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Individualism and society are enemies of one another. Society is the statue of conformity whereas the individualist is left with his mind. Many never stop to question their reality because their needs are met materialistically. They think of themselves as gods above reproach when the Bible says “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”.

Cartoons with a Punch:

Challenge Your Belief System Take a minute to question your belief system with some hard hitting cartoons; from politics and law to social issues and religious systems to dating and relationships. Sometimes the obvious message isn’t the intended message and critical thinking is required to piece together the puzzle of every unique cartoon.

Education System Atheists and Religious are the Same Artificial Attention Modern Day Slavery
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Current Events and News:

Creating an Army It might seem like an odd topic but the reality is armies have been created and destroyed all throughout history. Some with the intention of …
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Hobbies and Recreation:

Why Vanilla WoW Was So Good As many gamers anticipate the return of vanilla World of Warcraft, many have forgotten what made it such a good game. It wasn't the graphics, it wasn't dungeon …
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Health and Food:

Targeted Individuals and Electronic Harassment This will be more of a freestyle article than anything else. Right off the bat many will dismiss this entire article as crazy. I realize that, and don't …
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Science and Environment:

7 Reasons Evolution is Ridiculously Silly It seems like no matter what genre or niche you jump into most people base their entire world view and life off of evolution. They have no problem …
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Travel and Adventure:

Average Day on the Yucatán Peninsula After living in Mexico for quite a while over all, it's quite funny to read the headlines from the USA in Mexico. The fear mongering and media created …
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Law and History:

Structured Anarchy VS Government Ordained Society Often times when people hear the word anarchy they associate it with chaos, disorder, and violence. This isn't always true however and often times organized anarchy is the …
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Bible and Scripture:

Righteous Anger So badly society wants to entirely remove emotion from the world as it lends a blind eye to the evil being orchestrated. Political correctness and anger control, to …
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Stories and Psychology:

Social Media Celebrities I haven't had Instagram but a couple months and it's already obvious how thirsty these new age women are. Begging for attention, likes, and follows they are willing …
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