge Your Belief System Take a minute to question your belief system with some hard hitting cartoons; from politics and law to social issues and religious systems to dating and relationships. Sometimes the obvious message isn’t the intended message and critical thinking is required to piece together the puzzle of every unique cartoon.

Education System Atheists and Religious are the Same If Feminists Controlled Board Games Modern Day Slavery

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Random Rants:

7 Signs You Are Being Sucked Into a Relationship Many times men think they can dodge the bullet by using protection, but as we all know from the horror stories of pin holes in condoms and the birth control lies it's safe to say abstinence is the only safe option. Wait, did I just say abstinence? Yeah dude. It's really the …
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Travel and Adventure:

What is an Adventrepeneur? To coin a phrase, adventrepeneur. What is it? Well quite simply it's an adventurer combined with an entrepreneur. Often times people are set on having an office, a daily 9-5 grind, and focus set on climbing the ladder. The reality is though, most services, jobs, and businesses exist in every country in …
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Hobbies and Recreation:

Modern Video Games Suck – Old School Favorites List I see these lists all over the internet and it's always the same thing. Call of Duty.. League of Legends.. Counter Strike... blah blah blah. Video games today really don't even compare to the video games of my younger days. The creativity and story lines of games on Super Nintendo had me …
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Man Stories and Advice:

Coming Soon… please submit your stories by following this link: CLICK HERE.
Remain anonymous or share your information, the purpose of these stories is for others to learn from the mistakes of others and see the red flags before it’s too late. By sharing your story you might be saving some suckers soul.

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