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Forced apologies for speaking your mind is nothing but a tool of censorship, as the main stream media uses political correctness as their whip. Many fall in line unable to read past a title that contradicts their religious or political world view. Standing on a foundation ready to collapse with one swing with some bamboo. Pretending they’ve got the world figured out because their religion of science or government told them so, never questioning a word as they become… their own.. foe.

Cartoons with a Punch:

Challenge Your Belief System Take a minute to question your belief system with some hard hitting cartoons; from politics and law to social issues and religious systems to dating and relationships.

Education System Atheists and Religious are the Same Artificial Attention Modern Day Slavery
Cartoons with a Punch

Current Events and News:

Online Obsession- When you go offline or live off grid for a period of time whether at your own accord, or by traveling, you start to notice how obsessed people really are with themselves. The simple minded thot posting selfies all day searching for…
Current Events and News

Hobbies and Recreation:

Building with Natural Materials- Natural building is probably one of my favorite things to do. The idea of being able to take free supplies from nature and creating something of value from that is really the essence of freedom. Not only that but a huge slap…
Hobbies and Recreation

Health and Food:

WiFi and Phone Frequencies Cause Depression- Have you ever felt like you just couldn't sleep? How many times have you stayed up late with insomnia wishing you could just fall asleep? This used to happen to me quite often but making a few changes helped alleviate that. From…
Health and Food

Science and Environment:

7 Reasons Evolution is Ridiculously Silly- It seems like no matter what genre or niche you jump into most people base their entire world view and life off of evolution. They have no problem finding error in everything else taught in public schools and universities but it seems…
Science and Environment

Travel and Adventure:

Glorifying #Vanlife for Agenda 21- Back when I had my propane powered van I thought about fitting it out as a bit of a camper van. Something to travel in and take road trips when I wanted. I watched many videos about re-building and setting up your…
Travel and Adventure

Law and History:

People in Costumes- Food for thought.... most think the Constitution is the foundation of the USA. Those people clearly didn't read it very well because inside that document it clearly states the foundation for the USA is taxes. A group of random people gave the…
Law and History

Bible and Scripture:

Atheists Hate Free Will- It's funny getting into a "debate" with modern day atheists. Everything they say about religion can literally be applied to their precious theory of evolution as well as their entire atheistic world view. As every government school in the world forces evolution…
Bible and Scripture

Stories and Psychology:

Are You a Warrior?- If you're reading this it's probably because you question things. You think for yourself. Or perhaps you just hate me so you're searching for some piece of the puzzle that will allow you to go back to your comfortable hole. I've said…
Stories and Psychology