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1) View, comment, and share! I’m pretty much shadow banned on every social network I join, almost immediately. If not shadow banned, banned outright for expressing ideas and views different from the norm. Viewing, commenting, and sharing supports the work that I do a lot, and I’m very thankful for that. (Especially on social media.)

2) Spray paint on every building and train locally. Set random computer homepage’s to every where you go. Spam links on every internet platform you use. Post fliers around town with and a bunch of 01010011 01010000 01000001 01001101s. Tattoo on your drunk friends inner thigh after a night out. Write on every bathroom stall you poop in using a Sharpie. Add to your memes before you post them. Put a link to in your forum signature. (Anything helps really..)

3) Join the ranks of the PsyOp Militia, whether a stoic gamer, anti-vax mgtow, red pill popper, chud star ramdingler, incel pick up artist, flat earthing misogynist, conspiracy statist, or 5G hater tin foil hat wearing loser, embrace your inner troll and help spread some propaganda across the realm. To enlist: [Click Here]

4) With centuries of experience in writing, video game stories, quest design, character dialogue, narrative design, poetry, comic book stories, script writing, book editing, copywriting, and all other things pen and paper, I’d like to offer my ink jar to those looking to bring a unique vibe to their goals. For more info: [Click Here]

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