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Government taking God given liberties as idolatry becomes the name of their statist game. Society worshipping politicians as if they have any interest in saving you by providing special privileges. Time to stop pretending the votes count, when in reality each generation of slave masters is hand picked years in advance. Left or right, division and deception are their only pieces on the chess board of this legalese system.

Statism Vs Liberty

Unalienable Rights of ALL Human Beings

God given unalienable rights are inherent, sovereign, natural rights, that existed before the creation of the state (government), and which, being antecedent to and above the state, can never be taken away, diminished, altered, or levied by the state, except by due process of law. Nor can any unalienable right be fundamentally removed or waived by contract (legal persons), whether by non-disclosure, which is fraud and unenforceable in law, or knowingly by sufferance, which is contrary to the spirit of law and prejudicial sovereignty.

The original, permanent, unalienable rights of every man, women, and child, include:

  • The right to life, freedom, health, and the pursuit of happiness.
  • The right to contract, or not contract, which is unlimited.
  • The right to earn a living income by being compensated with wages or salary in a fair exchange for one’s work.
  • The right to travel in the ordinary course of one’s life and business unrestricted.
  • The right to privacy and confidentiality, free from unwarranted invasion.
  • The right to own, and hold property, lawfully without trespass.
  • The right to self-defense when threatened with harm, loss, or deceit.
  • The right to due process of law, with notice and opportunity to defend.
  • The right to be presumed innocent, suffering no detention or arrest, no search or seizure, without reasonable cause.
  • The right to remain silent when accused, to avoid self-incrimination.
  • The right to equality in the eyes of the law, and to equal representation.
  • The right to trial by jury, being impartial panel of one’s peers.
  • The right to appeal in law against conviction or sentence, or both.
  • The right to expose knowledge necessary to one’s rights and freedoms.
  • The right to peaceful association, assembly, expression, and protest.
  • The right to practice a religion or faith, and to have beliefs, of ones choosing.
  • The right to love, and to consensual marriage and family.
  • The right to security from abuse, persecution, tyranny, and war.
  • The right to refuse to kill under command, by reason of conscience.
  • The right to live in peace and be left alone when not harming others.

Surely, the most critical failure of the people is their failure to ensure the teaching and common knowledge of their unalienable rights. If you do not know your rights, you effectively have none. By the path of ignorance, whether by apathy or deception, the people arrive in a state of exploitation, oppression, and tyranny.

Reality is, there is only one way to remove a freedom belonging to the people. That is by a YOU knowingly waiving a particular right.. Some of the confusion in our present system has arisen because many millions of people have waived their freedom to travel unrestricted, forage for food, build a home, and other basic fundamental freedoms and opted into the jurisdiction of the state (government legal fictions). Those who have knowingly given up these rights are legally regulated by government verdicts, and must obtain permits, registrations, insurance, etc. State statutes and codes apply only to those who waive their freedom under contracts like the drivers license, social security card, or birth certificate, and consensually contract with the state.

“It has come to my attention that numerous individuals in our state have rescinded all of their contracts with the united states federal government, the state of [], and each of its political subdivisions. – I urge you to inform yourself and your personnel of the contractual nature of auto registration and driver’s licenses, it is conceivable that this situation may lead to confrontation between these individuals and law enFORCEment personnel. In so much as this procedure is entirely appropriate” [Click Here for Full Document About Contracting with the Government]

Legal Strawman
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Basic Law:
Without a valid “cause of action” there’s no corpus delicti. If there’s no corpus delicti a case has no standing. There are numerous cases dealing with corpus delicti and all say the same thing. Without a corpus delicti the plaintiff has no standing. In order to have a corpus delicti a case requires a valid “cause of action.” A valid cause of action requires three elements.

The Three Elements Are:
1) a violation of a legal right, 2) damage or injury, 3) redress-ability by the court.

Layman’s Terms (No Victim, No Crime):
The “government” “state” or “county” cannot be a victim. A policy enforcement officer is actually committing perjury by claiming the “government” “state” or “county” is a victim of a crime especially in instances like a speeding ticket or seat belt ticket, which is actually racketeering and operating as a criminal enterprise under the color of law. To bring about a valid cause of action, the three elements must be met and the only way this can happen is if there is an actual victim. IE: Violence, theft, kidnapping, extortion, racketeering, each one of these have an actual victim.

Not wearing your seat belt has no victim. Spare the Argumentum ad Passiones (Appeal to Passion or Emotion), there is no victim of a crime if I do not wear my seat belt. Therefor any cause of action pushed by a policy enFORCEment officer is a lie, therefor perjury. There is no victim therefor he can NOT meet the 3 elements for the cause of action. He is lying for the “government” “state” or “county” to generate revenue and if you don’t comply you are met with force, violence, theft of car (tow), kidnapping (false arrest), ect. By definition, this is perjury, racketeering, extortion ect. A real crime.

These are the main arguments used by your [Freemason] local police, district attorneys, judges, city councils, normies, as well as federal government, to get you to adhere to their codes, regulations, and “authority”.

Argumentum ad Verecundiam (Appeal to Authority):
Is a logical fallacy that argues that a position is true or more likely to be true because an authority or authorities agree with it.

Argumentum ad Nauseam (Appeal to Repetition):
Is the logical fallacy that something becomes true if it is repeated often enough. An ad nauseam argument that can be easily shown to be false leads to the “point refuted a thousand times“.

Argumentum ad Populum (Appeal to the Masses):
Is a fallacious argument that concludes that a proposition is true because many or most people believe it: “If many believe so, it is so.

Argumentum ad Baculum (Fear of Force):
The fallacy committed when one appeals to force or the threat of force to bring about the acceptance of a conclusion.

Argumentum ad Passiones (Appeal to Passion or Emotion):
A logical fallacy in which the speaker manipulates the recipient’s emotions in order to win an argument, especially in the absence of factual evidence.

Argumentum ad Temperantiam (Appeal to Middle Ground):
Is an informal fallacy which asserts that the truth can be found as a compromise between two opposite positions.

Ignoratio Elenchi (Appeal to Deception Delusions):
Is an informal fallacy of presenting an argument that may or may not be logically valid, but fails nonetheless to address the issue in question. More colloquially, it is also known as missing the point.

Government Agencies
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“In the end, there is no hope for freedom if men of the mind are not willing to truly stand for freedom, to make of themselves Gibraltar-like representatives of its attributes no matter what level of rejection, calumny and injustice is heaped upon them. This is the true role of the intellectual in history, his only role – to stand intransigently for truth and its concomitant of freedom, even in face of a vast social herd of academic pedants, poseurs, and media clowns stampeding the other way.” – Nelson Hultberg

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